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 Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Seven - Illusory Formations and Qinghua Zang Shui

Nan Yue looked helplessly at Cang Ze who was beside her.

A few days ago, this guy had found her and was sticking to her without moving a step away. No matter how she tried, she couldn't get him to go away. Fortunately, his attitude was respectful and he was not impolite. When Nan Yue had the time, she would come to the Wasteland Beast Chessboard to wait for Daren. Cang Ze also waited alongside her.

Daren had not appeared for many days.

Did something happen? Nan Yue was slightly worried.

But this strong female yao did not show her worries in her expressions. In front of Cang Ze, she was always steady and composed. She had never felt the days were so hard to go through. When each piece of news surfaced, her heart would tighten.

The prison-breaking battle was activated, the sixth problem was solved, the challenge from the Genius Alliance ... ...

She lived every day with a rapidly drumming heart. She never doubted Daren's strength because she never believed that Daren could defeat the Genius Alliance. But she would still be worried.

No matter how strong the Genius Alliance was, what did it have to do with her? She was Daren's follower!

Just as she was panicking, a familiar voice came from behind her. "This is where you are."

Hearing this voice, Nan Yue almost cried. She suppressed the urge and said with a lowered head, Daren."

"How was your recent cultivation?" Zuo Mo asked. He glanced at Cang Ze at the side.

Nan Yue instantly stammered. Her mind distracted with all kinds of news these past days, how could she be in a mood to cultivate?

Zuo Mo creased his brow and did not blame her. He asked curiously, "What happened?" In his eyes, Nan Yue was a cultivation obsessed person, no, a cultivation obsessed yao. It was really abnormal for her to neglect cultivating.

Nan Yue instantly felt ashamed and wanted to find a crack in the ground to burrow into. "Daren, it's the matter of the Genius Alliance ... ..."

Nan Yue, Nan Yue, you are too weak, just this minor bit of news, and you cannot cultivate! She was filled with self-blame.

"Genius Alliance?" Zuo Mo paused. His first response was, what a grandiose name! His second response was, "What is that?"

What is that ... ...

Nan Yue's tongue tied up and she did not know how to reply. At the side, Cang Ze's expression was also strange.

"Daren has not heard of Genius Alliance?" Cang Ze probed.

"No." Zuo Mo shook his head. "Very strong? Do they have Sky Yao?"

Cang Ze swallowed. "They did before. In their history, the Genius Alliance produced ... ..."

"Oh." Zuo Mo realized. "So they had ancestors who were."

Cang Ze swallowed the words that reached his mouth, his expression abject.

Out of caution, Zuo Mo secretly asked Pu Yao, "Have you heard of this Genius Alliance?"

Pu Yao didn't even bat an eye and said irritably, "Don't bother me with these insignificant nobodies."

Seemed that this wasn't a famous faction. Zuo Mo silently judged according to Pu Yao's response.

"Have they made trouble for you?" Zuo Mo's courage grew and his tone was slightly unfriendly.

"No ... ..." Nan Yue weakly replied. She hesitated before saying, "They are trying to find trouble with you."

"Me?" Zuo Mo pointed at his nose as he asked in shock.

Nan Yue quietly narrated the cause. Looking at Daren's attitude, he did not seem to know the Genius Alliance. Her explanation was very detailed. However, how could Daren not know Genius Alliance? How could there be a yao that did not know the Genius Alliance?

"Understood." Zuo Mo nodded and smacked his lips. With a dismissive face, he made his final conclusion. "They don't have the skills, and dislike people that earn more than they do!"

Seeing Nan Yue's face was still worried, he waved his hand and said, "Why care about them? A deranged group! Putting so much effort into prison-breaking, there isn't any money there.. Full of it and have nothing better to do."

Nan Yue and Cang Ze's expressions were strange. At this time, they could not find the words to describe their current mood.

Daren was really deep and profound!

"Hee hee! It really is full of it and they have nothing better to do!" A sweet voice passed over. A shapely body appeared in everyone's field of view. The tight evening dress highlighted her curvaceous body, the full and soft chest almost bursting out, the hair styled in a high up-do and revealing the snowy-white neck. A faintly discernable smile on the face, was highly seductive. There was a small mole at the corner of her red and moist lips that added a hint of enchantment.

Cang Ze and Nan Yue were dazed.

This female yao was like a burning flame that could melt people's bones.

This restless feeling ... ... was a bit familiar ... ...

Zuo Mo was dazed for a moment and then was furious. She dared to use illusions!

The tragic memory that the paper crane female had left on him back on Wu Kong Mountain surfaced in his mind. Ge hates illusory techniques the most!

The furious Zuo Mo did not hesitate to give a powerful counterattack.

His hands secretly made a move, [Little Thousand Leaf Art-Bone-Crushing Obscuring Flash]!

A invisible wind spread in ripples.

The female yao seemed to be heavy struck. Her body shook, and her face paled as she gave a delicate cry of pain. Her expression was pained, her brow slightly creased, her eyes unfocused. On the slightly bent body, the snowy white mounds on her chest moved. Even the delicate cry was seductive and caused people's hearts to heat up.

Cang Ze's breathing suddenly became heavy as his eyes turned red. Nan Yue also felt her body was unusually heated. She felt the female in front of her was overbearingly beautiful.

Such a powerful illusory technique!

Still not giving up?

Zuo Mo glared and his anger increased. His hand gave three [Bone-Crushing Obscuring Wind]! [Bone-Crushing Obscuring Wind] was the ninth move of Little Thousand Leaf Hands. After the encounter at Hundred Flower Alliance, Zuo Mo had relentlessly urged Pu Yao to teach him a move of Little Thousand Leaf Hands that specialized in breaking illusory techniques.

He hadn't thought he would encounter such a powerful illusory technique the first time he used it!

Three bursts of wind hit the female yao at the same time. The female yao's eyes suddenly straightened as though she was struck by lightning. Her hairdo exploded. As her locks fell down, a stream of blood came from the corner of her mouth.

"You ... ..."

The hate filled and piercing voice suddenly stopped. The light flashed on her body and she disappeared. She had been pushed out of the Wasteland Beast Chessboard by Zuo Mo's fourth [Bone-Crushing Obscuring Wind].

Zuo Mo finally released a breath. Turning his face, he saw Cang Ze and Nan Yue look dumbly at him, and warned them gravely, "This female's illusory technique is very powerful! You have to be very careful! Do not fall for it!"

Illusory technique ... ...

Nan Yue and Cang Ze looked at each other in confusion. They still did not know what had happened. Where had there been an illusory art?

Had there really been a powerful illusory art?

Cang Ze's heart was filled with regret. It was the first time he had seen such a seductive being! Such a pity. But why would she cast an illusory art?

Even though he was filled with regret, Cang Ze finally calmed down and felt that Zuo Mo was even more powerful. It definitely was a very powerful illusory art if he hadn't detected it at all. Daren's strength was, as expected, immeasurable!

He suddenly rejoiced slightly that the council of elders had made a correct decision.

"Daren!" he said with unusual respect.

"Un-huh." Zuo Mo was still immersed in the satisfaction from defeating the illusory technique with the [Bone-Crushing Obscuring Wind]. Zuo Mo knew some of the Little Thousand Leaf Hands. At the beginning, Pu Yao had taught him five moves, and then periodically taught a few more here and there. However, Zuo Mo always felt that the effect of Little Thousand Leaf Hands was average, even less than the [Sky Glass Wave] and was far cry from the Great Day mo physique.

However this time, he experienced the exquisiteness of Little Thousand Leaf Hands. If he was familiar with the move, he would have defeated the other's illusory technique with one [Bone-crushing Obscuring Wind]. Would he have needed to cast it four times? Zuo Mo finally recalled that the Great and Little Thousand Leaf Hands were created by a Sky Yao, and naturally was extraordinary.

Hmph, just a half-learned illusory technique and dare to show off in front of ge, they don't want to live.

If she knew ge's glorious battles in illusory formations, she definitely wouldn't dare. Before ge learned [Bone-crushing Obscuring Wind], ge still defeated the illusory technique of the Hundred Flower Alliance.

Zuo Mo felt very proud. The only grudge he had left was the paper crane girl. If he encountered the paper crane girl now, he would definitely pin her down on the ground and then beat her until her head swelled like a pig's head, get a batch of jingshi off her, and then use a similar illusory technique on her before letting her go.

"Daren." Cang Ze did not discover that Zuo Mo was still in his fantasy and said with the utmost respect. "The clan has agreed to give Daren ten Golden Souls annually as tribute!"

"Good!" Zuo Mo refocused and was overjoyed. He hurriedly asked. "When will you give the Golden Souls to me?"

Cang Ze suddenly had a feeling that he seemed to have met a conman. Daren wasn't a conman, right? He muttered inside but did not show any of it on his face. He carefully reminded, "Daren, do you remember, the [Grey Scar Art]?"

"Oh, right, wait a moment." Zuo Mo hurriedly found Pu Yao.

Pu Yao's eye at this moment was like a hungry wolf that gleamed eerily. He stared at Zuo Mo for a while without a word.

Zuo Mo's hair rose under his gaze. He muttered inside, was Pu Yao also going to cast an illusory technique?

Pu Yao stared at Zuo Mo for a while before shaking his head and saying to himself, "Black-hearted, really black-hearted!"

Speaking of this, Zuo Mo's spine instantly became straight. He instantly said, full of disdain, "Getting the benefit and you still complain. If you feel it's black, take one less Golden Soul!"

Pu Yao's mouth was instantly tightly closed.

"Right, the more we make, the more we can divide." Zuo Mo had an expression like he was teaching a child. He reached out. "Give it."

"What?" Pu Yao instinctively asked.

"Grey Scar Art. Don't you want the Golden Souls?"

"Oh." Pu Yao instinctively threw a ball of light at Zuo Mo.

"And give me that [South Sky Arrow Art] along with it so I don't have to run over again."

"Oh." Another ball of light.

Zuo Mo contentedly left the sea of consciousness before Pu Yao could react.

You antique from thousands of years ago, how can you fight with ge? Don't you know that ge is the sun at eight or nine? The present is ge's, the future is ge's, all of it is ge's!

Before the satisfied Zuo Mo could make the transaction, a cold voice interrupted. "You are the master of the Wasteland Beast Chessboard.

A male yao covered in blue marks stared coldly at Zuo Mo.

The master of the Wasteland Beast Chessboard?

Zuo Mo rolled his eyes but did not answer him. He asked Cang Ze. "When will we carry out the transaction?"

The blue yao swept Cang Ze and said neutrally, "The Grey Clan is very daring to dare be enemies against our Genius Alliance!"

Cang Ze's pupils suddenly shrunk. "Genius Alliance? Sire, who are you?"

"Qinghua Zang Shui," the blue yao said faintly.

Cang Ze's body shook and a layer of fine sweat began to cover his forehead.

His business disturbed, Zuo Mo instantly became discontent. He flipped his hand, and a little stool appeared. He shoved it in front of the blue yao. "Hold this."

"En?" Qinghua Zang Shui looked with puzzlement at the stool made from yao arts. His gaze flashed. It was very rough and simple. Was he planning to compete in yao arts?

Zuo Mo pointed. "There, take the stool. Go to the corner and draw circles."

Qinghua Zang Shui's indigo face instantly became red. In an instant, his mind turned blank.

Humiliated, he had actually been humiliated!

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