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 Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty - Start

"I didn't think that someone would activate the prison-breaking battle so quickly. It is slightly unexpected to me," Qian Liu said with a smile.

The fire-faced person twisted his mouth. "You're the only one interested in this low-level stuff. However," he had a proud expression, "my skill isn't bad."

"Utmost base." Qian Liu did not hesitate in giving his opinion.

"But very effective." The pride on the fire-faced person did not decrease in the slightest.

Qian Liu was too lazy to speak and stared at the prison battlefield.


Huai Boy vigilantly paid attention to his surroundings.

The supervisors of the Genius Alliance were set for each jie, each jie had one supervisor. This year, Huai Boy was twenty, and his strength and talent was undisputed to be able to become a supervisor of the Genius Alliance. However, Huai Boy had not thought that he would activate the prison-breaking battle. Of the eight supervisors that had entered the Wasteland Beast Chessboard, in terms of power, he was ranked in the middle.

However, he quickly reacted, and was very excited. This was a chance from the Heavens!

There were not many rules in the Genius Alliance, but being rewarded for one's service was the one upheld the strictest. There had been nine Sky Yao to come out of the Genius Alliance, and five of them had left yao arts behind for the Genius Alliance. This was added onto the wondrous techniques and strange arts that the generations of alliance leaders had collected, which were all stored in a yao art tree in the center of the yao realm. This tree surpassed any yao art tree from any yao art house.

This was a place that all yao dreamed of. Huai Boy was not an exception. Huai Boy came from Ying Wind Scholar Clan. It was one of the major clans locally, but in all of the yao realm, it could only be considered middling. The [Blue Thorn Secret Art] was a very good yao art, but Huai Boy did not feel satisfied.

He had become a supervisor of the Genius Alliance at such a young age and had great ambitions. No one, in the Scholar Clan's history, had become a sky yao by cultivating [Blue Thorn Secret Art]. How could he be satisfied? The clan did not withhold any resources when nurturing him, and used all kinds of methods to collect even more powerful yao arts for him. However, each of the top yao arts were peerless in value. After so many years, they still were unable to acquire a top yao art.

Prison-breaking battle, no matter what, he had to achieve victory! Huai Boy made a resolution.

This service would probably be able to be traded for a pretty good yao art.


Huai Boy's eyes lit up, and he was full of fighting spirit.


The procession of boats silently and rapidly progressed in the fiendish mist.

Of the five slave transporting boats, the slave transporting boat of Golden Crow Camp was at the very center. The formation scripts on the body of the boat released faint light. The Crimson Fiend Cauldron continuously transformed the fiendish mist into ling power, and guided it into the formations carved on the boat.

Compared to when it was made, the Crimson Fiend Cauldron was much smaller now. This was due to being used day and night without an moment of rest. The ling power transformed by the Crimson Fiend Cauldron, a fifth-grade talisman, was not just vast and rich, it was of high quality. As it worked day and night, this rich and pure ling power was a small fire that finely baked the cauldron and continuously processed it.

The Crimson Fiend Cauldron was created by everyone of Golden Crow Camp, and it was unprecedented in its invention. However, many parts of the Crimson Fiend Cauldron could not help but be somewhat heterogeneous due to the differences in cultivation of Sun Bao, Ji Wei, and the others. After a long period of ling power forging, the impurities of the Crimson Fiend Cauldron were slowly processed, and its quality was higher than before, but its size shrunk greatly.

Zuo Mo was standing at the bow of the slave transporting boat at the very front. His gaze was fixed into the mist. The formations of the boat reflected light on his tense face, and flickered. Beside him, A Gui propped up her chin and copied Zuo Mo to look into the distance.

A Gui's wounds were clearly recovering, and her face gradually had some expression, even though it was still very wooden.

Woosh woosh woosh.

There were hardship guards in black armor that ran around constantly on their patrol. Their expressions were watchful, and they were all hardship guards that had that had created their weapons. A Wen ran at the very front with the black spear in his hand. The bright red tassel was like a flame flickering in the wind.

These Guard Camp elite that had finished forming their weapons were like fish in the water among the fiendish mist. They also became the primary combat force.

Gongsun Cha led the Vermillion Bird Camp, Shu Long led the Guard Camp, Xie Shan was on the last slave transporting boat as the rear guard. In the remaining slave transporting boat, Ma Fan sat on top of the boat. The other people of the Sky Peak Platoon were scattered around the boat. After the epiphany last time, Ma Fan's sword essence had reached manifestation, and the suppression the fiendish mist had on him was minimized.

Everyone seemed to be on their guard, their expressions heavy. A murderous presence was thick and roiling among the troop like an enormous beast slowly travelling close to the ground without hurry or slowness.

Even though he was in a hurry to find the person inside the fiendish mist, but Zuo Mo knew very well how dangerous the depths of the fiendish mist were. He did not dare to move without forethought. In such a dangerous territory, the slightest bit of carelessness could cause all of them to die.

Lil' Pagoda and Lil' Fire nervously burrowed into A Gui's arms. Lil' Black had a death grip on A Gui's hair. Silly Bird's expression was unconcerned. The tense situation did not invoke any response from her. Tenth Grade floated on the black antennae of the twin butterfly, the murderous and cold little face showing yearning.

It was strange to speak of it. A ball of faint white mist still hung at the end of the white antennae of the twin butterfly and showed no signs of becoming tangible.

Tenth Grade was born from the twin butterfly absorbing black fiendish energy. Rather than being afraid of the fiendish mist, he felt it was very intimate. However, his sense of danger was more sensitive than normal xiuzhe. The deeps of the fiendish mist gave him a strong feeling of danger, so much that he did not dare to go deep in. He was proud, but he was not stupid. After "fishing" with Zuo Mo and Gongsun Cha these past days, Tenth Grade had an even clearer understanding of the fiendish mist's dangers.

Of course, most important was that the unreasonable and vicious bird was at the side ... ...

Tenth Grade glanced out of the corner of his eye at Silly Bird whose eyes were closed in rest, and instinctively shrunk his neck.

"There are people in such a damned place?" Lei Peng rumbled, and could not understand.

"Maybe it is the lost descendants of ancient cultivators." Nian Lu brushed his bangs and fully expressed his imagination.

"Ancient cultivator descendants ... ..."

The people in the surroundings groaned. This guy had read too many legends and rumors.

Lei Peng's gaze landed on the hardship guards that were moving nimbly and was filled with admiration. "This poor place really has a finger on our weak spot. But the Guard Camp, they are having a really good time! Even an wants to go cultivate [Hardship Guard]."

They were cultivating [Fiend Ling] but due to the short time cultivating it, they could just manage to defend against the corrosion of the fiendish mist. The fiendish mist that was filled with danger towards them wasn't just harmless against Guard Camp, but was beneficial. How could these people that were long used to leading the charge not be jealous?

"Don't be jealous of them!" Nian Lu adjusted his clothing and said, "You can copy the Captain. When your sword essence reaches the level of manifestation, you cannot be corroded by anything. The measly fiendish mist is naturally not an exception."

Lei Peng was speechless.

There seemed to be an invisible wall around Ma Fan's body. The red-black fiendish mist could not enter the area around him. Everyone did not feel any ling power rippling which meant that Captain had not used ling power. This area had naturally formed after Ma Fan achieved sword essence manifestation.

However, compared to starting from the beginning and cultivating [Hardship Guard], the difficulty of reaching sword essence manifestation was even higher. Unless they cultivated to jindan, it wasn't just any normal monster that could reach sword essence manifestation in ningmai. But even from ningmai to jindan, the difficulty involved ... ...

"Blast it!" Lei Peng shot out an angry breath.

While everyone felt somewhat suppressed at not being able to charge at the very front, but they also felt slight anticipation. If there really were xiuzhe inside the fiendish mist, then that meant they also could use their full power within the fiendish mist. They had persisted in practicing [Fiend Ling] but they needed to reach the third level before they could directly transform the fiend mist into ling power.

Before that, while they still could absorb fiendish mist and transform it to ling power, the rate was very slow. That was fine for cultivation, but during battle, that meant that their ling power would basically be unreplenished.

Many of them put their hopes on the xiuzhe inside the fiendish mist.


A crisp collision sound occurred on the outside.

Everyone's expressions changed. Enemy attack!

This was the first attack they had encountered up until now. No one had good expressions. They had just travelled fifty li into the fiendish mist, and started to encounter attacks from unknown and vicious beings. The dangers up ahead could be imagined.

The one that encountered the enemy was A Wen.

A Wen's eyes tracked the unknown and vicious beast in front of him. This vicious being was shaped like a tiger or panther, the long and nimble figure filled with beauty. Its entire body was covered in thick metal-hard scales in layers and gleamed with a cold light. The paws on the ground had hooked and sharp claws that effortlessly dug into the soil. The eyes were set deep, the cheekbones protruded, but there were no eyeballs in the sockets, only red light.

When A Wen's gaze came into contact with the red light inside the eyes of the vicious being, he felt his body tighten, and was shocked inside.

Zuo Mo's gaze landed on the vicious beast. Thinking about what Pu Yao had said to him before, he asked, "This is a fiend soul beast?"

"Yes." Pu Yao's tone did not have the aloofness it usually did and was filled with gravity. "Such a powerful fiend soul beast! This fiendish mist has been through an unknown amount of time. I've never seen black fiendish mist of such intensity, and have never heard of it. This fiendish soul beast surpasses any fiend soul beast of my knowledge. You need to be careful."

Zuo Mo was shocked. This grave tone could be said to be very rare for Pu Yao.

A strong feeling of danger formed but Zuo Mo forcibly suppressed it. He decided to see just how powerful this fiendish soul beast really was.


A Wen was a lucky survivor of the dueling stadium and had experienced many cruel battles. The fiend soul beast in front of him gave him enormous pressure but did not cause him to lose his calm.

A cold feeling came from the black spear. He suddenly had a burst of confidence. In the dueling stadium, he had defeated many opponents stronger than him, and now, he was stronger than before!

The expression on the handsome face silently changed. Killing essence rose, his eyes vicious, a thick black mist came from the thenar space where he grasped his black spear, and like a black snake, it coiled around the black spear.

His presence suddenly exploded, his vicious eyes glaring as he shouted lowly, "Kill!"

The black spear in his hand was held flat and thrust forward without finesse.

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Someone was right, it is the fire-faced person who was manipulating all this. The Grey Clan is too insignificant to be able to do this.