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 Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Five - Bidding.

Wasteland Beast Chessboard!

Nan Yue couldn't resist repeating it lightly. The squares of various colors under her feet spread into the horizon without end.

Lights occasionally flashed. Every yao who entered the Wasteland Beast Chessboard was filled with shock. There were no obstacles in their vision. They seemed to be on a broad plain. The yao further away seemed like black dots in their field of view

The strange colored squares under their feet reminded them this was a place filled with weirdness.

Some of the people that had been doubting the prison-breaking battle had their suspicious dissipate when they saw the completely transformed first prison. They stared dazedly with wide mouths as they looked at the borderless chessboard that was almost unimaginable.

Nan Yue fought free from her shock. She released a long breath. She was filled with curiosity. What was unique about Daren's Wasteland Beast Chessboard?

She wanted to try when a slightly cold voice sounded from behind her.

"Pardon me, are you Student Nan Yue?"

Nan Yue turned around and saw a slightly thin but handsome youth standing with a smile. He bowed slightly. "This one is Leng Yue, from Western Mountain Cold Clan."

"Western Mountain Cold Clan?" Nan Yue was slightly bewildered. The Wisteria Clan of the South Sky might have a glorious past, but it had been in decline for a long time. Struggling on the poverty line, how could Nan Yue pay attention to those rich and powerful families?

Leng Yue responded very quickly. Seeing the expression on Nan Yue's face, he understood that the other's birth was definitely very normal. He couldn't help but rejoice inside. Yesterday, the news he had sent back to the sect had attracted attention from the clan. For this, they had used all their power to investigate the origins of the mysterious prison-breaking yao.

Even though the origins of the prison-breaking yao was a puzzle, but they still found some clues. For example, Nan Yue.

Up to here, there was nothing that Leng Yue had to do. He did not have the qualifications for future matters. But his luck was really good, and coincidentally encountered Nan Yue when he entered the Wasteland Beast Chessboard.

Towards a very alert Leng Yue, how could he pass such a good chance?

It was a pity that he wasn't the only one with good luck. Those that had the power to find Nan Yue weren't just the Cold Family.

"Are you Miss Nan Yue?" A ethereal looking female clad in a white robe appeared at the side and politely bowed to Nan Yue. "This one is Bai Rou Lian."

"Haha! Such a coincidence!" A brawny large male about three zhang tall appeared out of nowhere and bowed with great politeness towards Nan Yue. "Miss Nan Yue, an is Cang Ze."

Leng Yue and Bai Rou Lian's expressions were not too good, but they were all from influential families, and had some shrewdness. Even though they were wary, but their faces quickly were covered with smiles again as though they were good friends.

Nan Yue was not dumb. When she saw this, she knew what was happening, and grimaced inside.

At this time, a voice that was like a blessing from Heaven sounded at Nan Yue's ears. "Nan Yue."

Zuo Mo had detected Nan Yue's position and ran over. Nan Yue was his follower in name, and was really one of his people. Towards his own people, Zuo Mo usually cared for them. From their recent interactions, Zuo Mo felt that Nan Yue was good in all areas, and hard working. She was worthy of being fostered.

When Nan Yue saw Zuo Mo, it was like she had seen her savior. "Daren!"

Woosh, the other three people's eyes landed on Zuo Mo. Even though they had all seen Zuo Mo's figure from the yao recording art, but when they saw him from close up, they were still stunned by Zuo Mo's youth.


The three of them were abnormally in sync as they respectfully bowed. The respect on their faces were not out of politeness but came from their hearts. They had a good family background, and received the best teachings, their strength was far above those of their age, but all of this could not be discussed when compared with the daren in front of them.

In front of such a genius that was able to leave behind his mark on yao society, what assets did they have to be proud of?

"En?" Zuo Mo paused. These three people he did not know called him Daren?

Their brains were wonky?

He looked suspiciously at Nan Yue and pointed at the trio. "What is this?"

"Daren, I'm not very clear either." Nan Yue's expression was pitiable.

Zuo Mo turned his face around. "Who can tell me what is going on?"

As a boss of a group of experts, he naturally formed a presence over time. Once he was serious, the unquestionable tone made the trio's hearts shake. All three of them were smart. In that short sentence, the three could detect many things.

Even Leng Yue who had originally assumed that Zuo Mo came from an unknown family turned changed his previous speculation.

"This junior is Bai Rou Lian, and is representing the White Family to congratulate Daren for his successful prison-breaking." Bai Rou Lian was the first to speak. Her tone was respectful, her voice was sweet and pleasing to hear. "The White Family has prepared some gifts for Elder. Daren, please accept them."

Leng Yue and Cang Ze felt depressed. This wench had gone one step in front of them. They instantly felt as though they had eaten a fly, and were unspeakably uncomfortable. However, the two reacted quickly and hurried to speak.

"The Cold Family ... ..."

"The Grey Clan ... ..."

Zuo Mo listened and generally understood what was going on. He waved his hand and interrupted the two people. "Alright, say what you need. One by one." Finishing, he pointed at Bai Rou Lian. "You first."

Bai Rou Lian was smug inside but did not dare to forget herself. She respectfully said, "The White Family earnestly requests for Daren to enter the Peace River Yao Art House. The entire house will give you the best treatment. The White Family is willing to give six million each year, and a Heart Spirit Residence. The White Family will pay for all of Daren's expenses, and Daren can cultivate all the yao arts of the Peace River Yao Art House."

Nan Yue gaped. Heavens, six million each year! Even if she graduated from the Purple Lotus Yao Art House and found a job, her monthly income definitely would not surpass one thousand. Yet what was more valuable was that Heart Spirit Residence. Compared to the Spirit Clarity Residence that the House Elder had given to her this morning, the Heart Spirit Residence was even more expensive. A Heart Spirit Residence's price on the market would start at ten million on the market.

Really generous! Nan Yue's expression was stunned.

Zuo Mo was very happy. Haha, so much jingshi! Oh, no, the yao world should not be using jingshi, but Zuo Mo understood that this definitely was not a low price. It could be seen from Nan Yue's expression.

However, Zuo Mo was a very experienced person. He had an innate intuition about bargaining. Adding on his wealth of battle experience, the three brats in front of him were three rich and sweet lambs.

Zzt zzt zzt ... ...

The sound of knives being honed sounded in Zuo Mo's heart, but his expression remained neutral as though he was a person who did not care for mortal matters.

He pointed at Cang Ze and said, "You talk."

Cang Ze became alert. "Daren, our clan is willing to give Daren eight million annually. The clan does not have a Heart Spirit Residence but the clan is willing to provide Daren three Golden Souls each year."

Bai Rou Lian's expression instantly became terrible. She was not shocked that Cang Ze was able to give a tribute of eight million each year. What she was shocked about was Golden Souls!

The rumors said that the Grey Clan possessed a Gold Tree. It seemed that it was true!

Leng Yue's expression was ashen. The last hope in his heart was destroyed. To say nothing about the fact the clan had not given him the power to negotiate, but even with the permission, he believed that the clan would not be able to give a price higher than this.

It was not just the Cold Clan was unable to do so, the White Clan was also unable. When he saw Bai Rou Lian's black face, the depressed Leng Yue felt much better.

Even though he didn't know what Golden Soul was, but his intuition told Zuo Mo this definitely was something rare and good.

"Golden Soul!" Pu Yao's voice trembled slightly. "Take this one!"

Zuo Mo did not accept. He nodded to Cang Ze and then turned his gaze to Leng Yue.

Leng Yue docilely said, "Daren, we cannot give a price higher than Brother Cang Ze."

This result was not unexpected to Zuo Mo. Something that even Pu Yao changed expression at, it definitely was something good. He guessed that Leng Yue could not give a higher price, but out of caution, he still asked.

"Okay." Zuo Mo said to Cang Ze, "You follow me. Nan Yue, come as well."

Cang Ze was overjoyed and hurried to follow.

Bai Rou Lian's black expression disappeared. Leng Yue did not have any more interest in seeing the Wasteland Beast Chessboard, and returned to report this matter.

There was no one around. Zuo Mo sat down and said to the two, "Sit."

Cang Ze respectfully sat down, and Nan Yue sat down next to Zuo Mo.

In just this little while, Pu Yao quickly introduced Zuo Mo to the Golden Soul. The Golden Soul was born from the Golden Tree and was very rare. Pu Yao had assumed that the Golden Tree had gone extinct. The Golden Soul could quickly strengthen the consciousness and also expand the sea of consciousness. What it was most valuable at was that it could strength the spirit, and cause it to become even more pure and refined.

Yao cultivated the consciousness. How strong the consciousness was what determined strength. But the strength of the consciousness could not cause it to become pure and refined. Pure spirit was even more stabilized, and the sea of consciousness was even more secure. Unpure consciousness would become a hidden weakness. The deeper one cultivated, the more dangerous it would become.

Golden Soul was a great treasure that was not easily found, and for Pu Yao whose spirit was greatly wounded, Golden Soul was what he desperately needed to heal himself!

So when he heard the words Golden Soul, he couldn't control himself.

What Zuo Mo cared about was another problem. The only place he could interact with them was in the Wasteland Beast Chessboard. To say nothing of the fact he was now trapped in the ancient battlefield, even if he left, he could not come to the yao world.

Golden Soul was like the water breath bead. It could be taken into the Ten Finger Prison. This was what Zuo Mo prioritized.

However, there were no problems on his side, but he was not sure that Cang Ze would accept his conditions. The other would not easily give something like Golden Soul away.

So he spoke of his problem.

As expected, when he heard that Zuo Mo could not move to the Grey Clan, Cang Ze's expression was not good. Truthfully, the price that Cang Ze gave was already the highest price.

Zuo Mo might have reconstructed the Wasteland Beast Chessboard but this was only the first prison.

In other words, what Zuo Mo displayed now was astonishing potential and not great strength. Before it became strength, potential was just potential no matter how amazing it was. It was filled with uncertainty and risk.

Cang Ze was silent for a long time. Zuo Mo instantly thought it was bad.

Damn it, if something this good flew away, he would cry!

Just as Zuo Mo had a headache, Pu Yao finally couldn't resist speaking.

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