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 Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Four - The Wasteland Beast Chessboard

Bam bam bam.

The sound of knocking on the door woke Nan Yue up. She really had been too tired yesterday and slept deeply. She opened her heavy eyes, and opened the door to the room. When she saw the people that come outside, all the drowsiness instantly disappeared.

The person that had knocked was Chi. His face was full of a warm smile. Behind him was a large crowd of people. Nan Yue found many of them familiar to the eye. But when she saw the House Elder of the Purple Lotus Yao Art House, she couldn't help but still.

"Nan Yue, did we disturb your rest?" Chi's tone was filled with warmth and concern, and none of the usual sternness as though he had become a completely different person.

"Oh, no no." Nan Yue instinctively shook her head.

She finally recalled what those old looking people that looked familiar were. They were the elders of the yao art house.

Two, three... ... twelve!

Nan Yue's scalp turned numb. All of the elders of the Purple Lotus Yao Art House Council of Elders was standing in front of her home! These elders that usually were high up and indifferent all had smiles on their faces, and harmonious auras. All of the upper level of the Purple Lotus Yao Art House was here without an exception.

Seeing Nan Yue still where she stood, Chi instantly understood what it was. He couldn't help but smile and say, "What? Are you not going to invite us in to sit?"

"Oh oh oh!" Nan Yue finally reacted and seemed to wake up from her dream. She hurriedly moved away from the door. "Please come in, come in!"

The procession streamed in.

The House Elder examined the bare room and said with a slight smile, "Student Nan Yue is really living simply! As expected of the role model of our house's other students. Our other students should learn from this valuable attitude."

Nan Yue sweated. She wasn't simple, she was just poor. At this moment, she did not know how to respond, and could only murmur in agreement.

"However," the House Elder's tone changed as he said passionately, "as the Chief Student Elder of the Purple Lotus Yao Art House, Student Nan Yue should shoulder a heavier burden! This is too far away, and not convenient. Oo, The house's Purple Lotus Park has a Spirit Clarity Residence still empty. Student Nan Yue will find it much more convenient when moved over there."

Chi's gaze showed threads of admiration. Spirit Clarity Residence was the highest level of residence in the Purple Lotus Yao Art House. There were only three suites in total. The House Elder actually gave one to Nan Yue. The most valuable part of the Spirit Clarity Residence was the Spirit Clarity Pool. It could increase the cultivation speed of the consciousness. To say nothing of the high price in constructing the Spirit Clarity Pool, it could only be built on special geological forms.

After that, the elders took their turns to persuade and were unparalleled in their friendliness.

Nan Yue seemed to go through the entire process as though it was a dream. She did not know what to do. She only gradually refocused when the House Elder and the others had left for a while.

Chief student elder? She had become the Chief Student Elder? And they had given her a Spirit Clarity Residence to use?

Was she still dreaming?

But when she pulled herself out of the initial excitement, she quickly understood the crux. It was not hard to guess what the attitude of the House Elder and the elders were for.

They were here for Daren!

Even though they hadn't mentioned one word about Daren today, but Nan Yue was one hundred percent certain that they had come for Daren!

No, she had to report this to Daren!

She suddenly remembered today was the day the first prison formed.

Thinking to this, she instantly became excited. She inspected her consciousness. Even though she had not fully healed her injuries, but she had recovered enough to enter the first prison. She instantly entered meditation and directly entered the first prison.


"Argh, motherf***er!" the pained Zuo Mo wailed.

It had been a long time since his consciousness had been wounded. The long-absent pain appeared again. The feeling of pain seemed to have grown even stronger.

"This is the result of trying to show off," Pu Yao mocked neutrally.

"Ouch ... ... ouch, which guy was scheming against me? No, I can't have suffered for nothing, I have to return it!" The pained Zuo Mo still exposed his vengeful nature.

"You aren't a match," Pu Yao said mercilessly.

"How can it be known without a fight? Tell me quickly!" Zuo Mo looked as though he would not give up and was murderous.

"Crystal Void Qian Liu."

"Crytal Void Qian Liu? What thing is that?" Zuo Mo's face was curious.

"It isn't a thing, just a three hundred years little yao."

"Che, just a three hundred year little yao." Zuo Mo said unconcernedly.

A tendon throbbed in Pu Yao's forehead. He forcibly suppressed it. "He comprehended water breath."

"Water Breath?" Zuo Mo instantly became alert and said braggingly, "That was water breath? Didn't it get destroyed by my Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art!"

Your Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art ... ...

The tendon in Pu Yao's forehead jumped again. He pretended to be calm and said, "That was an imprint he left behind three hundred years ago."

"An imprint left three hundred years ago!" Zuo Mo jumped in fright. "In other words, he was this powerful three hundred years ago?"


The expression on Zuo Mo's face changed as he said embarrassedly, "Peace is valuable, peace is valuable. It's not good to fight and kill for nothing!"

Ignoring Pu Yao's disdainful gaze, he asked curiously, "Why did his imprint attack me? I didn't offend him."

"He finds you an eyesore."

Pu Yao's caused Zuo Mo's expression to become even more embarrassed. "It seems that Ten Finger Prison is really a dangerous place. I should not go to such a kind of place."

Pu Yao heard this and thought inside, no, if Zuo Mo was afraid and did not go to the Ten Finger Prison in the future, it would be a troublesome matter. He was very familiar with Zuo Mo's personality. This guy could not be forced, and could only be tempted. If there were enough benefits, this guy would howl and charge.

"There's a bit of danger, but there are also many benefits." Pu Yao's expression was indifferent as though he was speaking objectively. "You destroyed his imprint, and swallowed his water breath bead. Haven't you felt anything?"

Zuo Mo finally remembered after Pu Yao's remember the bead he had swallowed before he had fainted. He hurriedly made an examination and immediately found the water breath bead.

A glowing dewy bead floated in his sea of consciousness. The sea of consciousness where a sea of flames danced had a lively and abundant humidity. The faint moisture spread from the dew bead. Wherever the moisture passed, the wounded consciousness was like burnt soil receiving nurturing and became full of life again. Zuo Mo felt unspeakably comfortable.

This was something really good!

Zuo Mo's mind moved. The dew bead flew in front of him and a warm moisture blew into his face.

"The water breath bead can heal?"

To make Zuo Mo understand the value of the water breath bead, Pu Yao naturally spoke endlessly. "Not just healing. With it, you will have an easier time comprehending your own water breath. Once you have comprehended water breath, it will merge into the water breath that you comprehend. You will have an easier time casting the great majority of water yao arts, and water element spells, their power would also be greater."

"This powerful?" Zuo Mo felt very excited. He was clear to the value embodied. With this water breath bead, it meant that his affinity to water had increased. This would increase the strength of a major type of yao arts and spells.

Water element spells, ge knows them! He cast a [Little Art of Cloud and Rain] with pride. A palm-size could instantly floated in his palm.

Hm, the cloud ball from the [Little Art of Cloud and Rain] this time was different than before.

The cloud ball seemed to be alive. The threads of rain that fell seemed to contain vitality. When they landed in Zuo Mo's palm, then sunk into Zuo Mo's skin and disappeared. Zuo Mo felt refreshed.

The sixth level of [Little Art of Cloud and Rain]!

Zuo Mo's eyes widened, his face full of disbelief. Just with the addition of a water breath bead, his [Little Art of Cloud and Rain] had leveled up to the sixth level!

The sixth level of [Little Art of Cloud and Rain] was significantly useful!

Zuo Mo was overjoyed.

Treasure! Great treasure!

"Can this even be called a treasure?" Pu Yao seemed to know Zuo Mo's thoughts, and an imperceptible smile floated on the corners of Pu Yao's mouth. He continued to tempt Zuo Mo, "The water breath was just from the prison-breaking battle of the first prison. Each prison of the Ten Finger Prison has something good. Only what is in the later prisons can be called treasures."

"Each prison has their own?" Zuo Mo's eyes lit up.

"What? Are you interested?" Pu Yao glanced at Zuo Mo with deliberate calmness.

"Interested! Very interested!" Zuo Mo nodded frantically. He rubbed his palms and said warmly, "Pu Yao, let's get them all! So many treasures, they can't be wasted!"

"This will depend on your skills." Pu Yao did not refute it. "The later prison-breaking battles will be more powerful than this."

Countless jingshi spun in Zuo Mo's eyes. He drooled and said with a stupid smile, "That's nothing, we can wear them down, wear them to death!"

The water breath bead was wondrous as expected. Not long after, Zuo Mo's injured consciousness was healed. Zuo Mo was full of praise, and desired the other treasures even more.

"Let's go, you have not named your prison battlefield yet," Pu Yao said as he pulled Zuo Mo into Vast Water Clear Skies.

Zuo Mo looked at the unfamiliar environment, his mouth wide, and his face stunned.

The criss-crossing river flows from before had all disappeared. The shards of stone under his feet had also disappeared. What replaced them were squares of different colors. The various colored tiles extended into the distance like an enormous chess board.

"What what is this?"

"Nothing big." Pu Yao suppressed the shock inside and said in a normal tone. "You broke the first prison left by someone before you, so the first prison will be reconstructed."

"Oh, so it's like that." Zuo Mo's face showed realization

He casually walked forward and stepped into a green square. There were no changes. He stepped into another square, and there was still no change.

It just changed appearance.

The shock in Zuo Mo's heart disappeared. He felt it was very boring, and his expression disappeared.

Suddenly, the scene in front of him changed again.

He seemed to have flown to a very high place and was looking down from an aerial view. He saw an enormous chessboard, the disorderly tiles formed a strange shape. The figure seemed slightly familiar to Zuo Mo. He quickly understood what the pattern was. Wasteland beast, that was a wasteland beast!

"Create a name." Pu Yao's light voice sounded at Zuo Mo's ears.

"Wasteland Beast Chessboard." Zuo Mo's mind moved, and he blurted out.

Boom boom boom!

The sound was like thunder. The pattern of the wasteland beast on the chessboard seemed to suddenly become alive. A thread of grey smoke came out of the chessboard, and in a blink, turn to a wasteland beast.

The lantern sized red and vicious eyes, the bleak and disdainful presence, the roiling and shapeless body.

It glanced at Zuo Mo and suddenly burrowed back into the chessboard.

The chessboard under him once again became what it was originally.

In the minds of the yao that had excitedly charged into the first prison, three words floated up simultaneously-Wasteland Beast Chessboard!

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo's proven history of terrible names have been broken ... ... actually, the name come from what Pu Yao's teacher created so this isn't really something he made. Nan Yue is so protective of her Daren ... ...