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 Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Two - The Reappearance of Wasteland Sacrificial Art

A grey shadow flew out from Zuo Mo's right hand.

The grey shadow was like a wasteland beast that had left its cage. It grew in size, and the deep hissing it made shocked people down to their souls.

Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art!

The last joker in Zuo Mo's hands was unhesitatingly thrown out at this moment.


In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao had a complicated expression, one that Zuo Mo would think was spectacular at this time. His expression was complex and showed a faint bitterness. The Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art was the yao art that his teacher had created. Teacher had never hidden any part of it from him. He could recite any part of the yao art, but even so, after one thousand years, he still could not successfully cast this yao art.

Thinking back to his nickname of [Encyclopedia of Yao Arts], it seemed full of irony.

[Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art] looked simple but it actually was complex in many places. Otherwise, how could Pu Yao still not be able to find the method to cast it after so many years had passed? Last time, he had only wanted to try, and just gave a few words of guidance. He had not expected Zuo Mo to successfully cast the art.

Today, Zuo Mo's movements were still unpractised, but he had successfully cast it again. It was enough to show that he had grasped the crux of this yao art, and his success was not just a matter of luck.

What was an incredibly difficult yao art in Pu Yao's eyes was easily grasped by Zuo Mo and without the other knowing its difficulty. Other than bitterness and mockery, he couldn't help but admire Zuo Mo's talent. Thinking back carefully, he found that inexperienced youth he had first met was more average in all areas compared to the present.

This guy's staying power was very strong!

He suddenly snickered. His consciousness was greater than Zuo Mo's. The prison battlefield could block Zuo Mo's consciousness, but could not stop Pu Yao's consciousness. Pu Yao knew everything about what was happening outside.

His mood instantly made a one hundred and eighty degree turn, especially when he saw the spectacular expressions of the spectating yao.

Maybe it was pretty good to have such a student. Even though Zuo Mo was not a yao, and was a human, but in the eyes of Pu Yao who usually did not tread the conventional path, this wasn't a concern at all.

At some time in the future, he definitely had to urge Zuo Mo to go to the yao world.

It would be really fun to cause a storm!

Imagining the shocked expressions of those old guys, he couldn't help but roar with laughter.

In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao's free yet somewhat insane laughter echoed.


Zuo Mo did not hear Pu Yao's laughter. His mind was focused as he cast the Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art.

The simple yet authoritative presence was like a vicious wasteland beast slowly walking out of the mist. The oncoming presence was suffocating!

Its movements were not fast, but were filled with perfect ease.

It suddenly stopped its movement.

The spectating yao felt their throats tighten as though a noose had been suddenly tightened around their necks. They couldn't breath.

Terror suddenly jumped from their feet up, the bone-aching coldness spreading through their entire bodies, their minds completely blank.

He seemed to see an ancient wasteland beast the size of a mountain looking down indifferently.

The mountain-like presence covered the world, and bore down like a mountain.

The yao lost their courage. They wanted to turn and run. Those that were less daring collapsed onto the ground. Even those guys who thought themselves powerful had ashen faces at this moment.

Qian Liu Daren's water breath was vastness and full of life.

And this grey figure was filled with tyranny and destruction!


The second prison.

Numerous yao suddenly stopped what they were doing at the same moment. They raised their heads in shock.

A dangerous presence filled with tyranny and destruction rushed past them like a gust of wind.

The enormous second prison sank into a strange silence.

A moment later, these yao that had been hard at work unhesitatingly dropped what they were doing, and started to fly in the same direction. If one looked from above the second prison, they would find that numerous figures seemed to be attracted to one location.

It was the entrance to the first prison.


Feeling the danger of the Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art presented, the vast water breath that had been warm and peaceful a moment ago suddenly roiled.

Zuo Mo seemed to be situated in an angry ocean. The enormous waves that charged up could swallow him at any instant. These furious waves contained power that could crumble mountains and upend seas. If he was touched the tiniest bit, even with the Great Day mo physique, there would only be one outcome-his body completely shattered!

The complete reverse of the peace and harmony, the prison battlefield had turned to the other extreme. Zuo Mo understood this represented another attribute of the water breath. After experiencing the voyages on Endless Ocean, he understood just how the furious water could be terrifying powerful.

His surroundings were filled with abundant moisture.

Almost in the blink of an eye, a boundless ocean appeared under Zuo Mo's feet.

Minuscule, Zuo Mo once again felt just how minuscule he was!

In front of this raging and vast water breath, people were forced to admit their insignificance.

Zuo Mo bit his lips tightly and tried to maintain his resolve. His hands were still methodically swiping in the air.

All of his strength was gathered in his body!


Zuo Mo suddenly raised his flushed eyes.

Almost at the same time, two empty red lights suddenly lit up in the grey shadow. They were like a pair of vicious eyes. The ignited red eyes were lantern sized, and like giving the touch of life to a painting, the figure of the wasteland beast that had been slightly intangible did not seem to feel transient any longer.

It was alive.

Even though the figure of the wasteland beast was not defined, but all of the yao had a strong feeling, it was alive!

The tyrannical and destructive presence suddenly exploded like a volcano and headed into the clouds!

It really was alive!

The spectating yao all shook. The two terrifying presences conflicted. They were like beauties that had just been abused getting abused again!

Among the crowds of yao, light flashed occasionally outside the prison battlefield. Each flash of light meant that a yao could not withstand the two oppressive presences and was forced out of the Ten Finger Prison.

Inside the Ten Finger Prison, if their mental defenses were broken, they would be forcibly ejected from the Ten Finger Prison. This kind of situation was not common. The yao cultivated their consciousness. In terms of mental strength, they were much stronger than xiuzhe or mo.

But today, after the successive blows from two peerlessly presences, the yao that usually cultivated in the first prison could not bear it. Even Nan Yue only stood for three breaths before she was pushed out of the Ten Finger Prison.

In comparison Leng Yue and Chang Zheng's situation was much better. They usually cultivated in the second prison, but there was no ease on their faces. They seemed to be struggling to bear it. The other yao fortunate enough to remain all had pained expressions on their faces but no one retreated of their own accord.

Everyone knew that the faceoff between the two presences that was coming would be a great conflict!

To be able to personally see a battle of such a level, even if they had to pay a great price to watch, they would unhesitatingly choose to do so, much less just tolerate some pain. This kind of opportunity was rare!

The lantern-sized vicious eyes glowed with red light. The waves that seemed to cover the sky did not seem to affect it.

It suddenly opened its mouth.

The open mouth suddenly formed a great suction force.

Numerous waves were forcibly pulled away from the water by this force and flew towards the open mouth of the wasteland beast. The furious ocean suddenly paused shortly.

The surface of the water that had instantly calmed rippled. It was rebelling against this suction.

The light of the two enormous pupils in the grey shadow increased. The suction power increased!

Whoosh whoosh!

Like a whale drinking rivers, numerous pillars of water were sucked into the mouth of the wasteland beast. The wasteland beast's mouth seemed to be a bottomless hole. No matter how much water entered, it showed no signs of expanding.

But how could the vast ocean formed by the water breath be defeated so easily?

That was the water breath that Crystal Void Qian Liu Daren had left behind!

The vast ocean was colossal and showed no signs of shrinking. Many schools of fish suddenly appeared under the water. These schools of fish were different than the schools of fish that appeared before. They were of flesh of blood.


Zuo Mo suddenly understood. These schools of fish were truly lives that had been created by the water breath!

There were innumerable schools of fish. They furiously leapt at the wasteland beast. The strong vitality they carried was like boiling water and caused fear.

The shaking vitality did not serve as nutrients, but poison.

This blow was like the grass that broke the camel's back for the yao who had been struggling outside the battlefield.

Innumerable lights flashed. None of the yao outside the battlefield remained!

For the first time, the wasteland beast showed wariness. These fragile lives caused the powerful wasteland beast to feel danger. Zuo Mo was very surprised!

Just as Zuo Mo felt shock, the lantern eyes of the wasteland beast suddenly blinked slyly.

Zuo Mo was shocked still by this person-like action of the wasteland beast.

The figure of the wasteland beast suddenly started to change.

Its body suddenly turned to shadow and divided into a top and bottom half.

Almost at the same time, Zuo Mo's hands seemed to be out of his control as they unconsciously started to move.

Little yao arts, number one, number five hundred.

The top half of the grey shadow suddenly started to furiously spin clockwise, while the bottom half spun counter-clockwise.

That absurd and conflicting feeling appeared again. Zuo Mo felt as though he was being pulled by two wagons in opposite directions, and was unspeakably uncomfortable.

After having experienced it before, Zuo Mo instantly understood what he needed to to.

Straight Pass-Through Form!

A power that was not strong instantly penetrated the centers of the two yao arts.

Under the feet of the wasteland beast that had turned to a whirlwind, a thread of white light suddenly rose, and above its head, a blackness started to spread.

In the blink of an eye, the grey shadow turned to black and white parts that were clearly defined.

A black and white millstone.

The furiously turning millstone produced a much stronger suction force than before.

The schools of fish that came from all directions were like thin streams that were pulled into the millstone before they could even resist.

There was no flesh or blood flying. Everything was so silent it looked like a picture.

In the center of the millstone, a glowing bead gradually took shape.

The vast water breath filled with life quickly decreased, and the bead in the middle of the millstone became larger and glowed like a drop of dew.

The blood in Zuo Mo's eyes gradually retreated. His consciousness was extremely drained.

Having recovered his calm, the first action Zuo Mo did was gather his last thread of strength, grabbing the bead, and shoving it into his mouth.

His vision darkened and he instantly lost consciousness.

Translator Ramblings: Finally over! Seriously, Zuo Mo, swallowing it ... ... are you three years old? Is your greed that overpowering? His rationale makes sense in a weird way. He's a piece of soul and if he leaves, the water breath might stay and someone else can take it. What to do? Digest it so that it is a part of him.