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 Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty One - Thousand Flow Water Breath

Pia pia pia ... ...

The dense sounds of corn popping rang without warning. With Zuo Mo's hands as the starting point, the explosions rapidly spread with astounding speed towards the two ends of the river flow. When it reached the very end, the entire river flow was bombed into countless snowy-white water foam by another even stronger explosion.

Zuo Mo's figure was instantly swallowed by the wave of water foam.

The fine water foam was like snowflakes which had been blown free, sombre and beautiful.

This beautiful scene was forever imprinted upon the minds of the female yao that were watching. The desolate and silent void, the sky full of snowflakes that had been thrown about; the scene was picturesque.

It wasn't just the female yao. Even those male yao that only admired strength were shocked by the scene in front of them.

However, they quickly broke free of their shock. The deathly silent Vast Water Clear Skies seemed to be suddenly ignited. The soundwave instantly swallowed all of the yao. The yao could not hear other people's words, not even their own words, but they were so excited they could only uncontrollably shout in awe.

"Heavens, what did I just see? Who can tell me?"

"Too crazy! Too crazy!"

"Impossible, this is impossible! This is Qian Liu Daren's water yao arts! Qian Liu Daren's water yao arts ... ..." a male yao held his head as he looked dazedly at the battlefield and murmured.

Leng Yue and Chang Zheng looked soullessly at the battlefield. All the power they had seemed to have been drained away. They didn't even have the strength to speak.

Compared to the disbelief and shock of the male yao, the female yao were very excited and exuberant.

"Oh, so handsome! Who knows who this guys is? I definitely have to pursue him. He is too handsome, too intoxicating!" A beautiful female yao's face was blushing as she spoke.

"So beautiful, he definitely is a romantic yao!" Another female yao's eyes were intoxicated, and her face adoring.

The excited Nan Yue was instantly shocked inside and out. She shook, and the hairs on her body began standing up. Then she couldn't help but think, if Daren heard this, she didn't know how he would respond.

This thought flashed through her mind before disappearing. She suppressed her excitement, and start to think back to the little yao arts that Daren had just cast. She was very familiar with little yao arts. If she could see it, she definitely could quickly identify what kind of little yao art it was.

But the light that just covered Daren's hands was completely different than the little yao arts that she had seen before. Had Daren used new yao arts?

This suspicion flashed past her mind.

She shook her head. Intuition told her that Daren had still used little yao arts. She didn't recognize those strange lights but they seemed to be slightly familiar.

Her eyes suddenly widened. She thought of a possibility.

If the speed that little yao arts were cast was fast enough, and broke through the normal barrier ... ...

The shock of Qian Liu Daren's water yao arts being defeated was a far greater blow to all the yao than the fireball being dissipated before. Qian Liu Daren had been young when he had set Vast Water Clear Skies but the male yao in the battlefield certainly did not appear to be of a great age.

Qian Liu Daren had established his name of Clear Skies Thousand Flow.

It was possible to predict that the mysterious male young yao in the battlefield would be known throughout the world regardless of whether he finished the prison-breaking battle in the end.

Previously, everyone had felt Zuo Mo had been too arrogant to challenge Qian Liu Daren's water yao arts, but right now, many yao were seriously considering how probable it was that Zuo Mo could win.

The short attack allowed them to understand the mysterious young male yao in the battlefield had potential no less than Crystal Clear Thousand Flow.

This world was really crazy.

A legend that only existed in heroic stales was really happening in front of them. The feeling of dreamy surrealism made many yao felt dazed for a moment.

Chi's mouth was bitter as he grimaced. He knew his plan had failed. Chi couldn't predict what level Nan Yue's strange coursin would reach, but the power that he displayed now was not lacking compared to the young Clear Skies Thousand Flow.

A genius whose future was limitless, was it even possible that the little Purple Lotus Yao Art House could recruit him?

"Strange Cousin isn't just strange, he had some talent!" The tree yao carelessly praised as though what he had just seen was a normal house battle.

Every single blossom on the flower yao's body flipped like numerous pairs of eyes simultaneously rolling their eyes.

The other students at the side really could not resist themselves due to the tree yao's otherworldly conduct. "Shut up!"

Before, they had felt that Zuo Mo's conduct was full of ignorance about his own abilities, but now, Zuo Mo had risen to a height that they could admire. In their view, even the House Elder of the Purple Lotus Yao Art House might not have the qualifications to judge Zuo Mo. So what was the tree yao? How could he speak so grandly?

The tree yao waved his branches in shock. "Don't you also feel the same? So strange! Has some skill! Really strange! How can you be more strange than the Strange Cousin ... ..."

This time, even the other yao that had been preparing to mock saw the situation clearly and shrunk back.

To argue with this deluded person was to find displeasure for themselves.

Before the fine snowy-white water foam had dissipated, there was another string of explosions and the layers of snowy-white foam rippled. The attention of all the yao were attracted. The explosions came endlessly. Thick snowy-white water foam completely covered the entire prison battlefield. No yao was able to clearly see Zuo Mo's figure.

But those explosions were enough to prove that Zuo Mo was still in the battlefield.


Zuo Mo charged in every direction, his eyes crimson red as he howled like a crazed wild beast. If he found a river flow, he would instantly leap over.

Roused by the killing, he inexhaustibly searched for the next river flow, and continued to deconstruct. He became even more practised and his efficiency increased drastically. After a while, he was able to locate the weak points to break through before the first wave of counter-attacks arrived. It was like solving problems. There were many kinds of problems, but as he became familiar, his way of thinking became clear, and naturally became more at ease.

He completely had no intention of leaving face for the other. There was only one thought in his mind.

You dare to attack ge, all die, die!

Destroy, destroy, completely destroy!

The criss-crossing river flows continuously exploded into snowy foam.

When the last flowing river was deconstructed, Zuo Mo widened his eyes among the snowy foam turbulence and looked around. He wanted to find his next target. As his consciousness expanded, he suddenly found that they all seem to have been resolved.

All resolved?

There was nothing left?

Fine cold water foam covered his face. The temperature of his boiling hot head couldn't help but decrease. The anger inside seemed to have been pretty much vented. He showed an expression of reluctance. He felt very exhilarated at doing deconstruction.

Just as he was enjoying it, the target disappeared.

Suddenly, a warm and gentle presence suddenly shot out of the void. The flying and moving snowy-white foam seemed to have suddenly come to life. Their speed slowly decreased until they were set in the void.

This presence could not be considered strong, there was no tyrannical presence that could conquer the world. It was warm but not conspicuous, yet peerlessly weighty. It was like a boundless ocean, so vast that it inspired awe. Under this warm and vast presence, threads of vitality like the sun being born slowly rose up from the water.

As the presence appeared, it covered the entire Vast Water Clear Skies, and covered every yao in Vast Water Clear Skies.

"Is this water breath?" Leng Yue reached out with his palm as though he wanted to grab this presence, and murmured to himself.

Every yao who cultivated water yao arts had serious expressions at this moment. They spread out their arms as though they wanted to throw themselves into this vast presence.

Yao like Chi who cultivated fire yao arts seemed to be sitting on pins. Without knowing it, a thin layer of sweat covered their heads.

Water breath was one of the base sources of power comprehended after water yao arts were cultivated to a very deep level. There were many kinds of little yao arts. Each yao's water yao arts were different, and the water breath they would comprehend would vary. When yao that comprehended water breath cast water yao arts, the power was much greater than normal water yao arts.

As the cultivation deepened, the comprehension of water breath would continuously change. The more the comprehension of water breath was perfected, the deeper the understanding of water yao arts.

Comprehending water breath was the most important badge for every water art cultivating yao to have a deep understanding. Countless yao who had spent decades cultivating water yao arts were unable to comprehend water breath.

It was not strange or unexpected that Qian Liu Daren had comprehended water breath when he was young. But that attributes that Qian Liu Daren's water breath showed made every yao feel awe.

Vast and full of life!

The more the yao was skilled in water yao arts, the faster their hearts beat. Shouldn't such high level laws only appeared on those old yao that had cultivated for centuries?

Zuo Mo was also very shocked.

He was very familiar with water element spells. Even though water element spells and water yao arts were completely different, but the base source of water did not change. This presence was not dominating, but it was extremely pure.

Then an unprecedented feeling of anger filled every pore of Zuo Mo's body.

He wasn't a greenhorn that just stepped onto the battlefield. When this water breath appeared, he instantly found the terrifying power under its warm and peaceful surface.

It was like a basin of cold water was poured from his head to his toes, and cooled his heart.

Zuo Mo found that, in front of this vast presence full of life, he was so minuscule he was like a speck of dust.

Minuscule like a speck of dust ... ..

A dot of light suddenly appeared in Zuo Mo's eyes that were still bloodshot. It was like the spark that lit up in the wild. He raised his face and looked forward as though he was going to penetrate the thick white water foam with his eyes.

He suddenly smiled. With the mannerism of a peerless expert, filled with nonchalance.

The curve of his mouth increased until the corners of his mouth reached his ears and revealed the snowy-white, neat and sharp teeth. The tone of his voice as it came out was completely opposite his aloof appearance. It was gritted through his teeth, and was filled with undisguised ferocity.

"Ge dislikes people that never commit the most!"

The murderous Zuo Mo started his insane actions.

A golden light flashed on his back, and a pair of faint golden and transparent wings appeared. Countless hair-thin gold threads climbed up from the bottom of Zuo Mo's feet until they entirely covered his legs. The golden threads suddenly tightened as though they tied up his legs.

Light Void Wings, Golden Crow Feet!

Immediately after, numerous hard lightning appeared and floated around Zuo Mo to form a thick net of lightning.

Yang Fiend Hard Lightning!

One hundred and eight bolts of yang fiend hard lightning!

After finishing all this, Zuo Mo didn't raise his head, and his hands started to swipe and move with difficulty!

Translator Ramblings: And it continues! Qian Liu literally means thousand flow, hence the name. I'm not sure if he changed his name to fit the arts that he is good at or his parents named him and then he decided to use his arts to literally make thousands of water flows. Zuo Mo's getting even angrier ... ... he might burst a blood vessel soon.