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 Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Nine - Rage

Nan Yue shook her head and said, "I need to first ask Cousin's opinion."

Chi knew his intentions had been seen. His old face reddened slightly but it quickly turned back. "Of course, of course."

The tree yao, the flower yao and the other students looked from a distance as Chi talked with enthusiasm on his face and all of them were shocked without an exception.


The sparks fell like rain.

Zuo Mo widened his eyes as he warily observed the surroundings. The scenery in the surroundings had not changed, but the feeling of danger did not lessen, but had become even more oppressing.

Had that just been a warm-up?

Zuo Mo felt no fear. Just the opposite, an excited battle desire filled his body. He wanted the upcoming fight to be even fiercer!

The exquisite sixteen little yao art combination had dismembered the other's fireball in an instant. What really excited him was that he had actually used one of the transformations of the Great Day mo physique, [Light Void Wings], in his crisis.

What [Light Void Wings] strengthened was speed, to become as fast as lightning. It was the first transformation Zuo Mo learned. When he had used it just now, he had a great idea. He suppressed the formation of the pair of golden wings, and diverted the power to his legs. It actually produced the effect of stepping through the void.

So [Light Void Wings] could be used like this!

Zuo Mo suddenly felt there was light, and was greatly inspired. Since the power of the Light Void Wings could be pushed to his legs, what would happen if he pushed it to his arms? Or any other place? He was even considering, could the other transformations be used like this?

He was yearning to try and filled with the intent to battle.

He had really made a profit today!


What he did not know was that Pu Yao's eyes almost dropped to the floor in his sea of consciousness.

In his view, the new change of the Light Void Wings was somewhat wondrous but it was not enough for him, a great Sky Yao, to be shocked. What he felt was inconceivable was the use of mo skills in the Ten Finger Prison!

This was not possible!

He almost shouted.

Ten Finger Prison was constructed from yao arts, and only the power of yao arts could be used in the Ten Finger Prison. No matter if it was mo skills, or xiu spells, they definitely could not appear in the Ten Finger Prison. Even the first prison, Vast Water Clear Skies, was not an exception!

But what happened in front of him completely broke this rule that had existed for countless years.

What ... ... what was this?

Strangely, a thread of fright appeared in Pu Yao's heart.


Zuo Mo did not know of the thread of fright floating in Pu Yao's heart, but even if he knew, he would only snort and mock. He cultivated a variety of things, and did not have a bias towards any kind of power, and was curious about them all.

Even more so, he didn't have the time to chat with Pu Yao. Even though the fireball had been destroyed, but the dangerous presence filling the surroundings had not weakened but had increased.

When the last spark fell, a change occurred.

In the void, a faint incorporeal shadow appeared. A heavy water element based power spread.

Glittering and transparent rivers of water criss-crossed as they appeared around him. Some were fast, some were slow, some were clear like precious gems, some were as turbid as mud.

The prison battlefield seemed to have returned to its usual state.

Zuo Mo's consciousness didn't dare to stay back and suddenly spread out.


A water arrow suddenly flew out of a river flow in front of him. This transparent water arrow announced the start of battle.

Blue light suddenly exploded!

Numerous water yao arts flew out of the criss-crossing river flows. They covered the skies and ground like a thunderstorm!

The yao in the surroundings changed expression. Even those experts that thought they were skilled in water yao arts were so shocked they almost jumped up when they saw the scene.

This attack included three hundred and sixty one water yao arts, from the simplest water arrow, the water bomb, to the combinations that formed water birds, water butterflies, to the higher level water dragons and beasts. What was even more astounding was that each water bird seemed almost alive, the transparent feathers extremely detailed.

The yao at this time finally knew what terrifying level Qian Liu Daren's water yao arts had reached!

Clear Skies Thousand Streams, awe-inspiring and terrifying!

Shocked, the faces of the yao became slightly intoxicated. Such beautiful water yao arts definitely were peerless. As to Zuo Mo who had activated the prison-breaking battle, no one looked at him again.

Maybe he was amazingly talented, maybe he was the successor to a mysterious yao art, but in front of Qian Liu Daren, he was fated to lose his halo, he was fated to become as inconsequential as a speck of dust.


Inside the battlefield, Zuo Mo's expression changed drastically.

His vision was filled with the flooding blue sea that was made from the light of numerous water yao arts. These glowing and beautiful water yao arts were of different shapes and various speeds, but they all had the smell of danger.

The hairs on Zuo Mo's body stood on end. Each water yao art was not difficult or complex for him, but when three hundred and sixty one water yao arts came at the same time, he was instantly in a life threatening predicament, and did not even have to room to dodge!

Incredible water yao arts!

The scent of death was so close. His face was slightly cold as though Death's decaying face was pressed against his with a strange smile.

His mind was blank, his limbs were wooden. All of his battle intent gone, all of his motivation became fragile like glass in front of such a peerless attack, and was instantly shattered.

Zuo Mo's body was frozen and unable to move a finger.

He could only looked dazedly at the ocean-like blue light rushing towards him. The almost tangible water element power was pressing at his brows. He watched as he was going to be swallowed by this vast ocean of blue light.

Damn it!

Zuo Mo suddenly shook and woke up from his dumbstruck state. What followed right after was shame from the heart! He had actually been shocked by the enemy's attack, so frightened that he had lost all intent of rebelling!

Damn it!

Zuo Mo's eyes suddenly turned bright red like two balls of flame. The cold blood in his body suddenly boiled. Strong anger filled every part of his chest! He was furious because of his weakness, he felt furious for losing his resolve!

Breaking through the hard ice, the erupting desire to battle, his anger and shame merged together!

Zuo Mo instantly sank into a rage.

His eyes crimson red, in a raging Zuo Mo's hands closed together and then opened. Hiss-crack, a blinding lightning net appeared between his hands. The thin silver lightning snakes curved as they swam. Thirty thumb-sized hard lightning bolts moved uncertainly in the lightning net.

[Yang Fiend Hard Lightning]!

If Zuo Mo was clear in mind at this time, he would be joyful at his improvement in the yao arts. When he used the [Yang Fiend Hard Lightning] this time, the presence it gave was completely different, and was very pressuring. No matter if it was the increase in spiritual power or his understanding of the yao arts, all of it was completely on display through the [Yang Fiend Hard Lightning] that he had used so many times.


A furious bellow suddenly sounded from inside the blue light.

Immediately after, a dot of silver energy suddenly lit up inside the blue light. Then this silver energy became increasingly brighter and bigger!

What was this?

The yao watching were slightly shocked. They speculated on what kind of yao art this silver energy was.

Boom boom boom ... ...

Sounds of explosions continued inside the thick blue light like explosions from the bottom of the water.

But quickly, the faces of the yao who were more attentive were slightly weird. They found to their shock that the sound of the explosions had changed starting from the tenth explosion. It was not as deep and muffled, and was increasingly bright.

Was it ... ...

They couldn't help but show shock in their eyes.

The explosions were like thunder and rolled in waves.

Just as the yao were uncertain, an enormous sound exploded. Every yao felt the silver light turn blindingly bright and their vision instantly turned to white.

When the light dissipated, and the eyes of the yao recovered to look at the battlefield clearly, they instantly were amazed.

How ... ... how was it possible ... ...

In the battlefield, Zuo Mo's body was covered in smoke and fire. He cut a very sorry figure.

But no yao laughed at him now. They looked in disbelief at Zuo Mo, their mouths unconsciously sighing in shock. The yells of those young and beautiful female yao came in waves. Their expressions were excited and uncontrollable.

Chi was dumbstruck. Just now, he had also lost himself in Qian Liu Daren's water yao arts and judged that Zuo Mo could not win, then he saw the hardy Zuo Mo standing in the battlefield. Shocked, he had to sigh lightly. If before this battle, he had thought that Purple Lotus Yao Art House had a chance of recruiting the other, after this battle, he understood that Purple Lotus Yao Art house could not keep the other.

Deep respect and joy stemming from the heart showed in Nan Yue's crystal-like eyes!

The yells of the female yao quickly infected the other yao. Even those people that usually did not show their emotions now used all kinds of ways to vent the excitement inside.

In the last round, they saw the hope of Zuo Mo's victory!

This was a prison-breaking battle!

The one that broke one of the prisons would be able to rename the prison they defeated!

This was an honor that each yao dreamed of, this was the beginning of a legend ... ...

Right now, this was happening in front of them. Such a lucky matter to be able to personally see it. This was also why they could not maintain their calm, and were so excited!

The spectators were peerlessly excited. They used all kinds of methods to tell their friends and family what was happening. The people that had started recording yao arts previously grinned up to their ears as though they had won the lottery.


Just as every yao was excited, Zuo Mo opened his eyes in the battlefield.

The pure red eyes did not show any signs of dissipating.

Still in a rage, Zuo Mo turned and looked around like a wild beast.


The yao on the outside gradually calmed down. The criss-crossing rivers in the battlefield had not disappeared. This meant that the prison-breaking battle had not finished. Qian Liu Daren definitely left another move behind.

Just as the yao were speculating, they suddenly found the guy that was smoking in the battlefield looked around as though he was searching for prey. He quickly walked murderously towards one of the river flows. The abnormal movement in the battlefield instantly attracted all of the yao's eyes. Some yao with good eyes even noticed that Zuo Mo seemed to be shouting something.

In the blink of an eye, Zuo Mo charged in front of a river flow.

The movement that Zuo Mo made immediately after caused the hearts of all the yao to stop. Outside the battlefield, it was a deathly silence-

--he inserted his hand into the river flow in front of him.

This guy ... ... what did he want to do?

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