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 Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Seven - One Battle!

Zuo Mo was filled with battle intent, his blood boiling. His back arched forward, his hands placed in the air in front of his chest with his ten fingers spread out like a wild beast waiting to pounce. He gave others the feeling of danger! This was the starting position of Great Day mo physique for physical battle which he instinctively used.

The surroundings were deathly silent, and caused Zuo Mo's concentration to be highly focused. He was using all of his consciousness. Recently, his consciousness had greatly advanced. He had never used so much spiritual power at once as he was doing today. The usual "fishing" would always wring out his spiritual power, but the expenditure of little yao arts was very low so the process had been a drain of small increments.

The movement this time was without keeping anything back, and he was going all in.

The lively spiritual power wrapped around his body. Everything in the surroundings was quickly drawn out in his mind, and was as clear as it was a mirror image.

The temperature of the surroundings rose, and the heated air grew heavy. The dark and deep void started to light up, and the surroundings turned crimson red.

Zuo Mo was motionless. His eyes narrowed, the presence of his entire body was quietly restrained inside. He was like a statue.


"How many has it been years since someone activated a prison-breaking battle? He doesn't look very good, really a monster!" Leng Yue said emotionally to his good friend Chang Zheng. The two of them had charged from the second prison to Vast Water Clear Skies. Before they even took a breath, they saw Zuo Mo standing alone in the prison battlefield.

Leng Yue wore a black silk robe, the sleeves of which were woven with gold silk into complex patterns. His figure was upright and handsome. He was from a famous family, and was usually very lofty. Pride and condescension had already deeply entered his bones. However, he was not stupid. Facing the monster that was in the prison battlefield right now, he had no assets to be proud of.

Individuals that could activate the prison-breaking battle were all monsters that stood above all monsters. If they could continue being monsters, after one or two centuries, they would even have the qualifications to enter the Council of Elders.

Chang Zheng stared unblinkingly, and tsked in wonder. "As expected, a monster. I cannot even feel his presence. Just this method of concealment is nothing our generation can do." He then said suspiciously, "But this position ... ... why does it look like a mo skill ... ..."

Leng Yue was from a famed family and naturally knew more. He examined for a long time before he nodded. "It is a mo skill!"

"Cultivating yaomo together? That is ridiculous!" Chang Zheng's face was full of disbelief.

Leng Yue was also filled with doubt. He did not dare to make a conclusion, and could only say, "We'll know later."

The two yao stared unblinkingly at the prison battlefield. They had gone through Vast Water Clear Skies' battlefield in the past. With their power, they naturally had not had a hard time. They were very curious. Was the legendary prison-breaking battle really that powerful?

At this time, the prison battlefield started its first wave of attack.

The red light seemed to be pulled by an invisible power. They came from all directions, drawing out lines of dazzling red light as they gathered into a red mark with astounding speed.

The red mark of light dramatically expanded. An enormous ball of fire instantly floated about one hundred zhang from where Zuo Mo was. The crimson red flames continuously spat its fiery tongues. Rich fire elemental power spread following the waves of heat. Zuo Mo felt he was situated in a large dan cauldron, and it was hard to endure the baking.


The eye-catching red light, the meteor-like red energy, the burning ball of fire, the flickering tongues of flames, they all caused the yao looking in from the outside to have expressions of praise.

"Qian Liu Daren of peerless water yao arts, I hadn't expected his fire yao arts to be so domineering." Chang Zheng's expression was full of admiration.

Leng Yue also had a face full of respect, and said, "Supposedly, Qian Liu Daren was only twenty eight when he broke the prison and remade it into Vast Water Clear Skies. It really is worthy of respect and terrifying that he could set down the name of a prison when he was twenty eight."

"Ah, if there wasn't someone having a prison-breaking battle now, we would not have the good fortune to watch." Chang Zheng suddenly smiled and said, "I wonder what Qian Liu Daren would think if he knew his Vast Water Clear Skies is being challenged?"

The enormous ball of fire burned and spread a scorching presence. The fire element power that was able to wound the mind splashed in waves against everything in the surroundings. Zuo Mo's figure under the fireball was as minuscule as an ant.

"He seems to have confidence," Leng Yue suddenly said.

"Of course. Those who are average cannot activate the prison-breaking battle." Chang Zheng had a matter-of-fact expression but then his tone changed. "However, the fire yao arts left by Qian Liu Daren's impression in the Ten Finger Prison is not so easy to deal with."

"Who are you helping? That's like not saying anything at all." Leng Yue rolled his eyes.

"Haha, we're here to see the spectacle, the spectacle!" Chang Zheng laughed awkwardly.

The two spoke quickly, but their eyes were unmoving as they locked onto Zuo Mo in the field.


Zuo Mo narrowed his eyes and only showed a narrow crack. No one could see that there seemed to be a cold and eerie fire burning soundlessly in the depths of his eyes.

The open arms, the spread fingers, the slightly curved figure, they all give the yao a feeling that he was planning to hug this fatal and tyrannical ball of fire!

Zuo Mo was not nervous at all.

The burning and fatal presence given off by the enormous ball of fire in front of him did not cause any ripple in his heart.

Of the five elements, the fire element was his most familiar element after water. From the first Li Water Sword Scripture, to the Golden Crow Fire after that, he was an expert at playing with fire.

The fireball in front of him was somewhat similar to the fireball that Pu Yao had once demonstrated to him. In the beginning, Zuo Mo had encountered difficulties when he was comprehending the Li Water Sword Scripture. When Pu Yao taught him, he had also created an enormous ball of fire.

This familiar scene made his mind go slightly astray, but it was only a sliver. His body naturally entered battle mode. He no longer was that inexperienced Wu Kong Sword Sect disciple. After so many battles, he sensitively caught the opportunity.

He attacked first.

In the void, he stepped forward and then disappeared from the view of the yao.

The strange step stirred exclamations of shock. What the yao were even more shocked about was his action. To charge straight at the ball of fire, wasn't that just going to find death? This fireball was formed from almost all the power of the entire prison battlefield. The fire element power contained within it reached a terrifying level. If he was touched by any of the streaks of flame, he most likely would not be able to retreat withhis body intact.

The fireball seemed to felt the threat. The tongues of flame rose, and crimson red whips of fire shot at Zuo Mo. In the void, the fire element power reached a horrifying level.

Sweat rolled down Chi's forehead. The density of fire element power in the prison battlefield made him, someone skilled in fire yao arts, feel his heart speed up.

Zuo Mo stepped out of the void, his steps not slowing. He stepped forward and seemed to step into the void again.

Without knowing it, a faint layer of gold covered his legs

The bursting tongues of fire furiously leapt at Zuo Mo, and he was almost struck a few times. There was only the difference of a few hairs. Such a risky scene made Nan Yue's face pale and she almost shouted a few times.

Zuo Mo's expression was indifferent as though he did not detect the danger. His steps were like a stroll, at ease and calm.

The crowd of yao watching did not lack those who had knowledge. Their expressions changed. None of them had seen such a strange walk before. Leng Yue and Chang Zheng felt their bodies freeze as their eyes shocked shock.

As all the yao were shocked by Zuo Mo's steps, no one noticed layer of faint light on Zuo Mo's hands.

With each step, the light on Zuo Mo's hand would become slightly brighter.

When Zuo Mo made his twelfth step, the light on his two hands was so thick it was almost tangible and could flow like liquid.

What was this?

The yao's eyes were unconsciously attracted to the light covering both of Zuo Mo's hands. They were filled with curiosity

Everyone knew this was Zuo Mo's killing move. No matter how profound his steps were, they could not defeat the fireball. He still needed to rely on an offensive yao art. The multicolored light created multicolored afterimages during Zuo Mo's high speed movement. As Zuo Mo flickered in and out, it became broken sections of a rainbow.

Killing move!

It definitely was a great killing move!

Everyone widened their eyes and didn't dare to blink.

Nan Yue suddenly covered her mouth and muffled the shout that had reached her mouth, her eyes were filled with disbelief.

Heavens, how ... ... how was it possible?

That was ... ...


Zuo Mo's mind was almost icy cold, as he made another step, as he went closer to the fireball, continued to rise in temperature. His presence continuously grew with his steps.

His figure slightly paused as it went against how people normally moved.

Thirty zhang away, the domineering and scorching heat hit his body as though it was incinerating him.

He crouched down slightly and both of his hands dropped to his side.

The slightly lowered eyelids were completely open now, revealing the calmness in the depths of his eyes. It was like cold butter thrown into the fire. The flame exploded. The boiling battle intent burned every one of Zuo Mo's nerves.

All the tongues of fire of the fireball flooded towards Zuo Mo, the fire twisted into a burning sea.

The continuously rising presence reached a peak. He suddenly raised his face.


The rampaging and violent killing essence suddenly shot outwards with Zuo Mo as the center.

Zuo Mo jumped up into the air like a flying sword leaving its sheath. Carrying a patch of multicolored light, he struck towards the sea of flame in front of him!

Among the sea of flames that covered the sky, a multicolored smear carved out a straight and blinding line, causing sparks to fly like the rain.

Among the sparks, the multicolored light struck the ball of fire!

All of the domineering and explosive presence, all of the battle intent, it all seemed to enter the ball of fire along with this blow.

The prison battlefield paused.

Everything paused.

Time seemed to have stopped.


A sound like an eggshell being cracked. The domineering and terrifying crimson red ball lightly exploded and turned to a handful of sparks.

The sparks were like rain and mist as they fell. Zuo Mo's figure floated in and out of view. The presence on his body disappeared, the multicolored light on his hands also disappeared.


Silence, deathly silence.

For ten whole breaths, no one made any sound. Only ten breaths later did the yao seem to suddenly wake up. Exclamation rose and fell.

"Who saw what yao art that was?"

"Too powerful!"

"Haven't seen it before. Definitely a secret yao art! Such a weirdo! I wonder which hidden family he came from!"

"Worth it! Didn't come for nothing! It is so worth it ... ..."

None of the yao in the surroundings could keep their calm. The crowd was very excited.

Among the yao, Nan Yue tightly covered her mouth. There was only one thought repeating in her mind.

That was ... ...

The discussion in the surroundings seemed to be far away to her ears. No one could have thought that among all of these many yao, only she understood that move.

That was-

--Little yao arts!

Translator Ramblings: Not really too much plot in this chapter, everything is action. Nan Yue is the lone mind that understands among this group.