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 Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Three - Integration

Zuo Mo was very tired, but Gongsun Cha looked as though he had just ate a full meal. At the side, Lil' Pagoda was also very content. It may have been due to Lil' Pagoda's urging that while Zuo Mo was "fishing", the three little ones had come over, and divided the threads of soul base source among themselves.

Lil' Black was the first to become full, then it was Lil' Fire. But Lil' Pagoda's round body seemed to hide a bottomless pit.

When his last bit of spiritual power was used up, Zuo Mo still didn't get even one bite.

Lil' Pagoda contently patted its body had had become slightly rounder, snuggled on Zuo Mo's body and ran off to play.

Zuo Mo didn't even have the energy to swear. Dropping to the ground, he quickly started to meditate. The spiritual power in his body had been completely squeezed out. The ten stars in his sea of consciousness started to slowly spin.

As the star light swirled, the void above the sea of consciousness seemed to become brighter. Pu Yao raised his head and his expression changed as he looked at the turning stars.

If Zuo Mo could look into himself at this time, he would find to his shock the starlight given off by the ten stars in his sea of consciousness was integrating into his flesh and blood.

Threads of golden light suddenly flooded out from his flesh and blood. These golden lights were as thin as hairs, and were moving freely in the flesh. These golden lights might be small, but when they appeared, they had a domineering and fiery presence. Pu Yao did not understand much about mo physiques, but he had deep cultivation, and naturally could recognize what these tyrannical golden lights were.

The golden lights were the Great Day essence energies that were born from Zuo Mo's cultivation of the Great Day mo physique. The Great Day essence energies nurtured his body and made it even stronger. At this time, these Great Day essence energies were like a school of fish that smelt blood and leapt at the dots of starlight merging into the flesh and blood.

This was ... ...

Pu Yao was shocked. How could Great Day essence energies swallow star spiritual sand?

Shocked, his expression became grave. What was happening in front of him was beyond the realms of his knowledge. He was skilled in all kinds of yao arts. To his knowledge, spiritual cultivation and the mo physique were clearly divided and never interacted.

Who could have thought the two would actually integrate!

It appeared as though the Great Day essence energies were swallowing the star spiritual sand, but Pu Yao clearly saw that the star spiritual sand did not put up any resistance. Otherwise Zuo Mo's body would have become a terrifying battlefield.

The Great Day essence energies were tyrannical but the star spiritual sand was profound. If the two conflicted, it definitely would be a fierce battle.

This was what Pu Yao was worried about the most. In his predictions, the best result was the two sides were fine. Out of caution, he made up several plans to resolve this issue, but he had not expected that the Great Day essence energies and the star spiritual sand wouldn't conflict at all, but attracted each other.

He looked dazedly at such a fantastical scene.

Could the spirit and the mo physique be cultivated together? But it had never succeeded in history. He actually knew of many great geniuses who had died on this path. The connection between yao and mo had never been broken. The two sides general maintained a friendly relationship since they had the same enemy.

Under this kind of cultural exchange, the idea of cultivating the spirit and the body at the same time naturally was produced. This idea had appeared many years ago, but there had never been one that actually cultivated the spirit and the body. The conclusion everyone made was that the combination of the two were fine in lower stages. But as one cultivated to higher stages, the drastic gap between the two sides would be expressed.

The reason that Pu Yao had not restricted Zuo Mo from cultivating the Great Day mo physique was because of how powerful the Great Day mo physique was at this stage as it was life-saving. The other reason was that his level was presently too low to cause significant problems.

But the scene in front of him defied Pu Yao's expectations and knowledge.

These Great Day essence energies were not great in number but each was peerlessly powerful. The dots of star spiritual sand could only be produced by yao that had awakened their second spirit. How could they integrate?

The entire process continued for six hours. Dots of star light came continuously from between Zuo Mo's brows. The Great Day essence energies swam everywhere and furiously swallowed the starlight. The starlight released between the brows gradually thinned. When the last bit of star light was consumed, the Great Day essence energies retreated back into the flesh and blood.

Zuo Mo opened his eyes at this time.

His body felt unspeakably comfortable and content. His spiritual power had completely recovered, and he felt it was slightly full as though it had leveled up again. His body was also filled with strength. Had Great Day mo physique also advanced?

Zuo Mo felt it was strange. When he had been at Wu Kong Mountain, the feeling when he was cultivating [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] was not so beautiful. Now, he felt very pleasurable each time and it was really addicting. The difference between past and present was too great. He was worried that his cultivation had gone wrong somewhere.

"Pu," The slightly worried Zuo Mo hurriedly found Pu Yao in the sea of consciousness, "there isn't any incorrect places in my cultivation, right?"

A strange look flashed across Pu Yao's face. He did not answer directly, and asked interestedly, "What? Is somewhere feeling not right?"

"No, that's not it." Zuo Mo shook his head. "I feel that cultivation is becoming increasingly pleasurable. If cultivation is always this pleasurable, wouldn't everyone be intoxicated with cultivating every day?"

The dullness and hardship of cultivation was very securely rooted in Zuo Mo's knowledge.

Pu Yao's expression was slightly displeasured. He felt Zuo Mo's words were too ungrateful. Despite his displeasure, he was very interested in this matter. Taking Zuo Mo's start, he followed along and said, "Then let me inspect you."

As Zuo Mo's strength increased over time, Pu Yao could not manipulate Zuo Mo's body like he used to without getting permission.

After the inspection, the strange expression on Pu Yao's face grew. Zuo Mo instantly panic, "What is it?"

"Your Great Day mo physique is almost at first maturation!"

"First maturation? Maturation? This quickly?" Zuo Mo still and was then overjoyed. The maturation of a mo physique was the representation that a mo physique was advancing. After each maturation was completed, the maturation level of the mo physique would go up a whole level. The more mature a mo physique was, the more power it contained.

No wonder he felt a bit strange. So his Great Day mo physique was maturing!

Zuo Mo was very happy. He hadn't though the first maturation of the Great Day mo physique would come so quickly. He was also slightly surprised. He had only spent a short time with the Great Day mo physique, and he was already facing the first maturation.

As expected of the Great Day mo physique that ranked second of all brigadier mo physiques. It wasn't just powerful, it was easy to cultivate.

If Pu Yao knew what Zuo Mo was thinking at this moment, he would die from spitting blood. He didn't look any different on the surface but there were tsunamis in his heart.

It was true that Zuo Mo's Great Day mo physique was facing its first maturation, but Pu Yao hadn't said the second part which was the maturation of the Great Day mo physique had already begun! The maturation of the Great Day mo physique this time was completely different than any of the mo physiques maturations he knew about.

Mo physique maturation was an extremely important and dangerous time for any mo because the mo physique would reorganize itself during this time. If it was successful, their strength would grow, but if it failed, then it was the end. So mo were extremely sensitive to the maturation of their mo physique. When it was the time for a mo maturation, they would find a safe place to safely finish the maturation.

Zuo Mo did not know that his Great Day mo physique had entered the time of maturation. The Great Day essence energies were silently changing his body, yet he did not know. The maturation process that should have been strong and dangerous had become much slower in tempo, so slow that Zuo Mo could not detect it.

As the tempo slowed, risk decreased to the point there almost was no danger at all. It was very clear to Pu Yao that Zuo Mo would have no problems in finishing the first maturation, but it would just occur over a longer time frame.

Pu Yao knew what this meant. The percentage of mo that died during their maturations was the highest of those that cultivated the mo physique.

His expression changed slightly.

Zuo Mo did not notice Pu Yao's abnormality. Since it was a good thing, he was too lazy to think further. Just as he left the sea of consciousness, Lil' Pagoda came over and glued itself onto him. Lil' Fire chirped as it floated around his body.

Lil' Black was in deep slumber on A Gui's head, and Silly Bird was lazily lying beside A Gui.

A black figure flew out of the fiendish mist like a sharp arrow in front of Zuo Mo. It was Tenth Grade. Tenth Grade exuded a killing energy all over. His black crescent had grown slightly. Zuo Mo couldn't resist praising him, "Tenth Grade is really working hard!"

Tenth Grade clearly was very motivated by Zuo Mo's praise. He raised his little head. Just as he was going to start a speech, he suddenly saw a light flash through the narrow crack of Silly Bird's eyelids who had been sleeping. He instantly shook, and the words that reached his mouth were swallowed back down.

Just at this time, a strange sound came from the sky. The enormous egg-shaped fiendish mist ball suddenly cracked!

A vast and viciously sharp presence exploded and spread like a gale wind.

Such strong sword essence!

Zuo Mo was shocked. Ma Fan was in that ball of fiendish mist. He hurriedly raised his head and looked at the sky. The noise disturbed the entire camp. Vermillion Bird Camp and Guard Camp all stopped.

The vast yet vicious sword essence made them feel fear.

Ma Fan looked to be in very sorry state. His clothing was in tatters, and was covered in wounds that seeped blood. What made others feel strange was that his face was unusually peaceful and calm without any hint of pain.

He slowly opened his eyes.

Even though he was very far away, Zuo Mo still clearly captured the joy that spilled from Ma Fan's eyes.

Had he succeeded?

Zuo Mo didn't get to think closely when he saw Ma Fan's body began free falling. He paled. The Light Void Wings suddenly appeared on his back, and he disappeared from his spot.

Almost at the same time, he appeared below where Ma Fan was falling. He caught the unconscious Ma Fan and flashed back to the camp.

This change happened in a lightning flash. Before everyone could react, Zuo Mo had retreated to the campsite.

He carefully place Ma Fan on the ground. Xie Shan worriedly came over. "Daren, is Ma Fan alright?"

Zuo Mo carefully inspected and said, "Nothing, he only fainted from exhaustion."

Everyone finally was released from their worry.


In the depth of the fiendish mist, Wei Sheng suddenly stopped moving and his eyes lit up. "Sword essence!"

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