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 Chapter Three Hundred and Forty One - Shidi's Spell

The threads of soul base source was very faint as though they would dissipate in the air at any moment.

"What is this?" Gongsun Cha had a curious expression. He opened his hand and the threads of soul base source flew towards his palm.

The soul base source flew into his palm. Before he could study it, they entered his skin.

Three shocked exclamations sounded out. The curiosity on Gongsun Cha's face turned to surprise. Zuo Mo was also very surprised, and the last sound of shock came from Pu Yao inside Zuo Mo's sea of consciousness.

Gongsun Cha closed his eyes and savored it for a while. After a moment, he suddenly opened his eyes and said joyfully, "Shixiong, what is this? This is really good!"

Of course it was really good ... ...

Zuo Mo muttered inside but he was also happy. He could see that the soul base source of the fiend souls were of great benefit to Gongsun Cha!

His mind suddenly moved and he asked, "Shidi, what spell are you cultivating right now?"

Gongsun Cha's face blushed shyly. He said embarrassedly, "I ... .... I just randomly made a way to cultivate. I don't know if it is useful. I was just thinking of asking Shixiong to help."

Zuo Mo looked with shock at the shy Gongsun Shidi like he was seeing a ghost.

Seeing Zuo Mo's expression, Gongsun Cha's pale face became even redder like a mature peach. "I ... ... I heard that battle generals have specialized cultivation spells. Since I didn't have any, I thought about making something close to it."

His words became smoother as he spoke, and his eyes flashed with excitement. "I found later that there are many battle generals in the war chess games. Even though they are yaomo battle generals, but I could use them as references. So I got some stuff. Shixiong, help me take a look."

He ignored Zuo Mo's strange expression and spoke of his idea.

At the beginning, Zuo Mo was unconcerned. If it wasn't Gongsun Shidi, and it was any other zhuji xiuzhe that ran to him and said they were going to create their own cultivation spell, Zuo Mo would definitely put his feet on their face.

Zuo Mo's expression slowly became grave.

It was very clear that Gongsun Shidi's idea was much more developed than he had predicted. When he finished listening, the first thought he had was

-- it was too crazy!

He looked dazedly at Gongsun Cha.

Gongsun Cha finished speaking in one go and finally noticed the strangeness in Zuo Mo's gaze. He instantly felt uncomfortable. Had his thinking been incorrect somewhere?

This shy and bashful shidi in front of him had created such an insane and extreme cultivation spell. The contrast was too big!

Zuo Mo felt it was very strange.

Gongsun Cha's idea was very simple. First, he concluded what was most important to a battle general was the consciousness because the consciousness was of the greatest help to controlling the battle situation. This was also why yao battle generals were the most outstanding of all battle generals.

Of course, ling power was necessary. Xiuzhe battle generals had their own unique qualities.

Where did spiritual power and ling power come form?

The core of the spell Gongsun Cha had created was one word, steal!

When Zuo Mo understood this point, he had to sigh. As expected of a battle general's cultivation spell. It completely fit with the thinking of a battle general! He was even suspicious. Had the frequent raids in Little Mountain Jie left aftereffects on Gongsun Shidi?

What surprised Zuo Mo even more was that while this technique was very rudimentary and not complete, there were no fatal mistakes.

He now understood why those threads of soul base source would enter Gongsun Cha's skin.

Base source substances like the soul base source were great nutrients for Gongsun Shidi.

"Somewhat interesting!" Pu Yao couldn't resist praising. "In zhuji and knows to create this spell, his future is limitless." He suddenly felt it was very absurd. Without noticing it, there was a great number of people with power and good talent that gathered beside Zuo Mo.

And all of these people without exception had been unknown and disregarded before.

Like Gongsun Cha. He only knew of a few rare battle generals that could comprehend spells on their own. This spell in his view was very rough and rudimentary, but as Gongsun Cha's knowledge and strength increased, the spell could be gradually perfected. It was also the beginning stages of this spell that caused Pu Yao to see the rise of a peerless battle general!

Pu Yao was very emotional. Even he had never thought that Gongsun Cha would reach this step. Gongsun Cha's speed of improvement made him feel shock. Was this guy born to be a battle general?

Such talent. There were only a few familiar names that he knew who could rival it.

He couldn't help but glance at Zuo Mo. This boy had great luck!

Pu Yao suddenly felt anticipation. He already felt amazement at Zuo Mo's talent. Now that he had the help of a battle general of limitless potential, what heights could they reach?

At this moment, he deeply felt that he really made a profit in taking this student!

The terrible accounts from the past, maybe there was the chance to get them back ... ...

Pu Yao rubbed his chin and smiled darkly.

Zuo Mo did not know Pu Yao's schemes. After asking Pu Yao and being informed that there were no significant problems with the spell, he started to help Gongsun Shidi. Gongsun Shidi's spell did not have any major problems, but the most difficult part was the first step. The core of this spell was to steal the consciousness and ling power of other entities for themselves. But at the beginning, he was like an infant and did not have the power to steal.

But right now, there was a great change. The soul base sources of these fiend souls had no impurities, were warm and nurturing. Gongsun Cha had no problems absorbing them.

After discussing with Gongsun Cha for a while, Gongsun Cha instantly wanted to try it out.

Battle generals were really not normal people!

Zuo Mo muttered inside. His actions were not slow as he continued his "fishing." But this time, the soul base sources were given to Gongsun Shidi. Gongsun Cha did not refuse and absorbed as much as possible.

In a short while, two smears of red came onto Gongsun Cha's face as though he was drunk. He instantly sat down cross-legged.

Zuo Mo stopped. Gongsun Shidi's cultivation was still too shallow. It would take time to completely absorb all of this soul base source. So he started to swallow soul base source himself. These were great food to him too.

This patch of fiendish mist was endless, and it seemed there was no end to the fiend souls inside. They continuously leapt towards the Nine Turn Sky Earth Disk. None of them were able to touch the Nine Turn Sky Earth Disk before they were struck by little yao arts and were dissipated like steam to only leave behind a thin thread of soul base source.

After four hours, Gongsun Cha opened his eyes. With a joyful expression, he leapt up and said shamelessly, "Shixiong, let's do it again!"

Zuo Mo nodded. He didn't waste words, and continued to cast little yao arts.

He used each of the five hundred little yao arts multiple times, and included some of the low level yao arts that he had learned from Vast Water Clear Skies or he tried to combine different little yao arts together. The amount of spiritual power expended by little yao arts was very little. Zuo Mo was also very practiced. Adding on that he continuously absorbed soul base source, his consciousness continued to grow and he became even more at ease.

This time, Gongsun Cha absorbed two-tenths more soul base source than last time before he sat down again.

After twenty hours, Zuo Mo felt a bit tired and hurriedly put away the Nine Turn Sky Earth Disk. Having lost their target, the fiend souls instantly left. The surrounding became quiet.

Zuo Mo sat down with crossed legs. Each of the ten stars inside his body were bright, and the falling starlight seemed to turn as tangible as mist.

He could feel his spiritual power was full as though it was going to spill.

Was he going to level up?

Zuo Mo's mind moved, and he started his scripture.


Sword light flashed in Wei Sheng's hands. The fiend souls that leapt forward were instantly destroyed. The few threads of soul base source flew into the flying sword in his hand. This long black sword in his hand was tall, standing up to his chest, and looked like a horse chopping saber. It was simple in design. The black sheath did not have many adornments. He had found this black sword the first day he had been transported here.

At that time, this black sword had been inserted into the ground. He had found the sword sheath nearby. This black sword was filled with a violent presence. Holding it in his hand, his mind would easily be affected. Originally, Wei Sheng did not like such a vicious sword.

However, he did not throw this black sword away but held it in his hand. He was using this vicious sword to train his resolve!

His expression was calm, his steps unusually determined. The fiendish mist could not go within one zhang of him.

He did not remember how long he had been in this patch of blood mist but he was not nervous. He was actually very excited. The blood mist in his view was just a harder version of the sword cave. Going through the sword cave alone was very dangerous , but his strength had increased most rapidly in that period of time.

Nothing could excite him more than increasing his strength!

Also, being far removed from the common matters of the sect which irritated him, his mind was abnormally clear. He could feel his improvement. This feeling hadn't appeared for a very long time.

Each step was a steady step he took towards the peak of the sword path.

The first day he had been transported to this bloody mist, he had detected the strangeness of the bloody mist. After finding the black sword, he quickly found that the black sword was not affected by the bloody mist at all.

When he found that the black sword could swallow the soul base source, he was shocked. This meant that there was a sword spirit inside the sword.

Flying swords had had sword spirits were the finest quality flying swords, but Wei Sheng did not have much joy. This black sword had such a vicious and violent presence, if it had a sword spirit, it would be a vicious spirit!

Strangely, no matter how he investigated, he could not find the existence of the sword spirit.

His heart did not wallow in the strangeness of the black sword. Even the best flying sword was just a material object to him. If his sword heart was strong, it would not be corroded by external evils.

After walking for multiple hours, he stopped and shoved the black sword in his hand into the ground beside his feet.

He had discovered that the fiend souls did not fear the black sword when it was in his hand. Once the black sword left his hand, there would definitely be nothing like the fiend souls within one hundred zhang.

The surroundings were blurry.

Wei Sheng's brow furrowed. These past days, he tried to control his ling power, but his ling power was almost at its bottom. The ling energy in this patch of bloody mist was very thin. He could only replenish his ling power through jingshi, but he usually did not carry much jingshi with him.

The situation wasn't good!

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Gongsun Cha's new spell will be expanded on in the future and Pu Yao is so delighted at having a good student. Gongsun Cha: battle general extraordinaire, pretty boy extraordinaire and now stealer of soul energy.

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