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 Chapter Three Hundred and Forty - Going Fishing

Even sitting cross-legged on the ground, Ma Fan was like an unsheathed sword exuding sword essence!

He didn't seem to move but disappeared.

Xie Shan who was cultivating [Fiend Ling] sudden felt his heart move and stopped to look at the sky. At the same time, Shu Long also raised his head to look at the sky with a shocked expression.

In the air, Ma Fan silently stood in the fiendish mist.

The poisonous fiendish mist was being repelled by an invisible force, and unable to go with in seven chi of Ma Fan's body. Ma Fan's clothes flapped, but what was strange was that while he looked to be of great presence, people only felt the faintest ling power vibrations from him.

"Sword essence ... ..." Xie Shan's eyes suddenly widened and lit up. His expression changed slightly.

Ma Fan's arms were spread out like a great bird in flight. The fiendish mist seemed to retreat in fear. In the blink of an eye, there was nothing within thirty zhang of him.

Such a presence made the people of Vermillion Bird Camp below full of admiration. Boss Ma Fan was really Boss Ma Fan! Vermillion Bird Camp was primarily sword xiu. Everyone's cultivation was not high, but their eyes were not lacking. They understood that Boss Ma Fan had gained a new comprehension of sword essence.

The one that saw the most clearly was Xie Shan.

The reason the fiendish mist would retreat was because that there were countless invisible and ethereal sword essences in Ma Fan's surrounding space! These sword essences were silently moving as though they were nurturing something.

Xie Shan seemed to be suddenly struck by lightning. His mouth was wide and his eyes full of disbelief as he looked at the stern Ma Fan.


Sword essence manifestation!


Wasn't sword essence manifestation a stage that only jindan xiuzhe could reach? He found it hard to accept what was happening in front of him. A beat later, the dumbstruck Xie Shan gradually regained focus. The taste in his mouth was bitter. He was a xiuzhe in jindan who hadn't cultivated to sword essence manifestation, but Ma Fan who was a ningmai comprehended it first.

Ma Fan's entire body was covered in uncountable sword essences, these fine, transparent and intangible Sky sword essences.

Sky ... ... Sky ... ...

Ma Fan tightly closed his eyes and seemed to understand something.

A vast and greatly vicious presence gathered from all directions. Ma Fan seemed like a leaf boat floating precariously in the storm and rain, to be destroyed at the next moment!

This was ... ...

Xie Shan instantly understood. Ma Fan was cultivating [Clear Sky Sword Scripture]! He instantly furrowed his brows and had a worried expression. Looking at the crimson tinged sky, the uncertainty in his heart increased.

The sky here ... ... it wasn't a good place to cultivate [Clear Sky Sword Scripture]!

The crimson red sky became even more terrifying. Black clouds rapidly formed.

At the center of the storm, the environment Ma Fan faced was even worse. When he realized that there was a problem, he already had no avenue of retreat. The sky here was filled with black fiendish energy. They originated from the ferocious battle of ten thousand years ago, and after thousands of years, they could easily corrode one's mind.

The sky here had too many elements that did not belong to the sky!

The fiendish mist that had been trying to avoid him just now suddenly roiled fiercely. Dozens of tentacles made from the fiendish mist leapt at Ma Fan and seal him off in all directions. These fiendish mist tentacles were quick like arrows that pierced towards Ma Fan. Just as Ma Fan was going to be entangled and taken away, pia pia pia, the fiendish mist tentacles that approached Ma Fan exploded.

These tentacles were destroyed by the sword essence around Ma Fan.

But this was just the beginning!

Countless red-black fiendish mist tentacles rose from the fiendish mist and leapt at Ma Fan.

Explosions continued. There was too much fiendish mist that had exploded. A while later, they formed a thick fiendish mist. The sound of explosions did not stop among the fiendish mist. A red-black egg-shaped fiendish mist ball hung high in the sky.

Everyone couldn't help but have worried expressions, but they could only look. They could not help at all.


Vast Water Clear Skies.

Nan Yue looked at Elder who had collapsed onto the ground. Her eyes were filled with respect. She had worked very hard in the yao art houses, but when she saw how Elder cultivated, she instantly felt her hard work was nothing in front of Elder.

"I will come back after some time."

Elder threw out these words and disappeared.

Nan Yue was not too puzzled. At this time, she was filled with motivation. Elder had used his actions to explain to her how to cultivate. She wasn't in such a hurry to get [South Sky Arrow Art] now. The things she learned today were enough for her to cultivate for a long time.

She left Vast Water Clear Skies. She needed to digest what she had learned today.


Zuo Mo felt very good, very very good.

He only took ten hours to go thirty li, two hours shorter than Pu Yao's demand. If he subtracted the time that he had spent explaining little yao arts to Nan Yue, he only took nine hours. When Zuo Mo caught the shock and surprise in Pu Yao's eye, he felt very good.

In reality, his spiritual power had almost been exhausted. After nine hours of high speed deconstruction, his response this time was much stronger than the first time around.

Unable to slowly savor his pleasure, he hurried into meditation to recover his spiritual power.

After a whole day, Zuo Mo finally woke up from his meditation. His spiritual power had only half recovered. It was a pity there were no stars in the sky here so he could not absorb the power of the skies. His consciousness had exploded in growth from last time. The number of stars in the void above his sea of consciousness had not grown, but each star became even brighter and sparkled in the void.

Zuo Mo's sea of consciousness had completely changed.

The ice sword river from the past had almost completely disappeared. This made Zuo Mo sweat. Those enchanting black flames had no longer rampaged like they had in the past. The black flames had almost disappeared in the area around the gravestone, and shown the black steel-like ground. The black energy that shrouded the gravestone seemed thicker than before.

According to Pu Yao, the path he walked was star spiritual cultivation. The star spiritual sand in his consciousness contained star power.

Zuo Mo didn't feel anything like star power. However, the ten stars had grown, and his spiritual power recovery rate was stronger than before. Each star spread its light, and the sea of consciousness was bathed in star light.

When Zuo Mo saw the enormous fiendish mist ball in the air, he was astounded. He hurriedly grabbed Xie Shan to ask. When he was informed that Ma Fan was cultivating [Clear Sky Sword Scripture], he couldn't help but worry. However, he did not have a solution. Of everything he cultivated, his sword scriptures were the weakest at this moment.

Right now, the strongest was his Great Day mo physique. The next was his yao arts. He couldn't help but grimace. As one that originated as a xiuzhe, there wasn't really much to be proud off. Ma Fan's matter wouldn't end anytime soon so Zuo Mo did not go to observe.

He turned around his face and found to his shock that A Gui was looking at him. Usually, A Gui was always steps away from him.

"Are you better?" Zuo Mo probed.

A Gui did not respond. Zuo Mo shook his head. He really was fantasizing. He grabbed A Gui's hand and his consciousness went into her body to make a close inspection.

His brow quickly furrowed together.

A Gui's body was a mess, so withered there was no life. From this point, it didn't seem any different than usual, but Zuo Mo found there was an extremely small patch of purple on A Gui's heart which had not been there before. Zuo Mo would examine A Gui every two or three days, and was very familiar with the condition of A Gui's body.

There was no purple mark in his last inspection. It was possible to see that the purple mark had formed in the last few days.

Zuo Mo's body suddenly dropped down. This meant that new changes had happened in the last few days to A Gui's body. He couldn't help but become worried. If it was a good change, then that naturally was very fortunate. But if it was a bad change, he did not have a measure to deal with it.

Zuo Mo suddenly felt a strong sense of urgency.

He had to find Water Cloud Embryo as soon as possible! But he also knew if he rashly went into the depths of the fiendish mist, his bones wouldn't even remain. Everyone was working hard at this moment, and this was not the best time to enter the fiendish mist.

Zuo Mo's heart suddenly became restless. He walked out of the campsite.

The campsite was at the border of the fiendish mist. It was possible to see threads of thin fiendish mist float by. His eyes turned to the deeper parts of the fiendish mist. What would it be like in there?

"You can fish!" Pu Yao suddenly said.

"Fish?" Zuo Mo asked with shock.

"Oh, you can take an intelligent talisman, and it will naturally attract many fiend souls," Pu yao explained. "You can practice your little yao arts, and also,"

"Also what?"

"Do you remember the soul base essence you swallowed? If you want to strengthen your consciousness in the short them, this isn't a bad method." Then Pu Yao sighed. "You have pretty good luck!"

Zuo Mo instantly became alert. In his view, fiend souls were food. The main reason that he wanted to learn Archaic Desolate Sacrificial Art was to get fiend souls to strengthen his consciousness. With his present strength, entering the deeper parts of the fiend mist was too dangerous.

As expected, Pu Yao was cunning!

Zuo Mo thought and took out a talisman. This was the only sixth-grade talisman that he had, the Nine Turn Sky Earth Disk. He didn't dare to use Lil' Paogda as the bait. The trouble last time was too much. There was a thread of intelligence on the Nine Turn Sky Earth Disk. Even though it wasn't as intelligent as Lil' pagoda, it was perfect as bait.

The Nine Turn Sky Earth Disk that could make many jealous was thrown onto the ground. Zuo Mo stood nearby and widened his eyes.

A short while later, a red light suddenly charged out of the fiendish mist and headed straight for the Nine Turn Sky Earth Disk on the ground.

Zuo Mo snickered. The little yao art that had already been prepped on his hand was thrown out.


The little yao art was not powerful, but yao arts could subdue fiend souls to start with. This fiend soul didn't even get the time to shriek before it was destroyed. Zuo Mo casually opened his mouth and sucked it in. That thin strand of base source entered his mouth.

Fiend souls continued to come over.

Zuo Mo quickly found that little yao arts were perfect for dealing with fiend souls. Right now, he was very familiar with little yao arts, and didn't even need to think before he could successfully cast.

What he actually needed to be careful of was that the soul base sources did not slip away. He felt it even more clearly this time. The soul base sources absorbed into his body all entered the stars in the void of his sea of consciousness.

Compared to last time, there was a much less number of fiend souls. Zuo Mo was very unburdened.

"Shixiong, what are you doing?" At some unknown time, Gongsun Cha had come over and asked curiously.

Zuo Mo's hand shook. Several strands of soul base source drifted towards Gongsun Cha.

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