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 Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Nine - Origin?

Hearing Pu Yao's voice, Zuo Mo instantly realized that this Wisteria Clan of the South Sky had some significance.

Before he could ask, he heard Pu Yao say to him, "Ask her if it is the Wisteria Clan of the South Sky at Purple Arrow Jie?"

Zuo Mo could only listen and ask, "Is it the Wisteria Clan of the South Sky at Purple Arrow Jie?"

Nan Yue was very shocked. "Does Elder also know the Wisteria Clan of the South Sky at Purple Arrow Jie?" Her expression then dimmed. "We migrated from Purple Arrow Jie to Core Wind Jie six hundred years ago."

Pu Yao did not make a sound for a while.

Zuo Mo was slightly surprised. It seemed that Pu Yao really knew this Wisteria Clan of the South Sky.

After a while, Pu Yao said to Zuo Mo, "Ask her how many people remain of the Wisteria Clan of the South Sky."

Zuo Mo obediently spoke.

Nan Yue's expression became even dimmer. "There is only eleven people left in the clan now."

"Eleven people ... ..." Pu Yao was dumbstruck.

As the situation of the clan was spoken of, Nan Yue felt very bad. The Wisteria Clan of the South Sky had been in decline for a long time. She had no memories of the glory they held in the past. Ever since she could remember, the clan's living conditions had been very harsh.

She hadn't thought that this elder would know the Wisteria Clan of the South Sky. She was quite shocked. There were not many teachers in the school that knew of the Wisteria Clan of the South Sky.

"Do you practice the [South Sky Arrow Art] of the Wisteria Clan of the South Sky?"

The elder's question made her pause, but she shook her head. "[South Sky Arrow Art] was lost a thousand years ago."

Zuo Mo could clearly feel these words made Pu Yao shake.

Nan Yue was also very shocked. The elder was very familiar with the Wisteria Clan of the South Sky. If it wasn't that she liked learning and had worked hard, she wouldn't know much of the clan history. If it was her other sibling of the clan, they probably wouldn't even know what [South Sky Arrow Art] was.

Did this elder have a history with the clan?

Hope suddenly rose in her heart.

Even though Elder looked very young, but Nan Yue would not underestimate him for that. The age of yao had nothing to do with their appearances. The smooth deconstruction that Elder had performed just now had amazed her.

As her thoughts grew, her mood became unconfident.

What made her feel even more insecure was that Elder was silent for a long time and did not speak.

Her heart continued to sink. It seemed there was no hope.

Suddenly, Elder's voice came. "I will pass [South Sky Arrow Art] on to you. In return you will follow me for a hundred years and will be free after that."

Nan Yue seemed to have been struck by lightning. Her mind was blank. [South Sky Arrow Art]! Elder knew [South Sky Arrow Art]? Her face was filled with disbelief. The records of the clan said that [South Sky Arrow Art] was the most powerful yao art treasure of the Wisteria Clan of the South Sky, and the ultimate skill of the clan! But the records of the clan also did not leave any mention behind except how powerful [South Sky Arrow Art] was. She had even doubted the validity of these records and if they had been exaggerated.

[South Sky Arrow Art] ... ... so this world really had [South Sky Arrow Art] ... ...

Just as Nan Yue's emotions changed, Zuo Mo pursued Pu Yao and continued to urge Pu Yao in a suspicious tone, "Pu, you really know that [South Sky Arrow Art? You really know? Don't fool little kids! If you don't know, and you can't follow through with the lie, it will be embarrassing ... ..."

Pu Yao who had been immersed in his emotions instantly felt conflicting emotions. "Nonsense, of course I know."

"You sure?" The suspicion on Zuo Mo's face did not decrease. "How come I never heard you say so?"

"There's a lot you never heard of," Pu Yao rolled his eyes and said in a negative tone.

"Ooh, right. A gentleman is open, the little person hides his schemes. You are usually hidden very deeply. " Zuo Mo nodded his head, and then snickered. He raised his face and said, "Then let's add another century. We cannot be unprofitable!"

Pu Yao looked dumbly at Zuo Mo. At this moment, he lost the ability to talk.

Zuo Mo had no hint of shame. He was very smug. "Pu, as a yao, ge isn't as good as you, but in business, you are far less than ge!"

After a beat, Nan Yue refocused. She did not hesitate in kneeling on the ground. "Teacher!"

Yao usually had long lives, and a century was not a long time for them. Also, the conditions were really too good. In Nan Yue's view, this elder definitely had a deep history with the clan so he would use this method to help her.

In the sea of consciousness, Zuo Mo sighed at Pu Yao, "It's over, can't increase the price."

Nan Yue knelt on the ground motionlessly.

After a while, she heard Elder say gravely, "Stand up. I do not have the qualifications to accept students and cannot be your teacher. This is a transaction to pass on [South Sky Arrow Art] to you. You can call me daren in the future."

Zuo Mo pretended.

Nan Yue was slightly disappointed. Daren was still unwilling to take her as his student. It must be that Daren was very rigorous in accepting students, and she did not meet his requirements. She secretly made a resolution to cultivate and work hard to satisfy Daren as early as possible to be accepted. Also, Daren had promised to pass [South Sky Arrow Art] onto her. This yao art which had been lost for so long, was it as powerful as the records said?

She was full of anticipation!

"What to do next?" Zuo Mo spread his hands and asked Pu Yao.

Pu Yao said seriously, "You will first teach her little yao arts."

Zuo Mo stilled and then stammered as he pointed at his nose, "Me teaching?"

"Is there a problem?" Pu Yao tilted his head to look at Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo forced a smile and said, "You are really too irresponsible to that little girl." He was slightly unconfident. He wasn't afraid at all about explaining spells or formations, but yao arts ... ...

The other was a true yao. He was a xiuzhe teaching a true yao how to cultivate yao arts ... ... it was too ridiculous!

"Just teach whatever," Pu Yao said irresponsibly and then disappeared.

Zuo Mo stood dumbly in the empty sea of consciousness.

Coming out of the sea of consciousness, Zuo Mo looked at Nan Yue who had an yearning expression on her face and instantly had a headache. A beat later, he emboldened his heart. Since Pu Yao said to teach her whatever, if he didn't teach her well, it couldn't be blamed on him.

He coughed lightly. "Let's first start from little yao arts."

"Little yao arts?" Nan Yue stilled. She hadn't thought what Daren would teach first were little yao arts.

Didn't every yao know little yao arts?

Zuo Mo ignored Nan Yue's puzzled gaze and started to talk to himself. Luckily, Pu Yao had just taught him little yao arts recently and he remembered them clearly. He thought back as he talked. As he talked, he couldn't help but add in some of his understandings that he had just gotten through deconstruction.

At the beginning, Nan Yue's expression was filled with puzzlement and curiosity. But her expression gradually became stern and focused.

The little yao arts that Daren talked about were different in many places than what she understood!

Those little yao arts that seemed so simple in her view actually contained a very abundant number of permutations. She had never thought the permutations of little yao arts could be so plentiful and complex. There were such deep connections between different little yao arts ... ...

For the first time, the little yao arts were so profound in her eyes!

A bottomless, and borderless ocean appeared in front of her.

Zuo Mo finally stopped talking. He released a breath. His talk was not as detailed as Pu Yao but there was nothing incorrect about the main concepts.

Seeing that Nan Yue had fallen for his con, he was slightly reassured. But after the talk, what to do next? His mind shifted, and he instantly thought of a good idea. He pointed at the flowers and grasses and said pretentiously, "From today onwards, you will start to learn how to deconstruct the yao arts of Vast Water Clear Skies. There are thirteen thousand yao arts in Vast Water Clear Skies. If you can deconstruct all of them, your understanding of little yao arts has just begun."

Zuo Mo felt he was like a conman at this time, especially when he saw Nan Yue's gaze filled with respect. He felt even guiltier. He immediately got Nan Yue to start learning how to deconstruct yao arts.

At this time, Nan Yue realized why Daren had been deconstructing little yao arts all this time! She happily started to learn from Zuo Mo about deconstructing little yao arts. Seeing the situation, Zuo Mo instantly relaxed and started his deconstruction again.

The person and yao buried their heads and started to make "damage."

After two hours, Nan Yue took a break. When she raised her head, she was very shocked. Daren was one and a half li in front of her!

The shock in Nan Yue's eyes faded and was replaced by awe and respect.

As expected of Daren!

She definitely had to work harder to reach Daren's qualifications for taking students!

Nan Yue balled her fists and made a decision.


Ma Fan did not cultivate [Fiend Ling]. He was the only xiuzhe of Vermillion Bird Camp that did not cultivate [Fiend Ling]. Even Xie Shan had taken [Fiend Ling] to study.

Ma Fan was studying [Clear Sky Sword Scripture].

This fifth-grade sword scripture was the sect-establishing ultimate skill of Clear Sky Sect. Zuo Mo did not have much interest in sword scriptures, and after experiencing so much together, everyone had deeper bonds, so Zuo Mo made this public for everyone to study.

However, [Clear Sky Sword Scripture] was profound and hard to understand. Many places were unclear, and those that were just the slightest bit lacking had no ability to understand it. All those of Vermillion Bird Camp that cultivated the sword desired this sword scripture, but there were only a few that could persist in studying it.

Ma Fan was one of them.

The sword scripture he cultivated had no name, and was incomplete. Other than the power of [Illusory Shadowless Sword of Destruction], the other moves were scattered sword moves that he had gathered from other sword scriptures.

For other people, [Clear Sky Sword Scripture] was too difficult, but for him, it was a treasure. He was one of the first to comprehend sword essence. The stage of his sword essence rivalled Xie Shan after he broke through to jindan.

He was used to taking the best parts from other sword scriptures to use for himself. His sword moves were gathered from a scattering of scriptures, but this allowed him to quickly adjust to using a brand new sword scripture.

The destruction caused by Clear Sky Old Forefather while using the [Clear Sky Sword Scripture] frequently crossed his mind, and reinforced his decision to cultivate this sword scripture.

As he comprehended more of the scripture, many places he did not understand instantly flowed.

Everyone only saw him in meditation daily. No one knew that his understanding of sword essence increased every day.

The silently sitting Ma Fan suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes lit up, and his presence suddenly changed!

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