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 Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Eight - Nan Yue

Nan Yue looked with curiosity at the male in front of her.

To be able to enter Vast Water Clear Skies in the first year of entering a yao art house, she had some fame in the art house, even though the yao art house that she belonged to was not a famed one. Even though she was very young, she was very experienced in Vast Water Clear Skies.

Last time, she had accidentally found there was a place that showed major marks of damage and instantly took note. Only today when she saw this unfamiliar male did she instantly realize she found the culprit.

She did not go up to warn him. She had stayed for a long time in Vast Water Clear Skies, and naturally had no problems with basic knowledge. The Ten Finger Prison was completely constructed from yao arts. It included almost all the yao arts. Due to this, it also became the place the yao learned yao arts. She had once learned three relatively powerful yao arts from Vast Water Clear Skies, and many places in Vast Water Clear Skies that were filled with danger were good places to gain experience.

Nan Yue had encountered incidents of destruction before, but that was mostly when some yao that destroyed the area after finding a good yao art to prevent it from landing in another person's hands. This kind of destruction had no effect on Vast Water Clear Skies. Vast Water Clear Skies was completely constructed from yao arts. Any grass or art that was destroyed would be recreated. It was always kept at an equilibrium.

Ten Finger Prison had existed for many years, and countless Sky Yao had come through, but nothing had ever happened to Ten Finger Prison.

What Nan Yue found curious was that the other's strange actions looked more like a kind of cultivation method.

But ... ... what effect would it have?

She sank into thought. It was not hard to destroy the grasses and plants of Vast Water Clear Skies. They were constructed out of yao arts, and other than some rare defensive yao arts, they were usually easily destroyed.

Was this person a destructive maniac?

She laughed. These days, there were all kinds of strange yao. There were some weird yao in her yao art house. Supposedly, there were even more of these people at famed yao arts houses.

She really had too much free time that she would spend it on such a boring matter.

Was it that she had good results in the recent tests that caused her to be slightly proud? She couldn't help but feel ashamed. She instantly warned herself to not be proud.

Just as she was going to leave, she suddenly saw the process of the rock collapsing in front of the unfamiliar male. Her heart shook and paused mid step.

Just now, that rock had turned to powder without any warning and disappeared into the air.

This was ... ... this was ... ...

Nan Yue's mouth was opened wide, her face written with disbelief as she looked dazedly at Zuo Mo.

Without any sound, another entire piece of rock collapsed at the exact same moment to the smallest bits of powder that dissipated into the air. After three whole breaths, Nan Yue finally reacted, and couldn't help but yell, "Deconstruction!"

When the words came out, she frightened herself. She hurriedly covered her mouth in fear of alarming the other.

However, the other fortunately had not been disturbed and was still in a trance.

After observing for a long time, Nan Yue was certain the other was deconstructing these yao arts, and was not destroying them. If he used brute force to destroy these rocks made from yao arts, the rock will just turn to a ball of light and then disappear.

Deconstruction and destruction were two completely different concepts. Destruction was to damage from the outside, and deconstruction was to dismember from the inside, and cause it to be destroyed.

The difficulty of deconstruction was far higher than destruction. It required a deep understanding of yao arts. Vast Water Clear Skies was only the first prison of Ten Finger Prison and there were only low-level yao arts here, but the yao arts here were innumerable. How could one be familiar with all of them?

The more Nan Yue saw, the more shocked she was. The speed the other deconstructed at made her heart beat wildly.

The ever-changing yao arts did not seem to be an obstacle to this male. His movements flowed without hurry. Everywhere he passed, the plants and grasses turned to dust and disappeared from beside his feet.

He did not look, and he did not stop in his steps.

Nan Yue was dazed as she watched.

At the beginning, she had doubted if her guess had been accurate. Even those high level students in the yao art house wouldn't be so smooth and quick.

This was a daren!

Daren was the general term for those powerful and profound yao.

Maybe this great yao was trying a certain yao art? Or he was trying to comprehending some secret technique?

This was the only possibility that she was able to think of. Vast Water Clear Skies was the first level of Ten Finger Prison. Most of those who came here were little yao that had just entered the yao art houses. There were only low level yao arts here, and were not of help to those powerful yao.

But the strength shown by this person far surpassed them.

Nan Yue quickly realized this was a rare chance. She instantly thought rapidly how she could go up and initiate a conversation. In the yao art houses, everyone like to call situations like this wild wondrous encounters.

The yao arts houses publicly passed on many yao arts but these were the basic yao arts of each yao art level. As to the skills of each teacher, those were secret. Using the Purple Lotus Yao Art House that Nan Yue belonged to as the example, they took in two thousand students annually. After five to seven years of education, they would graduate with results based on each person's consciousness and skill in the yao arts.

In these five to seven years, those little yao that studied hard and were talented might receive the favor of a certain teacher and become their student. Only these students had the possibility of receiving their line of succession. The teachers had the freedom to choose their students. Normally, the teachers only had to teach basic yao arts to all the students .

The best way to learn more profound yao arts was to become the personal student of a teacher. However, the competition inside the yao art house was very fierce. Every teacher was being targeted by countless students that wanted to enter their doors. Nan Yue's talent was not high. The reason she had the achieved grades she did was due to her hard work. The teachers of the schools were perceptive. How could they not see this? Right now, the teachers all hoped to pick students with talent. Students like her only had the tiniest of chances.

Maybe this Daren was an opportunity!

At this time, she had to be shameless!

Nan Yue thought of the stories and experiences that her elder classmates had passed onto her. Gritting her teeth, she went next to Zuo Mo.

However, she did not speak, but silently stood and did not make a sound.


Zuo Mo felt a thread of exhaustion. He stopped because he found that when he was tired due to manipulating his consciousness, his rate of deconstruction would quickly decrease. He turned his head back to look at the path he had just walked. In one hour, he had advanced about two li. Based on this rate, he would only make twenty four li in twelve hours. There was quite a distance to the thirty li that Pu Yao set down. But Zuo Mo was not in a hurry, and took the time of rest to recall the experiences.

As the number of yao arts he deconstructed increased, his speed moving forward had increased. He could clearly feel that the time he spent on the last li was much shorter than the time he spent on the first li. Even though each type of yao art was different, he still understood and gradually became accustomed to the process.

These yao arts changed greatly, but they did not leave the area of little yao arts.

Thinking back to when Pu Yao had spoke of the little yao arts to him, he suddenly understood.

These yao arts were just constructions made up of different combinations of little yao arts. He instantly understood Pu Yao's intentions. Pu Yao wanted to use this method to give him a deeper understanding of little yao arts.

Thinking about what he had felt just now, Zuo Mo instantly became excited because he felt this was an effective method.

Pu Yao wasn't useless after all!

After criticizing Pu Yao out of habit, Zuo Mo decided to rest and recover his spiritual power. When he raised his head, a stammering and nervous voice suddenly sounded in his ear, "El ... ... Elder ... ..."


Zuo Mo stilled and found Nan Yue standing nearby. However, his first response was to look around. When he found that no one was standing next to him, he finally realized this little girl was calling him.

He rubbed his head and watched as the other was in a trance. This term was slightly weird, and he didn't know them. Oh, the other was a yao ... ...

Wait, yao?

Zuo Mo stilled again and curiously examined the other. This yao looked very normal, and didn't have any of Pu Yao's presence. Oh, compared to the yao soldiers that he encountered at Desolate Wood Reef, she seemed much weaker.

An interested expression came onto his face. This little yao should be the most normal little yao. Truthfully, he had never seen a normal little yao before!

So normal yao looked like this ... ...

Nan Yue had faint green hair, her eyes were also faint green like a transparent olive stone. Her chin was slightly pointed and didn't look any different from any other person. She was dressed in a short robe and looked very capable.


Nan Yue felt uncomfortable under Zuo Mo's gaze. She couldn't help but panic inside. Was this daren a perverted yao?

Yao were very liberal about sexual matters. Most yao came from flora, and the process took a long number of years. The combinations between yao would strengthen the clan. The Council of Elders encouraged reproduction. Adding on that yao were born with long life spans, they were very uncaring regarding the matters of sex.

If it was a female yao that had some experience, they would have instantly shown a seductive posture immediately.

But Nan Yue clearly could not do it.


Compared to Nan Yue's caution and discomfort, Zuo Mo was much more casual. He was young, but he had seen much. Right now, he even had a large group of people under his command. If he was still in Sky Moon Jie, he definitely qualified as a warlord. Additionally, he purely thought of this event as broadening his visions.

The yao world didn't have a jingshi of a connection to him.

"What are you called?" Zuo Mo asked curiously.

"Nan Yue," The slightly nervous Nan Yue instantly replied.

"Oh, what kind of yao are you?" Zuo Mo asked. He had a pitiful understanding of yao.


The way that this daren asked questions was really very strange.

Nan Yue's nervousness disappeared greatly. "Is Elder asking about Nan Yue's birth? Nan Yue comes from the Wisteria Clan of the South Sky."

"Wisteria Clan of the South Sky?" Zuo Mo was confused. He could understand the individual words, but he did not understand what they referred to when put together.

"Wisteria Clan of the South Sky!"

With a light sound of surprise, Pu Yao suddenly popped up.

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo's so curious. It's not like he's never seen a yao before. This is the second person to think that Zuo Mo is a pervert on first impression but she's got the wrong plotline. Zuo Mo only wants a harem of jingshi.