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 Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Five - Gains

Opening his eyes, joy flashed across Zuo Mo's eyes. The richness of his gains this time far surpassed his imagination.

Each fiend soul was refined to powder, leaving behind only the purest thread of soul base source. Soul base source like this was so valuable that every xiuzhe dreamed about obtaining it. The thread of consciousness that was Zuo Mo at this moment was forcibly expanded at an exponential rate.

Savoring the intoxicating taste, Zuo Mo seemed to have just tasted gourmet food. Other than satisfaction, he wanted to taste it again.

However, this thread of greed spun once in his mind before disappearing.

He cared more about Lil' Pagoda's situation.

Of all the little ones, Lil' Pagoda was the most obedient and the one that Zuo Mo liked the most. However, when his gaze turned to the five enormous balls of pure five element energies above his head, he couldn't help but release a breath. There was none of the slowness and stiffness from before. The pure five element energies spun continuously.

A simple yet profound five element power was displayed in front of him.

Before he could examine it closely, a five colored light suddenly flew in front of him. It was Lil' Pagoda.

Seeing Lil' Pagoda was uninjured, Zuo Mo instantly smiled. He grabbed Lil' Pagoda, and said in concern. "My good son, you are alright!"

He found that Lil' Pagoda seemed to have slightly changed. Other than becoming more round in shape, the feeling was much softer, and the five element marrow were much rounder than before and twinkled with light.

Lil' Pagoda snuggled in Zuo Mo's hands and rolled around to prove it was fine.

A lively and fawning thought was communicated into Zuo Mo's mind. Zuo Mo couldn't resist grinning. Zuo Mo quickly found to his shock that Lil' Pagoda was more lively and smarter than before! The thoughts that Lil' Pagoda passed to him were clearer and it had a wider variety of emotions.

It seemed that he wasn't the only one that had benefited this time!

When he looked around, Zuo Mo made a sound of surprise when he looked at the pure five element energies. His mind was connected with Lil' Pagoda. In his eyes, the pure five element energies were transparent. There were basket sized inner cores within the pure five element energies. This was five element marrow!

Such large balls of five element marrow. Zuo Mo drooled when he saw them.

Five element marrow was a very rare kind of marrow. Even the tiniest bit was very valuabe.

Feeling the desire in Zuo Mo's heart, the five large balls of five element marrow instantly floated in front of Zuo Mo. Seeing the five enormous balls of five element marrow, it would be a lie to say he didn't covet it, but when Zuo Mo saw the obedient and adorable Lil' Pagoda beside him, his heart warmed and the greed disappeared.

Zuo Mo rubbed Lil' Pagoda's head, and said with a smile, "Alright, put them back. They are for you."

Lil' Pagoda seemed puzzled that Zuo Mo wanted them yet he refused.

"Only with five element marrow can you create five element base source in the future. When you have five element base source, our Lil' Pagoda will be very strong!"

Lil' Pagoda didn't quite understand but it could feel Zuo Mo's happiness so it happily flew around Zuo Mo.


Zuo Mo felt the world shake. His heart shook. Had they come again?

When he spread out his consciousness, he found it was Silly Bird that had create the disturbance.


Silly Bird seemed to know Zuo Mo was watching her. She rolled her eyes and ignored him. Holding Lil' Pagoda in her beak, she raised her wings and headed straight for the camp.

Along the way, she encountered Tenth Grade. When Tenth Grade saw Silly Bird holding Lil' Pagoda in her beak, his little face eased slightly. But his expression quickly became extremely ugly. Silly Bird was like a bolt of lightning that flashed by him and disappeared.

That speed ... ...

Gritting his teeth, he pushed the black moon to its limits and chased the whole way but he still couldn't see Silly Bird's back.

Last time, Tenth Grade had not accepted his defeat at Silly Bird's claws. But the speed that Silly Bird displayed today made him feel suffocated.

Detecting the difference in ability, it did not discourage Tenth Grade but lit up his motivation!

If he couldn't defeat a bird, how could he reach the peak of tenth-grade?

On the black moon, Tenth Grade balled his fists, pressed his lips together, his tender face was filled with determination.


At the same time Silly Bird carried Lil' Pagoda back to camp, Zuo Mo woke up from his meditation. When the enormous thread of consciousness returned to his body, it was like an abundant stream of water flowing into a deep pond. The level of water in the pond instantly exploded.

Zuo Mo was so comfortable he wanted to groan.

Three times!

The consciousness in his body had grown three times over!

This was a number that almost drove Zuo Mo insane. When he opened his eyes, he felt as though he had a fantastical dream. Multiplying three times in one night. He had never heard of such an impossible matter,and it had happened on his body.

He rushed to find Pu Yao. "Pu, what happened?"

Pu Yao's expression was calm and he did not look any different than usual. He twisted his mouth. "Nothing, you have good luck."

Seeing the enthusiasm on Zuo Mo's face, Pu Yao who hadn't prepared to say more suddenly saw the scene of Zuo Mo casting the little yao arts in front of him. He thought and then said, "Fiend souls are created from remnant threads of soul. You absorbed their soul base source. It is the first time I have seen something like this."

He did not lie. Only a fiendish mist of such scale could form such a large number of fiend souls. Everything here was far out of Pu Yao's imagination.

"So fiend souls can nurture the consciousness!" Zuo Mo's eyes lit up. "Good thing! Good thing!"

Pu Yao saw Zuo Mo and knew what he was planning. To other people, these fiend souls were very dangerous, and their minds would be easily corroded if they were not careful. It was not a simple matter to forge fiend souls into pure soul base source. Yes, fiend souls were created by that thread of soul, but these soul remnants were the convictions of those that died, and contained all kinds of negative emotions. Over long periods of slaughter and fighting, they became even more vicious and dangerous.

Would it be an easy matter to process them?

Unless ... ...

Pu Yao looked dazedly at Zuo Mo. Even though he had speculations and anticipation before, but when he saw Zuo Mo cast the Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art with his own eyes, the blow of shock he received was stronger than anyone else.

He suddenly turned and glanced at the gravestone.

Many of the previous incidents had just been him acting rashly in anger against the gravestone, but now ... ...

The gravestone seemed to detect Pu Yao's thoughts. The black energy suddenly grew!

Immersed in his wonderful dreams, Zuo Mo noticed the abnormality of the gravestone. He pointed with shock at the gravestone and asked Pu Yao with a curious expression, "What is it doing?"

Pu Yao's mood suddenly became good. Glancing at the gravestone, he snicked, "Oh, he saw your consciousness improved greatly and is happy for you."

"Oh!" Zuo Mo understood and then asked, "Right, Pu, what are the two moves you taught me today called? They are very powerful!"

Looking at Zuo Mo, Pu Yao felt even better and looked, with mirth at the corner of his mouth, at the gravestone.

Before, I did not compete with you, but now ... ...

The mirth at his lips disappeared. He turned his gaze to Zuo Mo, and raised an eyebrow. "How is it? Nice to use? Not lacking compared to the Great Day mo physique?"

"Not lacking, not lacking!" Zuo Mo rubbed his hands and snickered.

... ... Have you not clearly seen the true quality of this person ... ... this person would call anyone that gives him milk mother ... ...

Pu Yao was very smug.

... ... But my path overall has more of a future than your road ... ...

... ... Teacher, are you happy ... ...

Countless thoughts flashed through Pu Yao's mind.

Zuo Mo found to his surprise that Pu Yao's expression had become stern.

"It is called the Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art." Pu Yao's voice was deep. "Just like [Little Thousand Leaf Hands] it is an entire set of yao arts, and was created by another Sky Yao, my teacher."

"Your teacher?" Zuo Mo was very shocked.

Pu Yao would rarely speak of the past. This was the first time Pu Yao had spoken of his own history.

"Yes, my teacher!" Pu Yao had an reminiscent expression. His expression was stern without any of the nonchalance he usually had. He looked focusedly at Zuo Mo. "Zuo Mo, are you sure you want to learn?"

Pu Yao's complete shift in attitude caused Zuo Mo to feel the unusual nature of this matter.

He didn't agree immediately and asked cautiously, "Pu, to learn this set of Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art, are there any requirements?"

"Very simple, you accept the succession of this branch."

"Can you be more concrete?" Zuo Mo carefully asked.

"Concrete?" Pu Yao stilled. He had never thought about the problem of accepting students. Being asked by Zuo Mo now, he didn't know what to say. He tilted his head and thought back to when Teacher had accepted him.

"Before you accept students, you must travel to the First Yao Art House of the yao realm and enter your name into the Sky Yao Pavilion."

Thinking about it, Pu Yao suddenly felt ashamed. He remembered the hopes Teacher had for him. Even though he had become a Sky Yao, but due to other reasons, he had not realized Teacher's hopes.

This demand surprised Zuo Mo.

"Oh, you don't need me to swear an oath?"

"Not necessary."

"No rules?"


"No restrictions?"


The more Zuo Mo asked, the stranger he felt the situation was. This sect, oh, in his understanding, it was a sect. The requirements for acceptance for this sect was really low. As to being entered in Sky Yao Pavilion, Zuo Mo didn't think of it as an important matter.

Accept students? That matter had nothing to do with him. Sky Yao Pavilion, who even knew what that was? But as long as he did not accept students, that had nothing to do with him.

By the end of the inquiry, Zuo Mo still didn't quite believe it. Were yao sects so easy to enter?

In xiuzhe sects, every disciple had their duties, each needed to contribute to the sect in order to receive benefits.

Yet Pu Yao's sect didn't need any service and he could get benefits. It was so strange!

After thinking for a while, Zuo Mo felt there was only one possibility left.

Pu Yao's sect was definitely a pitifully small sect.

Only the lowest and smallest sects would be so indiscriminating ... ...

Spat spat spat!

Zuo Mo found that he was now a part of the sect, and hurriedly stopped.

However, he had found the differences after such a contrast.

The gravestone had something like oaths to abide by and probably originated from a large sect which was why it had so many rules. Pu Yao's sect was so loose and definitely was a small one.

"Oh, if I learn the Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art, can I still cultivate the Great Day mo physique?"

Zuo Mo shamelessly asked.

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo, always asking for a mile when he's given an inch. Some things have to do with talent but there are also complicating factors.

The five hundred little yao arts are "little" so in this case, it means they are elementary and for beginners. They are not powerful enough to affect the world. In fact, it is probably going to be a disappointment if you have the expectation that "laws" are hugely powerful and understanding grants you a magical power or ability. Understanding something doesn't mean you have the power to change or affect the world even if you understand how it works. So they are more limited than what other stories depict.