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 Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Four - Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art

Time seemed to suddenly slow at this moment.

The threads of flowing light were like sprouting branches of light that slowly crept and wrapped around Zuo Mo's empty right hand.

Pu Yao's mind was suddenly pulled into his memories. Some blurry and distant scenes seemed to overlap onto what was happening in front of him, as though they had occurred yesterday.

" ... ... Teacher ... ..."

With the imperceptible murmur, the edges and coldness within the bloody pupil disappeared.

All of Zuo Mo's attention was focused on the change occurring on his hands. He could feel a strange transformation taking formation in this short moment.

... ... what was this?

This was just combining two kinds of little yao arts. Compared to the [Yang Fiendish Hard Lightning] that came from the [Little Thousand Leaf Hands], it wasn't just simple and low level, there was no way to compare them. [Little Thousand Leaf Hands] contained all kinds of yao arts and was created by a Sky Yao. It was vast and profound. Even a person with his eyes at the top of his head like Pu Yao praised it.

But little yao arts?

Five hundred kinds of little yao arts. They were the essential contents every yao had to cultivate. Any yao must finish learning the five hundred kinds of little yao arts within their clan before they could enter the yao art houses. In other words, little yao arts were the most rudimentary knowledge of yao cultivation.

But ... ...

The power that exploded between his hands ... ...

The last bit of light flowed from Zuo Mo's left hand and wrapped onto his right hand.


Zuo Mo suddenly felt blinding light burst forth in front of his chest. A power filled with destructiveness formed on his right hand like an ancient and wasteland great beast breathing an aged presence as it reared up and authoritatively gazed down upon those it tread beneath its feet.

All of the fiend souls seemed to be paralyzed. Time seemed to stop inside the chaotic pagoda.

As extreme movement turned to extreme calm, Pu Yao stared soullessly at Zuo Mo's right hand, his murmur clear to hear, "... ... Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art ... ..."

Zuo Mo didn't hear any of Pu Yao's murmur. He was shocked by the light and terrifying presence on his hand. He had completely lost the ability to think. He seemed to unconsciously move his right hand. He saw his right hand lightly sway easily like the flick of a fish's tail.

Among the blinding light, an extremely faint shadow flew out of his right hand and suddenly grew. It was like a monster that suddenly opened its bloody maw and swallowed all the fiend souls inside the pagoda.


In the fiendish mist, Lil' Pagoda that was completely surrounded by fiend souls suddenly shot out countless blinding rays of light. An enormously strong suction force came from inside the tower. Tens of thousands of fiend souls were unable to run away and were instantly sucked into the pagoda.

Just at the same time, a simple and bleak presence came from inside the pagoda.

The fiend souls that had not been sucked in seemed to be frightened. They instantly scattered like there was a frightening monster inside Lil' Paogda. In the deeps of the fiendish mist, those fiend soul beasts that were higher on the food chain wore frightened expressions in their faces. All of them laid on the ground, and didn't dare to move.


Zuo Mo felt very terrible now. The fiend souls were completely eaten, but he was stuffed full right now like he had eaten too much. What caused him to panic even more was that these fiend souls hadn't died, and were just restrained in a layer of this strange power.

If this power lost control of these fiend souls, they would charge out again!

"Little yao art number one and number five hundred, use Straight Pass-Through Form."

Pu Yao's voice coincidentally arrived. Zuo Mo's hands paused slightly. His first feeling was that it was not possible. Of the five hundred little yao arts, it encompassed almost all of the basics of yao arts, and many of them had incompatible characteristics. Number one and five hundred were the two yao arts that had the most incompatible and conflicted attributes of almost all antithetical yao arts.

How could two antithetical little yao arts be cast at the same time?

But time did not permit him to think. After pausing, his hands uncontrollably moved according to Pu Yao's words.

Number one ... ... number five hundred ... ...

A peerlessly strange feeling came. Zuo Mo felt unspeakably awkward. He had felt awkward when he had cast number seventy six and number three hundred and thirteen at the same time. Compared to that, his feeling of awkwardness was multiple times stronger.

What method was this ... ...

Zuo Mo endured the peerlessly awkward feeling and managed to cast the two little yao arts together.

Pu Yao's bloody pupil stared unblinkingly at the coiling light that formed in front of Zuo Mo, and unconsciously stopped breathing. He appeared as though he feared his breath would frighten this enchanting and grand light. The two hands that he usually liked to hide in his sleeves unconsciously extended outwards.

His expression was also very strange. It was filled with anticipation, but was also as though he was facing a great enemy.

The strong feeling of awkwardness increased as the light rose. Zuo Mo felt as though his body was being twisted from the left and right in opposite directions.

He knew this was a false feeling. At this time, he was just a thread of soul, what body was there to twist and contort? But he also knew this feeling of conflict actually existed. This was the conflict between laws.

As soon as he casted them, he knew it wasn't good.

Under the effect of two extreme laws, if he wasn't careful, he would be ground to powder at any time. Under the conflict between two basic laws, this bit of his consciousness was as weak as paper. His mind was being supported on this thread of consciousness. If this was destroyed, his outcome would not be any different than death.

The hardest injury to heal was an injury to the soul.

A Gui was wounded in the soul, and was left like a puppet. Was he going to become like her?

With the stimulation of death, Zuo Mo got a burst of energy from somewhere and forcibly calmed himself down.

However, how could two such opposed yao arts be combined using the Straight Pass-Through Form?

Not possible ... ... It was completely impossible ... ...

In a flash, countless thoughts flashed through his mind but he still did not know what to do with the two little yao arts in front of him. The two little yao arts were simple and straightforward. Any change tn the two were noticed by his awareness, but due to this, he increasingly felt it was impossible.

The two were like two carriages that were rushing in opposite directions. Right now, he had to pull them together. How was it possible?

Impossible ... ... impossible ... ...

Zuo Mo panicked. The two little yao arts started to conflict. He was able to feel every conflict that happen between the two forces. The feeling of danger grew like there was a sword hanging above his head. He was unable to move, and right now, there was a mouse gnawing on the rope holding the sword.

Calm, he had to be calm!

Zuo Mo's breathing almost stopped. He told himself repeatedly to be calm, he forced himself to calm.

What to do ... ... what to do ... ...

Suddenly, it was like a bolt of lightning from the sky. He suddenly recalled the spell formation that he had created in the past. In that variety of spells and sword scriptures, there were also conflicting and incompatible spells and sword scriptures, but he had successfully merged them together.

That heterogeneous spell formation was what he had bet on with Pu Yao to win the six transformations of the Great Day mo physique.

It was a pity that he had thrown that set of spell formations to the side when he got the Great Day mo physique six transformations and concentrated on cultivating the six transformations.

Zuo Mo had no time to regret why he hadn't kept on working with the spell formations. He worked his brain and tried to remember how he had merged those incompatible spells and sword scriptures into the formation at the time.

He thought of how he had controlled those conflicting spells.

His mind moved. Ignoring the ever increasing feeling of danger, he patiently felt every bit of conflict between the two little yao arts.

His consciousness suddenly split into two like two thin whips, and used two completely different powers to insert into the light of the two little yao arts.

A strange transformation occurred.

The two powers that had been furiously conflicting with each other used a strange form and started to spin in opposite directions.

Light lit up in Zuo Mo's eyes. The conflict between the two little yao arts decreased and the distance between the two lights decreased. There was none of the enmity and conflict seen before. They were like twins that gathered together.

Moving naturally, Zuo Mo's hands seemed to be controlled by something and used the Straight Pass-Through Form.

A force that was not strong accurately passed through the center of the two little yao arts.

Zuo Mo instantly understood.

The light of Pu Yao's bloody pupil was as deep as the ocean. He looked dazedly at the strange yet familiar power in front of Zuo Mo and lightly breathed three words.

"Divine Summoning Art!"

The shape on front of Zuo Mo's chest was like that of a mill stone. The light clearly divided into black and white suddenly created a strong suction. This suction was so strong that even Pu Yao was affected. His black robe flapped as it was pulled. Pu Yao's bloody pupil lit up, his figure remaining motionless.

The strange power that had been enveloping the fiend souls was like a cat that smelled fish, impatiently chasing the countless fiend souls towards this strange black-and white millstone.

The black and white lights were like the upper and lower parts of the millstone. With astounding speed, it silently crushed countless fiend souls.

The fiend souls did not even have the time to wail before they were completely crushed.

Dots of white light floated off the millstone.

Zuo Mo's mind moved and he started [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation]. The dots of white light gathered from all directions like raindrops and entered his body. At the same, the white light that Zuo Mo did not absorb entered the five balls of five element pure energies.

Zuo Mo's entire body was enveloped in the white light to the point his figure was indistinct.

Pu Yao's black robe flapped. His bloody pupil stared without movement at Zuo Mo. He just stood there silently without a word.


Silly Bird who had been running around in the fiendish mist suddenly turned her head. The vicious eyes slowly became gentle until she resumed her usual lazy and proud state. She idly turned and strutted her bird walk. There was none of the killing energy that had just been present.


Riding the black crescent blade that was like a huge axe, Tenth Grade's little face suddenly stilled. Feeling it in his mind, he did not hesitate to ride the black crescent and turn. His speed was suddenly raised to its limit as he cut through the heavy fiendish mist, howling by.


In the fiendish mist, Lil' Pagoda was covered in a layer of faint white light. The fiendish mist in the surroundings was separated out.


Just at this time, Zuo Mo opened his eyes within the pagoda.

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