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 Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Nine - The Name of Tenth Grade

The twin butterfly slowly waved its wings. The black fiendish energy continuously flowed into its body like a whale swallowing water. The black miniature figure hanging on the black antennae slowly became clearer. The features became more and more defined out of the blurriness, becoming more detailed.

The little miniature black person on the antenna was about three cun tall. Black clothing, and black hair, his face was cold, his eyes holding killing intent as he stood aloofly.

When Zuo Mo raised his head from his thoughts, he coincidentally saw the formation of the little black person. He was very surprised. This twin butterfly was really unusual!

The little black person glanced at Zuo Mo but had no intentions of paying attention to him. He suddenly raised his arms, his hair standing on end, his eyes lighting up as he said in a crisp voice, "In!"

A strong twister suddenly formed around the twin butterfly with wind, sand and rock.

Hiss! Zuo Mo inhaled sharply was amazement. The view within his Ling Eye, the black fiendish energy was furiously flowing towards the arms that the little black person was raising.

The noise caused by the little black person was too loud. The entire camp was disturbed. Everyone thought they were under attack and flew into the sky. The first to react was Xie Shan, the second to charge over was Shu Long. He was extremely sensitive to black fiendish energy, and instantly detected the change.

When they ran over with nervous expressions, and found the culprit was a strange black and white ling butterfly in front of Zuo Mo, they were stunned.

Zuo Mo looked dazedly at the little black person. The black fiendish energy within five li of here had all been moved. In the Ling Eye, the black fiendish energy within five li formed an enormous black and red whirlpool. At the center of this whirlpool was this little black person not even three cun tall.

The little black person had a stern expression as it focused intently on absorbing the black fiendish energy.

The entire process took a whole two hours before the little black person contentedly stopped. At this time, he clearly looked different. The black hair now was blood red like a burning flame. The black pupils were deep as the night. Its handsome little face was wore a cold expression , the killing intent between the brows even more evident.

The twin butterfly stopped absorbing the black fiendish energy, and the restless air gradually calmed down.

Just as Zuo Mo was dumbstruck, the twin butterfly flew in front of him. The little black person raised its little face filled with sternness and killing intent and gazed at Zuo Mo. When it spoke, it was with a crisp and child-like voice, "Please, Master, bestow a name!"

Oh, it seemed alive ... ...

His face filled with disbelief, Zuo Mo seemed to have seen a ghost and put his face near. "You are alive?"

The killing intent on the little black person's face froze. The corner of his eyes twitched. The little face had also darkened, but was also helpless. "Yes!"

"Hm, interesting ... ..." Zuo Mo was excited. He suddenly raised his right hand, and poke a finger in curiosity on the body of the little black person. "Oh, it's soft ... ..."

Murderous intent rose on the face of the little black person. The little face was dark as it said, "A soldier can be killed, but cannot be humiliated!"

It was a pity that the crisp childish tone neutralized the effect of all of the murderous intent.

However, Zuo Mo still took his finger back guiltily. He rubbed his chin in pretension. "Naming ... ..." His eyes suddenly lit up. "Inviting Wealth! How about this? Is it mighty enough ... ..."

The features of the little black person convulsed. Suppressing his anger, he gritted his teeth. "The warrior can only be killed, but not humiliated ... ..."

"Ooh, how about Jingshi?"

"The warrior can only be killed, but not humiliated ... .." The crisp child-like tone showed signs of collapsing.

"You don't like Jingshi either? This habit isn't good. It seems we need to teach your taste. The common saying is good, jingshi can even move ghosts ... ... ooh, All Wealth Belongs To Me, how about this ... ..."

"The warrior can only be killed, but not humiliated ... ..." The little black person weakly objected.

"The First Treasure in the World?"

"The warrior can only be killed, but not humiliated ... ..."

Xie Shan and Shu Long looked with sympathy at the little black person that was tortured to the point of death by Zuo Mo. They exchanged a look and rapidly left the scene.

Zuo Mo looked contentedly at the drooping figure of Tenth Grade. That was right, just now, the little black person that was being endlessly tormented finally agreed to the strange name of Tenth Grade.

"Tenth Grade, don't feel that this name is common." Zuo Mo said with a solemn face. "Tenth Grade, it represents the highest grade. This twin butterfly is just fifth-grade. Tenth Grade, it means the highest and the strongest! The strongest in the world. What, isn't this what you are pursuing?"

The depressed little black person's eyes suddenly lit up. He straightened, filled with battle intent, and said gravely, "Thank you Master for giving me a name!"

Zuo Mo's expression was very stern, but he was laughing in his heart. Oh, tenth-grade, how much jingshi would that be ... ...

Tenth Grade was just three cun tall, but he was fifth-grade. Fifth-grade ling beasts had space shields. Tenth Grade's space shield was even more unique and had hints of the black fiendish energy. Zuo Mo had never heard of black fiendish energy before, but after these days, he had some understanding of the uniqueness of the black fiendish energy.

For Shu Long and the others, black fiendish energy was a great nutrient, but for xiuzhe, black fiendish energy was akin to a powerful poison. Black fiendish energy was usually created from brutal battlefields, it was yin and had the utmost vicious nature. If it met another entity, if it did not completely destroy it, it would not rest.

A fifth-grade ling beast was as powerful as a jindan. Even more importantly, Tenth Grade was very intelligent. When a ling beast or talisman had more intelligence, it mean that it had greater room to grow.

The most powerful quality of Tenth Grade was that it could learn spells. This was something that Zuo Mo had never heard of. He instantly taught [Hardship Guard] to Tenth Grade. [Hardship Guard] could absorb black fiendish energy, and was suitable for Tenth Grade to practice. Zuo Mo planned to get a stronger mo skill out of Pu Yao and the gravestone at a later time.

Even though Tenth Grade's power was not strong now, but Zuo Mo was full of anticipation about Tenth Grade's future.

After a temporary rest, the troop departed again.

The vast ancient battlefield was covered in marks. Over time, even these terrifying marks had become blurry.

After advancing for more than ten days, the scenery still hadn't changed. They hadn't discovered anything. This ancient battlefield was so large that one couldn't imagine it.

The twin butterfly danced in flight, Tenth Grade sitting cross-legged on the black antenna as he cultivated. His progressed made all of Guard Camp sweat. In just ten days, he had created black armor. He could also take it on or off based on his will while Shu Long and the other's black armor could not be taken off.

Tenth Grade was a cultivation person, no, was a cultivation wild beast. He didn't like to stay in the beast service card, and stayed on the antenna all day motionlessly cultivating. Lil' Pagoda and Lil' Fire were full of curiosity about Tenth Grade and would occasionally come over to look but Tenth Grade would just ignore them.

It was strange to speak of it. The great majority of Vermillion Bird Camp stayed inside the slave transporting boats. The thick black fiendish energy was extremely bad for them, so Zuo Mo had set up formation inside the boats to separate the black fiendish energy to stop it from corroding everyone. But the little ones, including Silly Bird, did not react at all to the black fiendish energy. Lil' Pagoda and Lil' Fire had the most energy and spend everyday playing. Lil' Black was unusually sleep, and spent more than half the days lying on A Gui's head.

What puzzled Zuo Mo the most was that A Gui did not respond at all to the black fiendish energy.

A Gui's complexion was much better than before, and seemed to show some signs of life. After inspection, Zuo Mo found that a thread of the strange purple light had appeared in A Gui's body. This purple power was extremely weak, but it was unusually valuable to A Gui's crippled body.

A Gui's situation turning for the better made Zuo Mo's mood better.

However, Zuo Mo was still filled with worry. They hadn't found anything in more than ten days. They hadn't encountered any living being, and did not see one stalk of grass. This ancient battlefield was so desolate that it made people feel hopeless. Nothing could make a person feel as terrified and hopeless as this deathly cold and empty vastness. Even if they encountered a danger, or a yao beast, that would be much better than this.

If it continued like this, after just a short while, the people would go crazy.

Had they really come to a death ground that had nothing?

Suddenly, Zuo Mo stopped in his steps. He had a joyous expression in his eyes.

Water ... ... there was moisture in the air ... ...

He closed his eyes, spread his right hand, his fingers lightly wiped. [Little Art of Cloud and Rain]!

After ten breathers, a faint white cloud the size of an infant's face floated on Zuo Mo's palm.

Now, it wasn't just Zuo Mo but everyone had that joyful expressions. The moisture in the air was higher than ten days before and higher than the places they travelled through. Water, that meant there was life.

What people were most afraid of was not hardship, but not being able to see hope.

Morale rose greatly. The advancing speed of the troop increased. The black fiendish energy in the air became thicker. Zuo Mo became even more careful. According to Pu Yao, the direction they were heading in was towards the center of the battlefield.

After travelling another five days, everyone saw the first water pond. The shallow water pond was just a puddle, but for everyone, it was a salvation.

But at this time, the troop had to stop because Shu Long was having a breakthrough.

The black fiendish energy was like fertilizer for the [Hardship Guard] mo skill that Shu Long and the others cultivated. Their progression speed was astounding. The other people of Guard Camp progressed quickly, but no one surpassed Shu Long.

The mood of the camp was nervous. If Shu Long could successfully complete his breakthrough, it would be a fortunate matter for them.

The three Golden Armor Guards lined up in a fan shape. The blinding golden scaled armor was now covered in black patterns, and looked extremely terrifying. The black patterns on the Golden Armor Guards was formed by the black fiendish energy that they had absorbed during this time. According to Pu Yao, this was due to the fact that ancient dragon bone had been used to make the Golden Armor Guards.

Pu Yao also said that if they were lucky, the three Golden Armor Guards may even level up.

However, what Zuo Mo was concerned with now wasn't the Golden Armor Guards, but another problem.

"Pu, what spell could prevent xiuzhe from being corroded by black fiendish energy? Or process black fiendish energy? One that doesn't need them to start cultivating from the beginning," Zuo Mo asked.

Pu Yao glanced at him, and dawdled, "Of course there are spells."

Zuo Mo rubbed his hands, and said, "Then can you give me a copy?"

"What can you give me in trade?" Pu Yao raised his eyebrow.

Zuo Mo swore inside, this damned renyao's attitude was fickle and really hateful.

But he also knew that Pu Yao definitely would not let him have it easily. Pu Yao would get his pound of flesh. Zuo Mo gritted his teeth and said, "What do you want?"

Pu Yao's bloody pupil narrowed as he smiled darkly.

Translator Ramblings: Naming-Fail-Zuo-Mo. Poor Tenth Grade, he doesn't know what his master is thinking. Pu Yao's not giving anything more for free now that there is no life-threatening danger. He has aims he wants accomplished.