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 Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Two - Victory!

On the mountaintop, Zuo Mo saw the blinding light appearing above Bright Water City and suddenly jumped up from the ground as he roared with laughter, "Yes!"


Immediately after, blinding sword energies lit up the sky like a meteor shower that flew towards Hundred Flower Valley. At this time, Vermillion Bird Camp no longer needed to conceal themselves. The people that had ling power remaining all channelled their ling power to draw out blinding lights.

The xiuzhe of Bright Water City all finally reacted. Sword xiu continuously flew into the sky, and chased after the the blinding lights!

Soon, a grand scene appeared in the sky. Following after thousands of sword energies were an even greater number of sword energies. Almost all the sword xiu of Bright Water City had come out. The most eye-catching was Flying Cloud Camp that flew at the very front. Flying Cloud Camp were well trained and responded the quickest. After the twelve Sonic Lightning Walnuts exploded together, they had also been affected by the power.

Hu Shan's eyes could spit fire. He had never thought the Master of Golden Crow City would be so insane and daring to this level! He didn't bother looking down at Bright Water City. After such a terrifying explosion, there wouldn't be anyone left alive at the campsite of Wood Sword Camp.

Before this night, he had never thought that Wood Sword Camp would be destroyed in a single night, and be destroyed so completely.

The relationship between Flying Cloud Camp and Wood Sword Camp couldn't be called harmonious, but ... ...

He gritted his teeth. He felt there was a burst of fire inside his chest that wanted to get out! This group of bastards!

The distance between the Vermillion Bird camp and Flying Cloud camp remained steady as the chase continued, neither side gaining on the other. Flying Cloud Camp had reacted the quickest and so they tightly followed behind the other. Vermillion Bird Camp had made great expenditures in the ambush just now, and was at their weakest. If they could catch up, Flying Cloud Camp would definitely have the advantage.

In the night, the two sides did not have any care, and let all of their ling power go. One in front and one in the back, they were like two waves of meteorites that flew with astounding speed flying along the bottom of a thick cloud layer.

Hu Shan glared with wide eyes. The speed of the other side was beyond their expectations. They had to use all their ling power and they were just able to keep up. Before, Hu Shan had heard that the Master of Golden Crow City that had two elite forces. Looking at it now, they really were elite!

Flying Cloud Camp was famous for its speed, and Hu Shan was shocked that the other was even faster than they were.

Wait a moment!

The Master of Golden Crow City had two elite forces ... ...

Hu Shan's heart suddenly sank. His limbs felt cold as his face paled.

Two elite forces ... ... where was the other elite force?

Not good!

At this moment, a deep voice sounded out from the cloud layer.


Thousands of people shouted together, "Kill!"

Hu Shan felt his vision blur. Countless black snakes suddenly burrowed out of the cloud layer and rushed towards them!

Their speed had been raised to the maximum. They didn't even have the time to think, much less dodge, before these black snakes had reached them. Hu Shan could clearly see the fangs of the black snakes.

He watched as the black snake penetrated his body. Disbelief and shock remained in Hu Shan's wide eyes.

He almost couldn't believe he would die so easily.

The moment the black snake entered his body, he felt his body become cold as something icy passed through his body. The channels in his body were destroyed, and he lost control of his body. His body flipped as it fell through the air, and crashed heavily on the ground.

Pia pia pia!

The sounds of impact were like raindrops that did not end.

Each of the black snakes penetrated a body and came out the back, its features twisted. With the remainder of its power, it usually would penetrate between three to five people!

This change happened in a flash, so quick that people were basically unable to react. Flying Cloud Camp instantly descended into chaos. They seemed to have been heavily swatted. The troop was scattered by the charge of black energy, and were left with heavy casualties and injuries. Due to the speed they were travelling at, the distance between the xiuzhe in the front and back of the troop was too small. Once the front lines had turned to chaos, the xiuzhe at the back didn't have the time to respond and they collided together.

The sound of bones cracking, and flesh tearing, as well as grunts and wails appeared simultaneously in this short moment.

The battle immediately reached its climax, its grandest moment, the time of death!

Like a meteor shower, the beautiful sword energies seemed to have been extinguished by this black wind, only leaving behind a few that fled in terror.

Sneak attack, baiting, ambush, one tactic after the other. In one night, the two most famous elite forces of Bright Water City were almost completely destroyed.

At this time, Shu Long showed his rich battle experience. He did not choose to use the Successive Mo Kill which was more powerful, but used the weaker, and more easily controlled Little Mo Kill.

The more powerful the xiuzhe were, the more vicious and cruel the battles between them were, especially large scale battles like this one.

An enormous slave transporting boat emerged from the clouds and appeared in everyone's view. The high speed pursuit had caused the distance between Flying Cloud camp and the other Bright Water City xiuzhe to increase. Leaving, Shu Long able to leisurely retreat towards Hundred Flower Valley.

The Bright Water City xiuzhe that managed to arrive could only watch the slave transporting boat enter the shadows of Hundred Flower Valley.

No one dared to give chase!

Many of them did not understand what was going on. They didn't know what had happened in Bright Water City, but the destruction of Flying Cloud Camp had happened in front of their eyes. Just now, the famed Flying Cloud Camp had almost been completely annihilated.

They had personally seen the entire process.

The ease that the Master of Golden Crow City had accomplished this made them feel a bone-aching chill. Terror gripped their hearts like the night.

The sky was almost completely filled with xiuzhe from Bright Water City but no one dared to move closer. The entire sky was unusually quiet with a deathly silence.


"This is a good chance to charge and kill," The first words that Gongsun Cha said to Zuo Mo when he got off the Green Cloud Sword was this.

Zuo Mo understood what Gongsun Cha meant. The other side's morale had reached the bottom. If he took the xiuzhe of Little Mountain Jie and charged out right now, not even half of the xiuzhe in the air right now would remain.

But he shook his head and said, "This is enough."

His eyes looked at the camp inside the valley that seemed to be boiling, and began wandering off in thought.

Just as he finished saying this, many people flew from the camp onto the mountaintop.

"City Master! Let's attack! They are afraid!"

"Yes! It is a great chance!"

Everyone spoke over each other as they urged Zuo Mo to act. They were the leaders of the various factions.

Zuo Mo smiled, and a rare expression of solemnity came onto his face. "Everyone."

Once he spoke, the noisy crowd instantly quieted.

"First, there is something that needs to be told to everyone." Zuo Mo looked at the surroundings and said, "After this matter is over, we will be leaving Sky Water Jie."

These people were all heads, and were smart people. Some were puzzled, some were dazed, but they all had thoughtful expressions.

"But the great majority of everyone will be remaining here. Those people," Zuo Mo pointed at the xiuzhe in the sky, "are mostly normal xiuzhe. If they are killed, we can dust off our asses, and leave, no problem. But what about you? How will you establish yourselves in Sky Water Jie?"

"It isn't too great of a problem to offend Cloud Divine Sect and Wood Sword Sect, but if you offend all of Sky Water Jie, there will be no place for you in Sky Water Jie.

"Everyone has come here to seek a chance at survival. No one wants to have come out of Little Mountain Jie and still fight everyday!"

Zuo Mo's words caused everyone to be speechless.

"This one will remember and accept everyone's good will, and is very grateful. This Hundred Flower Valley and this victory is gifted to everyone."

"After today, there will be more xiuzhe that have rushed here. Why don't you build a city here? If everyone is able to work together, with the precedent of Wood Sword Camp and Flying Cloud Camp, no one would dare to make trouble.

"This way, everyone can have safe and secure days."

In the dark, Zuo Mo's smile was like sunlight, his eyes black and bright as they attracted everyone's gaze.


After the dark of the night came the light of dawn.

Many Little Mountain Jie xiuzhe came from all directions to Bright Water City, but before they could hurry to Bright Water City, the news of the Master of Golden Crow City's great victory and the destruction of the Wood Sword and Flying Cloud Camps seemed to grow wings and spread throughout all of Sky Water Jie. The entire jie was shocked.

Just as the large factions of Sky Water Jie speculated on the future, the news that a city was being built in Hundred Flower Valley spread through Sky Water Jie.

The new city was called Little Mountain City.

Every Little Mountain Jie xiuzhe that was hurrying towards Bright Water City was reenergized and travelled day and night to fly towards Hundred Flower Valley.

In a short few days, almost half of all the Little Mountain Jie xiuzhe had gathered in Hundred Flower Valley.

All of the major factions in Sky Water Jie were attentively watching the movements of Hundred Flower Valley. They had originally assumed that Wood Sword Sect and Cloud Divine Sect would use their entire sect to exact vengeance, but unexpectedly, both sects maintained their silence and did not act.

By this time, almost eight-tenths of Little Mountain Jie xiuzhe had gathered in Hundred Flower Valley, and it was very busy.

The Master of Golden Crow City who was the subject of great hope had closed his doors to guests and cultivated every day.

"You aren't going to help them?" Gongsun Cha asked.

"This isn't something we should be involved in." Zuo Mo shook his head, and then muttered, "Ge feels burdened with just the amount of people there already is. If there is any more people, ge will find a tree and hang himself."

"Oh, that's right." Lil' Miss nodded his head, and smacked his lips. He said regretfully, "We didn't gain much from this battle."

"A little unprofitable." These words poked Zuo Mo's wound. He couldn't help but have an expression of heartache. They had invested greatly in this big victory. Just the dozen Sonic Lightning Walnuts were an astounding expense, but there were no spoils. It was the first time they had a battle with just expenses and no gains.

"It will count as thanks to them," Zuo Mo comforted himself, but the heartache in his words didn't lessen.

Feeling the strong effect this topic had on him, Zuo Mo decided to change the topic. He turned and asked Shu Long, "How is A Wen? Is he adjusting well? What about those flower slaves?"

Shu Long respectfully said, "A Wen's injuries should completely heal in about a fortnight. The flower slaves are much better after cultivating the spell that daren taught them, but their situation will take some time until it can be clearly determined."

"That's good." Zuo Mo felt his mood was much better.

Who said it, doing good deeds made one feel better. Even though it did not feel as good as jingshi, but Zuo Mo's mood became much lighter.

The cloud suddenly started to gather in the sky above Hundred Flower Valley.

In less than ten breathes, there were dark clouds. The sky turned dark, and a pressuring mood filled all of Hundred Flower Valley.

Zuo Mo suddenly stood up, his face full of shock. "It's Xie Shan!"

Translator Ramblings: Gongsun Cha's plan is a complete success. Zuo Mo and Gongsun Cha only attacked the two sects and not Bright Water City because the two sects said they would attack and attacking in response is not exactly unacceptable. The consequences are just the hatred of two sects which would have been unavoiable anyways since the two sects would have attacked and lost. However, attacking Bright Water City would be unprovoked since Bright Water City hasn't done anything major to Zuo Mo's group. This would mean that Zuo Mo becomes enemies with all of Bright Water City and possibly the entire jie which is not something Zuo Mo can face even with the people from Little Mountain Jie.