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 Chapter Three Hundred and Seventeen - Clouds Gathering

Fei Shan was working idly and humming as he listened to the sound tablet. The people around him stared at him weirdly. It puzzled them how someone could appear relaxed and pleased when doing such a complex work.

Only the xiuzhe that came from Little Mountain Jie could feel so at ease with such tasks.

He suddenly stopped what he was doing, and listened with concentration.

"Friends from Little Mountain Jie, the Master of Golden Crow City is being entrapped in Hundred Flower Valley in Bright Water City. Please come quickly to help."

He listened very carefully. The sound tablet repeated it a few times. He stood up, and then started to walk towards the door under the strange gazes of everyone else.

"Where are you going?" The manager's expression was slightly ugly as he lectured sharply, "Come back! You haven't finished what you are doing ... ..."

Fei Shan bared his teeth in a smile, but his gaze was slightly murderous. The manager unconsciously shook and he didn't dare to look at Fei Shan's gaze. The words that followed were swallowed back into his stomach. Fei Shan ignored him, and left through the door.

Walking on the streets, he instantly heard many people shouting loudly in the air.

"Brothers of Little Mountain Jie, City Master is trapped in Hundred Flower Valley, everyone go get them!"

"The City Master is in danger! We shall ... ..."

All of Bright Water City was disturbed. People continuously flew into the sky.

Fei Shan raised his head. The sky of Bright Water City was filled with people. Seeing what was happening, he suddenly recalled the scene of everyone following the City Master as they charged out of Little Mountain Jie through the experience of the months. Something inside his body seemed to have been ignited.

He did not hesitate to channel his ling power, and flew into the sky and entered the flow of people.

They dared to move against the city master ... ...

The killing intent inside increased. Every xiuzhe around him had fury on their faces. This group of xiuzhe had all experienced the cruel calamity of Little Mountain Jie and survived. They were full of gratefulness and respect towards Zuo Mo who had led them out of Little Mountain Jie.

The Master of Golden Crow City had led everyone out of the terrifying cage that was Little Mountain Jie. Now that City Master was in danger, how could they stand aside?


A group of people were surrounding a sound tablet.

"Head, should we go?" a mousy-looking person hurriedly asked his leader.

The Head glared. "Of course we will go! They dare to even attack the City Master. Would they even leave us a way to live in the future? Kill them all!"

His subordinates instantly became excited and rumbled, "Kill them!"

"Hmph, they want to make an example of the City Master. They should first look and see what they are made out of!" The Head's face was murderous.

The xiuzhe that came out of Little Mountain Jie were much more sensitive to danger than normal xiuzhe. In his view, this incident that targeted the City Master was a sign. It meant that their future days in Sky Water Jie would not be good.


There were about fifty to sixty xiuzhe that came from Little Mountain Jie, but all of them were ningmai xiuzhe. In Sky Water Jie, ningmai was the most common group. This sudden rush of ningmai xiuzhe with battle experience had diminished the power of the local powers.

The conflict between the xiuzhe of Little Mountain Jie and Sky Water Jie was unavoidable.

The xiuzhe of Sky Water Jie knew this. So how could the xiuzhe that had experienced even crueler battles in Little Mountain Jie be ignorant?

"Are we going to be able to get there in time?" a subordinate said worriedly.

The thoughts of normal xiuzhe were much simpler. The Master of Golden Crow City had led them out of Little Mountain Jie, and unknowingly became their spiritual leader. The great majority of people held a grateful attitude. Hearing that the Master of Golden Crow City was trapped, they felt very angry.

"We're moving now!" The Head said with a cold snort, "Hmph, they think City Master is weak, he'll break all their teeth! This battle will be a great one."

The Head bared his teeth and had a vicious expression.

He suddenly stood up, and glared as he brimming with murderous intent. "See how I'll sort out anyone that slacks off today! Don't pack anything, we are moving now!"

These leaders feared xiuzhe like Clear Sky Old Forefather, but they didn't have any caution regarding the other factions of Sky Water Jie.

Even more, there was also the Master of Golden City there.

The power of the Master of Golden Crow City had been deeply imbedded in the hearts of these rebellious people. Many people had the idea. Wouldn't it be more tempting if they could persuade the Master of Golden Crow City to take everyone and sweep through Sky Water Jie?

After continuous urging, the sky above Bright Water City was filled with xiuzhe from Little Mountain Jie.

The number of xiuzhe from Little Mountain Jie that were in Bright Water City wasn't much, but there were still around several thousand of them. The xiuzhe from Little Mountain Jie were easy to recognize. The killing energy they had was much thicker than normal xiuzhe. Now each of these xiuzhe had vicious glares.

"Is that group of people crazy? They dare to move against City Master!"

"Who cares, kill them all!"

"If the tiger doesn't roar, you mistake it for a sick cat?!"

Everyone was very excited as they flew furiously in the direction of Hundred Flower Valley. The xiuzhe of Bright Water City had never seen such a procession before, and were dumbstruck where they stood. Those xiuzhe that were smarter raced back to report.

Some older xiuzhe had worried expressions. If the xiuzhe from Little Mountain Jie and the xiuzhe from Sky Water Jie had a conflict, the state of Sky Water Jie would become tumultuous.

What many people did not know was that message broadcasted by the sound tablet had spread through all of Sky Water Jie. At this time, many xiuzhe were travelling on their swords as they murderously flew in the direction of Bright Water City.

If one looked down from the sky, they would see many sword lights gathering with astounding speed towards Bright Water City as though they were attracted by a magnet.

The Master of Golden Crow City was the person of most authority of all the xiuzhe from Little Mountain Jie. Without anyone noticing it, he was influencing the direction the affairs in Sky Water Jie would take.


In the House of the Crow Marquis, Rong Wei saw the compound guard run in with a sound tablet and she was shocked.

But when she listened to the message that was being repeatedly broadcasted through the sound tablet, her expression instantly changed.

Damn it!

Were those people crazy?

She knew just how powerful and terrifying the Master of Golden Crow City was. The elite force under his command surpassed any troop in Sky Water Jie. She remembered the scene of those xiuzhe bowing in farewell towards Zuo Mo. If the Master of Golden Crow City made a call right now- she uncontrollably shook.

That was too frightening ... ..

The marquis was not here. This was not good!

Rong Wei was like an ant on a hot plate and spun in panic. At this time, a paper crane flew from the sky. Rong Wei waved her hand and the paper crane fell into her palm. When she finished reading, her expression changed dramatically.


Bright Water City, Sky Immortal Pavilion.

"These people from Little Mountain Jie are so aggressive right now. In the future, won't they try to climb on top of our heads in the future?" A middle-aged xiuzhe's expression was dark. He was the sect leader of the largest power in Bright Water City, Yan Yang of Wood Sword Sect.

"We need to let them know whose territory this is," a xiuzhe with a waxy-yellow face said faintly. He was wearing a golden-threaded long robe, had bright eyes and an authoritative presence. He was the sect leader of Cloud Divine Sect, He Qiu.

Wood Sword Sect and Cloud Divine Sect were the largest two sects in Bright Water City. Bright Water City was the most prosperous city of Sky Water Jie, and was home to four of the top ten sects. Other than the Hundred Flower Alliance that Zuo Mo had destroyed, Wood Sword Sect was placed fifth, Cloud Divine Sect was placed seventh, and the other, the Blackwater Sect was tenth.

All the other sect leaders present nodded their heads.

It had touched many people's nerves that the Master of Golden Crow City had attacked Hundred Flower Alliance. Wood Sword Sect and Cloud Divine Sect had marriage alliances with Hundred Flower Alliance. Zuo Mo had moved to destroy Hundred Flower Alliance before the other sects had managed to react. If he had taken some more time, his victory would not have been so easily achieved.

"Hm, Blackwater Sect does not want to meddle in this matter. That's good, one less person to share in the spoils." Yan Yang's expression was cold.

The other sect leaders had joyed expressions. In their view, with Wood Sword Sect and Cloud Divine Sect as the leaders, the Master of Golden Crow City wouldn't be able to make any waves no matter how powerful he was. They had long heard ago that the Master of Golden Crow City was very rich, and the five enormous slave transporting boats that were filled with all kinds of talismans and rare materials. They were truly treasure ships.

Even more, now there was also the enormous wealth of Hundred Flower Alliance added to the spoils. How could people's hearts not be moved?

Many sects were jealous of Hundred Flower Alliance's flower growing methods. If they could receive the ling farming methods for the ling flowers, they would have another steady source of income.

So when the two big sect leaders called out, many small sects responded.

"The House of the Crow Marquis ... ..." the leader of a small sect muttered.

He Qiu's expression was natural. "No matter. I have already notified them. I believe they can see the state of affair clearly."

"Everyone, go back and prepare. Let's set the time for noon tomorrow," Yan Yang said.

The sect leaders stood and went back to prepare.

After everyone had left, only Yan Yang and He Qiu were left in Sky Immortal Pavilion.

He Qiu asked, "How many people are you preparing to bring?"

"I heard that the Master of Golden Crow City has two elite forces. I really want to see how they compare to my Wood Sword Camp," Yan Yang said proudly. Wood Sword Camp was the most elite troop of Wood Sword Sect, and was famed through Sky Water Jie.

He Qiu clapped and smiled, "I also had the same idea. How about we each take a troop and see who will win?"

The Flying Cloud Camp and Cloud Divine Sect was also an elite force known in Sky Water Jie.

"If both you and I win, then what?" Yan Yang looked at He Qiu.

"The first one to win is the winner," He Qiu smiled. "The flower slave growth method of Hundred Flower Alliance supposedly originated from the Thousand Year Battle. How about we use it as our prize? But since the city Master of Golden Crow City has no jindan, if we use jindan to pressure people, we will not win honorably. You and I cannot take jindan. What does Sect Leader Yan think?"

A light flashed through Yan Yang's eyes, "Wonderful!"

The two exchanged a look, sparks flying and did not stand down.


The atmosphere of Bright Water City suddenly became tense, and the number of xiuzhe that flew through the air dropped dramatically. Many stores that got the news of the battle closed their doors.

Tian Ling Zi and the other two people looked at the large patch of Sonic Lightning Walnuts that floated in front of Zuo Mo and their mouths tasted bitter. They really hit a steel board this time. The other had mysterious origins, and his power was far greater than they had imagined.

They couldn't describe the bitterness inside.

Such a big personage like you, why did you run to such a poor gutter like Sky Water Jie for?

Can't you give us a road to live?

A paper crane suddenly flew into Tian Ling Zi's hand. After Tian Ling Zi finished looking, the shadow on his face was swept away and he roared with laughter.

The other people looked with unfriendliness at Tian Ling Zi. They really couldn't think what could make Tian Ling Zi so happy in such terrible circumstances?

Tian Ling Zi passed the paper crane to the other two people, and smiled smugly. "Sect Leader Yan Yang of Wood Sword Sect and Sect Leader He Qiu of Cloud Divine Sect will be leading their army tomorrow to take this little boy's life!"

After the two finished, they all had joyful expressions.

"Ha ha, we really have foresight!"

"We only need to drag down the Master of Golden Crow City, and we will definitely have a mention in the merit record!"

The three looked at each other and laughed loudly.

They were completely ignorant that danger was approaching them!

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