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 Chapter Three Hundred and Sixteen - Enormous Change

Three powers had come, with between two to three thousand people.

They looked with shock at the devastated Hundred Flower Valley. They had clearly seen the great battle of the jindan just now, and at a closer distance, they could feel the ferocity of the battle even more clearly.

Hundred Flower Valley was in ruins. The mountain valley that had been prosperous and filled with flowers had disappeared.

The people that came looked at Zuo Mo's group with eyes that held shock and fear. It had been these three thousand people that had erased a sect, a sect that ranked in the top ten of Sky Water Jie. Truthfully, they didn't want to be the ones to test the waters, but ... ...

"Sir is really too arrogant in our Bright Water City," One of the leaders of the group said coldly then continued, "You destroyed Hundred Flower Alliance with just a few actions. Great moves, great attitude!"

"We do not want to meddle in the grievance you have with Hundred Flower Alliance. Combat is common, but it is too cruel of you to destroy Hundred Flower Alliance!" The one that spoke was the leader of one of the other groups and he looked slightly old.

"If you're wise, give us Su Yue, and we will spare your lives!" This person's face was cold and indifferent, his murderous intent barely hidden.

The three all had calm expressions. They predicted that Zuo Mo's group did not have the energy to fight after experiencing such a battle. Their intentions of taking advantage of the situation was evident.

Zuo Mo glanced at Shu Long and the others. He found that they could not disguise the exhaustion on their faces. The great battle just now had expended everyone's energy. However, they were still quick in reorganizing themselves. No one was panicked or terrified. There was only calm on each person's face.

Seeing that their words did not cause Zuo Mo and his fellows to panic, the faces of the three people that spoke couldn't help but darken. The strength of mind of the Master of Golden Crow City's subordinates was greater than they had imagined. In their predictions, if they just slightly pressured the Master of Golden Crow City, he would capitulate.

They did not want the situation to devolve into a stand-off.

Just as the three were preparing to increase their pressure on Zuo Mo, Zuo Mo calmly spoke, "Su Yue? I killed her."


Simultaneous inhales of shock rang out in the surroundings. There were hundreds of people that had come to watch other than the three factions. They all were xiuzhe that had been disturbed by the battle and came to watch. Everyone knew Su Yue of Bright Water City.

Many people's expressions became unnatural at the fact that such a strong local power had been easily destroyed by the mysterious power of unknown origins.


What no one noticed was that some xiuzhe exchanged looks among themselves and quietly left the crowd. There were only twenty or so xiuzhe that left hence they went unnoticed. But it was possible to see with the naked eye that many xiuzhe were quickly flying towards this place from Bright Water City.

"The City Master is in danger!" one of the xiuzhe that retreated said with a worried expression.

"These people clearly want to take advantage. Hmph, they are really pulling a just excuse!" another person said furiously.

"We can't watch as City Master lands in danger." This person seemed to have some status in this group of people. He said in a deep voice, "Everyone cannot forget the favor City Master did for all of us, giving us the chance to leave Little Mountain Jie, to see the light again."

"But there are just so few of us ... ..."

"With just us is definitely not enough. However, there's a lot of people that came from Little Mountain Jie in Bright Water City." The person said with a grave expression, "Have you thought of how our days in Sky Water Jie will be in the future if City Master is treated like this today? Those of us that came from Little Mountain Jie, will all of us be bullied like this?"

"Right! They even dare to target City Master, we definitely won't hold a place in their eyes! Big Brother, what do you suggest we do?"

"Let's go to Bright Water City to get reinforcements," the person said decisively. "If we spread the news that City Master is in danger, no one from Little Mountain Jie will have any reason to stand aside and watch!"

The twenty or so people exchanged looks, nodded, and flew rapidly towards Bright Water City.


"You killed Su Yue?" The three people had dark faces.

Zuo Mo's expression was calm as he silently grasped a Sonic Lightning Walnut in his hand. These people looked very well-organized, but there were no jindan xiuzhe. Zuo Mo released a breath at this. If a jindan had come, Zuo Mo would definitely take his people and run for their lives.

Seeing the other was wary and had not immediately attacked, Zuo Mo was happy to drag on the conversation. The other definitely would not expect that the xiuzhe of Vermillion Bird Camp had formations carved on their bodies that could automatically take ling power from the air and recover multiple times faster than normal xiuzhe. The recovery rate of Shu Long and his group was even faster.

When they recovered, he wouldn't be afraid of these three thousand people, or even twice that.

"So what? Do you have a relationship with her?" Zuo Mo raised an eyebrow.

Laughs rang out from the crowd. The three people's expressions were not attractive. All three of them had lusted after Su Yue's beauty. Other than the temptation of great benefits, they had the notion of taking Su Yue into their houses.

"Sect Leader Su has a deep relationship with our sect. This one will definitely help get justice for Sect Leader Su," one of the people said hatefully.

The other two did not speak, but their ranks pressed forward. The mood suddenly became tense.


As the base of Hundred Flower Alliance, Hundred Flower Valley was not far from Bright Water City. The procession of twenty people quickly travelled to Bright Water City. They suddenly split up, and flew low through the streets. Channelling their ling power, they shouted with all their power, "The Master of Golden Crow City is being surrounded. Brothers of Little Mountain Jie, if you're a man, stand up!"

The shouts were like thunder as they rolled in waves. The people travelling in the sky looked over.

The leader of the group suddenly swept across the ground, and his eyes lit up. There was an enormous sound tablet about ten zhang high below that swirled with purple light. A Sound Tablet Agency! He instantly landed, and floated into the agency.

"Sir ... ..." a xiuzhe came up.

Before the other finished speaking, he took out a pile of jingshi and said in a deep voice, "Broadcast a message for me."


As the other's ranks moved forward, Zuo Mo did not feel any pressure. The three troops could be called organized, but there was still a great distance from being an elite force. He was used to the great pressure from Vermillion Bird Camp and Guard Camp. Zuo Mo wouldn't feel anything from this kind of degree of pressure.

But he noticed the xiuzhe in the surroundings seemed to stir as well, and his heart became wary. The individual power of the xiuzhe at the edges were average, and they were not organized, but in Zuo Mo's eyes, the threat of these people was much greater than the three factions at the front.

With just a slight provocation, they would lose their rationality. They would charge up, and then the situation would descend into chaos. That had happened many times before in Little Mountain Jie. Zuo Mo, who had crawled his way out of Little Mountain Jie, how could he neglect this?

"Just you guys?" Zuo Mo said coldly. His eyes narrowed coldly like blades, cold and freezing.

For some unknown reason, all three people jumped in fright. They suddenly remembered this youth in front of them just killed a jindan.

Their pupils suddenly shrank to pinpoints, and their expressions changed as they stared at the two silver walnuts covered in golden patterns that spun on Zuo Mo's hand.

"Sonic Lightning Walnuts!"

An exclamation suddenly came from the crowd. Some that had knowledge unconsciously retreated twenty zhang!

All the eyes gathered on the two Sonic Lightning Walnuts in Zuo Mo's hands. Those were Sonic Lightning Walnuts! The terrifying presence that emanated from the two Sonic Lightning Walnuts made one's heart jump rapidly.

Sonic Lightning Walnuts were rare fourth-grade materials. Who would be so wasteful to forge Sonic Lightning Walnuts into one-use talismans?

The eyes of many people became extremely heated, but no one dared to move a sliver.

When Sonic Lightning Walnuts were forged into one-time talismans, they were things that even jindan were wary of. However, what reassured them slightly was that while the power of one-time Sonic Lightning Walnut talismans was astounding, but they could only be used once.

The two Sonic Lightning Walnuts slowly floated forward from Zuo Mo's palm, and it was possible to see lightning arc across the surface of each walnut.

Whoosh, the xiuzhe in front of Zuo Mo simultaneously moved to the sides. They didn't want to be at the front.

Their eyes suddenly shrank again.

Another two Sonic Lightning Walnuts appeared in Zuo Mo's palm.

The two Sonic Lightning Walnuts floated up from his palm and floated in front of his chest.

The four Sonic Lightning Walnuts lined up in a row. Everyone's eyes tightly locked onto them, and didn't dare to move away. Many people uncontrollably swallowed. If it was said that the two Sonic Lightning Walnuts had previously made people feel fear, then four Sonic Lightning Walnuts was like pouring a basin of cold water on their hearts that had been shaken.

If four Sonic Lightning Walnuts exploded at the same time ... ...

The xiuzhe that thought of this shook.

When another two Sonic Lightning Walnuts appeared in Zuo Mo's palm, the entire Hundred Flower Valley was silent.

Six Sonic Lightning Walnuts spun and twirled like six mischievous children restlessly in front of Zuo Mo.

After a short period of utter silence, the xiuzhe that had thought they had some power did not hesitate this time, and simultaneously retreated fifty zhang.

The space around Zuo Mo was instantly empty.

Where did this guy come from? Everyone felt they were going crazy. One move, and it was six Sonic Lightning Walnuts! This extravagance was enough to smash most of the tycoons in Bright Water City!

When the number of Sonic Lightning Walnuts in front of Zuo Mo increased to eight, the three leaders had ashen faces. The morale of their troops reached their lowest depth.

If taking out eight Sonic Lightning Walnuts in one go could not be considered the mannerisms of a rich sect disciple, then the top ten sects of Sky Water Jie were as poor as street urchins.

When the number of Sonic Lightning Walnuts in front of Zuo Mo reached a terrifying ten, everyone was left numb.

If ten Sonic Lightning Walnuts exploded simultaneously, all of them, including the Hundred Flower Valley, would only have one fate. To turn to ash.

When the number of Sonic Lightning Walnuts reached twenty ... ...

The people were not nervous anymore, and they relaxed.

"Maniac, why are they coming to a small place at Sky Water Jie to show-off for? These young masters are really boring. All they know is to play dumb."

"Yes, they think we are stupid! Ha ha, those three factions are stunned now. They've offended a rich young master, just wait to get killed!"

"Did this guy want Su Yue? Tried to force himself, Su Yue wouldn't comply so he killed Su Yue in anger, and destroyed Hundred Flower Alliance ... ..."

"Su Yue wouldn't comply?" Another person rolled their eyes, "Who knows who tried to force themselves onto the other person ... ..."

The tense mood in the sky suddenly became filled with humor.

The three leaders were dumbstruck where they stood.

Translator Ramblings: Yes, some of you noticed that Pu Yao was totally fine with turning the bandits into golden armor guards which is a form of enslavement while he was extremely affected by the flower slaves.

First, Pu Yao is a yao. The ones that were affected in the past were yao who he might have seen or they may have been people he had known. Also, he has a hatred of xiuzhe and they were enemies in the past so Pu Yao potentially has little sympathy for xiuzhe. Additionally, for both Zuo Mo and Pu Yao, the bandits were their enemies and going to be killed anyway. Pu Yao just found another use for them. On the other hand, they have no grievances with the flower slaves and it is easier to feel sympathy for them.

Zuo Mo and Pu Yao are not bleeding hearts/saints that will try to free every slave or right every wrong. That would be contrary to what Fang Xiang has shown for Zuo Mo's pragmatism and Pu Yao's indifferent and disdainful attitude towards most things.