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 Chapter Three Hundred and Fourteen - Successive Mo Kill

Fourth-grade talismans and above generally had formation techniques that accompanied them, and as the grade increased, the number of formation techniques a talisman possessed would also increase. For example, the majority of fourth-grade talismans had only one formation technique. Only the finest of fourth-grade talismans would have two formation techniques. Fifth-grade talismans would have between two to four formation techniques, and sixth-grade talismans would have between four to six formation techniques.

The formation techniques could utilize the talisman's power to its maximum potential. Each additional formation technique was one more killing move.

No one would scorn having more killing moves.

At this time, Elder Wang understood that normal attacks would be ineffective against the people in front of her.

How long has it been since she used a killing move? Elder Wang's thoughts wandered. After she had cultivated to jindan, she concentrated on her study of forging, and never fought again. She had never expected the first battle for her as a jindan would result in her being pushed to such a dangerous position!

Gathering her thoughts, the Begonia Palace Lantern in the sky slowly revolved. Each flower petal flashed with a glowing light. The pulsing Blue Heart Bamboo Flame was like a heart and stirred the ling energy in the surrounding area to pulse with it.


Zuo Mo's consciousness was the largest and he was the first to detect the abnormality. He couldn't help but feel shocked.

This Begonia Palace Lantern was definitely not below the sixth-grade. The power of a sixth-grade talisman in the hands of a jindan would be terrifying.

Elder Xiao also detected it. She was very stunned. Elder Wang was going all out!

For some reason, when she knew that Elder Wang was going all out, she didn't feel any excitement, but felt fear instead. The pressure that the youth with the half-transparent golden wings gave her seemed to increase in that moment.

Zuo Mo sensitively detected that Elder Xiao's attention wavered. An opportunity! Light flashed through his eyes and his body disappeared.

Elder Xiao's heart suddenly jumped, the pink flying sword in her hand rising. Multiple sword energy shields appeared in the space beside her. Before she saw the results, she retreated, but the feeling of danger suddenly rose. Out of shock, her flying sword sliced towards her back.


An enormous force drove into her from the flying sword. Her entire right arm went numb, and her flying sword was ripped from her hand.

She bit down on her lips. Not daring to stop at all, her figure successively flashed.

A cold essence flashed behind her back, and carried a spray of blood with it.

She panted heavily, and looked with astonishment at the youth in the distance. The back of her right hand was bleeding, and there was a curved wound on her back. She had been wounded twice by a ningmai's attack!

She looked at Zuo Mo as though she was looking at a monster.

Her gaze landed on the half-transparent golden wing's on Zuo Mo's back and furiously trying to determine what kind of abhinna it was. What dhyana xiu cultivated was abhinna, and in her view, the wings should be a kind of abhinna. With such a wondrous abhinna, this youth's origins were not ordinary.

They really encountered a great foe today.

Zuo Mo felt his entire body filled with great strength that was so abundant he wanted to groan. The Great Day mo physique really lived up to the rumors! At this time, Zuo Mo finally experienced that only the transformations of a mo physique could truly express the true power of the mo physique.

The Light Void Wings on his back seemed to be rooted inside his body. There were no actual changes inside his body, but many of his muscles, blood, and bones seemed to wake from their slumber. The abundant power did not come from the Light Void Wings but from the depths of his body.


The power that woke shook inside his body and almost forced his body to explode.

In this moment, Zuo Mo comprehended some of the true meaning of mo physique cultivation. The body was like a treasure cave, one that was unfathomable in its depths. But in the great majority of time, this treasure cave was dormant. The mo physique was like a vessel that continuously matured, and developed to become increasingly more powerful, and so the power that was activated and released was greater.

Looking at Elder Xiao who was just barely hanging on, Zuo Mo was suddenly filled with confidence, confidence that came from great strength.

Facing a jindan, he was not helpless anymore!

Glancing at the Begonia Palace Lantern igniting in the sky, he decided to end the battle as quickly as possible.

The Light Void Wings on his back lightly flapped. A strong force passed over, and his body disappeared in the air again!


In the sky, the Begonia Palace Lantern started to burn into a ball of blue-white fire and pulsed in an unique beat. Elder Wang chanted lowly, "Blue Heart Begonia Sea!"


The empty sky seemed like dry tinder suddenly caught fire.

In an instant, the flame spread and the sky above Elder Wang turned to a sea of fire. The blue-white sea of flames covered the sky.

Shu Long raised his face upwards. The sunlight was blocked by the sea of fire, and a large shadow landed on his face. Looking at the vast sea of flame, one couldn't help but feel awe. The blue-white sea of fire furiously burned as it spread. Countless threads of blue-white fire fell from the sky like tens of thousands of blue-white hands of fire that shot at the five slave transporting boats!

The faces of people on the boats, like the forging division, all changed. The furious sea of fire above their head covered everything and felt unavoidable.

Only Shu Long and his fellows stood motionless and steady as rocks. But the battle intent in their hearts was stirred by the sky full of fire. The black energy around them became denser.

The roiling black energy above their heads formed a snake again. The enormous snake was not lacking compared to the sea of flame. At the same time, Shu Long raised his left hand, the left hand that was covered in black energy. Every person in Guard Camp raised their left hand that was covered in black energy.

The black snake opened its large mouth and sucked with a hiss.

The black energy was like fire, and its sparks left their hands and raced into the sky.

The blue-white flame came from the sky, just like the fire-like black energy rising up against the flow. Between these white and black flames was a colossal black snake. The scene was filled with power. It was like an invisible hand tightly gripped everyone's hearts. The people on the slave transporting boats dazedly raised their heads in silence. In this moment, they forgot their terror.

The dots of black fire in the sky rapidly landed in the mouth of the black snake.

The maw of the black snake was like a bottomless pit, and cleanly absorbed every bit of black energy that rose into the sky. The black energy around Shu Long and the others was now much fainter. The sheen on their black armor was much dimmer.

The black snake's cold pupils showed slight pain. The two bumps on its forehead bulged like something inside was moving, and wanted to burst out. A light suddenly exploded out of the black snake's pupils as it shrieked.


The lines of fire landing from the sky suddenly paused and could not progress any further.

There seemed to be an invisible wall between the black snake and the white sea of fire that forcibly stopped the tens of thousands of threads of blue-white fire.

Elder Wang's expression changed. She did not notice that she had bitten through her lips and blood was dripping. She had been pushed into a hopeless situation! Even her retreat had been unknowingly sealed shut. If she chose to retreat now, the sea of flames in the sky would explode, and it would be difficult to escape death.

Pia, the hairpin in her hair broke. Her long hair fell down and was blown by the wind in a tangle like demons dancing.

She did not hesitate. Her last thread of ling power was thrown crazily into the sea of fire.

[Fire Born Begonia]!

The sea of fire changed again. Blue begonias grew out of the sea of fire, bloomed, and withered.

The withered flower petals landed in the sea of fire and turned to dust. The sea of fire suddenly collapsed and concentrated towards its center. All of the ling energy in the entire Hundred Flower Valley was pulled in. The ling flowers that were planted throughout the valley felt this enormous pulling force and left their branches to gravitate to the sea of fire.

Su Yue saw this and her heart bled. These ling flowers were the most important source of jingshi for Hundred Flower Alliance. They were all destroyed today. It wouldn't be possible to recover without twenty years of work.

After this battle, no matter if they obtained victory or were defeated, Hundred Flower Alliance's power would plummet, and it was likely they wouldn't even be able to hold onto Hundred Flower Valley.


"Should we go help Guard Camp?" A thread of terror flashed across Zong Ru's eyes. Even he, who had very good composure, felt his heart beat wildly at the sea of fire in the sky.

Gongsun Cha smiled. "Don't worry. Shu Long and the others aren't weak."

Even though Shixiong had never told him who was in charge of Guard Camp, he knew. When would it ever be his turn to worry about the mysterious person that could annihilate him in War Chess?

Even he was curious just how strong the Guard Camp was.

Gongsun Cha suppressed his curiosity and his eyes returned to the battlefield he was responsible for. Looking at Vermillion Bird Camp charge the other side in waves, a furious battle intent came into his eyes. Even if it was that mysterious person that could exterminate him in War Chess, he wouldn't willingly admit defeat.

Their fight had moved from War Chess into reality.

Was there anything that could excite him more?

It may have been the excitement that caused two patches of red to float on his face. This made him look even more shy and bashful.

"Close the net."


The sea of fire was changing, and the black snake in the sky had also reached the most crucial time of its transformation. The two bumps on its forehead continuously grew like two enormous blisters.


The black snake gave a painful shriek again. The mountain-like body furiously twisted. Everywhere it swept, it created soul-shaking vibrations. Pew, the skin above the bumps on its forehead finally broke. Two black horns that seemed like dry wood burst out.

The two black horns continued to grow until they were about two chi when they finally stopped.

Serpent transformation!

This black snake finally completed its most important transformation. Today onwards, it would be called the Black Serpent.

A terrifying presence swept across the sky like a hard wind.

Everyone, including those on Zuo Mo's side and the Hundred Flower Alliance's side, froze in their movements.

The only person that was not affected was Zuo Mo. The Light Void Wings on his back shook, and resolved this shocking presence. But Zuo Mo was also shocked by the powerful presence of the black serpent. The twenty zhang long serpent body swam with ease in the air.

The pair of pupils were not icy like they were in the past, but were dignified and proud, as well as immeasurably deep.

It raised its serpent head. The sea of fire in the air turned to an enormous fire begonia. The begonia faced the black serpent and slowly turned.

A hint of mirth came onto Shu Long's face. The black energy on his body was much fainter and caused his slightly smile to look slightly fragile. The other camp guards were pale, but their faces were overjoyed.

They had successfully cultivated to the second stage of the [Crow Fiend Mo Kill Formation]!

The second kill of the Crow Fiend Mo Kill Formation, Successive Mo Kill!

Translator Ramblings: Gongsun Cha is super competitive. Pu Yao is at a bit of a disadvantage since he is starting with lower-quality soldiers to some degree but since he has much more experience, Gongsun Cha and Pu Yao are better matched if they fight in the real world.

Zuo Mo's speed matches a jindan now. Think how easy Clear Sky Old Forefather would have been to take down if Zuo Mo was that powerful. Just zip right through that blockade.