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 Chapter Three Hundred and Nine - The Greatest Gain.

At the camp.

"Can't you go faster?" Pu Yao impatiently urged from behind him.

"What are you rushing for? Let me see if I missed anything!" Zuo Mo searched the body of the old Taoist one more time in great detail, to prevent anything from being left behind, before reluctantly throwing the old Taoist to Pu Yao.

Pu Yao hurriedly turned into a black wind that took up the old Taoist and disappeared.

"So pitiful!" Zuo Mo shook his head in sympathy, but when his eyes returned to his spoils, his face instantly filled with smiles. Fighting against a jindan was a painful process, but inventorying the spoils was the best experience.

Woah ... ...

There wasn't much on the body of the old Taoist, but to be seen to have value in the eyes of a jindan, those items naturally were not ordinary. A string of mother and child copper bells, a blue stone about the size of his palm shaped like a mountain, and three jade scrolls.

Zuo Mo first took out the mother and child bells. The big and small yellow copper bells were strung together with a red string.

Zuo Mo found it interesting and swung the copper bell.


Zuo Mo seemed to be hit full-on by a wild beast. Before he could react, he was thrown back multiple zhang.

After a while, Zuo Mo shook his head as he climbed up and spat out the sand in his mouth. His eyes were bright as he stared at the bells on the ground.

Such a powerful talisman!

If he did not possess the Great Day mo physique, he probably would have died right there. It was the first time he saw such a strange sound-type talisman. Most sound-type talismans enchanted the mind, and those that were stronger could directly attack the soul.

These mother and child bells could physically attack.

Strange! It was too strange!

Zuo Mo carefully picked up the mother and child bells, his consciousness prying into it. The best way to understand a talisman was the use the consciousness to inspect it.

When his consciousness entered the copper bells, Zuo Mo felt his vision shift and was situated in an empty space.

Countless complex and ancient seal scripts swam around him. They seemed to be alive as they spun freely. Even if Zuo Mo could be considered to be knowledgeable, his head was dizzy when he saw these seal scripts.

Not far from Zuo Mo was a round ball about the height of a person. It was made from dense layers of complex seal scripts wrapped together. That was a jinzhi! How many jinzhi had people put down over the big ball?!

Staring at the round ball covered in jinzhi, Zuo Mo suddenly became curious what was being contained inside this round ball?

Was the thing inside this round ball of jinzhi perhaps the crux to controlling these bells? How had the enormous force that had thrown him back been released? These seal scripts? Or what was contained inside?

He was a bit uncertain, but he didn't dare to move rashly now. The seal scripts flying in the surroundings were outside of his knowledge of the field. If he accidentally became trapped, he was not certain that he could escape!

Withdrawing his consciousness from the copper bells, Zuo Mo still felt fear.

He couldn't make a good judgment about the grade of this talisman, but it definitely was above fifth-grade. His intuition told him that it was very dangerous. Out of caution, Zuo Mo decided to temporarily put it aside. The old Taoist that he had defeated probably hadn't understood how to use it either.

Zuo Mo's attention then landed on the mountain-shaped blue rock. When he held it, he was very shocked.

It was very heavy!

This rock that was the size of his palm weighed a terrifying two thousand catties!

Zuo Mo instantly became excited. This was another powerful talisman. He couldn't help but examine it. Countless seal characters could be seen on the surface of the mountain. They were as thin as strands of hair, and displayed the extraordinary skill of the forger.

Zuo Mo channeled ling power into it.

On the surface of the blue rock were the words "Evil Subduing" in bright cinnabar. The small mountain quickly grew to a height of five zhang.

Zuo Mo's mind moved, his finger pointing upward as he shouted, "Seal"

The mountain suddenly appeared at the location that Zuo Mo's finger was pointing to and slammed down!


The earth shook, and Zuo Mo was almost knocked down. The strong air wave carried the dust as it swept past like a twister.

The entire camp was alarmed by such a loud noise, and many figures flew towards this place.

When everyone saw this blue mountain that was half buried in the ground and the spider-web like cracks radiating outwards, they shouted in shock and were dumbstruck where they stood.

"Hm, you can all go! Go! I'm trying out new talismans!"

Zuo Mo sent everyone away, ran to the little mountain and stared with intoxication at the cinnabar red words "Evil Subduing" written on the surface.

Good treasure, very good treasure!

If this dropped down and hit, even a jindan xiuzhe would be turned into a pancake. Even if it just brushed past, that would result in a broken limb at least.

This "Evil Subduing Peak" was a fifth-grade talisman and Zuo Mo could not stop caressing it. Fifth-grade talismans had to have formation techniques. If it was this powerful when used normally, he didn't know what the formation technique would look like.

He still put the Evil Subduing Peak back into the ring. The investigation of the formation technique wouldn't be easy and would take a long time.

After two great talismans, Zuo Mo's curiosity had been stirred to a peak. He was full of anticipation towards the three jade scrolls that remained.

Taking out the jade scrolls, he read through them one by one.

The first jade scroll recorded the spell that the yellow-robed old Taoist had cultivated, [Heavy Earth Spell]. It was a rare sixth-grade earth element spell. This was astounding to Zuo Mo. Higher level spells belonging to the five element were very rare in the Kun Lun realm, as it was dominated by sword xiu.

He quickly found the move that the yellow-robed old Taoist had used in Bright Water City. It was called [Heavy Earth Restriction]. In an instant, it could manipulate the earth element power under the ground and to produce a restrictive effect.

Other than this, it had many other abilities that made Zuo Mo afraid as he read.

If the other had not been careless today, and been trapped in close combat, it was hard to say who would win. Jindan xiuzhe that were skilled in five element spells were completely different than jindan sword xiu. Even though their attacks were not as powerful as sword xiu, but their moves had more variation.

Zuo Mo decided that he had to practice the [Heavy Earth Spell]. His talent in the five elements wasn't just a bit stronger than his talent in the sword.

The second jade scroll made Zuo Mo's mind jump again. It recorded the imprinting and usage instructions for the Evil Subduing Peak. Zuo Mo was entranced as he read and was extremely joyful. This Evil Subduing Peak was made from one hundred and thirty thousand catties of third-grade Sky Blue Rock, and was processed hundreds of times to remove the impurities before finally being reduced to ten thousand catties of the essence.

The jade scroll also recorded the formation techniques of the Evil Subduing Peak. The description was so strong that Zuo Mo's heart itched.

Evil Subduing Peak was a talisman like the [Heaven Turn Seal]. These types of talismans usually were powerful, but had all kinds of weaknesses. For example, this Evil Subduing Peak had to be held in the hand of the xiuzhe to be used. But it was a terrifying ten thousand catties heavy. Even if it was not activated, it was still two thousand catties heavy. Those that had weak bodies did not have the power to use it.

The yellow-robed old Taoist had possessed this Evil Subduing Peak for a long time, but due to this restriction, he could only leave it in the corner of his ring.

But this was perfect for Zuo Mo. His Great Day mo physique was very strong. Not to mention just two thousand catties, even if it was the full ten thousand catties, he could hold it up. If he also practiced the [Heavy Earth Spell] and used the two together, the power would further multiply.

The jade scroll also recorded how to process it further. Zuo Mo swept over it and put it back into the ring to start reading the last jade scroll.

The last jade scroll was a jie map.

This jie map was bigger than the one Zuo Mo had copied from Rong Wei. This shocked Zuo Mo. He guessed that the yellow-robed old Taoist had gotten this jie map from somewhere else and this was not charted by himself.

There were more than five hundred jie marked on the jie map, including some jie that were in very far away locations. Zuo Mo seemed to be able to trace the trips the maker of this jie map had taken through his life. Many of the routes penetrated deep into obscure places.

The information written about each jie were also very detailed.

Zuo Mo couldn't help but feel respect. To have gone to so many places, this xiuzhe definitely had been very powerful.

Following the jie map, Zuo Mo read the information on each jie one by one with interest.

When he found an intermediate jie called Cloud Sea Jie, a note written about it instantly made him freeze where he stood.

"At the deepest parts of the Water Cloud Sea, it is possible to hunt for Water Cloud Embryo which has the ability to heal and nurture the soul."

Water Cloud Embryo!

Zuo Mo felt overjoyed. The previous talismans and spells could not make him as happy as this piece of information!

Water Cloud Embryo was in Cloud Sea Jie!

Cloud Sea Jie!

Zuo Mo's eyes were bright. He instantly found the position of Sky Water Jie and quickly found a route that led to Cloud Sea Jie.

This was a very long route. The route passed through seven intermediate jie and twenty six small jie. He had never thought there would be a day that he would need to go to so many places. But he had no fear or timidity.

He needed to find Water Cloud Embryo and heal A Gui.

A Gui sat silently, Silly Bird, Lil' Pagoda, and the others were surrounding her as they played happily. Ever since A Gui had been injured, the terrifying presence around her had disappeared. Silly Bird and the others did not fear her at all, and in reverse, they were very close to her.

Lil' Fire liked to roll around on A Gui's body, and Lil' Black liked to hang on A Gui's hair. Lil' Pagoda liked to circle around A Gui. What made Zuo Mo feel was the least believable was Silly Bird. This bird, for some reason, was extremely good to A Gui, and was even willing to let A Gui ride her.

This was a benefit Zuo Mo could not even imagine.

It might have been a delusion, but Zuo Mo felt that after having the four keep her company, A Gui's wooden face seemed to have a hint of life.

Zuo Mo looked at this scene and felt unusually warm.


Su Yue soullessly returned to the sect. The scene that occurred earlier in the day was still affecting her mind. She had led the Hundred Flower Alliance for more than twenty years, and saw every kind of scheme and plan. But it was the first time she had seen such a straightforward and brutish battle!

It seemed that she was only suited to behind the scene tactics, she smiled mockingly.

Sitting down and taking a drink of ling tea, her spirit sudden felt slightly better.

At this time, a female disciple ran in a panic.

"Sect Leader! Not good! Shimei was killed by Sky Number One, and he ... ... he ran away!"

Su Yue smashed her teacup that she had raised to her lips to the ground, her eyes wide as she lectured angrily, "What are you standing there for? Go pursue him! You crowd of trash! If you can't get him back, all of you don't need to come back!"

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As all of you have said, Pu Yao finally gets his golden core. He's really desperate at this point.

Doesn't this chapter of Zuo Mo sighing over talismans bring back memories of being at Wu Kong Mountain? Zuo Mo has greatly improved from the guy who couldn't haul his ling grains up the mountain.

Cloud Sea Jie was also the place that manufactured the Cloud Formation Silk the Second Elder of the Outer Hall used in battle. Zuo Mo's plot armor is at work. The map he needed just happened to drop into his lap, after some effort.