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 Chapter Three Hundred and Six - Spells Entering Formation

Zuo Mo's cheeks ballooned, his eyes were round like a toad expanding its cheeks, and blew out heavily!


A red thread of fire emerged from his mouth!

Countless small flames landed like raindrops in the sword formation.


The light from the sword formation exploded, countless red sparks floating in the middle. Inside the sharp murderous intent was an explosive energy.

At the same time, Zuo Mo's hands flipped and the [Little Art of Cloud and Rain] formed. The glowing rain silently entered the sword formation. Innumerable clear droplets floated inside the formation. The water and fire were clearly divided and extremely pretty to look at. However, no one was attracted by its beauty. The dangerous presence exuded by the water and fire sword formation made everyone's hearts speed up.

"Pu, look, isn't this it?" Zuo Mo smugly showed off.

This was the method he thought of.

After Zuo Mo had read through more than one hundred jade scrolls, he found that while the quality of each was good, there wasn't a spell that made peaked his interest. At this moment, he suddenly found that he had become pickier without previously noticing it.

However, he suddenly discovered that even though these spells and sword scriptures were not outstanding, they were at least varied. Each jade scroll had its own unique qualities. He had a daring idea. Could he merge all of these spells together?

Consequently, he thought of formations.

Different sword energies and spells contained an abundance of changes, and thus they were perfect for formations.

It was extremely difficult to use different sword energies and spells to create a formation.

When this idea jumped out, he knew it was possible! However, he didn't speak of it. He really desired the six transformations of the Great Day mo physique from the bottom of his heart, especially when he heard Pu Yao say that it could match a jindan xiuzhe. He forcibly stopped the impulse to make a deal, and spent a whole month to sort through every detail that he could think of before he set the trap for Pu Yao.

Zuo Mo's face was very smug but his heart was beating rapidly inside. Only when he finished setting up the formation did the stone in his heart land on the ground.

Dearie, he should not frequently do things like this in the future, that was too intense for ge!

"How ... ... how is it possible ... ..."

When Zuo Mo saw Pu Yao's dumbstruck expression, all of the nervousness flew away, and his body felt unspeakably comfortable!

"Divine Summoning Art!" Pu Yao's eyes widened greatly as he stared in disbelief at Zuo Mo.

"Divine Summoning Art? What is that?" Zuo Mo was confused.

Pu Yao had a death stare locked on Zuo Mo. His gaze was so strange that Zuo Mo felt his hairs stand up.

"Pu, I have no interest in yao ... ..."

Pu Yao's eyes were tightly fixed on Zuo Mo and he did not speak.

After a while, Zuo Mo really could not suppress himself. "Pu, you can't go back on your word!" His finger motions instantly changed. "Look, I used [Bright Light Spell] as the foundation, then [Black Fire Spell] and [Ling Wood Spell] so that the wood element would create fire. Then I used the [Black Daze Spell] as the connection to create the presence of the Fire-Tailed tiger, which is highly offensive and vicious!"

In front of him, a formation that seemed like a ferocious tiger took form. A thread of fire tail was waving in the air, cold and murderous.


Gao Jian Ting who saw this, couldn't stop herself from inhaling sharply. With a few flicks of the youth's finger, all kinds of spells fell like rain, and the formation took form almost in the blink of an eye.

What finger method was this?

With her cultivation and keen eyes, she could clearly see every step Zuo Mo made, but when all the movements were connected together, she could not understand it. However, the high spirited and vicious presence of this Fire-Tailed tiger formation rushed at her face.

She had never heard of such a fantastical method.

In her eyes, the youth sitting on the boat suddenly became deep and mysterious. Was it the disciple of some big sect out on a right of passage? This was her only rational guess.


The highest-ranking commanders of the other factions also had heavy expression at this time.

Zuo Mo's move really was astounding and exquisite, stunning the entire place.

Even though they didn't know why this youth would show this to everyone, but the factions couldn't help but start to mutter.

"Why do you know Divine Summoning Art?" Pu Yao stared at Zuo Mo and bit out his words one by one.

"What is Divine Summoning Art?" Zuo Mo asked curiously.

Pu Yao stared at Zuo Mo for a long time before opening. "Then how are you controlling these spells?"

"Spiritual power!" Zuo Mo looked strangely at Pu Yao. "Of course it is spiritual power. This is very easy! Look."

He flicked with a finger and a thread of fire flew before him. Without any visible action from him, the thread of fire seemed to be pulled by an invisible force to spin around Zuo Mo.

"You don't know how?" Zuo Mo felt it was even more strange. "No way! Shouldn't a finger method as easy as this be something that all yao cultivate?"

"How many threads can you control in total?" Pu Yao did not answer but asked in response.

"A lot!" Without another word, Zuo Mo's finger flicked continuously. Threads of fire floated in the air. In a short moment, more than one hundred flames were floating around him. Zuo Mo's consciousness moved, and controlled these flames to perform all kinds of moves.

"Alright! I will give you the six transformations to the Great Day mo physique tomorrow!" Pu Yao said decisively.

Zuo Mo instantly had a smile. Pu Yao might have the track record of a con artist, but when he promised something he never went back on his word.

"You should first resolve what is happening right now," Pu Yao then said.

Zuo Mo stilled. Pu Yao's tone actually became slightly friendly. This made feel very unaccustomed. Illusion, this definitely was an illusion!

As he warned himself not to forget, he started to examine what was in front of him.

When he looked, his body shook.

What situation was this ... ...

The surroundings were deathly silent and every person was looking at him. Even if the skin on Zuo Mo's face was thick, he still felt his scalp prickle. Had he been embarrassing himself in front of so many people just now?

It was over, over!

He wailed inside. However, the skin on his face was truly thick, and he quickly composed himself.

Zuo Mo calmly asked, "Um, what's going on?"

When Xie Shan, Ma Fan, and the others heard this, they almost dropped from the sky. They stared at each other. Boss had made such a fuss, and now he was asking them what was happening?

Gongsun Cha's expression did not change. He coughed lightly, and said to Zong Ru beside him "Oh, the wind outside is strong, I'm going in to rest."

He then left for the cabin. Zong Ru reached out a hand in bewilderment. There was no wind.

Seeing no one answer after a while, anger sprouted from Zuo Mo's embarrassment. He pointed at Ma Fan, "You, speak!"

Ma Fan felt very unlucky. He could hear the muffled laughs of Xie Shan, Lei Peng and the others beside him, but he forced himself to fly next to Zuo Mo. "Boss, this, look ... ..."

He pointed at the Sky Water Jie xiuzhe in the sky.

Zuo Mo followed Ma Fan's finger and gazed at the Sky Water Jie xiuzhe opposite them. After tilting his head and thinking for a while, he said, "They are not letting us go across?"

When these words came out, all the Little Mountain Jie xiuzhe uncontrollably tightened their grip on their talismans, their gazes became vicious.

Gao Jian Ting and the other's had extraordinary hearing. When they heard Zuo Mo's words, their hearts jumped suddenly. If they had been just wary of the number of the Little Mountain Jie xiuzhe before, after seeing Zuo Mo's uncanny formation, they were even more wary of his origins.

The instinctive movements of the other's xiuzhe subordinates made their hearts tighten when they saw it.

They knew that it was not good but if they spoke and showed weakness now, they felt they would lose face.

At this time, Rong Wei inserted, "City Master, don't be angry. Everyone must not have known that City Master and your procession would be arriving, and have overreacted. City Master, please allow this one to go forward to speak."

Rong Wei was very nervous. She had seen the battle of Golden Crow City. Zuo Mo didn't even respect Clear Sky Old Forefather. If these people infuriated him, this place would flow with blood today.

Having managed to escape from Little Mountain Jie after a struggle, Zuo Mo was slightly discontent at being blockaded at the Sky Water Jie entrance.

He had led this group of people and survived for so long in Little Mountain Jie, and a killing energy had settled on his body. However, he didn't want to enter a conflict with the local factions just as he entered Sky Water Jie. He said to Rong Wei, "Then we will trouble Miss Rong!"

Rong Wei hurriedly flew towards the people of Sky Water Jie.

Normal xiuzhe might not know of Rong Wei of the House of the Crow Marquis, but the leaders of the eight factions recognized her. After Rong Wei went over and quietly spoke with them, the Sky Water Jie xiuzhe in front of Zuo Mo retreated.

Zuo Mo was slightly shocked. It seemed this House of the Crow Marquis wasn't simple!

Thinking about how the House of the Crow Marquis was investigating the Stars in Daytime, Zuo Mo was very irritated. It wasn't a good feeling that he was being targeted by a force that had a powerful background.

Rong Wei came back and smiled. "It is done!"

Zuo Mo had to give his thanks again. The five slave transporting boats slowly started and took the vast group of xiuhe into Sky Water Jie.


Gao Jian Ting gazed at this enormous troop, worry rising in her heart. She could only hope now that these five slave transporting boats were not spoils of war from a direct conflict.

No, she had to report this to the sect leader immediately!

She didn't dare to procrastinate and took out a paper crane. After she finished writing, she channeled ling power into the crane and watched as it disappeared into the sky.

At the same time, hundreds of paper cranes flew into the sky and disappeared.


As they entered Sky Water Jie, Zuo Mo's emotions totally relaxed. At evening, they reached the first major city of Sky Water Jie, Guang Heng City. When such a large number of xiuzhe appeared in the horizon, they created terror in the local xiuzhe.

Fortunately, Rong Wei came out at the appropriate time to comfort them, and dissipate their panic.

Seeing the situation, Zuo Mo established camp at a mountain peak outside the city.

There were no gatherings in the world that did not end. Many xiuzhe came at this time to Zuo Mo to give their farewells. Zuo Mo did not urge them to remain and gave them his good wishes. The sky filled with sword lights like rain that disappeared into the sky.

Their individual power was undoubted after being able to survive in Little Mountain Jie. They would have good lives in Sky Water Jie.

After some thought, Zuo Mo gathered everyone together, and took the jinzhi off their bodies. He looked with emotion at them, and suddenly felt a bit proud.

"Truthfully, I had no choice but to put jinzhi in everyone in the past. Fortunately, we have escaped Little Mountain Jie. Starting from today, everyone is free, you can go wherever you want! Everyone can go get five pieces of fourth-grade jingshi from Old Bao."

The people shifted slightly, but all of them were silent. No one moved.

Zuo Mo saw that no one moved, and felt irritated. He waved his hand. "I'm letting you go, so go!"

Finishing, he turned and left.

It was night, and the moonlight was like water.

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo astonishes Pu Yao through formations and five element spells. Zuo Mo and the people of Sky Water Jie are not off to a good start. Mass influx of refugees and a show of great power. I like how Rong Wei is trying to prevent bloodshed and is actually afraid of Zuo Mo. Also, five pieces of fourth-grade jingshi! I actually think Zuo Mo is way too generous this time but he did enslave them and force them to fight so reparations it is.