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 Chapter Three Hundred and Five - Entrance to the Jie River

Of more than one hundred jade scrolls, seven-tenths were sword scriptures. This made Zuo Mo feel very helpless.

Even though he had once cultivated sword essence at Wu Kong Mountains which had attracted the eye of the sect leader and the others, but that was relying the abilities of Pu Yao to forcibly make gains. His innate talent of practicing the sword was lacking, and he was more skilled with five element spells.

So when he saw that seventy percent of the sword scriptures, he really had a headache. However, he had put the words out. If he didn't do something, wouldn't Pu Yao laugh at him?

He was determined to get the two old codgers to see something new. Zuo Mo resolved himself. Wasn't it just sword scriptures?

He lined up the jade scrolls, and read through each one patiently. However, he did not read deeply, but scanned through all of them first.

It took him nearly two days to finish reading more than one hundred jade scrolls. His head was dizzy and his vision was blurry when he finished, but he felt he had learned a lot. Right now, his cultivation was limited, but of the xiuzhe of the same age, there were only a rare few as knowledgeable as he was.

The spiritual cultivation arts of yao, the body cultivating mo skills of mo, and even though he hadn't seen many high level spells of xiuzhe, but in terms of numbers, it was still very astounding. There were rarely people who would do as he did, and like to read all kinds of spells whether or not he would practice them or not.

The best benefit of having a vast knowledge was that he could examine these spells from a higher level.

Even though Zuo Mo could not cultivate these spells to a deep level, but that did not stop him from finding the main concepts. Of course, understanding was just understanding. Casting these spells required more than just understanding.

The spells were of a great variety. It clearly was not realistic to cultivate them one by one.

And Pu Yao would completely dismiss these spells. He needed to think of a way to shock this guy!

Zuo Mo thought for a long time. His face suddenly lit up - - he got it!


"Is Boss okay?" Xie Shan had a slightly worried expression.

Boss' state was not normal! Anyone that had eyes was able to see this.

Boss had been in this state for a few days. Without eating and drinking, he sat on the deck as though he had gone insane, occasionally mutter something. In comparison, A Gui that sat silently beside him seemed more like a normal person.

"Probably," Ma Fan said uncertainly.

Yesterday, Boss had suddenly cast an unknown spell. The result was the air in the surroundings had suddenly turned chaotic. They had almost been caught in it. After that, everyone stayed far away from Boss. Only A Gui sat silently beside him.

"Haha, you think that it is easy to make a new spell?" Pu Yao fanned the flames from the side.

Zuo Mo ignored him.

Time passed extremely quickly. Without realizing it, a month had passed.

Zuo Mo still forgot to rest and eat, but he still had nothing to show for his efforts.


The jie river entrance of Sky Water Jie was extremely wide. This place was controlled together by eight different entities. Hundred Flower Alliance was one of them. Hundred Flower Alliance entered the path through the flower, its entire sect was composed of female xiu. The sect leader, Su Yue, was extremely adept, and Hundred Flower Alliance prospered in her hands.

Those that could have a share of the jie river entrance were all sects with great power. It could be imagined how powerful Hundred Flower Alliance was.

Hundred Flower Alliance had a branch at this place with its own camp. More than five hundred people were present. The leader was a jindan elder called Gao Jian Ting. It was possible to see how much importance Hundred Flower Alliance put on the camp.

Gao Jian Ting was as beautiful as a flower, her [Begonia Sword Scripture] was at the level of Sword Essence Manifestation. When she attacked, it was a beautiful scene of begonias flying in the sky.

"The slave transporting boats that went to Little Mountain Jie last time still haven't come back? Is there any other news?" Gao Jian Ting's brow was creased.

"Shishu, no news has come back," a female disciple hurriedly responded.

Gao Jian Ting murmured to herself, "Did something happen?"

Just at this time, a female disciple suddenly ran in with panic. "Shishu, Shihu! Please come out and see this!"

Gao Jian Ting's expression changed, and her figure disappeared.

In the air, Gao Jian Tiang looked at the vast army in front of her, and inhaled sharply.

The sky above the jie river was completely filled with xiuzhe without any visible end.

"Shishu, that's our slave transporting boats!" a female disciple cried out.

Gao Jian Ting's pupils suddenly shrank. That was right, the five big ships at the very center of this large army were the slave transporting boats of Hundred Flower Alliance! The other didn't even change the Hundred Flower Alliance markings on the slave transporting boats.

She was confident that something had happened in Little Mountain Jie!

This large procession disturbed all the factions. Sword lights flashed, and large amounts of xiuzhe flew into the sky. However, when they saw such a large number of xiuzhe, they were dumbstruck where they stood.

"Heavens! What is going on?"

The five colossal slave transporting boats slowly flew with a shocking presence like moons buoyed by the stars.

Gao Jian Ting's expression changed. She controlled herself and did not move rashly. Since the other had gotten to this place, Clear Sky Old Forefather had most likely been killed. They were both jindan, and Gao Jian Ting knew her own strength was far below Clear Sky Old Forefather.

Even more, the troop that was swimming around the slave transporting boats looked extremely strong from a glance.

She was not only one. Every person's gaze was attracted by Vermillion Bird Camp. This troop of no more than eight hundred people gave them a strong feeling of danger.


Only an elite force that gone through many battles would possess such a dangerous aura.

The Little Mountain Jie xiuzhe that had just arrived were exhausted but all of them were excited.

They had finally escaped Little Mountain Jie!

However, when they noticed the xiuzhe from Sky Water Jie looking warily at them, they instantly quieted down. These fortunate xiuzhe that had survived had all gone through blood and fire. Their sensitivity to danger was far higher than Sky Water Jie xiuzhe.

They unconsciously retreated towards the five slave transporting boats. Even more of them took out their talismans.

Silence, an abnormal silence!

The situation instantly became tense. The expressions of the Sky Water Jie xiuzhe changed. They felt as though there was an invisible cord tightening slowly.

Gao Jian Ting's expression also changed as well. The other side had much higher numbers than they did. If a conflict occurred, this place would flow with blood.

Their gazes all turned to the five slave transporting boats.

At this time, many people noticed the Hundred Flower Pavilion marks on the slave transporting boats and looked at Gao Jian Ting with strange looks. However, when they saw the contorted grimace on Gao Jian Ting's face, they instantly understood.

They all knew what Hundred Flower Pavilion had done in Little Mountain Jie. Looking at it now, Hundred Flower Pavilion probably had not gotten any benefits.

However, they were more curious about the five slave transporting boats. From the movements of the xiuzhe, it was possible to see the leader of this group of people were on the five boats.

Gongsun Cha looked at Zuo Mo. Shu Long looked at Zuo Mo. They were waiting for Zuo Mo's order.

The xiuzhe in the surroundings all turned to look at Zuo Mo, waiting for the order from the master of Golden Crow City.

When people encountered danger, they were used to looking towards people who could resolve the problem and bring them victory. Zuo Mo was this kind of person in their hearts.

Gao Jian Ting and the others also noticed the change in people's gazes, and unconsciously looked towards the youth sitting on the deck of the slave transporting boat at the very front.

The enormous jie river entrance was silent.


At the center of everyone's attention, Zuo Mo didn't feel anything at all. He was arguing furiously with Pu Yao.

"This is what you thought of? Ha, nonsense!" Pu Yao said scornfully, "I thought you had some ability, but after working for a month, you just have something this far-fetched?"

"Far-fetched? You old codger that's been dead for a thousand years, you're just like the gravestone, even your mind has rusted. Of course you guys can't understand something this cutting-edge!" Zuo Mo was not weak as he retaliated.

"Don't put me with that guy!" Pu Yao raged, "This honored Sky Yao ... ..."

"So what if you're a Sky yao?" Zuo Mo said disdainfully as he looked sideways, "Out of time is out of time."

Pu Yao smiled and said calmly, "Your idea is unique, but your experience in cultivation is too little. You clearly have underestimated the difficulty in this. If you are in jindan, you may be able to use this move, but you definitely cannot right now! Something that cannot be used has no value."

"It's useless because you say so? You really are confident!" Zuo Mo snorted coldly. "If I can do it, what then?"

Pu Yao's eye narrowed like a blade, and he said darkly, "You do not need to provoke me. If you can do it, I will help you get the six transformations of Great Day mo physique. But if you cannot do it, then you have to agree to the gravestone's oath."

"You promise?" Zuo Mo asked as he tilted his head.

"Yes!" Pu Yao said coldly.

"Alright, I agree!" Zuo Mo nickered, a cunning smile on his face. "Pu, you got tricked!"

Finishing, Zuo Mo's hands swiped and forming a sword scripture move.

A faint blue sword energy appeared in front of him.

His hands continuously swiped.

A red sword energy and a gold sword energy appeared.

His expression was unusually serious. With a light shout, the sword scriptures on his hands turned and his hand motions changes. The three sword energies seemed to change as they were guided by an invisible force.

"Pu, this is Three Talent Formation!"

In front of Zuo Mo was a three-leaf shaped sword formation composed of sword energies. The sword formation flowed in motion!

"Four Cardinal Formation!"

Zuo Mo released another sword scripture. This formation changed. Three talent into four cardinal. The nimble presence turned to a heavy one.

"Five Element formation!"

"Heaven Light Seven Star Sword Formation!"


Gao Jian Ting stared at the sword formation in front of the youth with shock on her face. With her eyes, she could see that every sword energy the youth released was a beginning one, but the attributes of each sword energy were completely different. If it was just this, that only showed that this boy's knowledge was shamefully heterogeneous, and she wouldn't be so shocked.

Yet the youth deliberately merged these sword energies of different attributes into a sword formation!

She could not completely understand the sword formation in front of the youth but there were thirty six types of sword energies that were put in.

When these normal sword energies formed a sword formation, their power grew! Looking from far away, she could feel threads of cold.

This skill was to turn what was rotten into a wonder!


What were the origins of this youth?

She did not notice that the tense atmosphere had dissipated. Everyone's attention were attracted by the sword formation in front of Zuo Mo! No matter if it was the xiuzhe of Sky Water Jie or Little Mountain Jie, all of them had shock on their faces!


At this time, Zuo Mo's eyes suddenly widened as he glared and shouted, "Pu, look closely!"

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Zuo Mo needs to improve his awareness of the surroundings. I's not nice to flaunt someone's former property in front of them, the boats are worth a lot. Slave traders meeting their former slaves that were stolen and then freed.