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 Chapter Three Hundred and One - Desperate Situation

Under the colossal wave of sword energies, the female xiu enveloped in purple flames looked at Zuo Mo deeply. Zuo Mo had a disquieting feeling that time was pulled extremely long in this moment.

Their gazes met.

The female xiu moved away her eyes, and raised her face again to looked at the sword energies falling down towards her.

Pia pia pia!

Bursts of blood exploded out from her body. She disregarded them. The blood sprayed out and landed in the purple fire which was like a blood-sucking monster that greedily absorbed the fresh blood. The purple fire grew, snapping and crackling.

The hands covered in fresh blood slowly rose up over her head. She took a position as if she was pushing upwards.

The purple fire around her quickly streamed towards her upright arms.

It was just a simple movement, but it made anyone watching feel it was determined and grim.

Her arms pushed upwards.

Two streams of purple fire flowed from her arms and connected end to end. It formed a purple disk of fire about ten zhang large. All the fire on the female xiu's body flowed into the purple fire disk without a drop remaining.

The purple fire disk spun eerily over her head.

Zuo Mo looked on dazedly. The female xiu who didn't have any trace of purple fire left on her, no longer bleeding from her wounds, but her torn clothes had already become soaked in blood. Only that pair of bare feet was white and left untouched.

What shocked him even more was that he could not feel any hint of a presence from the female xiu!

She seemed to have suddenly disappeared, no, like she had died.

Looking coldly from the side, Zuo Mo's emotions suddenly rippled violently.

His howls were like that of a wild beast being burned. Lava, hard lightning, and golden light furiously burrowed into his body destructively as they headed for the deepest reaches of his body.

The ripple of his emotions was like pouring oil onto the fire. His situation became even more terrible. Any place that was slightly weak was completely burned up when the golden light, hard lightning, and lava passed.

Even the muscles and bones that had been sufficiently tempered before were wavering under such a brutal baptism.

But at this moment, all of Zuo Mo's attention was attracted by the female xiu.

A stream of tears continuously flowed from his eyes, yet he did not detect it. The five element glass bead in his chest jumped rhythmically like a heart, as though something was going to break through.

She definitely had more than a common connection to him!

At this point, Zuo Mo was certain of this point. The enchanting purple fire disk spun above the female xiu's head. A power that made people feel trepidation slowly spread.

Who are you ... ...

Zuo Mo's emotional upheaval became even more violent. He wanted to ask her this question, but his body was completely out of his control. No matter how he tried, he could not reclaim control of his own body.

The collapsing sword essence came even closer. Zuo Mo's panic increased.

Damn it!

Why ... ... why couldn't he control his own body ... ...

His heart had a fierce impulse. He wanted to control his own body. He wanted to ask her why. He didn't want her shield him from the front. He ... ...

Damn it!

Zuo Mo felt there was a ball of fire burning in his chest. He had never had an impulse that was as strong as this one! He knew if he took control of his body at this moment, his soul would have to endure the flames.

But ... ... he wanted ... ...

Zuo Mo's body shook violently. His screams became even more furious!

... ... to ask her ... ...

His eyes were bright red and bloodshot. The tendons in his forehead had bulged out. The blood vessels in his body were like earthworms.

The sword essence sped increasingly near the female xiu and was less than ten zhang from the purple fire disk.

The female xiu suddenly lowered her head to look at him.

Something seemed to explode in Zuo Mo's mind. Boom! His mind blanked. All of the ling power, consciousness, every drop of power contained in every bit of his muscles suddenly exploded!

His body suddenly created an extremely strong attraction. The lava, hard lightning, and golden light that had been rampaging inside his body were sucked in.

A familiar yet unfamiliar voice echoed.

"Don't forget ... ..."

"Even in death, you cannot forget ... ..."

Layering and in waves like thunder.

In the sky, the colossal sword essence heavily collided on the purple fire disk.

Pew pew pew!

When a sword energy landed inside the purple fire disk, it was like pouring water into hot oil. Purple wisps of flame spat forth. The sword energies were relentless like a flood as they attacked the purple fire disk.

The arms of the female xiu suddenly became weighted, and her body shook slightly.

Zuo Mo was like a wild beast at death's door as he furiously howled.

The body of the female xiu shook. Zuo Mo's body shook at the same time. He was like an enraged wild beast. "Why!"

His body suddenly started to tremble. An expression of pain came onto his face. His voice uncontrollably became smaller. " ... ... Why ... ..."

Even if his consciousness had been cultivated, but the pain from his soul being burned would not decrease due to that. The different kinds of forces inside his body seesawed. Enormous pain came from the burning of his soul. He felt like a shrimp being boiled. Every part of his body was trembling.

He wanted ... ... to ask her ... ... why ... ...

The arms of the female xiu were slowly pushed down. An astounding force passed from the purple fire disk.

He gritted his teeth. A stream of fresh blood spilled from the corner of his mouth.

He wanted ... ... to ask her ... ... why ... ...

Zuo Mo's entire body shook fiercely but he didn't shout this time. He had a deathly stare as he bit down on his teeth, a stream of fresh blood coming out of the corner of his mouth.


The flames of the purple fire disk frantically consumed, but there were too many sword energies that forcibly suppressed the flames of the purple fire disk. They continuously pushed down on the purple fire disk.

The female xiu shook even harder. With a muffled grunt, her body suddenly sank down.

He wanted ... ... to ask her ... ... why

Below the female xiu, Zuo Mo raised his head with difficulty. His eyes were entirely red and filled with blood. An amazing change was happening to his body. The silver hard lightning swam across the surface of his body like countless silver snakes. The golden light furiously burrowed into his bones and the threads of pure earth fire inside the crimson lava crawled into his channels.

Having lost their targets, the ling and spiritual power slowly steadied.


The figure of the female xiu above him sank again.

The golden light of the ling shield of Golden Crow City was burning. When the sky full of sword energies smashed onto it, the golden ling shield rippled.

Everyone knew this was the most crucial time, and put all of their power into fighting.

Shu Long led the Guard Camp and activated the Crow Fiend Mo Killing Formation again. The battle formations of Vermillion Bird Camp were primary offensive. Defense was not one of their talents. The only thing they could do was to activate some of the simpler defensive formations, and contribute as much as they could.

Lil' Pagoda spun into a five colored after-image. The Skyring Moon Chime Formation was pressed to its limits.

The xiuzhe of the Eastern and Western Camps seemed to have gone insane as they furiously switched out the jingshi. Everyone knew that if the ling shield broke, no one could escape the calamity.

At this time, everyone directly experienced just how strong the female xiu was. With just her own power, she could stop such a terrifying sword essence. It really was hard to imagine. They had to rely on the big formation of Golden Crow City, and were still wavering when they used all their power. The ling shield could break at any time.

Everyone's face was filled with hopelessness.

The sword essence coming down seemed to be endless and unstoppable. A nearby mountain peak was brutally destroyed, only leaving behind the bottom half. If they were not personally experiencing it, no one could imagine that sword essence could reach such a terrifying level.

Were their lives really going to be lost here today?

This thought uncontrollably flashed across everyone's mind.

Gongsun Cha called over Xie Shan, Ma Fan, and a few others. He said in a low voice, "We probably can't hold out for much longer. Later when the city's ling shield breaks, you guys take Boss and break through."

Everyone's face was sorrowful. Each of them tightly bit their lips and didn't speak.

Shu Long's nose and mouth bled blood. He bit down on his teeth and continued to channel the Crow Fiend Mo Kill Formation. Almost everyone in Guard Camp were bleeding from their nose and mouth.


The enormous power surpassed the limits that the Crow Fiend Mo Kill Formation could tolerate. Shu Long felt as though someone hammered him hard. His entire body was thrown into the air. The camp guards behind him were also thrown up.

The Crow Fiend Mo Kill Formation was broken!

Everyone's expression changed. Without the Crow Fiend Mo Kill Formation, the ling shield of Golden Crow City could not last for long.

Just as everyone felt it was hopeless, someone suddenly said in a trembling voice, "Boss ... ..."


Many people instinctively moved their gaze. Even if they would die here today, it wasn't a bad idea if Boss could escape. Many people hoped the female xiu could take Boss and escape this place.

They were filled with terror and hopelessness, but they were not regretful. With Boss, they had a loud and great run. Compared to the lifeless days they had lived before, it was the difference between the earth and the sky! From the bottom of their hearts, they hoped that Boss could live!

So when someone exclaimed, many people couldn't resist moving their eyes.

Zuo Mo's body was covered in red, gold, and silver. He was standing upright like a spear.

His features were still twisted, but it gave people a completely different feeling. He raised his head and looked at the female xiu.

For some unknown reason, a thread of hope rose in everyone's hearts at the same time.

Faster ... ... faster ... ...

Panic flashed through Zuo Mo's eyes. The rampaging forces inside his body had gradually stabilized. His body had gradually returned to his control. He seemed to have entered an unfamiliar body and slowly recovered his strength.

It wasn't a long process, but the timing really made him panic!

Countless bits of hard lightning swam across the surface of his body, a golden liquid flowed in his bones, the channels were filled with pure and crimson earth fire, his body that had been tempered again ... ...

His body had undergone another breakthrough, but at this time, there was no joy in him. He looked with panic at the figure above him.

Without the purple fire, the female xiu looked as weak as a dry leaf in the wind.


The female xiu's figure sank again, her long hair flying.


Zuo Mo's heart suddenly ached.


The female xiu sank once more. Sparks flew off the purple fire disk and it showed signs of collapsing.

"Motherf***ing faster!"

Zuo Mo's eyes suddenly turned red.


The female xiu was like a nail that was being hammered down, and unable to stop.


The purple fire disk finally could not stand it anymore. It turned to countless wisps of purple fire and disappeared into the air.

The female xiu seemed to be heavily struck. Her eyes unfocused, her body dropped down at an even more rapid rate!

Zuo Mo's mind exploded, his body exploded and suddenly became open. All of his strength suddenly poured into his body like water.

He disappeared from his spot.

In the air, his figure was arched. His back towards the sky, the female xiu was shielded against his chest.

His right hand held a handful of Golden Thread Lightning Walnuts. Like he was crazy, he threw them viciously at the howling sword essence!

"Go away!"

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo really has an affinity for fire. His Stalagmite fire, the inky black fire, the earth fire on Desolate Wood Reef, the Golden Crow Fire and now more lava fire.

So imagine the sky shattering like glass and raining down at you ... ... it's a meteor shower.