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 Chapter Two Hundred and Ninety Eight - Insanity

"Who killed Zhuo Guang?"

Clear Sky Old Forefather's voice was not loud but could be heard from far away.

With Clear Sky Old Forefather stalking outside, Zuo Mo didn't dare to idly relax on the lucky cloud like he did previously. However, this did not stop him for feeling scorn.

"Ge finally knows why the people from Clear Sky Sect waste so many words. It starts at the top."

Snort, several people couldn't resist laughing out loud. The tense atmosphere instantly relaxed.

Zuo Mo may have been speaking so, but he was actually very nervous inside. Wu Kong Sword Sect had four jindan experts but he had never seen any jindan expert release their presence without any restraint. Even that day that Wei Sheng entered zhuji, Xin Yan Shibo had not used all of his power.

The pressure Clear Sky Old Forefather gave Zuo Mo was like a whole mountain pressing down. He almost couldn't breathe.

Jindan was just as terrifying as he expected!

He didn't have any interest in wasting words. Since the two had gotten to this step, they didn't need any excuse to fight. What "first diplomacy, then war," wasn't that just nonsense?

"Formation battle watchtowers, attack together!" Zuo Mo gritted out the order.

The silver light of the thirty six formation battle watchtowers exploded!

Hundreds of bolts of hard light covered Clear Sky Old Forefather like raindrops.

"Slightly interesting." Clear Sky Old Forefather smiled easily, his figure suddenly disappearing from his spot.

Hundreds of hard lightning bolts missed and vanished into the sky.

Hiss, Zuo Mo couldn't help but inhale!

Such a fast speed!

His consciousness could not catch Clear Sky Old Forefather's speed! It was the first time he had encountered a situation like this. The other xiuzhe in Golden Crow City all paled.

No one could keep up with the speed of Clear Sky Old Forefather!

He was so fast that even the hard lightning was slightly slower.

Even Zuo Mo had predicted that this battle would be extremely difficult, but it seemed the level of difficulty far surpassed his imagination.

Without needing Zuo Mo to give the order, the second wave of hard lightning shot towards Clear Sky Old Forefather.

It was ineffective!

Zuo Mo silently shook his head. The other was too fast, so fast that even the hard lightning could not catch up.

As expected, Clear Sky Old Forefather disappeared from his spot again.

Couldn't catch him!

Zuo Mo's pupils suddenly contracted. That wasn't right!

Clear Sky Old Forefather suddenly appeared in front of a bolt of hard lightning and raised his palm.


The hard lightning seemed to have been stopped by an invisible wall that did not allow it to advance. It stopped at a place three cun from his upright palm. Clear Sky Old Forefather calmly reached out to pinch the hard lightning.

Pia pia pia!

The explosive hard lightning sounded and the snakelike electrical energies wrapped onto his finger.

Clear Sky Old Forefather seemed to not notice it. He put the hard lightning bolt in front of him and examined it. The flashing silver electricity reflected on his face, suddenly light and then it went dim.

"The idea is clever, very rare, very rare." A hint of shock came onto Clear Sky Old Forefather's face. Other than surprise, he seemed to have admiration.

As his words landed, two white and narrow fingers pinched. The hard lightning bolt between the fingers was squeezed into countless pieces of electricity and dissipated between his fingers.

Golden Crow City was in a deathly silence.

Everyone was shocked by this scene. Terror came onto Zuo Mo's face.

That was hard lightning ... ...

Using fingers to crush hard lightning, that ... ... that wasn't possible!

Zuo Mo's mind was blank. The strength of Clear Sky Old Forefather was far out of his imaginations!

He stood there, dumbstruck.

Clear Sky Old Forefather wasn't in a hurry. He asked faintly, "Who built the formation battle watchtowers? They can be spared from death."

Zuo Mo gradually recovered. Thinking about how stunned he had been, he was slightly embarrassed. So he was this afraid of death! The surroundings were deathly silent. Golden Crow City was completely suppressed by Clear Sky Old Forefather. Some people even had expressions of hopelessness.

Zuo Mo's gaze accidentally swept across the female xiu beside him. Just like usual, the female xiu was silently standing beside him like a wooden person. She was completely unaffected by Clear Sky Old Forefather.

Zuo Mo was even more embarrassed. Ge wasn't even as good as a woman.

He raised his head and gazed at Clear Sky Old Forefather floating in the sky. His anger suddenly erupted like fire.

This guy looked quite fine, but his intentions were extremely malicious. In this guys' eyes, the lives of other xiuzhe were not even worth a jingshi!

The more Zuo Mo thought, the angrier he became. If it wasn't for this guy, he would have left Little Mountain Jie a long time ago. He wouldn't be worried and frightened everyday like he was now!

Ge will play with you to the end today!

Zuo Mo became determined. Terror and fear instantly flew away.

"Continue to shoot!"

Zuo Mo ordered murderously. The other people stilled. Continue to shoot? But that was completely ineffective. However, when their gaze met Zuo Mo's vicious gaze, they instantly shook. Boss was going all out! They became fully alert, and their terror of Clear Sky Old Forefather instantly dissipated greatly.

The formation battle watchtowers lit up again!

Scorn spilled out of the corner of Clear Sky Old Forefather's eyes.

The light brightening, the hard lightning shot at Clear Sky Old Forefather again like raindrops.

"Do not stop!"

Zuo Mo's shout could be heard by the entire city. The xiuzhe in the formation battle watchtowers put their all in as their hearts shook.

The hard lightning was like rain, and extremely loud.

A light laugh passed from within the torrent of hard lightning.

Not one bolt of hard lightning managed to touch the hem of Clear Sky Old Forefather's clothes. This time, he did not disappear from his spot, but nimbly dodged among the hard lightning rain. For some unknown reason, his speed did not appear to be quick, but not one hard lightning bolt could hit him.

When Clear Sky Old Forefather's light laugh landed in the ears of the xiuzhe in the formation battle watchtowers, it instantly enraged all of them. All of them furiously channeled ling power into the formation battle watchtower.

The light of the thirty-six formation battle watchtowers was so bright one could not look directly at them.

The hard lightning was even more heavy like a storm. With a savage presence, it head over!


The light laugh of Clear Sky Old Forefather clearly passed into the ears of everyone present again.

Zuo Mo's tightly pressed lips suddenly curved slightly upwards on one side.


In the sky above Golden Crow City, the Buddha Sound Hoop suddenly released a ball of golden light. The lingering Buddhist sound rose up!

An invisible ripple suddenly spread with Golden Crow City as the center!

The killing move of Skyring Moon Chime Formation - [Moon Chime Sound Storm]!

Clear Sky Old Forefather who had been composed from the start suddenly froze in surprise. Unable to dodge in time, a bolt of hard lightning hit his face!


Electrical snakes danced on his face. The body of Clear Sky Old Forefather froze.

Pia pia pia!

Several more bolts of hard lightning hit his body in succession.


The writhing electrical snakes collided with each other, and released a blinding light. Clear Sky Old Forefather was completely covered by the hard lightning, and it was hard to make out his figure.

"Ha!" Zuo Mo was very excited and wanted to jump up.

The reason that he had ordered the formation battle watchtowers to continue to shoot was to give Clear Sky Old Forefather the impression that the formation battle watchtowers were their biggest support. His mind was connected with Lil' Pagoda. The timing to which the [Moon Chime Sound Storm] was activated was perfect.

Hee hee, so what if he's a jindan? Didn't ge just trick him?

Zuo Mo was very smug and felt unspeakable comfortable like he had eaten a ginseng fruit.

However, he didn't hope that the hard lightning was enough to kill Clear Sky Old Forefather. The other's actions of crushing the hard lightning proved that hard lightning of this degree could not cause fatal damage.

However, after this successful attack on Clear Sky Old Forefather, the morale of the troops rose. The heavy pressure that was previously present in the city was swept away. Everyone's faces showed excited expressions. While most of the xiuzhe inside Golden Crow City were ningmai, and was just a level from jindan, but ninety percent of the people had never seen jindan fight before.

Every action that Clear Sky Old Forefather had made had all been to show how strong he was, so strong that it made people feel hopeless. Zuo Mo used his actions to prove that jindan could be hit too!

Everyone was greatly motivated. Everyone of them believed that this battle might be unparalleled in difficulty but they did have a chance at victory. They did not fear that battle would be difficult, but they were afraid all of their efforts would be all for naught.

The silver light dissipated, and Clear Sky Old Forefather once again appeared in front of everyone.

When they clearly saw Clear Sky Old Forefather's state, everyone roared in laughter.

Clear Sky Old Forefather's robe now had some holes like that of a beggar. What really set them off uncontrollably was the black burns on his face.

Zuo Mo roared with laughter. He suddenly flew into the sky, his right hand raised up high as he shouted at everyone in the city, "Everyone, listen well. Shout with me!"

Everyone stopped laughing. They raised their heads, furiously gathering their ling power. Excitement and exhilaration was on everyone's faces.

Zuo Mo turned around, and faced Clear Sky Old Forefather. He took a deep breathe, pointed with his finger towards Old Forefather, and hollered, "Old Fart!"

The seven thousand or so people inside Golden Crow City used all their strength to shout at the same time, "Old Fart!"

The simultaneous shout of more than seven thousand people was so loud that even the mountain peaks trembled, and the echoes reflected back.

Zuo Mo's eyes were glaring angrily. Using all the strength in his body, he shorted again, "Don't show-off!'

All of Golden Crow City followed in shouting, "Don't show-off!"

Zuo Mo shouted at the top of his lungs, "Show-offs get struck by lightning!"

Everyone felt the blood in their bodies shoot towards their heads. Without thinking, the ling power in their bodies channeling to the limit, more than seven thousand people shouted angrily in unison, "Show-offs get struck by lightning!"

The shout passed into the surroundings. A sound wave exploded with Golden Crow City as the center, the sound not any less than the previous [Moon Chime Sound Storm]!

The entire mountain valley was echoing, "Struck by lightning - ing- ing!"

Zuo Mo felt unspeakably great. His hands on his hips, he threw his head back and laughed, "Hahahahahaha!"

An excited blush was on everyone's faces. They all copied Zuo Mo in putting their hands on their hips and throwing their heads back to laugh. "Hahahahahaha!"

The laughter of more than seven thousand people was filled with excitement and bravado, able to be heard from far away.

Rong Wei gaped and was stunned.

The middle-aged person's face was filled with shock. However, the large male was very excited, repeating to himself, "So great! So great! This is so great!"

Green and white intermingled on Clear Sky Old Forefather's face. All of the calmness, the mannerisms of an expert was thrown to the back of his head.

His hair loose, his eyes gleamed viciously like a poisonous snake waiting to strike!

Zuo Mo seemed to be completely mad at this point. He raised his hand again. Everyone saw his hand motions, and suppressed their own voices. Golden Crow City became so silent that the sound of a needle landing on the ground could be heard.

Zuo Mo's eyes were entirely red, and he said murderously, "Brothers!"

He paused slightly and then exploded, "F*** him!"

The thousands under him didn't even think as they shouted together, "F*** him!"

Zuo Mo felt all the emotions inside reached a peak. He suddenly increased his volume again as he raged, "Kill him!"

Everyone was glaring as they hollered together, "Kill him!"

The killing energy was so much that the sky changed color!

Translator Ramblings: Warm up is over! What to do when you face a great enemy? Swear at him and have a chorus with you.

Someone brought up the question of Zuo Mo's present skin color as I translated it as black and shiny. In Chinese, the word for black usually describes someone who is tanned and dark skinned. It might throw you a bit off to think Zuo Mo might be inky black at this moment since most Chinese fantasy stories usually have main characters with black hair, black eyes, and pale skin. Zuo Mo has jade metal head as his mo physique. If you think back to his dhyana body cultivation, his skin was tinged gold. So when Zuo Mo's skin is described as shiny, I attributed it to the jade metal head. With jade, there are connotations of white or green depending on your favorite kind of jade.

The important part here is that the jade metal head should not turn his skin tanned, dark, or black so the darkness has to come from somewhere or rather, the black energy of the gravestone. The gravestone has been meddling with Zuo Mo's body. Since the black energy is ... ... black in color, I translated Zuo Mo's skin tone as black which is also the more literal translation.