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 Chapter Two Hundred and Ninety Two - Little Mo Kill

Shu Long ramped up his mo skill to its limit. Countless threads of black energy rapidly burrowed inside his body.

His body quickly expanded, forcibly growing more than one chi in height. The weathered face became vicious and authoritative at this moment, the black armor and red eyes shocking people's hearts.

It wasn't just him. The camp guards beside him all shouted, each of them growing taller.

"What weird scripture is this?" The large male gaped with wide eyes.

"It is not clear." The face of the middle aged person was serious. "It's a bit like the [Ghost General Arrival] of the Ghost Formation Sect, and Divine Staff Beating Technique of Dhyana xiu. There are many sects that have these kind of secret methods. They had been glorious during the Thousand Year War, but not many have survived until now."

"Why hasn't more of it remained?"

"This kind of secret method emphasizes killing, with less focus on cultivating the body and skills that create wealth, like forging or dan-making. It's natural that they would decline more quickly," the middle-aged person explained quickly, his eyes tightly locked onto the battlefield.

It was another scene in Zuo Mo's Ling Eyes. Each camp guard was shrouded in black energy like numerous slender black serpents swimming around their body.

An even higher pitched howl suddenly sounded.

The Outer Hall xiuzhe simultaneously sent out sword energies. Countless sword energies of various colors were like an enormous and dense school of multicoloured fish howling as they leapt towards Guard Camp!

The scene of a thousand xiuzhe simultaneously releasing sword energies was very spectacular!

Those who saw this scene all felt their hearts shake.

After Shu Long's bellow, all of the Guard Camp sank into a strange silence. The thick killing intent also disappeared.

At this time, Zuo Mo couldn't help but have a shocked expression. The black energy was tightly restrained inside the big formation. It was like a wild beast that was trapped in a cage. It furiously smashed against the cage. However, Shu Long and the others seemed familiar with these black energies and dismissed them, staying in their positions, and allowing them to charge.

It was only when the sword energy attacks had reached their heads that Shu Long had shouted, "Kill!"

His "kill" was not loud, but it had an unique rhythm, deep and restrained.

The big formation of the Guard Camp suddenly moved. The rampaging black energy inside the formation seemed to be unwilling to be used. They furiously rampaged inside the formation, but it was useless. The Guard Camp wearing black armor were expressionless as they marched with determined steps. As the camp guards quickly marched inside the formation, an invisible force formed inside the formation, and carried the black energy to accelerate.

An enormous whirlpool appeared above Guard Camp. The whirlpool darkened at a rate visible to the naked eye. The dense killing intent once again was revealed!

The sword energies that were like rain in the sky seemed to be attracted by a strong force and were pulled towards the whirlpool.

The faces of the Outer Hall xiuzhe changed!

They lost control of their sword energies!

How was it possible!

The great majority of them had never encountered such a strange situation before.

The rain of sword energies entered the whirlpool made from black energy and disappeared without a trace.

The entire battlefield was deathly silent. Everyone looked dazedly at the enormous black whirlpool that was silently churning above the Guard Camp.

"What ... ... what is that?" the large male exclaimed in shock.

The middle-aged person was so shocked he couldn't speak. How was it possible? How could such a powerful formation appear in Little Mountain Jie?

The master of Golden Crow City truly had extraordinary origins!

If it wasn't a sect more than seven or eight hundred years old, they definitely could not possess such a terrifying battle formation. Which sect did this person come from? Why did he come to Little Mountain Jie? Did he have the same goals as they did?

A hundred thoughts ran through his head, the expression of the middle-aged person was also uncertain.

Hong Jun Xuan looked at the enormous whirlpool and his expression changed. His interest in watching flew away.

He Xiang and the others were shocked. The slowly moving black whirlpool above Guard Camp was like an ancient beast that could consume everything. A thousand sword energies had silently been swallowed inside.

As expected, there was something strange!

He Xiang gritted his teeth. "Let's go closer! They cannot stop our flying swords!"

The other xiuzhe had hesitant expressions, but Hong Jun Xuan and the others were behind them. If they retreated at this time, they would definitely be executed by the sword! Only by charging forward was there a possibility of survival!

The elders exchanged looks. Without wasting words, they channeled their ling power.

Seeing the situation, the one thousand people behind them could only follow behind. What reassured them was that they were in the sky, and that strange troop clearly was not suited to flight so they could not do anything.

If they were careful, and didn't go near the black whirlpool, there shouldn't be a problem.

He Xiang led the approach. His heart was slightly drumming. This troop was too strange. The black whirlpool looked extremely shocking. Their hearts beat rapidly.

Unexpectedly, the whirlpool did not react to them as they neared. Maybe this whirlpool was only effective against things like sword energies? Everyone's courage grew a few fractions.

They tried to go closer. As expected, there was no effect!

Now their hearts were greatly reassured.

The other people also saw and for some unknown reason, the middle-aged person unconsciously released a breath. This vicious formation had given him pressure he had never felt before, pushing on his chest like a heavy rock.

Such a powerful killing formation should not appear in Little Mountain Jie.

Only Zuo Mo could see the profoundness involved. The black whirlpool had became even bigger after absorbing so many sword energies. Even more terrifying was that the enlarged black energy passed into the formation. The black energy inside the formation was more than ten times as dense as it had been,

Zuo Mo couldn't move his eyes away. For an unknown reason, he suddenly thought of the Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk's earth mist. The earth mist had been as heavy as a mountain, and this black energy was vicious and brutal!

Inside the formation, Shu Long and the others were wrapped in thick black energy. The threads that had been like snakes before but now it was like they were swimming in black water. The closer it was to them, the thicker the black energy.

The sound of the black whirlpool was still shocking, but in Zuo Mo's eyes, it shows signs of fading.

Was it ... ...

Zuo Mo's mind moved.

At this time, Shu Long roared again, "Kill!"

Everyone's heart jumped. Before they could respond, they heard the one thousand camp guards roar, "Kill!"

The killing intent that was let loose was like a fierce tiger that had left its cage, roaring and unstoppable!

The organized troop suddenly spread out. Each platoon was like a ball of black cloud that spread into the surroundings. At the same time, dozens of black serpents flew out of the formation, twisting as their barrel thick bodies leapt towards the Outer Hall xiuzhe in the air.

Hiss hiss hiss!

The stream of serpents hissing made everyone's scalp prickle.

The spectators only saw dozens of enormous black serpents that were dozens of zhang long suddenly leaping out of the black whirlpool, baring their black fangs as they charged at the Outer Hall xiuzhe in the air.

The distance between the two sides was not far. The enormous black serpents were like arrows leaving the bow. With an unstoppable presence, it charged in front of the xiuzhe.

A blurry black shadow suddenly shot before him, He Xiang's head rang and then blanked.

He was not the only one. None of the elders managed to react.


A fishy wind blew past. The pain they imagined did not come. He Xiang shook and suddenly woke up. He found that he was surrounded in a patch of black.

A strange terror filled his heart. He swallowed difficulty. Where, where was this?

Cold and murderous without a hint of life, he seemed to be located in a void. Loneliness and terror continued to charge at his heart's defenses like waves.

Calm ... ... calm ... ... ... he had to remain calm!

This definitely was an illusion!

He Xiang repeatedly told himself and tried to calm down.

A voice full of killing intent suddenly passed into the void.


He suddenly felt an enormous pain from his back. When he lowered his head, he found to his terror a hand shrouded in black energy had emerged halfway out of his chest.

Why ... ...

His mind dropped into an endless darkness.


Su Long felt the temperature inside his body was astoundingly high. He seemed to be burning to ashes. He could only grit his teeth and bear it. It was common to encounter this kind of situation when they cultivated [Hardship Guard]. Just now, he had activated the mo skill to kill He Xiang in one blow.

However, he did not have any joy at this moment. There was only a furious desire for battle in his heart.

He once again raised his palm. His entire palm was wrapped in thick black energy. His eyes became even more red. A heart-boring pain passed from his right arm, but his arm did not shake at all.

Any kind of power could not come out of thin air.

To gain power, one had to pay. With a safe scripture, what was paid was time. For a quick scripture, even though it saved time, it required payment of other things.


A deep roar squeezed out of his chest. He suddenly flipped his palm, his fingers turning to claws as he grabbed towards a xiuzhe in the air!

A black palm left his hand, and suddenly imprinted on one xiuzhe's chest and passing through as though the dazzling ling shield seemed to not exist. This black palm easily passed through.

This xiuzhe's body shook, and then his vitality instantly disappeared as he dropped down.


What the outsiders saw was a very strange scene. When the black serpents were just going to collide with the xiuzhe troop, they suddenly turned to a ball of black energy, and covered all of the xiuzhe.

The xiuzhe covered in the black energy seemed to freeze like puppets in the air.

Balls of black energy instantly flew out of the Guard Camp below them and hit the frozen Outer Hall xiuzhe. The xiuzhe in the sky dropped, like dumplings into a pot. When some xiuzhe were still dropping from the air, their corpses were already grey and without life.

Pia pia pia!

Outer Hall xiuzhe continued to drop. In a few short breaths, nothing was left in the sky.

No xiuzhe had escaped. The Outer Hall troops had all been defeated again, including all of their elders. The elders tried to struggle but inside the black energy, they were like headless flies. They flew randomly, but still could not escape. In the end, they were hit with dozens of black energy balls .

The entire battle was so short it was unimaginable, so clean and crisp it was terrifying.

One thousand people versus one thousand people!

One side was completely obliterated in the blink of an eye, and the other side had no fatalities at all. Everyone did not feel shock any more, but instead felt terror! Deep terror! This group of people dressed in black armor was as terrifying as yaomo!

No, even if it were yaomo, they definitely could not kill one thousand xiuzhe so easily!

Hong Jun Xuan's face was bloodless, and as white as paper. He unconsciously opened his mouth but did not produce any sound. At his side, the calves of the other Clear Sky Sect disciples uncontrollably trembled.

Even the large male and the middle-aged person had fearful expressions.

They ... ... who were they?

What was that black energy?

What was that battle formation?

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The Outer Hall and the Clear Sky Sect disciples present right now are overconfident but like chess, there are only select strategic opening moves. He Xiang only sent a portion of the people in a first attack which isn't a bad move since they didn't know much about Golden Crow City. It might have been possible that Zuo Mo pulled a rabbit out of the hat and would have something that could kill all of them at once if all their forces attack the city together. Hong Jun Xuan is slightly different. He wants to win, but his own forces are the Clear Sky Sect disciples and not the Outer Hall. He can only use the Clear Sky Old Forefather to threaten He Xiang to attack the city. But if Hong Jun Xuan sent all of the Outer Hall and was also defeated, then he would be in big trouble. In terms of numbers, Clear Sky Sect would be outnumbered, and most importantly, it would be a mark against him.