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 Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy Six - An Unparalleled Good Bird

Sky Glass Wave!

The light around the arms crashed inside the tiger head with this punch. At the same time, countless formations on the surface of the glove seemed to come alive, and flew quickly.

A fourteen revolution Sky Glass Wave, adding on the formation combat technique of the Ten Thousand Appearance Gloves, [Ten Thousand Elephants]!


The vicious tiger head seemed to pop like a bubble. The sound was very small and did not seem like the collision that was imagined.

Huang Zhuo Guang's vicious and twisted face suddenly froze.

The white tiger disappeared. That punch landed on his leg.


The enormous sound made people's heart jump uncontrollably.

Half of Huang Zhuo Guang's body suddenly exploded, flesh and blood blooming like a goddess spreading flowers.

Everyone's breathing stopped. Their movements unconsciously stopped as they stared dazedly at the blood mist in the air, their minds blank. Zheng Zhong who had been going up to help support Zuo Mo had lowered his guard and was sprayed directly by this bloody rain. Even though he was used to life and death, his face was pale from fright

Half of Huang Zhuo Guang's body had disappeared, his expression frozen there

Zuo Mo sighed in relief, and panted rapidly. That moment had been very risky. Huang Zhuo Guang's speed was faster than he had expected. He had only had the time for fourteen revolutions. Luckily, he had the Ten Thousand Appearances Gloves. Otherwise, his little life would have ended here.

The power of the Ten Thousand Appearances Gloves were stronger than he assumed. Of the fourth-grade talismans, the Ten Thousand Appearances Gloves were relatively cheap because its formation technique, [Ten Thousand Elephants], increased physical strength and could only be used in close combat.

Most of the battles between xiuzhe happened in the sky. Close physical battle was extremely are. If its formation technique was something like fist energies and could deliver long-distance attacks, then its price would shoot up

He looked at Huang Zhuo Guang who only had half a body left. There was no breath there. Zuo Mo had to admire how tough this guy had been. If it wasn't for the fact that he was prepared, and the other was not, he and the other people might not have been able to kill him.

Zuo Mo had learned many things from this fight.

First, this fight showed that no matter how strong the spell or the individual's strength, they could not defend against scheming. In reality, Huang Zhuo Guang was strong, the sword scripture he cultivated was strong. Most xiuzhe battled in the skies, and was the place his sword essence was most powerful.

This sword scripture was really powerful!

But even the strongest sword essence could be stopped if its weakness was found

The second point had strengthened Zuo Mo's desire to take his spoils. The other had been so strong even when attacked at his weakness, it was all due to support from his talismans! Truthfully, if he hadn't been here today, Zheng Zhong and the others wouldn't have been able to trap him.

At important times, talismans could save lives.

Even though the scene was slightly bloody, it could not stop Zuo Mo's decision to scalp. However, he only picked one thing this time [Clear Sky Sword Scripture].

When he held it, Zuo Mo knew he made a profit. He didn't plan on cultivating this [Clear Sky Sword Scripture]. Right now, there were too many things he had to practice. Reality showed that his talent in the consciousness and body cultivation were stronger. Adding on that he had to study formations, he wanted to cut himself in half.

After discovering that [Clear Sky Sword Scripture] was suitable for aerial battle, he thought of Lil' Miss' subordinates. If they could cultivate this, then that power, hee hee ... ...

At the very least, a complete fifth-grade sword scripture could sell for a high price

Nothing was left on Huang Zhuo Guang's body, not even the remaining Double Eyed Tiger Head Boot. Other than Zheng Zhong who picked an item ,the rest were divided among the people. There were more people than talismans, so everyone looked at Zuo Mo. Luckily, Zuo Mo was used to being a leader and used the simplest method, drawing straws.

Everyone had an equal chance. The people who got it were happy, the people who didn't could only sigh at their bad luck.

The other people had even more respect for Zuo Mo. Zuo Mo's punch that killed Huang Zhuo Guang had frightened them half to death. That was Huang Zhuo Guang! In their hearts, Zuo Mo's strength had reached a level they could not comprehend, and Zuo Mo was fair. He wasn't like other leaders that took everything.

Everyone could respect this kind of person.

Zuo Mo saw them look at him, and was clear to their thoughts. He said, "Since you all want to enter the formation, then let me first say the rules. If there is danger, I am not responsible for saving you. You have to think of ways to protect yourselves. The division will be like just now."

Everyone instantly became cheerful. They had never entered a secret realm before.

Zuo Mo slowly scanned over everyone and said in a deep voice, "I'll say the ugly things first. Don't blame me for being rude if any of you cause trouble."

Finishing, he didn't look at the people behind him, turned, and entered the secret realm.

The scenery in front of him suddenly change, but it made him freeze where he stood. Zheng Zhong who followed behind him turned to stone instantly. Every person who came in afterwards had dazed expressions.

This ... ... this secret realm was really too small!

The scene in front of them could be encompassed within their field of view. It was a place the size of a yard, only ten zhang in radius. In the middle, there was a sweetly sleeping grey bird. There was nothing else in the area. Other than the ling energy slightly dense than the outside, there was nothing.

Zheng Zhong said in a low voice, "This should be a secret realm that just formed."

He saw that Zuo Mo was still frozen there and assumed that Zuo Mo was very disappointed so he hurriedly explained. He had great admiration for Zuo Mo. Even though the other was much younger than he was, not in terms of moves and aura, he could not catch up. He had seen many of the leaders in Little Mountain Jie, and no one could rival this youth

That grey bird was sleeping well, a string of saliva hanging from its mouth. Due to the small space, it was possible to hear the rise and fall of its snores.

The anger instantly flamed up in Zuo Mo's heart, his expression instantly becoming twisted and frightening Zheng Zhong and the others.

Zuo Mo darted forward and, pia, slapped Silly Bird's head, the feathers flying!

Silly Bird opened her eyes dazedly.

"You idiot, ge nearly died to find you, had to fight other people, and killed all the way over here. You're great, had a nice sleep! Ah-ha!"


Another slap.

"Eat eat eat! You glutton! You ate so much! Got into trouble! Will you die if you don't eat?! I'm telling you that from today onwards, you can't eat anything ... ..."

Zuo Mo's swearing stunned the group of people. They were puzzled. What were the origins of this grey bird. Zuo Mo hadn't been this angry even when he was facing Huang Zhuo Guang!

Just as Zuo Mo's saliva flew, Silly Bird resumed clarity. It slowly stood up, methodically preening the feathers on its body, not even looking at Zuo Mo straight through the entire process.

The people in the surroundings were stunned again.

Zuo Mo saw the bird still had a proud expression as though she had no regret, and anger rose. He suddenly grabbed Silly Bird.

This bird just lacked discipline! Ge will educate her.

Unexpectedly, the grey shadow in front of him flashed, and his grasp was empty.


In another corner, Silly Bird looked at Zuo Mo out of the corner of her eyes with a gaze that was as proud as usual.

Zuo Mo shouted in fury, "Great! If ge doesn't discipline you today, you don't know how high the sky is, how wide the earth is!"

Zuo Mo's body flashed. Before he could reach out, an astoundingly fast grey shadow brushed past him.

So fast!

Zuo Mo paused, his hand coming up empty again

In another corner, Silly Bird raised her head, still stepping her unique bird walk as she walked gracefully towards the crowd


The people that were completely amazed by Silly Bird unconsciously stepped back to form a path

Silly Bird was not courteous, calmly walking towards the entrance.

Was what just happened a delusion? Zuo Mo wasn't sure. Had this bird gotten some benefits this time? He looked at the empty and bare secret realm. He felt it was increasingly likely. This bird was a glutton. All the good things probably ended up in her stomach. This could not stand. He had to interrogate her when they got back.

Zheng Zhong's expression changed slightly. Of the crowd, his cultivation was the highest. He had seen that scene clearly just now. That grey bird was almost impossibly fast. He clearly saw that when Zuo Mo moved, it had brushed past Zuo Mo and passed to the other side.

What did that mean?

It meant that the grey bird's speed was many times faster than Zuo Mo! Zheng Zhong's cultivation was higher than Zuo Mo, but there wasn't a great difference in speed between the two of them. Multiple times faster than Zuo Mo, meant it was multiple times faster than him!

Zheng Zhong felt he was going insane.

Heavens! What world was this, how could so many weirdos come out?

He already felt the next generation was terrifying due to Zuo Mo's strength. Now there was a bird that was multiple times faster than he was! Zheng Zhong didn't dare to even think about what other abilities this grey bird had. Just its lightning fast speed was enough for it to be undefeatable.

Completely speechless, Zheng Zhong felt even more curious about Zuo Mo's identity.

So young and such power, with such a strong ling beast, he definitely wasn't an average xiuzhe. Was it a disciple of a large sect? He felt that it was plausible. He always believed that what Clear Sky Sect was doing to Little Mountain Jie could not continue for long.

The reason was very simple. Kun Lun certainly would allow such a matter to occur within its borders!

When he had been young, he had interacted with a Kun Lun disciple, and it left a deep impression on him.

Zuo Mo had faced Huang Zhuo Guang and didn't hesistate in killing the other. Any factions that existed in Little Mountain Jie wouldn't be so impulsive.

Young, of incomprehensible strength, a strong ling beast, and not afraid of Clear Sky Sect seeking revenge.

With all these conditions added together, Zheng Zhong increasingly felt that Zuo Mo could possibly be a disciple of Kun Lun. Oh, even if he wasn't, he was at least the disciple of a large sect.

Just as Zheng Zhong was thinking hard, Zuo Mo had ran out of the secret realm.

The others still searched in the secret realm due to dissatisfaction, wanting to plow the ground three chi deep, but still did not find anything

Zheng Zhong was cunning and tightly followed Zuo Mo. He already made the decision to follow Zuo Mo. If Zuo Mo was a disciple of a certain big sect, then they wouldn't lose if they followed. If Zuo Mo wasn't a disciple of some large sect, and relied on himself to get to this step, then he was a monster.

Having made the decision, his face was full of smiles. Once a person's attitude changed, their feeling when they looked at something was completely different. The more he looked, the more he felt that Silly Bird had an aura and mannerisms.

Good bird! An unparalleled good bird!

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo cleans out Huang Zhuo Guang and Silly Bird cleans out the secret realm. Someone commented and guessed this in one of the previous chapters but I cannot remember who you are. Silly Bird truly learned everything Zuo Mo knows.

Silly Bird has levelled up. Not humanoid right now, sorry to disappoint those of you who wanted that to happen. But why be human? Birds can fly faster, they have sharp beaks and claws. There's advantages to being a bird and I'm not seeing the benefit of a humanoid shape.

Zheng Zhong gives his viewpoint of Zuo Mo. I do think he is over-thinking it but he's still quite perceptive.