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 Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy Five Circle Kill

When Huang Zhuo Guang suddenly appeared, the space surrounding him became chaotic.

Countless ling power flows, countless air turbulence flows. The small mountain valley was like an area of turbulence.

What was most terrible was ... ...

He didn't need to raise his head to know that his connection with the sky had been cut off. In a flash, he realized, a trap! This was a trap that had been prepared for him!

The ling power of the mountain valley randomly flew and collided in an unstable state. Some scenes that he had disregarded before flowed through his mind. Coldness rose through his heart. The group of xiuzhe that had panicked and rose when he entered the mountain valley had looked like a group of birds startled by an engle, so helpless, so weak, so alarmed.

But now, he realized that this group of pitifully weak people had used ling power and turbulence to create a net above the mountain valley without him noticing, a net blocking him from the sky!

He was separated from the sky!

Such a poisonous trap! Some admiration rose. This group seemed like a rabble, and was low on battle capabilities. It really was admirable that the other could think of such a great idea, and execute it effectively.

His gaze landed on Zuo Mo who was guarding the entrance to the secret realm

So this person was actually the most powerful of the bunch!

Huang Zhuo Guang's eyes narrowed for the second time. Facing a predicament, after the initial shock, he wasn't afraid. Quite the opposite. His desire for battle was instantly ignited. He felt the temperature of his body continuously increase.

There never had been someone that could force him to such a predicament! To such a sorry state!

Without the sky, you dare to challenge me?

Huang Zhuo Guang's eyes brightened, the flying sword in his hand suddenly sweeping up. A strong presence expanded. The fine turbulence around him instantly cleared.

Zheng Zhong and the others did not hesitate in stepping forward.

This was also the reason Zuo Mo had retreated. Zheng Zhong and his group could work together. If he was in the middle, he would actually disrupt their cooperative battle capabilities. It was better to withdraw and wait for an opportunity.

The area of the mountain valley was narrow and small. In this kind of battle, what people competed on were their reaction times, little techniques, and talismans.

Huang Zhuo Guang had never experienced this kind of battle before, but he did not fear it. His body was entirely covered in fourth-grade talismans!

The ling armor on his body was a fourth-grade earth element ling armor, one of the finest pieces produced by Clear Sky Sect, called Dusty Sky Ling Armor. It was made from Sky Soil. Out of affection for him, Clear Sky Old Forefather had added three grains of Sky Sand into it. This caused the grade of the ling armor to increase greatly, especially its formations. Clear Sky Old Forefather even used the Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk to copy formations that gave it the ability to defend and attack enemies.

There was a layer of sand mist that continuously wrapped around Huang Zhuo Guang's body. One shouldn't underestimate these sand mists. They could easily break second-grade flying swords, and the most damaging ability was that it could always corrode the other.

Dusty Sky Ling Armor was definitely a great weapon for close combat!

People usually could not see his flying sword because it would always be hidden in the sky. The flying sword forged from the essence of cloud soul [Sky Inquirer] was like an invisible flow of water silently spinning above Huang Zhuo Guang's head.

Even the jade pendant on his body and the hair tie were also not ordinary, all high level items.

Zheng Zhong and the others instantly looked much poorer when compared to him. Other than the silver snowy flying sword in Zheng Zhong's hand that was low fourth-grade, all that the other people had were third-grade.

Zuo Mo had to shake his head on the inside. It seemed that they didn't have an easy time surviving.

Fourth-grade talismans were extremely expensive. For example, Zuo Mo's Thunder Flowing Light Wings were intermediate fourth-grade, and cost him sixty pieces of fourth-grade jingshi. It had to be said that one piece of fourth-grade jingshi was equivalent to five hundred pieces of third-grade jingshi. In other words, this talisman required thirty thousand pieces of third-grade jingshi.

This price was not something that normal people could tolerate.

Zuo Mo had won many things in Little Mountain Jie, enough talismans to make a small mountain, but the number of fourth-grade talismans could be counted on his fingers. In the present Little Mountain Jie, third-grade talismans were the mainstream armaments. Fourth-grade talismans were all on the hands of the experts. As to talismans like the Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk, even if you had one, you didn't dare to use it.

Of the many talismans, fourth-grade flying swords were the rarest, and the most welcome. There was no way about it, Little Mountain Jie's xiuzhe were mostly sword xiu.

Zuo Mo unconsciously inventoried his own wealth and found to his surprise that he had some assets.

But things like the Thunder Flowing Light Wings, Seven Star Sword Boots, they were mostly things that he bought using jingshi he earned from selling Golden Crow Fire.

Seeing the difference in talismans between the two sides, Zuo Mo knew it would not be an easy fight.

The reason the price between fourth-grade and third-grade talismans was so large was that, other than the materials being rarer and the abilities more outstanding, there was another area, formations.

Fourth-grade talismans frequently would have their own formation techniques. The sand mist that the Dusty Sky Ling Armor exuded was a formation combat technique called [Mist Kill]. The formation combat technique of Zuo Mo's Seven Star Sword Boots were more unique. That was a sword formation.

The majority of fourth-grade talismans had formation combat techniques, it was rare that they did not have them, like the Thunder Flowing Light Wings. This kind of talismans that did not have formation combat techniques were able to qualify to fourth-grade due to one reason. It was that one of its attributes was too strong, like the speed of the Thunder Flowing Light Wings.

A good talisman in the hands of a novice was just a pile of scrap metal, but in the hands of an expert, it could be wielded to its greatest potential.

And if an expert was covered in good talismans?

Zuo Mo started to have a headache. The situation kept on changing unexpectedly. At the start, his plan hadn't changed very much. He had planned on using [Little Thousand Leaf Hands] to mess up the turbulence even more. He hadn't expected these people to be willing to listen to him. The plan had been even more perfect.

But now he found, no matter how much they planned, Huang Zhuo Guang was not suppressed like he had imagined.

Huang Zhuo Guang did not fear being surrounded and attacked. The formation combat technique of his ling armor, [Mist Kill], at full power, his entire person seemed like a person-shaped meat grinder, unreasonably charging and smashing about!

The Double Tiger Eye Boots on his feet were not average. Each time he stepped on the ground, the earth trembled.

It had the same abilities as Zuo Mo's Ten Thousand Appearances Gloves.

If the other showed the slightest weakness, the flying sword above his head would suddenly strike. If it wasn't for the fact that Zheng Zhong and his fellows cooperated well, many of them would already have been killed.

As Huang Zhuo Guang became familiar with this kind of combat, he responded with greater ease.

His feet suddenly shoving off, he was like a cannonball shot out of a cannon, smashing towards Liu Gui with astonishing speed. Liu Gui was very shocked, the flying sword stabbing multiple times in front of him, and a sword curtain appeared in front.

But he suddenly tapped the ground on the way, his figure changing directions and leapt at someone else

That person had been trying to go up to help Liu Gui, and didn't expect Huang Zhuo Guang to suddenly turn around. He didn't have the time to respond, and Huang Zhuo Guang had charged in front of him. Terror rose in his eyes.

Just as he was about to be ground by the sand mist, a snow sword light stabbed at Huang Zhuo Guang

Zheng Zhong's attack was perfectly timed. Huang Zhuo Guang was still very wary of Zheng Zhong He swerved and flashed past the sword light. Before Zheng Zhong could sigh in relief, a spark suddenly appeared above the shidi's head, a flying sword flashing and disappearing.

Huang Zhuo Guang's gaze suddenly landed on Zuo Mo's body. He hadn't expected Zuo Mo was able to detect his well-concealed attack.

Zuo Mo shook his head as he kept on watching. This cooperation between this group was much worse than Lil' Miss' groups. It was far less than what he predicted. Out of helplessness, he could only shout, "Everyone else to the sky, let Brother Zheng deal with him."

Liu Gui and the others had hesitant expressions. Zheng Zhong unhesitatingly said, "Listen to him!"

The other people flew into the sky, emptying out the mountain valley. Only Zuo Mo and Zheng Zhong were left to face Huang Zhuo Guang. Huang Zhuo Guang's confidence had grown as he fought. He laughed, "Both of you can come together!"

Zuo Mo was not affected, "Old Zheng, use your flying sword."

Before he finished, a layer of light suddenly covered his eyes. Ling eye! He raised his hands for a bolt of Yang Fiendish Hard Lightning. His target was not Huang Zhuo Guang, but the space above Huang Zhuo Guang.


A flying sword revealed its true form, countless lightning arcs flashing on its body. With a sorrowful wail, it trembled.

"You dare to damage my flying sword!" Huang Zhuo Guang was enraged and tried to charge at Zuo Mo.

Zheng Zhong instantly understood what Zuo Mo had planned. His wrist shook, and several silver snowy white sword energies lit up and pushed Huang Zhuo Guang back. Zheng Zhong's flying sword was also fourth-grade so he did not fear the sand mist of Huang Zhuo Guang's ling armor. Since the mountain valley was now empty, he did not have to worry about accidentally wounding his fellows. The sword lights flew from his hand.

In close combat, controlling the sword from the distance was not as good as holding the sword.

Huang Zhuo Guang cut a sorry figure, as he was dodging the sword energies and call back [Sky Inquirer].

Zuo Mo didn't care and continued to smash Yang Fiendish Hard Lightning towards Huang Zhuo Guang's unique flying sword like they didn't cost jingshi!

The Sky Inquirer sword was made from the essence of cloud souls. It was both water element and yin. Something like Yang Fiendish Hard Lightning, which was both yang and hard, was its natural enemy. After suffering twenty bolts, it finally stopped trembling, and slammed to the ground like a piece of ordinary metal and stayed there

Anyone with some knowledge knew that this flying sword was now ruined. Many of the xiuzhe who saw this from the air all sighed. Such a good flying sword! It had been fourth-grade! Ruined like this ... ...

His beloved sword ruined, Huang Zhuo Guang was completely enraged. The hair tie suddenly exploded, his hair standing on end.

His eyes were red as he gave a sky shaking bellow, "Die!"

All the ling power in his body moved. He was like a lion that had lost all reason as he charged at Zuo Mo. Pia pia pia! Several sword energies hit his body. He ignored them all, still charging at Zuo Mo.

Boom, the Dusty Sky Ling Armor shattered to pieces, the sand mist instantly disappearing.

But in that instant, the crazy Huang Zhuo Guang had arrived in front of Zuo Mo.

What welcomed him was a fist as exquisite as glass. Even though he was furious, Huang Zhuo Guang still had some rationality. The fingers on his right hand coming together to form sword essence!

Without a flying sword, the danger of the sword essence was many times lower. He had to send out seven sword essences in a row to destroy this glass fist.

The distance between the two was now only three zhang!

The bloody light in Huang Zhuo Guang's eyes grew. His left foot pushing off hard, he was like an arrow released from the bow, his right leg kicking towards Zuo Mo!

At the tip of his foot, a double-eyes white tiger had suddenly appeared with a howl.

Double Eyed Tiger Head Boot, formation combat technique [Tiger Howl]!

A fist covered in countless lights imprinted itself without technique on the forehead of this white tiger.

Translator Ramblings: A description of talismans and the grade system which I personally think should have come way earlier, possibly when Lil' Pagoda was bought way back in Sky Moon Jie.

Huang Zhuo Guang is even more of a fat sheep than the people of Ling Ying Sect. If this was in the past, Zuo Mo would have gone into a rage at damaging such an expensive talismans.