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 Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy Four - You Eat Meat, We'll Drink Soup

What do I do ... ... what do I do ... ...

Zuo Mo was so panicked his innards were burning up. What presence, what scheme, all of it was thrown away.

The howling suddenly changed in tune, from being full of killing intent to being like a rooster that was clucking as it was being strangled, with a long after-note. The sword and person that had been burning suddenly paused, their speed decreasing.

After a while, they were like a little bird that was too fat and couldn't fly as they swayed and unsteadily landed on the empty ground beside the cave.

Everyone collectively turned to stone as they watched such a strange scene.

Zuo Mo released a breath. The Serene Water Sword tip was still bright red, but it was evidently not as frightening as before. Right now, he wanted to throw this flying sword as far away as possible, but considering that the flying sword would instantly explode if it left his control, he could only keep a tight grip on it.

The mountain valley was deathly silent, everyone looking dazedly at Zuo Mo.

Had it been an illusion? Was this person bouncing about in front of them really the same person that was so peerless just a moment ago?

This change was too comedic. Because it was so sudden, and the difference too large, it caused everyone to be unable to react. This group of people stared straight at Zuo Mo, none of them fighting.

Dissipate ... ... dissipate ... ...

Zuo Mo recited at the Serene Water Sword. His voice was very light, but since the surroundings were too quiet, it was abnormally clear. When everyone heard it, many people wanted to roll their eyes. The mood instantly became awkward. Everyone looked at each other but no one moved.

The mountain valley that had been so noisy and full of fighting was abnormally peaceful and silent.

The Void Fire and sword essence that lost pressure quickly dissipated. After a while, the burning red tip of the Serene Water Sword also dissipated. The Serene Water Tip also resumed its normal appearance. Zuo Mo's heart finally landed back in his stomach. He felt his body relax and he sat down on the ground.

So risky! He had almost tripped up. If he killed himself, wouldn't it be a great joke?

He was full of regret as he panted. After two breaths, he suddenly froze, it wasn't right!

Why were the surroundings so silent ... ...

He turned around, his heart slightly insecure, and saw a circle of people standing there silently as they looked at him. A hair-raising feeling spread. He almost shrieked. However, he finally remembered he could be considered the leader of a large group of people, swallowed, and stood up.

"You, why aren't you fighting?"

No one spoke. Liu Gui didn't know what to say. The chaotic situation they had put so much effort to create had been interrupted with such a strange method. But they didn't dare jump out at this time. This wasn't a joke. The slightly black guy in front of him was clearly stronger than they were by a large margin, and was extremely terrifying.

They didn't know what problem Zuo Mo just had, but his power was displayed right there. Without knowing his intentions, jumping out was akin to trying to seeking death. The other people's thoughts were very similar to Liu Gui. Zuo Mo's half of a move had frightened everyone.

Zuo Mo saw that no one responded to him, and instantly faltered. He turned to face the entrance of the secret realm.

Without a call, these people flooded forward.

Zuo Mo turned in fright, "What are you doing?"

A voice suddenly sounded among the crowd, "Big Bro, you eat the meat, but let us drink some soup!"

"Yes yes!"

"Big Bro, you pick what's good first, and let us get some benefits!"

Calls like this instantly sounded among the crowd.

Zuo Mo was dumbstruck. Liu Gui and the others were dumbstruck. No one had expected the situation would reach such a strange step.

"You bear to part with that?" Zuo Mo said thoughtlessly.

"Big Bro is joking. You are the strongest, it's right that you pick first." The person who spoke first saw that Zuo Mo wasn't a hard person to interact with. His courage rose and he stood out.


"That's the rationale!"

Every person agreed. Liu Gui and the others didn't dare to speak. Other people might not know what they had just done, but this person of mysterious origins knew. If they stepped forward at this time and the other might reveal what they had just done, and they would be sliced to death.

Zuo Mo gradually calmed down, and said with slight amusement, "You guys trust me this much?"

"Big Bro, you didn't even look at the White Fang Sword just now. How can anything normal enter your eyes?" The man was a smart one. "As to better things, we don't dare to think about it."

"That's right, who dares to be greedy and covets Big Bro's things, everyone will chop him!"

"Chop him!"

The people all agreed. Liu Gui shook with fright. These people were all very experienced old-timers. They knew that they, a random bunch of rabble, could not possibly get anything out of the secret realm.

Zuo Mo's heart was slightly insecure. He liked the White Fang Sword too, but he had been thinking of the grey bird then and didn't have the time.

Ge really hadn't disregarded it ... ...

However, he quickly understood what these people were thinking.

Before, he had only thought of tripping up Huang Zhuo Guang. The present situation was way out of his predictions.

However, he responded quickly. "If that's the case, then let us work together to kill Huang Zhuo Guang first. If we don't kill him, this secret realm won't be ours."

As Zuo Mo said this, many people instantly hesitated. They were only pursuing wealth, but didn't want to lose their lives. The vicious reputation of Huang Zhuo Guang had long been engraved their hearts.

The man who had just spoken said, "What are we afraid of? If Huang Zhuo Guang escapes, who among us will be able to escape the consequences in and being connected to the deaths of the Sky Sect disciples?"

Zuo Mo silently praised the person for his cleverness.

As expected, the people that had hesitated instantly started to shout, "Do it!"

"We have this many people, we can slice him to death with one blow from each of us!"

Zuo Mo threw out at a good time, "There's some good talismans on Huang Zhuo Guang's body. Afterwards, it will depend on who has the best luck."

These words were instantly effective! Nothing was more tempting than talismans. Their courage instantly rose. Liu Gui and the few people were joyous upon hearing this. If this expert of mysterious skill could team up with Shixiong, Huang Zhuo Guang would have a hard time escaping.

"Big Bro, say what to do, and we'll do it!" Liu Gui hurriedly shouted.

Zuo Mo suddenly found the situation was better than he had imagined. With this group of people, he could more easily set it up. Even though it wasn't possible to rely on them to do something difficult, but not all things were difficult.

As he continued to issue out orders, the people that received them were filled with puzzlement. They could not understand at all what use the things Zuo Mo was asking them to do had.

Zuo Mo requested for most of them to continuously release sword energies and spells inside the valley. Even though their faces were filled with puzzlement, but they still followed and released spells and sword energies at empty areas.

The entire mountain valley became filled with all kinds of colored light.

Zuo Mo stood at the entrance to the secret realm. The secret realm entrance was a floating ball of light. Looking at the entrance, his grasp of the situation rose. This entrance was a natural five element formation. It wasn't hard to open, but it required using all five element powers at the same time.

He looked at Liu Gui. Seeing Liu Gui nod, he started to rapidly send five element power towards the entrance.

As the five element spells entered the ball of light, five colored light exploded.


In the sky, Huang Zhuo Guang's expression changed, killing intent filled in his eyes. His figure suddenly disappeared.

This group of damned bastards!

The reason he had been so confident before was largely due to his assumption that this group could not open the entrance. He had observed the entrance to the secret realm. It required putting in five kinds of five element spells at the same time. It was easy to find people that were skilled in one element or several, but it was rare to find those xiuzhe skilled in all five.

Finding five xiuzhe to cast spells at the same time was an action he had resorted to out of helplessness. He knew that in reality, this method couldn't open the entrance to the secret realm completely.

He didn't worry at all. No matter how many xiuzhe possessed the entrance, if the entrance wasn't opened, then this secret realm would belong to Clear Sky Sect, no one could take it away.

So when the light flashed as the entrance was opened, he was both terrified and furious.

His figure flashed into the mountain valley, aiming for Zuo Mo. The other xiuzhe were a school of little fish in his eyes. The reality was just as he thought. When he appeared in the mountain valley, the xiuzhe flew into the sky like a group of alarmed birds.

Huang Zhuo Guang instantly saw Zuo Mo in front of the entrance.

"My eyes had failed me. So you are skilled in all five elements." A cold light flashed in Huang Zhuo Guang's eyes. "I hadn't thought I would encounter another expert today. Such good luck."


Zuo Mo rolled his eyes. Look at the time! He was still rambling. Without his hesitation, he raised his hand for a Yang Fiendish Hard Lightning bolt! Yang Fiendish Hard Lightning was the move of [Little Thousand Leaf Hands] that he was most familiar with. At present, he almost didn't have to think and could cast it.

"Hard lightning?" Huang Zhuo Guang was slightly surprised but he was not shocked. "Just this thing, and you dare to attack me?"

Zuo Mo suddenly sent out a bolt of Yang Fiendish Hard Lightning with his right palm. With a hiss, it seemed to strike something invisible. Huang Zhuo Guang finally had a shocked expression.

How was it possible? How could this guy so easily find his sword energy?

His Clear Sky sword energy was invisible and intangible, extremely hard to detect.

Zuo Mo didn't feel anything Speaking of invisibility and intangibility, there probably was no sword energy that could compare to the [Void Sword Scripture] that Wei Sheng Shixiong cultivated.

While Huang Zhuo Guang's Sky sword essence was also invisible and intangible, but these qualities were not outstanding. The reason that people continuously were defeated by Huang Zhuo Guang was that his sword essence was too ethereal and hard to find, but Zuo Mo had an exceptional consciousness and ling eyes so these qualities were not scary.

At this time, Zheng Zhong also appeared behind Huang Zhuo Guang.

Liu Gui and the other six appeared at same time, the eight people forming a complete circle. Zuo Mo reversed and retreated.

A smirk appeared at the corner of Huang Zhuo Guang's mouth, gang fighting?

What they probably didn't know was that he was the least afraid of gang fighting! The more people there were, the more power his sword scripture could release.


He decided to let these ignorant people see just how wrong they were.

Just as he was going to attack, the smirk at his mouth suddenly froze.

Translator Ramblings: I find it amusing how Zuo Mo scorns Huang Zhuo Guang's inexperience in combat since he really doesn't too much combat experience himself. Though I am not sure how much combat experience makes a person experienced. Is it two tournaments, five life-threatening battles, or can everyone call themselves battle-hardened if they have fought?

Poor Huang Zhuo Guang, he had to encounter a young ling plant farmer that knows all the required five element spells.