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 Chapter Two Hundred and Sixty Seven - Ambush

Zuo Mo was very experienced and practiced. In an instant, the Clear Sky Sect disciple only had his pants left.

The only thing he felt regretful about was that this guy wasn't as rich as he had thought. He had searched through this guy's entire body and hadn't found a second Sky Sand particle. This result clearly could not satisfy him.

His hand opening slightly, water quickly gathered at his palm and formed a ball of water. Zuo Mo slammed the water ball onto the face of the Clear Sky Sect disciple.

The Clear Sky Sect disciple slowly woke up.

The coldness of his entire body made him realize in the shortest amount of time what had happened. He was like a pure little lamb, trembling and looking with terror at Zuo Mo.

"I'm going to ask you a few questions. If you answer them, I'll spare your life," Zuo Mo grinned, baring his teeth.

This grin in the eyes of the Clear Sky Sect disciple was like a big grey wolf opening its jaws in front of him, flesh and blood still lingering on the sharp white teeth.

He uncontrollably shuddered all over. He finally understood that this black-skinned person in front of him wasn't afraid of Clear Sky Sect.

His mind was blank. How was that possible? How could there still be a xiuzhe in Little Mountain Jie that wasn't afraid of Clear Sky Sect?

Looking at the other's dazed eyes, Zuo Mo became slightly impatient. His killing intent showed. "Ge doesn't have the time to wait for you!"

The other shook and woke up from his daze. He swallowed. "Daren, please ask! Please ask!"

"Have you seen a grey shadow recently? Moving at very fast speed!" Zuo Mo stared at the Clear Sky Sect disciple's eyes.

"Grey shadow? What grey shadow?" The eyes of the Clear Sky Sect disciple was still confused.

Zuo Mo's heart suddenly dropped. He had been staring straight at the other's eyes and knew the other had not lied. Had those four people lied to him? Suspicion rose. He said coldly, "I just saw four people right now. They said they seen it, and was in this direction."

"I haven't seen ... ..." The Clear Sky Sect disciple suddenly yelled, "Four people? Was there also a woman?"

"Yes!" Zuo Mo saw the other's expression and knew he had been tricked.

"Motherf***er! Liu Dong Hua you bastard, you dare to make trouble for ye!" The Clear Sky Sect disciple that was swearing saw Zuo Mo's cold eyes, and explained, "Daren, you were tricked! Those four are also disciples of my sect. They purposefully directed you over here to mess up our good matter ... ..."

He suddenly closed his mouth.

"Good matter? What good matter?" Zuo Mo narrowed his eyes.

"No ... ... nothing, just that our shixiong ... ..."

Seeing the other nervously stammer, Zuo Mo didn't waste words, his hand grasping around the other's neck.

The terrifying strength passed on from Zuo Mo's fingers caused his soul to fly out. He didn't dare to hesitate and rapidly said, "It's a secret realm! A secret realm! We found a secret realm! The entrance to the secret realm needs xiuzhe that understands the five elements to open it! We don't have anyone that is skilled in the five elements! Liu Dong Hua and the others want to get a share, but were driven away by Huang Shixiong! So ... ... so ... ..."

Hearing this, Zuo Mo finally realized.

So it was a secret realm!

He had been wondering why the Clear Sky Sect disciples would run to Little Mountain Jie. Now he knew the cause, he couldn't help but grimace. His heart was stirred by the secret realm, but at this time, finding Silly Bird was more important.

He then asked, "Where did you get this Sky Sand? Don't tell me there is only one particle! Hmph, hmph!"

"This particle of Sky Sand was bestowed when this one's master was alive. There is only one." Seeing the disbelief on Zuo Mo's face, he grimaced and said, "Sky Sand is the treasure of the sect, and produced by the sect's sect protector ling beast Crouching Soil Rhinoceros. One particle is produced every three years. Right now, the Crouching Soil Rhinoceros is kept by the Old Forefather, no one dares to think of obtaining it."

"You don't have this, you don't have that, you still want to lie?" Zuo Mo said coldly.

"I I I ... ..." Frightened by Zuo Mo, this disciple instantly didn't know what to say. Suddenly, he became alert. "Grey shadow! Grey shadow! I remember now! I didn't see the grey shadow you spoke of, but I heard a shixiong mention it."

Seeing the faint scorn on Zuo Mo's face, he was even more panicked. "Really! I swear! I definitely am not lying! It was Lei Shixiong who said it. He said he had just seen a grey shadow. He thought it was a treasure that had come out of the earth and wanted to catch it. But the grey shadow was too strong. Lei Shixiong said that ball of grey energy was not something inside the five elements, and should be a treasure ... ..."

Hearing this, Zuo Mo's mind jumped. Everything could be to fool him, but that phrase "not something inside the five elements" made him believe it slightly.

"Where did the grey ball go after that?"

"I don't know, Lei Shixiong didn't say."

"What is he called?"

"Lei Hao."

"How many of you are there?"

"Twenty two."

Zuo Mo asked a few more details. This disciple didn't dare to conceal anything. After he finished questioning the disciple, Zuo Mo gave a satisfied expression, and his hand lightly squeezed.

The disciple's neck instantly was snapped, an expression of disbelief still remaining on his face.

Zuo Mo lightly flicked his hand, and threw the lifeless corpse into the cloud layer. He hadn't planned on letting this guy go in the first place. He and the Clear Sky Sect were enemies. Even more, this was Little Mountain Jie. Only disciples like him that came from the sect would believe someone would let them live.

The female xiu stood motionlessly next to him.

His mind suddenly moved, and his body sank down, hiding among the thick cloud layer. He turned and looked. The female xiu was still beside him. Through the mist, he could only see a faint outline. Zuo Mo smiled slightly.

If he didn't see it with his own eyes... he couldn't feel the female xiu's presence at all, even though the other wasn't even a zhang away from him. This was always the case. No matter how much he scanned using his consciousness, he couldn't detect any bit of the female xiu's presence. Many times, the female xiu would give him the feeling of coldness. He could feel the strange power, but could not find the presence of life.

Zuo Mo took away his gaze, and took out the Shadowless Cape from his ring. Once the light Shadowless Cape was put on, his presence became fainter. After a while, his presence disappeared into the air.


A while later, four figures arrived at Zuo Mo's former position.

"He had stopped here for a time. Hm, there also seems to be that idiot Lu Hui's presence." Liu Dong Hua carefully inspected the surroundings, and gave a satisfied expression. "It seems they already had a conflict."

"There is only the two of them. Huang Zhuo Guang has more than twenty." The shidi beside him shook his head.

It could be seen the leader of the four was Liu Dong Hua. Liu Dong Hua appeared to be in his forties, the light in his eyes hidden away. He chuckled. "Maybe not. This person's strength isn't ordinary, and especially the woman beside him has unfathomable strength. Our sect's disciples are probably not a match."

"This strong?" The three people all had shocked expressions.

Liu Dong Hua's expression was solemn. "En, everyone, be careful, don't get into conflict with them. These two don't have common origins. Don't underestimate the xiuzhe of Little Mountain Jie. They are used to killing which we cannot compare with."

The other three gave unconcerned expressions. On their journey, if they stated their identity as Clear Sky Sect disciples, the other people either flattered them or had faces full of fear.

Seeing the situation, Liu Dong Hua knew that he was wasting his words and did not speak further.

"We should be careful." Seeing the lack of concern on their faces, he slowly said, "If Huang Zhuo Guang and the others knew we are still chasing after them, everyone won't have good days in the future."

When he mentioned Huang Zhuo Guang, the other three reflexively gave terrified expressions.

Liu Dong Hua looked at them, and prepared to speak when his expression suddenly changed. "Careful!"

Several red shadows suddenly burrowed out of the cloud layer and leapt at them!

"Immortal tying chains!" they exclaimed and hurried to summon their flying swords.

"Motherf***er, why is there so many?"

"Don't use flying swords, use fire to burn them!" Liu Dong Hua reminded loudly. Talismans like immortal tying chains were hard to damage with flying swords, but things like fire and ice were their enemy. The people that had planned on using flying swords to slice quickly dodged

The female xiu took out a jade tablet. This was a beast service card. Its entire body was bright red as though it was made from fire jade. A bright red fox was nimbly depicted on the surface.

Seeing her take out the beast service card, Liu Dong Hua and the others released a breath. The beast service card sealed a third-grade Fire-Tail fox. This Fire-Tail fox had already produced a fire tail and was perfect to subdue these immortal tying chains.

But before he could rejoice, he suddenly saw the air behind Shimei ripple. His face suddenly changed. "Careful!"

Shimei raised her head with confusion, not understanding why.

A flying sword suddenly appeared one chi away from the back of the Clear Sky Sect female xiu's head.

A smear of light flashed.

There were no ling power ripples, no sword moves, just a simple thrust.


The Clear Sky Sect female xiu who didn't detect it didn't have the time to respond before the sword flashed, and her head separated from her body, a pillar of blood thrusting high into the air.

"Shimei!" The other three xiuzhe were infuriated when they saw how terrible Shimei's death was.

Liu Dong Hua felt his head ring. Shimei and he had had a good relationship from youth. Damn it! When he saw the person behind Shimei, his pupils suddenly shrank. The fury and killing desire swept away, his heart sinking to the bottom.

It was him!

"It's you!" Liu Dong Hua gritted his teeth and said hatefully, "I underestimated you ... ..."

Zuo Mo sighed inside. This Shadowless Cape was really the best weapon for assassination. He had come so close to the other from behind and the other had not detected him. But it was a pity that if he moved, he would reveal his presence. To completely conceal his presence, it would need almost two breaths. Two breaths were not a long time, but in battle, it was enough to be fatal.

This caused the Shadowless Cape to have only one chance to attack, and greatly limited its usefulness. However, that was more than enough for Zuo Mo.

As for Liu Dong Hua's hate-filled words, it didn't cause any ripple in his mind.

As expected, this was a greenhorn. Facing the enemy and wasting so many words.

Without the Fire-Tail fox, the other three instantly sank into an extremely reactive state. The eight immortal tying chains were like eight red snakes dancing in the sky and chasing after the three people. If one of them was brushed, even a little bit, it would be like a ling snake and coil around a person.

These immortal tying chains were abnormally nimble and chased them tightly.

For a xiuzhe like Zuo Mo who had high spiritual power controlling many talismans at the same time was their most skilled technique.

A viciousness flashed across Liu Dong Hua's eyes. He reached and took out a talisman!

Translator Ramblings: Well, poor disciple from Clear Sky Sect who got betrayed by his fellow disciples, know that some of your fellow disciples are meeting the same fate as you.

Also, for those of you wondering, they see the masked female accompanying Zuo Mo.

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