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 Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty Four - The Metamorphosis of Jade Metal Head

The completion of the city walls, and the apparition it caused motivated everyone. These were the smallest city walls they had ever seen, not even ten zhang high. These were also the shortest city walls they had ever seen. However, at this time, these short city walls always attracted their gaze. The mirror-smooth blue-gold city walls faintly exuded the sun's warm presence.

Whenever they raised their heads in the camp to look at the little city on the mountain peak, they seemed to be filled with inexhaustible strength. Every morning, the sunlight would form into a faint gold pillar visible to the naked eye and cover the little city.

In the future, they would move in ... ... living behind these kind of city walls, it would be very warm ... ...

Everyone thought on the inside. In this chaotic and cruel Little Mountain Jie, unconsciously, this little Golden Crow city had added a hint of warmth to their hearts. It was an innate desire for sunlight and warmth. Without any urging required, everyone worked furiously day and night.

Zuo Mo did not know any of this. He was still constructing the city, and forgot everything else. The completion of the city walls for the entire city construction was just the first step. The amount of work left was enormous.


Yuan Jiang did not speak of the lack of manpower anymore. He did his best to point out the places Boss needed to pay attention to. Every time his eyes glanced across the little Golden Crow City walls, he couldn't help but be entranced.

This was the most beautiful and perfect city walls he had ever seen!

He had exclaimed countless times inside. What amazed him even more was Boss' deep skill with formations. Boss was the most skilled formations xiuzhe he had ever seen.

The ten zhang high city walls had a twenty zhang deep foundation. The entire city walls were one body. In the deepest part of the foundation, there were earth element formations carved every two steps. All of them were fourth-grade formations. [Earth Vein Root], [Granite Steel Overgrowth], and [Fire Lotus Foundation] were all arranged in a zig-zag fashion.

Whenever Yuan Jiang thought of the thought that Boss put into picking these three formations, he couldn't help but sigh in admiration.

[Earth Vein Root] acted like ten of thousand roots that deeply penetrated into the earth, unable to be broken. [Granite Steel Overgrowth] was an extremely obscure formation. It could cause granite around it to harden and would then continue to spread outwards like vines.

Yuan Jiang felt slight pity. If Clear Sky Sect did not exist, in twenty to thirty years, the entire Sky Star Peak's granite would be hardened. At that time, it would be impenetrable.

What he felt was the cleverest was [Fire Lotus Foundation]. [Fire Lotus Foundation] was an extremely common formation, mostly used in forging and dan-making. It could form the base of a fire lotus. Lingdan and talismans would form on the lotus base. It was very creative to use it here. The walls of Golden Crow City was able to absorb Golden Crow Fire. Over time, this would be a very terrifying prospect.

These [Lotus Fire Foundations] could continue to temper the walls. Even though the effects would not be evident, but as time passed, it would become significant. Even more, fire bore earth. The effects of the two earth element formations would also increase.

It was a great pity!

The more Yuan Jiang looked, the more he liked it. However, when he thought of the city walls becoming the main battlefield for Clear Sky Old Forefather, and being destroyed, he felt even more reluctant.


Zuo Mo himself didn't feel anything. The inside of the city had been divided into districts. Places like the camp and residential areas had been completely left alone so they could build it themselves.

What he was building now were the formation battle watchtowers.

formation battle watchtowers were the most important battle units of each city. There would all kinds of offensive formations on it. With the xiuzhe inside it controlling the formations, it could attack the enemy. The formations inside the formation battle watchtowers were all powerful offensive formations and usually needed many xiuzhe to work together.

Other than the protection offered by the city wall defenses, the formation battle watchtowers were one of the most important combat units that determined whether the place could be held.

At the beginning, Zuo Mo didn't even think of building a big city. The only purpose of this little city was combat. Other than the necessary living spaces, Zuo Mo decided to use all other areas to construct the watchtowers.

Facing a jindan xiuzhe, it was not embarrassing to win through numbers.

The construction of formation battle watchtowers was not difficult, and it was not a secret. The jade scroll that Yuan Jiang had given him had extremely detailed descriptions. Of course, he didn't follow exactly what the scroll said, those were just mainstream knowledge.

If he wanted something good, he had to put in effort himself.

Before the formation battle watchtowers were built, Zuo Mo's Jade Metal Head mo physique unexpectedly had a breakthrough! The breakthrough was very sudden this time. There was no warning. Even Pu Yao did not detect it, much less Zuo Mo who had been in the depths of studying formation battle watchtowers.

The metamorphosis of a mo physique was unexpectedly terrible.

Just as he was pondering formation battle watchtowers, a cloud of bloody mist suddenly exploded out of Zuo Mo's body.

The eyes of the female xiu that was closest to him suddenly lit up with a strange purple light. Her body did not move. The powerful bloody mist charged to two steps in front of her before it seemed to be stopped by an invisible wall.

The empty eyes of the three Golden Armor Guards lit up. The three of them raised their swords and blocked the charge of the bloody mist.

Yuan Jiang who was not far from Zuo Mo did not have the strength to resist. It was like he had been hit with a heavy hammer. He felt a great force pass over, sending him flying and into unconsciousness.

This was just a start.

Bam bam bam!

Clouds of bloody mist continuously exploded out of Zuo Mo's body. Each burst contained extremely powerful momentum. The ground under his feet had already turned into a deep hole due to the explosions.

The golden armor on the three Golden Armor Guards rattled. They hurriedly braced their waist and legs, the light in their eyes were at a maximum as they managed to resist the charge of the bloody mist.

When the third wave of bloody mist exploded, the energy contained in the bloody mist reached a terrifying level. The three Golden Armor Guards could not block it. Dong dong dong, they were pushed to fifteen steps away before they could steady their bodies.

From beginning to now, the female xiu did not move. The exaggerated black mask and the eerie purple pupils flashed in and out of sight in the bloody mist.

She suddenly reached out with her right hand and grabbed at the bloody mist. The bloody mist in front of her instantly condensed, and a bean-sized blood bead appeared in her hand. After that, both of her hands grabbed at the empty air. All of the bloody mist had been condensed into blood beads.

Ding ding dong dong. The blood beads rang out as they fell onto the ground.

The bloody mist had been swept away and revealed Zuo Mo's true body. Zuo Mo's body was covered in gore. It was as though the gore was alive as it slowly moved. It looked extremely terrifying.

The female xiu silently looked at the bloody figure of Zuo Mo.


In Zuo Mo's sea of consciousness, Pu Yao couldn't help but sigh with shock, "Such a powerful girl!" He then lowered his head, and said to himself, "So quickly? Is this body really this suited to this path?"

He suddenly seemed to detect something and raised his head. The black clouds around the gravestone had disappeared.


The purple light in the eyes of the female xiu suddenly exploded.

A hint of black energy suddenly appeared in the gore wrapped around Zuo Mo's body. The threads of black energy were like strands of hair and also extremely hard to notice.

The female xiu stared for a while before the purple light in her eyes gradually dimmed.

The gore on Zuo Mo's body moved restlessly for more than four hours before gradually calming down. After four more hours, a person-high cocoon of blood appeared in the deep hole of the ground.


"The second batch." The platoon captain was very excited. Adding on the group that they had just destroyed, they had successfully ambushed two groups of Clear Sky Sect Outer Hall xiuzhe that had been returning. Their luck was pretty good. From the information passed on through the paper cranes, several platoons hadn't encountered anyone at all.

Continuous battle caused their platoon's xiuzhe to quickly grow. Their combat had finally shown some hint of organization. For this, they had paid the price of three people.

Ma Fan inattentively made a sound in response. He was pondering what he may have not considered in his previous idea.

Lil' Miss's intentions were very clear. Do their best to delay the enemy so that the enemy could not find their main camp, and try to earn more time for the construction of the city. On the other hand, they couldn't fight too fiercely, causing Clear Sky Old Forefather to come out personally. No one could deal with that.

There were too many places that had to be measured in here.

But from the present situation, the development of the situation had not left his predictions.

Holding a piece of green grass in his mouth, he raised his head to look at the faraway sky.

The battle had just begun.


Nan Sheng Village.

"Ten little troops have been killed? Ah! You group of trash! Two hundred people! That is two hundred people! Even if it was two motherf***ing stones, there would be a sound if they're thrown into the water!"

Under great pressure, He Xiang finally lost all restraint and bellowed.

The subordinates shivered, and the other elders remained silent. Malicious joy came into many people's eyes.

He Xiang sudden turned his head, and looked at the other elders. His eyes were filled with blood, his features twisted, the tendons in his head bulging like earthworms. His voice was deep like a lion that had been forced to death's door. "Alright, you guys are just watching! Ha, you really think that only I would be punished if we don't do this right? None of you will be able to escape! Don't forget Old Forefather's temper!"

The faces of the other elders all changed uncontrollably.

He raised his head, and said in a voice full of scorn and disdain, "I'm the Chief Elder, but is nothing to Old Forefather. You guys, which of you cannot be replaced? Don't forget, it is very easy for the Outer Hall to hire xiuzhe. Would it be difficult to find new elders? You all should be clear how important this is. If we cannot even accomplish the first task for the Outer Hall, ha!"

Everyone saw the terror in each other's eyes. Even though it was Chief Elder that was in control of the Outer Hall right now, but if Old Forefather really investigated, none of them would escape. What they were doing now was related to the foundation for the dominion of Clear Sky Sect in Little Mountain Jie.

One elder stood up. "That's right. This is not the time for us to fight among ourselves. We should cooperate, and overcome this obstacle."

"I agree!" another elder stood up.

Other elders continued to stand and express their agreement. Second Elder's expression was slightly ugly but he also stood up. "I also agree."

Chief Elder's anger instantly disappeared, and even had a smile on his face. "As long as we cooperate, we will definitely capture this group of clowns quickly!"

Of the seven elders, except for him, they were all ningmai third stratum experts!


The mood of Nan Sheng Village had suddenly changed. All the people walking on the street were ordered to return home. All flow of resources were stopped, and all people were banned from travel. Even though the leaders of the various factions objected, but they were instantly suppressed. They were put under house arrest.

The Clear Sky Sect Outer Hall sent down its first Ten Thousand Fire Emergency Order!

The Outer Hall xiuzhe that had been prepared to send out to other places in Little Mountain Jie were all summoned back. The xiuzhe number in Nan Sheng Village continued to increase. The leaders that were under house arrest felt insecure when they saw this and were wise enough to stay in their homes.

The enormous Outer Hall gathered strength at an unprecedented efficiency!

Editor Note: In the Chinese elemental system there are five elements: metal, water, wood, fire, and earth. Each element has affinities to each other element, either creating or destroying other elements. Wood creates Fire, Fire creates Earth, while Wood destroys Earth. So when Yuan Jiang says fire bears earth and would increase the fire element formations, he means that the power of the Golden Crow fire absorbed from the sun will be used to create Earth elemental power and strengthen the two earth formations.

Translator Ramblings: Blood and explosions for Zuo Mo's body leveling up. Other people expel and shed the impurities in their body, Zuo Mo sprays blood everywhere. Ma Fan has a plan and so does He Xiang.