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 Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty Three - Golden Crow Walls

The blue-gold bricks were neatly stacked together.

The flying fire paper spread out and rolled, sometimes as straight as a knife as it passed through the gaps between the blue-gold bricks. Zuo Mo's expression was serious, a faint layer of light in his eyes.

The fire paper danced faster and left behind beautiful golden trails in the air. His ling eyes and consciousness were stretched to their limits. No flow of ling power in the surroundings could escape Zuo Mo's perception.

His hands were like flowers blooming. Zuo Mo's well-practiced finger motions were completely used. His half-raised hands were always in the middle of countless afterimages that flickered in and out.

Many xiuzhe couldn't help but put down what they were doing to come watch. Occasionally, gasps would sound out from among the crowd. Everyone was intoxicated. These xiuzhe were mostly non-combat production xiuzhe. They were one of the classes that emphasized finger motions the most. Zuo Mo's precise ling power control did not waste one drop of energy. In their eyes, he was comparable to the most classic examples.

This was an experience to be enjoyed.

If Zuo Mo moving the blue-gold bricks previously had been the most basic and bare example of strength, then the grand finger motions and the amazing ling power control now represented the highest levels of control and technique.

It was the first time Zuo Mo had tried using his consciousness and Ling Eye at the same time. After a very short amount of time, he felt the benefits. The world in his eyes had never been so lively and dimensional in his eyes. His consciousness could detect every detail of the objects in front of him, his ling eyes could detect every change in the ling power. He was almost able to "see" the patterns behind the walls. With a glance, he would know everything in his field of vision.

This also caused his efficiency to skyrocket, and lead to the scene occurring right now.

Yuan Jiang had lost all power of speech. What was happening before his eyes surpassed the limits of his imagination. With a speed visible to the naked eyes, the blue-gold brick walls grew upwards. This kind of speed was outside of his knowledge. Even more, this was all done by a single person.

This world was too insane!

The last thread of his rationality caused him to look at the remaining blue-gold bricks. He instantly shook and his soul came back into his body. Of the mountain of blue-gold bricks that had been piled up before, there were not even one hundred pieces left. He thought of his role as the supervisor and ordered people to transport blue-gold bricks.

Other people did not have Zuo Mo's physical strength, and could only use talismans. Instantly, all the talismans were put to use. Flying swords, ling hoes, jade scepters etc. all turned to a long line. Several bricks hung below each talisman. These bricks were way too heavy.

After a few round trips, the blue-gold bricks once again piled into a mountain. Yuan Jiang released a breath inside, and his expression relaxed.

Just as Yuan Jiang's expression eased, Ji Wei and Sun Bao's expressions became nervous. The two of them had been entranced in Boss' grand performance had suddenly reacted when they saw Yuan Jiang summon people to transport blue-gold bricks.

The two rapidly calculated how many blue-gold bricks were remaining, and their faces changed!

Based on Boss' terrifying speed, the remaining blue-gold bricks would quickly be unable to keep up with demand. The two of them were responsible for forging. If something happened here, they could not deflect their fault.

Previously, the two of them had feared Boss more than they respected him. Now that they had personally seen the abilities of Boss, they were full of respect to the point that they kow-towed. The more respect they held, the more they were unwilling to drag Boss down due to their own mistakes.

The two of them exchanged a look and did not hesitate in herding off the forging xiuzhe that were watching.

"Work work! Immediately! Anyone that dares to slow down, we'll cut your wages!"

"Those that are making blue-gold bricks, listen. The wage for each piece is increasing by fifty percent."

The two played good and bad, one punished while the other rewarded. The xiuzhe that made blue-gold bricks instantly ran off to work. They may have been motivated by Boss, or by the high wages, but each person was full of motivation.

The camp was very busy.


"Ma Fan is so meddlesome." Lei Peng looked at the paper crane in his hands and muttered. He handed the paper crane to the platoon captain beside him in frustration.

After the platoon captain finished reading, he couldn't help but ask, "What do we do?"

Lei Peng said, frustrated, "What to do? Do according to what he says!" Then he muttered, "This guy had been the core before, he should know more."

The platoon captain was used to Lei Peng's impatient tone. He knew that Lei Peng did not have malicious aims, but he was frustrated with having to take along greenhorns. He was an old member so he understood very well. Sometimes, even he would feel frustrated, much less a battle maniac like Lei Peng.

As the order pass down, everyone's figures quickly disappeared.


In a patch of wood about two hundred li far from Lei Peng.

"Can Ma Fan Daren's plan work?" the platoon captain asked Xie Shan uncertainly.

Xie Shan smiled and replied, "He was the core before. Of all of us, he received the most teachings from Gongsun Daren. None of us are likely to surpass him."

"This is really a big plan!" the platoon captain sighed.

Xie Shan smiled and said, "Let's start."


At the same time, more than ten troops led by other people quietly hid in places about eight hundred li from Nan Sheng Village. This distance was very well grasped. Usually, the range of scouting troops were around one thousand and five hundred li. This distance was about half of that.

The suggestion Ma Fan gave them was to carefully sneak in and kill the little troops of xiuzhe as they were coming back.

The xiuzhe that were coming back would not have much ling power after long distance flight, and their combat power should be at a relatively low level. In the hearts of the xiuzhe of Clear Sky Sect outer hall, this position was a relatively safe area. They would not be so high alert and may relax their guard.

Of course, even more importantly, they could successfully reach the position of the plan.

As long as they could do this, Ma Fan's string of plans had a high probability of success.


In many people's view, Lil' Miss' campaign this time was slightly unexpected, but when battle started, they found that they were wrong. Lil' Miss had done extremely detailed preparations. This was seen from the moment the first battle started.

Wei Ran securely remembered Lil' Miss's order. In the first charge, they did not use all of their power like they usually did. They only used the first charge of the three section wave killing charge. The Third Division he lead was like a knife that had ran out of power, having cut only halfway into the enemy ranks.

The faces of some of the other division leaders that were present all changed dramatically. The three section wave killing charge was to be completed all together. It was to be like a heavy blade, cutting everything in half! If it halted in the enemy ranks, and was surrounded in all directions, and if their side had lost the momentum, then it was an extremely dangerous situation.

But Lil' Miss did not even look, and continued to add large numbers of fighters towards the flanks of the enemy.

After a while, everyone found that Wei Ran, who they thought would have lost many people, were only lightly damaged.

Wei Ran's mission was to trap sixteen xiuzhe. These sixteen xiuzhe were the strongest power in the enemy ranks. It was not that their combat abilities were powerful, but the contribution they made towards their troop.

These sixteen people were a rare group, seal xiu!

Because the attack had been extremely abrupt, these sixteen xizhe hadn't had the time to spread out before Wei Ran caught them all. Seal xiu were not famed for their combat abilities, but they were skilled in using all kinds of seal curses which could dramatically increase the combat abilities of the xiuzhe around them.

The first people Lil' Miss dealt with were them. He used Wei Ran to cut the connection between them and the other xiuzhe. The balance of battle quickly tilted towards Lil' Miss' side.


The sixteen seal xiu looked with terror at the enemy that surrounded them, their hands nervously grasping stacks of seal papers.

The mood was extremely tense. One of the seal xiu couldn't bear it, the seal paper on his hand unconsciously lighting up. He then heard Eldest Shixiong shout, "Don't attack!" The seal paper on his hands was instantly blown apart.

This group of seal xiu were led by a middle-aged person of about forty years old. Seeing his calm expression, the other people gradually calmed down from their fear.

Once they calmed down, they detected the strangeness. The other side might have surrounded them tightly, but did not seem to have any intentions of attacking.

The xiuzhe that had almost attacked was instantly was filled with fear. If he had actually attacked just now, then he would really have caused a great disaster.


Without the support of the seal xiu, the other xiuzhe quickly collapsed as they faced the extremely sharp juggernaut of the three section wave killing charge. The other troops in Gongsun Cha's command had already went back to block the retreat paths and to stop the scattered enemy from running around.

The battle quickly ended. There was no joy on Gongsun Cha's face. The strength level of the two sides were not on the same level. If he couldn't defeat these people, then he really had suffered through Pu Yao's abuse for nothing.

However, when his eyes turned towards the seal xiu, they lit up.

If Chun Yu Cheng was here, he would definitely be shocked to find Gongsun Cha's gaze right now was the same as Zuo Mo Shixiong's when he saw a fat sheep.

Gongsun Cha showed his trademark bashful smile.


The city walls progressed quickly. Zuo Mo had thrown himself into the work, and forgot everything. He used the Black Procession Meditation mat to resupply ling power, and continued, then resupply. He mechanically repeated. The changes in the fire paper gradually decreased. The feeling of grandness slowly disappeared. What took over was accuracy and cleanness.

It was as though Zuo Mo did not know exhaustion until night. When the stars rose above his head, he would stop, sit on the unfinished walls and meditate.

When the sun rose on the second day, he would rise on-time, and start work again.

Facing such a crazy Boss, Ji Wei and Sun Bao were almost driven to insanity. The two of them led the other xiuzhe and used all their power to just barely manage to keep up with Zuo Mo's speed so that the construction did not stop due to the lack of blue-gold bricks.

Ten days, the city walls were finished!

The blue-gold city walls were ten zhang deep. They were not imposing, but it was still amazing because there were no gaps to be seen on the city walls. They were as smooth as a mirror. When every person stood on the walls, they could not help but reach to touch.

Suddenly, the cloud layer above the Sky Star Peak suddenly dissipated. A golden pillar of light came down from the sky, and covered the just finished city walls. The city walls seemed to be a sponge, continuously absorbing the golden light for an hour.

All the xiuzhe in Sky Star Peak were alerted to this apparition.

The golden light slowly faded until it disappeared. The cloud layer in the sky closed again. The blue-gold walls of the city exuded a faint golden light.

The presence of the Sun Golden Crow, with the city walls as the center, rippled out towards the surroundings like a wave!

Translator Ramblings: Thank you for all your contributions last chapter. There were some really good ones like the wall wouldn't be one brick layer thick, and the joints will crack before the bricks do.

Zuo Mo outpaced the forge production. Lots of people just to keep up with him alone. Gongsun Cha has now been infected with Zuo Mo's characteristics as well. I wonder if he got a double dose of craziness, one from Zuo Mo and the other from Pu Yao? Lastly, the city walls are complete.

Most of the time when people get an improvement, they do something like send out an attack that pulverizes everything. For some reason, punching a rock or something hard comes to mind. Zuo Mo is showing how resilient his new body is by ... ... building a city. Which is a more healthy outlet overall, and it creates rather than destroys. It also makes me wonder who pays for the damage in these stories. Do people just say bad luck, does a city have an emergency fund for when powerful cultivators decide they wanted to have an all-out brawl, what happens when entire worlds are being invaded? I always pity auction houses because they always seems to be the cause for robbery. People rob others right outside the auctions/merchant houses so my first thought is that other people will not want to live anywhere near them. It doesn't matter if there are guards and patrols, an auction house is just not a safe place to be near.