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 Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty Two - Fire Paper Method

He Xiang released a breath in the side. Twelve hours before the final deadline, and he had finally found the enemy! As long as he found the enemy, he had the time to sort them out. The feeling of living after near death filled his body. He couldn't help but want to exhale, but when he saw the hint of disappointment in the eyes of Second Elder, he forced himself to keep it in.

A hint of darkness flashed across the deepest part of his eyes. He did not want to show his weakness in front of his opponent.

"I've said it before. As long as they are in Little Mountain Jie, how can we not find them?" He pretended to be calm and said with a smile, "Tell us the situation."

He looked as though he had expected all this.

"Chief Elder, our people had encountered the enemy on the plains in West River. A small platoon of sixteen people, our people were completely defeated."

"West River Plains?" He Xiang mused, "Let Yu An take some people and make a trip. The other side has four people that have comprehended sword essence, and a dhyana xiu that has an abhinna. We cannot underestimate them."

"Yes!" The subordinate hurriedly complied.

"Go quickly. Report anytime there is news." He Xiang waved his hand.

The subordinate was perceptive and left.

"No wonder this group dare to be so presumptuous. They do have some ability." He Xiang smiled as he spoke to the other elders. "A little troop just disappeared like this without a sound."

"Chief Elder is wise," an elder agreed. "However, if they want to work against our Clear Sky Sect, they obviously do not know their own limits, and are asking for their death."

The other elders all nodded.

As to the little troop that had all died, no one was concerned. What did it have to do with them? The Outer Hall did not lack for people.


Below their feet were patches of clouds that spread into the horizon like a sea of clouds. Flying above the cloud layer, the sky was perfectly blue. Without any cover, the sunlight was abnormally poisonous. If one did not have their ling armor activated, they would be unknowingly corroded with a thread of fire poison contained in the sunlight.

There would rarely be xiuzhe who would fly so high. The strong wind at high elevations and the fire poison in the sunlight would increase the consumption of ling power in flight.

A troop of about three hundred people howled across the sea of clouds with astounding speed.

"Boss, where are we going?" the subordinate asked Gongsun Cha.

Gongsun Cha was sitting on a large green sword. There was an egg shaped ling shield around the big sword, blocking out the sharp wind and poisonous sunlight. Inside the ling shield, it was as warm as the spring and unusually silent. This big sword that was about one and a half zhang long had been forged of an entire block of fourth-grade Wind Ling Wood. Peerlessly light, it was an extremely fine flight flying sword. However, it was sumptuous to use such a big piece of Wind Ling Wood to make a flight flying sword. This was a spoil of victory.

This flying sword was called [Green Cloud], and had become Gongsun Cha's personal flying sword. Because this flying sword could hold seven or eight people at the same, the person sitting on the point of the flying sword was the xiuzhe who was controlling Green Cloud. With Gongsun Cha's zhuji cultivation, he basically could not move Green Cloud.

"Don't you feel that we are too few in number?" When Gongsun Cha asked this, he seemed very much like a young and confused youth.

Of course, the people sitting here had become immune long ago.

"Not too few. We have six divisions now."

"But this city can hold ten thousand people." Gongsun Cha's voice seemed slightly childlike.

Everyone sweated. It seemed Lil' Miss' sense of humor was increasing.

However, Gongsun Cha's words made everyone's hearts shake. The implication of Lil' Miss's words were clear. They couldn't help but feel a thread of sympathy for the xiuzhe in the surrounding area.

"Then which place are we going to fight this time?" the subordinate asked carefully.

"One by one."

Everyone shook again.

Gongsun Cha moved his mouth and another xiuzhe took out a jade scroll, channeling ling power inside. A light flashed and an illusory landscape of rivers and mountains appeared in front of them.

"There are thirteen different powers in our surroundings. The biggest has over five hundred xiuzhe, the smallest has eighty xiuzhe. Oh, on average, each faction has about two hundred people. Thirteen factions, how many would that be?" Gongsun Cha tilted his head as he asked.

The subordinate swallowed, "About two thousand and six hundred people."

The faces of the people changed slightly. In total, they had slightly more than three hundred people. If they were to attack more than two thousand and six hundred people, the difference in numbers was really too large.

"Just two thousand." A slightly disappointed expression came onto Gongsun Cha's face.

Everyone's heart jumped simultaneously as they hurriedly urged.

"It's more than enough, more than enough. Head, we should fight one at a time."

"Yes yes! An empire isn't built in a day."

... ...

They feared that Gongsun Cha would be crazy and increase the number of targets. It was very likely that something like that could happen.

Gongsun Cha showed a disappointed expression. "Alright, even though it is slightly less, but we shall first eat them."

"Head is wise!" The subordinates said together.

Gongsun Cha smiled as though he enjoyed the respect of all the people.

"Head, we've taken so many people out, the safety of the camp is ... ..."

"We don't have to worry about that. It's enough to have two platoons standing guard. That woman is very strong," Gongsun Cha said carelessly.

Everyone finally recalled that Boss had a female xiu of immeasurable power that followed him. Then they recalled the three golden armor guards that never showed their faces, and instantly stopped talking.

"Oh, we will return to the camp in a month."

The faint tone made everyone's hearts shake as it entered their ears.

All of the xiuzhe forcefully stood up from the body of the sword. Floating midair, they solemnly accepted the order. "Yes!"


Batches of blue-gold bricks were transported next to the foundation. They piled up into little mountains. Yuan Jiang glanced over and couldn't stop himself from swallowing. He urged weakly, "Boss, we should call some more people over."

Zuo Mo ignored him and picked up two blue gold-bricks. The thick bricks seemed to weigh nothing in his hands.

"What do I do?"

Seeing the situation, Yuan Jiang could only helplessly inform, "Gold soup needs to be poured between two blue-gold bricks, and then spells are used to reinforce them. During the entire process, you have to notice to not damage the formations already on the blue-gold bricks. The root of the wall needs to be set up with earth element formations to connect them to the earth veins, so they can root themselves in the earth and become hard to shake. After the city walls are completed, bigger formations have to be drawn onto the surface of the outside walls."

Yuan Jiang had already prepared and handed Zuo Mo a jade scroll. There were all kinds of detailed explanations in it, like the recipe for the gold soup. Gold soup was a substance that was created by mixing all kinds of gold element materials together.

After he finished reading the entire scroll, Zuo Mo suddenly asked, "Can't I just melt the two blue-gold bricks together?"

"Melt them together?" Yuan Jiang was dumbstruck, "This ... ... how to melt?"

Zuo Mo himself was not so confident about the idea he just had and decided to try. He put the two blue-gold bricks together, and then he summoned the Golden Crow Fire. After some thought, the spell on his hands changed, and the Golden Crow Fire seemed to be pulled in four directions by an invisible force.

Yuan Jiang's eyes were wide as he stared at the changes in Zuo Mo's Golden Crow Fire.

The Golden Crow Fire gradually spread out and became increasingly thin until it was as thin as paper, an extremely thin golden piece of fire paper. At this point, the fire paper did not change anymore, but slowly flew towards the two blue-gold bricks that were stacked together.

The fire paper paused in front of the blue-gold brick and then burrowed into the gap between the two blue-gold bricks.

The fire paper quickly spread out flat between the two pieces of blue-gold bricks. A short while later, the brick surfaces facing the gap started to melt at the same time. There were no other signs of melting in the other parts of the brick.

Zuo Mo's expression was serious. His consciousness was spread to its limits.

Seeing that it was almost enough, the fire paper suddenly flew out between the two blue-gold bricks. The two blue-gold bricks instantly stuck together. Zuo Mo didn't dare to pause, and sent out five spells according to the description on the jade scroll.

The lights from the five spells accurately hit the merge point between the two blue-gold bricks.

When the last spell entered the two pieces of blue-gold bricks, what appeared in front of everyone was a single piece of blue-gold brick! It appeared to be one body, the surface as bright and smooth as a mirror without any gap.

Yuan Jiang was so shocked he couldn't speak. It wasn't just him. All the other forging xiu that were watching were left dumbstruck when they saw Zuo Mo's skill with controlling fire.

Zuo Mo released a long breath. Good, good, he didn't embarrass himself too much.

He felt slightly proud. Pointing at the big blue-gold brick that had just been forged, he said, "Go try and see what the effect is."

Yuan Jiang was startled out of his daze and hurriedly arranged for an assessment of the new blue-gold brick. After a while, he ran back with an excited expression. "Boss, Boss! Strong! It really is too strong!"

Zuo Mo wanted to know the results. Hearing Yuan Jiang filled with meaningless words, he couldn't control himself. "Tell me the result!"

There was still some hint of disbelief in Yuan Jiang's eyes. "This is the strongest brick that this subordinate has ever seen! Definitely the strongest! We did a comparison with the best gold soup. Boss's fire paper method was about two times stronger than reinforcing with the gold soup. We also found when there is too much outside force, the entire blue-gold brick would turn to powder, but before that, it never shows a crack. The ones made with the gold soup will crack at the mortar joints of the two blue-gold bricks if the outside force is large enough."

Hearing Yuan Jiang blab on, Zuo Mo's head felt dizzy. He could only ask, "So my method is better?"

"Better! Much much better!" Yuan Jiang was so excited he couldn't control himself. The increase in strength that Boss' method would provide to the city walls was greater than any method he knew. The other two people were also very excited.

Zuo Mo was very smug inside, and he did not feel much excitement. However, it was not hard for him to understand why Yuan Jiang and the other's were excited. If they didn't like it, who would study something as obscure as city construction? When a breakthrough development happened in an area a person liked, no one would be able to keep their composure.

"Oh, you guys can study the remaining. I'm going to start the work."

Zuo Mo didn't plan on wasting time. Time was very expensive.

The ling power spat out of his hand and coiled around twenty blue-gold bricks like a ling snake. He directly put them on his shoulder.

He felt his shoulders suddenly weigh down, his feet sinking into the earth.

It was really heavy!

These blue-gold bricks were all forged from large slabs of bluestone. Even though the volume had shrunk, the weight had not lessened. If it was any other person, they would have been pounded into paste when the twenty pieces were put on their shoulders.

Zuo Mo steadied his body and released a breath. Pulling his leg out of the mud, he started to charge towards the foundation.

Bam bam bam!

Each time Zuo Mo's step landed, the earth would shake. Everyone in the surroundings inhaled in shock.

There were two Dhyana xiu in the two platoons who had stayed behind. Seeing this inhuman feat, they were very embarrassed!

Which motherf***er said that Boss was a sword xiu ... ...

Translator Ramblings: WanderingGummiOfDoom pointed out that the wall might actually be weaker this way since it turns to powder rather than cracking. Any opinions?

I find deadlines a funny thing. If there is a time limit in a story, it is usually never gone over. Something happens so that time never runs out. Zuo Mo has always been able to deliver by the deadline ... ... like in his match against Luo Li. In this case, Ma Fan and the others acted so that He Xiang was able to remain alive rather than be killed by the Clear Sky Old Forefather. I know there is no sense of urgency on Zuo Mo's behalf right now but the yao army is just a jie river away and he did do another Stars in Daytime.