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 Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty - Pu Yao's Insane Suggestion

Zuo Mo stretched and released a long breath, his entire body sore. However, when he looked at the jade scroll in front of him, he couldn't help but give a proud smile. He had completely improved the new plan. All the formations in the plans were redone.

Formation-defense-style, hee, have a taste of the true formations-defense-style!

Zuo Mo was very satisfied and proud of the finished plan. In the process of improving them, he had benefited. It had been very valuable. There were many questions he had never thought of before. There were many problems when building a city, and it was far more complex than formations. He tried to put different kinds of formations into every corner of the plans. Unlike Yuan Jiang and the others, Zuo Mo would use formations in any place possible if he did not have to use manpower.

The enormous construction would become a shockingly complex formation group, a gigantic formation belt composed of more than four hundred formations of various sizes.

Zuo Mo anticipated what expression Yuan Jiang would have when he saw this completely transformed plan.

Pu Yao suddenly came out to remind him, "This is a good chance."

Zuo Mo stilled and asked, "What's a good chance?"

Gongsun Cha had become at leisure recently and spent everyday playing war chess with Pu Yao. Usually, as long as he was facing off Gongsun Cha, Pu Yao would be much calmer. Many times, Zuo Mo could not help but feel that Pu Yao really was like a child. Of course, this kind of comparison was something a Sky Yao could not tolerate. Zuo Mo had smartly shut his mouth.

"Your body is barely acceptable, but you have been lacking in your cultivation recently. The potential of this body has not been completely excavated," Pu Yao said, his voice heavy, "Wastefulness is shameful!"

Zuo Mo looked in shock at Pu Yao. That tone, why did it sound so similar to his own?

Wrong feeling, wrong feeling. Zuo Mo shook his head and threw the feeling aside. He said in helplessness, "There's no other way. You can see it. I'm just one person. I can't be split in two."

"So what is in front of you is a chance. Right now, you have reached the peak of mountain physique. If you take another step, you will give birth to the moon soul, and reach the level of mo captain." Light flashed through Pu Yao's bloody pupil.

"The level of mo captain?"

"Equivalent to your xiuzhe's ningmai."

Zuo Mo was greatly disappointed. He was already ningmai. After the breakthrough to create a moon soul, that would just be equivalent to a ningmai. It was not that attractive to him.

Pu Yao seemed to see what Zuo Mo was thinking and smiled coldly. "Don't feel as though it is unprofitable. Your physique has a name, it is called Jade Metal Head. Metal skin, jade bones. In low level mo physiques, it is among the top. That guy really put a lot of effort into it. Your luck isn't bad, you made it through. Once you have a moon soul, you can absorb the power of the moon, and grow quickly. Also, there is an extra benefit to you that others don't have."

"What benefit?" Zuo Mo hurriedly asked.

"Your spiritual cultivation is star spiritual cultivation. If you can cultivate to moon soul, you can absorb the powers of the stars and moon. If you are lucky, you may cultivate the Stars and Moon Wheel."

"What is the Stars and Moon Wheel?"

"Just like you xiuzhe like using grades to divided good and bad, high and low, yaomo have similar divisions. Mo cultivate their bodies. There are many considerations. Other than the mo skills learned during life, all kinds of mo physiques are crucial, and there are naturally differences in quality. Mo live under military law. They like using military rankings to divide everything. Soldier, captain, colonel, brigadier general, marshall, king. That group of people are simpleminded. Almost everything is divided like this, it's easy to remember." Pu Yao's tone was filled with disdain and scorn towards the intelligence of mo.

"Then Jade Metal Head is what level?"

"Fifth in captain level." Pu Yao spread out five fingers and waved them. Seeing the disappointment on Zuo Mo' face, he sneered, "Alright, don't act as though you didn't get anything. Mo physique isn't so easy to achieve. Any physique in the top five of all levels are what others dream about. However, you have to be careful, hee hee, mo physique is good, but if you encounter those people that refine corpses, you have to be careful. Mo physique is something they dream about too! Ha ha!"

Zuo Mo's heart tightened as he listened.

"Then Stars and Moon Wheel? It's also a mo physique?"

"It is also a mo physique, but it is even more rare. Twelfth in colonel level," Pu Yao recalled, "If I didn't remember it wrong."

Zuo Mo listened and was even more confused. "Is there any practical benefits?"

Pu Yao stilled. "What is called practical benefits?"

"Like can I defend against other people's flying swords, like my strength is ten times what it was, like ... ..."

Pu Yao rolled his eyes, "If someone like you can deal with flying swords with just your body, you xiuzhe would have been destroyed by us yaomo a long time ago."

Zuo Mo was embarrassed. He found it was correct when he thought about it. If mo could handle strikes from a flying sword with only their body, then xiuzhe of the same level would not be a match for them. Flying swords could deal the greatest damage of all the talismans, and it was the sharpest. If even the flying sword could not wound the other, then other talismans really could not do a thing against the yaomo.

"The flying swords of the xiuzhe are still very powerful," Pu Yao sighed. "You have never seen truly powerful xiuzhe. With their actions, they can destroy the earth and sky. They can even easily tear apart space, and nothing can stop them."

Zuo Mo was not interested in those things that were too far away from him, and diverged back to the topic. "Those old people has nothing to do with us. This Jade Metal Head is fifth in captain level, it should have some unique attributes."

"Unique attributes?" Pu Yao nodded. "Of course. The biggest attribute of the Jade Metal Head is that it is suitable for all mo skills."

"Just this?" Zuo Mo asked in response.

"Yes, you don't think this is enough?" Pu Yao looked at Zuo Mo like he was looking at a weirdo.

Zuo Mo was slightly embarrassed by Pu Yao's stare. "But I don't know mo skills."

"If you don't want to be killed at any moment, don't cultivate mo skills in the short term." Pu Yao said solemnly, "When you start to cultivate a mo skill, the presence will radiate out. You will only die terribly."

Zuo Mo was dumbstruck. After all this time, every word was a waste. "Then why should I cultivate my body? I should just cultivate the sword. If not that, then even the consciousness works. Little Thousand Leaf Hands is stronger than that."

In a reversal of his usual attitude, Pu Yao shook his head. "If you do not have this Jade Metal Head, I won't urge you, but with such a wonderful mo physique, if you do not cultivate it, it really is a waste. You cannot practice mo skills at the moment, but that is fine. The Jade Metal Head itself contains extremely deep potential. If you can dig out all the potential, when you cultivate mo skills in the future, half of the work is already done, and you do not have to worry about the mo energy slipping out.

Zuo Mo waved his hand and said unconcernedly, "You say these pleasing things, but if we don't get over this obstacle, any mo skill cultivation is useless."

Pu Yao was speechless. He thought and then nodded, "You are also right. Maybe we can alter it."

"Alter?" Zuo Mo was slightly bewildered. What was with Pu Yao today? Why was he so chatty?

"We shall do an analysis of what moves you have available." Pu Yao sat down. "Let's not include sword scriptures, your talent with the sword really is not good, and your sword essence level is too low, not even at Heart Turn Sword Essence. It isn't even enough to scratch an itch for a jindan. [Little Thousand Leaf Hands] is pretty powerful, but your consciousness is not strong enough to threaten a jindan. The [Sky Wave Fist Scripture] is not enough against a jindan. The only thing that can be effective is your big formation. The grade of the yin fire beads are too low to be of significance. Those sonic lightning walnuts might give him some trouble if they are forged properly."

When he finished, Pu Yao spread his hands. "See, no matter what you cultivate, it's useless."

Zuo Mo was extremely impacted and speechless.

"However, some areas have potential." Pu Yao knew very well how to use the stick and the carrot.

Zuo Mo became alert at those words. "Tell me."

"It's a good idea to use [Yang Fiend Hard Lightning] to forge sonic lightning walnuts. You may want to borrow from the methods of the yin fire beads," Pu Yao reminded.

Zuo Mo slapped his forehead and said with joy, "Right, why didn't I think of that?" In the [Yin Fire Bead Chapter], there hadn't been just one powerful way to make yin fire beads. Wouldn't their effects be better than what he thought of himself?

He wanted to immediately read the [Yin Fire Bead Chapter]. The Clear Sky Old Forefather was like a sharp sword hanging above his head. He could not sleep well. He had always lacked moves that could threaten his enemies. Now that he had found one, how could he not rejoice?

"Other than the sonic lightning walnuts, if your physique could improve greatly in the short term, [Sky Glass Wave] may also give him some trouble."

Zuo Mo still again. When he thought closely, he instantly found it feasible! If his body cultivation could make another step forward if the number of revolutions his ling power took could increase, the power of [Sky Glass Wave] would also increase. He had used Sky Glass Wave to break through the space shield of a fifth-grade ling beast. Even though the Bloody Horn Serpent was just a semi-fifth grade ling beast, but if he could increase, he might be able to threaten the Clear Sky Old Forefather.

The more he thought, the more excited Zuo Mo was. He suddenly found that he could attack. It was like seen a ray of light in the darkness. Even though it was just a thread, but it still gave him hope.

He asked impatiently, "What is the opportunity you said?"

"City construction." Pu Yao blinked his bloody pupil.

"City construction?" Zuo Mo stilled again, "What does this have to do with city construction?"

The corner of Pu Yao's mouth carelessly rose, his bloody pupil narrowed slightly, and his peerlessly handsome face became even harder to decipher. He looked like a cunning hunter that threw out the bait he had already prepared. With a light laugh, he said, "Haven't you ever thought of building the city by yourself?"

"Build the city by myself?" Zuo Mo was dumbstruck where he stood.

"Yes, build the city by yourself." Pu Yao raised his long and white finger that contrasted with the bright red fingernail. He chuckled, "Such a meaningful affair. A city that belongs completely to you. Making the foundation by yourself, making the city by yourself, making the formations by yourself ... ..."

Zuo Mo turned to stone.

"See, it won't just exercise your body, it can also exercise your consciousness and your ling power. Where else can you find such a good chance?"

"A little city that can hold ten thousand people, it really is too small. At the beginning, I had assumed you were building a little city that could hold one hundred thousand people at the very least. That way, you will be exercised even more. Shall we expand the city?"

"Don't you want to kill that jindan? Your little life is the most important! The harder you work, the more powerful you will be. If you sweat more now, you will spill less blood later ... ..."

Hearing Pu Yao nag into his ears, Zuo Mo received a great fright. His eyes rolling back, he fainted.

Translator Ramblings: Pu Yao and Zuo Mo verbally sparring again in this chapter. Zuo Mo's qualities has evidently infected Pu Yao through mental space sharing.

The stage equivalents Pu Yao mentioned in this chapter are not incorrectly matched up. While the xiuhe, yao and mo all have seven major stages in cultivation, the stages do not match up in power exactly.