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 Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Nine - Yao Visiting Wu Kong

Compared to the past Wu Kong Mountain, if one went there now, weeds grew all over the mountain, the ling fields were barren. Occasionally, little wild animals poked their heads out from the weeds.

"It is in this area."

Listening to the report from her subordinate, Mu Xi stepped on the overgrown path as she walked up the mountain.

"Which sect used to possess this site?" She asked.

"It is a sword practicing sect called Wu Kong Sword Sect." The middle aged man had clearly done large amounts of work, introducing in great detail. "Wu Kong Sword Sect is one of the most accomplished sects of Sky Moon Jie. They became extremely famous in the last two years. At the beginning, they had four jindan of unordinary power."

"Oh, such a little place, it is really abnormal to have four jindan," Mu Xi said in surprise.

Yan Feng sneered unconcernedly.

Mu Xi ignored him, and said to the middle aged man, "Continue."

"These two years, they have expanded extremely quickly. Presently, they have almost ten jindan in the sect."

Surprise flashed through Mu Xi's eyes. "Almost ten jindan?"

This time, surprise was also on Yan Feng's face. They were only the forward guard. Almost ten jindan would be enough to be of threat to them. He was arrogant, but having successfully came out of a yao art house, he naturally was not stupid.

"Other than this, their second generation disciples are extremely outstanding, dominating Sky Moon Jie. The Eldest disciple Wei Sheng entered ningmai at twenty, and his talent at the sword is even more astounding. Having already reached the step of sword essence manifestation. Second disciple Zuo Mo is extremely skilled in formations. Third disciple Luo Li has also reached ningmai, and created his own sword scripture [Self Separation]."

"A very strong sect!" Mu Xi's expression changed.

In the past years, the yao had increased their understanding of the xiuzhe. It would not be surprising for this information contained in the report to be referring to an intermediate sized sect. But it really was astounding for it to be reported from a little sect in such a little and backwater jie.

Yan Feng also had a shocked expression. He had always been proud of his genius. He had been deal a great blow by the news that someone had reached ningmai when they were twenty years old, and had reached the level of sword essence manifestation!

They walked to a lonely little wooden house. This little wooden house was extremely eye-catching. As they had walked up, weeds had covered everything. But the empty ground around this little wooden house was bare and had no weeds.

Such an eye-catching and strange place naturally could not escape their eyes. Mu Xi stared at the little wooden house for a while, standing motionlessly at her spot. The other people saw that Mu Xi did not move, and did not dare to more either. Seeing the situation, Yan Feng snorted coldly, and did not hesitate to walk towards the wooden house.

The middle aged man couldn't help but look at Mu Xi with a questioning expression.

Mu Xi waved her hand with a faint smile.

When Yan Feng's right foot stepped onto the empty ground, his head rang, all the hairs on his body standing up on end!

The scene in front of him suddenly changed. That normal looking wooden house suddenly broke, everything in the surrounding space seemed to collapse, an invisible force seemed to pull him downwards, countless sharp and intimidating sword essences pushing at him from all directions!

He paled, then his eyes turned bright red, flames erupting all over his body!

He gathered all the energy in his body, and pulled his body out to retreat!

As he left the empty ground, the frightening scene disappeared. The invisible force, the sword essences, they were like illusions. Yan Feng swallowed in terror, not daring to put away the flames on his body as he looked with fear at the lonely little wooden house.

"This is the site of cultivation for a very powerful sword xiu." Mu Xi slowly walked beside him, and opened, "Every bit of the ground here has been permeated with sword essence for a long time. It is vicious and sharp, nothing can grow here. Each step that you take forward, the sword essence grows stronger. At the end, there is only two endings. One is that you are torn to pieces by the sword essences, the other is all the sword essences have been destroyed by you."

Yan Feng's complexion was pale. Since they had entered Little Mountain Jie from the chaos rift, it had been smooth sailing, and he had not encountered any proper resistance, causing him to have a low opinion of xiuzhe, assuming that the xiuzhe were just so. Only now did he suddenly realize, to his shock, that the strong masters of the xiuzhe were so terrifying!

Yan Feng's unusual silence greatly satisfied Mu Xi. She did not do this just because of Yan Feng. She had discovered a mood of underestimating the enemy invading the ranks earlier. This was fatal to a vanguard that had entered the deep of the enemy.

Her subordinates looked with shock at the barren ground and the wooden house.

She turned, and saw the pride in her subordinates' eyes had faded greatly before she asked the middle aged man expressionlessly, "Are there any potential targets?"

The middle aged man said respectfully, "From the time of the Stars in Daytime, the time that Daren had came to Wu Kong Sword Sect should have been before Wu Kong Sword Sect's expansion. Before their expansion, there were not many people in Wu Kong Sword Sect. Since Daren had caused the Stars in Daytime, this daren probably was seriously wounded. With that, it is unlikely that Daren had taken over a jindan's body. What is more likely are the second generation disciples."

Mu Xi did not interrupt. After he finished, she thought and then asked, "Who do you feel is most suspicious?"

"Wei Sheng!" The middle aged man did not hesitate.


"Wei Sheng is the most talented, and can give Daren the greatest aid!"

Mu Xi shook her head. "I do not think so. If you are wounded and have to hide in someone's body, what would you consider?"

Hearing this, the middle aged man became silent for a moment before saying, "In this subordinate's view, the first is safety, the second is to speedily recover."

"You are not wrong," Mu Xi said then continued, "Wei Sheng's talent is the greatest, and the primary target of the sect's attention. It is easy to slip up if one is not careful. Therefore, residing in his body is not a wise choice. If it was me, I would chose Zuo Mo or Luo Li. They are not as attention-catching as Wei Sheng yet they also received good support. It is also certain that the attention they receive is less than Wei Sheng. No matter if the goal is either to control or to tempt, it is much easier."

The middle aged man was full of admiration. "Daren is wise!"

"Where is Wu Kong Sword Sect now?"

"Supposedly, they have already moved to Bright Wave Jie," the middle aged man answered. He had an expression of difficulty while he spoke, "With our strength, it is unlikely that we can take down Bright Wave Jie."

Mu Xi was not angry, smiling and saying, "Bright Wave Jie is a intermediate jie. Of course, we cannot conquer it. Our mission has almost been completed. Take the information you have gathered, and our speculations to make a report. Just send it back. There will be people who will naturally take care of the rest."

"Yes!" The middle aged person said respectfully.

Yan Feng's expression had recovered. When he heard Mu Xi's words, he was still somewhat discontent. "Then what are we doing here?"

"Us?" Mu Xi smiled, "After working for so long, it's time for a vacation."

Yan Feng was speechless.


Zuo Mo's body was filled with strength. This new body gave him too many unfamiliar surprises and feelings. It progressed extremely rapidly in body cultivation. Without too much effort, he had entered the stage of three mountains. As he moved, he felt his entire body was filled by a bountiful power. It was an extremely pleasurable feeling.

What surprised him the most was the mo matrix Pu Yao had carved into his body had completely disappeared when his body had been reconstructed this time. However, for some unknown reason, there were some new formation-like patterns on his body. These patterns were not as complex or as strange as the mo matrix appeared, but was filled with a kind of man-made formation beauty.

However, Zuo Mo was still uncertain as to whether these patterns were formations. They required time to study.

Other than his body cultivation that reached three mountains, the other breakthrough was his abhinna which had not formed for a long time.

His abhinna was related to his eyes. This had not changed when he had changed into a new body.

[Ling Eye]!

The only ability of [Ling Eye] was to detect the flow of ling energy.

He was not able to use [Ling Eye] for a very long time at the moment, because his eyes would become extremely dry and sore. But even so, [Ling Eye] was a great surprise to him. Maybe other people would not care about [Ling Eye], but for him, [Ling Eye] was perfect.

It was a great boon to him to be able to see the flow of ling energy when he studied formations!

There were many explanations for the abhinna. Dhyana xiu thought that it was wisdom from Samadhi, the abhinna was wisdom. Pu Yao scorned this explanation. He thought it was the awakening of the base source of power of the flesh.

But there was a point that both sides were in a strange consensus on - an abhinna would grow. However, no matter if it was Zong Ru or Pu Yao, they did not know how to cultivate an abhinna.

Zuo Mo was not in a rush. He still had the simplest and stupidest method, learning through familiarity. When he had the time, he would use the [Ling Eye], and only stop when it was too sore to bear.

The reconstruction of his body had given him improvement in all areas. Other than body cultivation and the abhinna, the improvement in all other areas were extraordinary.

The new ling channels were even stronger, and grown wider by half of what they were before. The bones were like jade, strong as steel. The muscles were like metal, hardness concealed within the flexibility.

Every time he inspected his new body, Zuo Mo could not help but sigh. Strangely, he felt awe towards the gravestone. Such an astonishing method, it could be called uncanny craftsmanship, like stealing the sky and changing the sun!

He could not think of what kind of person could have such ability. This ability completely destroyed all he knew.

However, he put this awe deep into his heart. He cultivated without rest or food. Right now, he had such good conditions. If he wasted it, it would be so unprofitable! The talent that this new body had was something he could not imagine before.

Just as Zuo Mo was furiously cultivating, Gongsun Cha took the group of xiuzhe and started a similarly furious expansion.


In three months, Gongsun Cha took the group of xiuzhe and went through four hard battles!

In the hardest battle, even Ma Fan and Xie Shan were wounded. Even Gongsun Cha was almost killed.

But this battle had completely awoken the madness under Gongsun Cha's shy and delicate appearance. Just as everyone's wounds had healed, he took fifteen battle units, chased for eight hundred li, conquered a faction, and captured eighty xiuzhe.

After four fierce battles, the number of xiuzhe on Gongsun Cha's hands quickly grew to an unprecedented four hundred and fifty people. With one step, they became the biggest power within three thousand li.

Lil' Miss's infamy quickly spread. The strong offensive power displayed by this faction of mysterious origins made people look. After a string of dazzling fights, everyone understood this troop was not a friendly one.

In an area three thousand li in diameter, all the scattered xiuzhe had been swept away by Gongsun Cha, and he did not leave behind one. In other words, in this enormous area, other than Gongsun Cha and the others, there was no one in any other place.

However, after a succession of victories, Gongsun Cha's mood was extremely terrible because he heard a piece of news.

Translator Ramblings: A little update on Wu Kong Sword Sect who has done pretty well for themselves.Zuo Mo had a easier time getting to the hut because Xin Yan was actually present. It's not that Yan Feng is weaker than Zuo Mo.

To answer a comment, Zuo Mo's mo matrix has changed and what has happened will be developed. His abhinna is finally revealed. A very simple but useful ability.

Three thousand li, that's the size of a country. But this really isn't much in terms of the total area of Little Mountain Jie, and Little Mountain Jie is only a small one while Bright Wave is an intermediate jie.

I want to say that Mu Xi and the other yao are overthinking it, but the conclusions they come to are correct even when the events that they think led to what had happened are incorrect. Mu Xi is a very smart person. Yes, the person you are searching for does not want to be found, and actively hides away. But they did overestimate just how well Pu Yao was and thought he would have a choice of host.