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 Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Three - Bloody Horned Great Serpent

Zuo Mo suppressed the killing intent flooding his chest, silently flying along the walls of the valley like a thread of smoke.

In his Rainbow Pupils vision, the black and forbidding mist turned. It was already a patch of death. Even though the Rainbow Mark butterfly was doing its best to absorb the poison, but the poisonous mist in the valley was too abundant and it did not make a difference.

Lei Peng and the others could not see the poison, and did not understand. However, the three were not stupid. They instantly guessed that Boss had found something. They were both wary and shocked. It was the first time they had seen Boss full of killing intent. The wooden face without any expression, even his gaze, which did not seemed to change, but the killing intent that occasionally flashed past made even the air around him solidify.

Boss did not make a sound as he flew at quick speed, making them unconsciously think of Ma Fan. However, compared to Ma Fan who disguised himself as harmless, and unnoticeable, the Boss may be silent, but he was like a black sword that could absorb light. Under concealment, each body part was an edge!


At the other end of the mountain valley.

Third Kong looked with fear at the black gourd far away, and couldn't help but ask, "Is this going to work?"

The black gourd was entirely glossy black, the mouth of the gourd open.

Second Kong stared at the black gourd and was slightly smug, but in the deepest part of his eyes, there was a hint of terror. "Don't worry! Wind will rise in this valley every night. This wind is very strange, it will only blow along the valley, but not outside it. This Six Poison Black Gourd was hard to forge. I spent a lot getting it out of Shortie Hu's hands."

He immediately said, "When we get revenge for Big Brother, we'll leave here immediately."

"Where?" Third Kong asked.

"We'll discuss after we leave here. This poison is extremely strange, colorless and odourless. If one is poisoned, it is hard to detect at the beginning, yet nothing can save them." Second Kong was slightly regretful. "This Six Poison Black Gourd is powerful, but it can only be used once."

"En," Third Kong nodded in response and said with fury, "Venerable Chi is too dishonourable! We three had put our lives on the line for him for so long. Big Brother's bones haven't even cooled, yet he actually does not want to get revenge for Big Brother."

"Hm, exactly!" A thread of hate came into Second Kong's eyes. It's a pity that there is just one Six Poison Black Gourd. Otherwise, I definitely will also let him have a taste."

His eyelid suddenly jumped, his expression changing, "Careful!" His suddenly jumped up.

A flying sword silently brushed past his waist. His body suddenly lit up, a set of silver ling armor appearing.

Third Kong was instantly shocked, and then flashed towards the side. Light flashed over his body, and a red ling armor covered him.

Four figures silently appeared, surrounding the two.

They had been surrounded!

The two people's hearts instantly sank.


Lei Peng and the other two had not previously understood the situation, but when they saw the two people and the black gourd, they instantly understood.

Zuo Mo was very dissatisfied with the sword strike he had used in ambush. However, he didn't have any good methods. When he had been in Wu Kong Mountain, he was only in zhuji, [Li Water Sword Scripture] had been enough for him. However, in Little Mountain Jie, where only ningmai remained, the power of [Li Water Sword Scripture] was somewhat unacceptable.

He lacked an ambush move. Zuo Mo knew that.

He started to examine the two people.

The style of the silver ling armor was very unique. It was made of thousands of fingernail sized silver scales. A dark and cold serpent could be seen coiling inside and moving freely. Having managed to block Zuo Mo's strike, the ling armor was unharmed. It could be seen how strong it was.

The ling armor of the other person was unordinary as well. Entirely deep red, it was possible to smell the tang of blood from far away. Zuo Mo was slightly shocked. This ling armor had been forged with a rare blood method. In Zuo Mo's eyes, however, this ling armor was a half failure. If it was properly made, it definitely would not have such a heavy odor of blood.

But the majority of his attention was on the black gourd not far away.

In the vision of the Rainbow Pupils, the black mist was continuously flowing out of this gourd.

This black gourd was extraordinary!

Zuo Mo did not hesitate despite his shock, shouting, "Kill!"

Lei Peng and the others instantly attacked!

Lei Peng's [Abyss Ghost Sabre Scripture], Zong Ru's [Sky Wave Fist Scripture] and Nian Lu's [Lotus Sword Scripture] were all cast. The three had worked together for a long time, and cooperated very well. In the camp, they were one of the strongest teams.

Second Kong and Third Kong reacted rapidly.

Second Kong's hands cast a spell. A circle of light appeared beside the two. At the same time, Third Kong flicked his finger, and a dot of light perfectly landed in the circle of light.

The circle of light brightened, and exploded!

Lei Peng's sabre energy, Zong Ru's fist energy, and Nian Lu's sword energy instantly shattered when they encountered the spreading light! The broken energies that had not lost all their momentum headed at them like a wave!

These people were prickly!

Zuo Mo didn't dare to slack off, his right hand coming together and drawing in the air.

With a light hiss, countless electrical energies suddenly light up, and gathered at the air at Zuo Mo's fingertips like numerous silver snakes. A goose-sized lightning bomb formed, its body flashing with a slightly red light.

[Yang Fiend Hard Lightning]!

The faces of Second Kong and Third Kong suddenly changed. Hard lightning! It was actually hard lightning!

Even Lei Peng and the others couldn't help but inhale sharply, their faces shocked and fearful as they stared at the little lightning ball at Zuo Mo's fingertips.

Hard lightning!

Lei Peng and the others had never seen Boss fight before. In their eyes, the existence of this boss was far too weak. Most of the time, Boss usually took the role of the quartermaster, which caused Lei Peng and the others to be less afraid of Zuo Mo than they were of Gongsun Cha.

Seeing Boss show such an amazing hand at this moment, the shock of Lei Peng and the others could be imagined. The one most composed of the three was probably Zong Ru, because he had personally saw Boss use [Sky Glass Fist.]

However, at this time, he also could not keep his composure!

Hard lightning was not commonly seen, but there were occasionally people who used it. They would not pale because they saw hard lightning.

What amazed them was the strength of control Boss had over hard lightning!

They could not even feel the unique presence of hard lightning, the destructive, extremely yang and powerful presence!

This meant one thing.

-- Boss' control of the hard lightning was amazing high!

Xiuzhe deeply loved the power of hard lightning, but accordingly, the difficulty of using it was to a degree that most could only look with yearning. This little lightning bomb had none of the presence of hard lightning, but no one doubted its power.

Second Kong and Third Kong knew its power and didn't dare to underestimate it, Second Kong reached and slapped his ling armor, a large serpent flying out of the silver ling armor, growing in the air. In an instantly, this large serpent had expanded to ten zhang long, its body as thick as a water barrel, inspiring fear in those who looked upon it. Third Kong started chanting at the same time, reaching out and pointing at the big serpent. A bloody light flew from his fingertip, and entered the body of the big serpent.

The big serpent flickered out with its forked tongue, a pained expression floating into its icy eyes.

Two bumps suddenly appeared on its forehead, the bumps quickly growing as though something was going to grow out. Pew, two fresh coral red horns pierced through the bumps and grew out.


The pain in the big serpent's eyes retreated, the icy snake pupils tightly looking at Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo's eyes did not move as though he had not seen the enormous Bloody Horn Serpent. He carefully controlled the lightning bomb on his fingertip. [Yang Fiend Hard Lightning] was one of the strongest killing moves in his arsenal. Zuo Mo had spent a lot of effort on it. Pu Yao had not been sparse in his teachings. Zuo Mo had managed to make some variations on this one move of [Yang Fiend Hard Lightning]. This lightning bomb was one of them.

There were more variations, but the difficulty of controlling hard lightning did not decrease in the slightest.

[Yang Fiend Hard Lightning] was not like the other kinds of hard lightning xiuzhe used. The hard lightning this moved used was the hard lightning that existed naturally in the world! The power to manipulate the power of the world, this was the core of [Little Thousand Leaf Hands].

This also meant that Zuo Mo needed to be extremely attentive with his control. His consciousness was still not large enough, there would be a clear time where his lightning bomb would form. If his consciousness was large enough, he could take in all the hard lightning from a one hundred li radius area. But right now, the area he could control was only twenty zhang in radius.


The last thread of hard lightning was absorbed into the lightning bomb. Zuo Mo did not hesitate and flicked his finger!

The lightning bomb turned into a burning stream of light tinted with red as it charged at the two people.

Nothing could compare to the speed of lightning!

The lightning bomb reached the two people just after it left Zuo Mo's hands. The Bloody Horn Serpent saw that he could not move to their aid in time so an unexpected scene occurred! The lightning bomb flew to a distance three zhang from the two people, and could not move in any further!

The swirling lightning bomb was forcefully blocked by an invisible wall!

The hearts of Lei Peng and the others shook!

A space shield!


This Bloody Horn Great Serpent was actually a fifth-grade ling beast!

How was it possible!

Fifth-grade ling beasts definitely were not something a ningmai could deal with, but at the same time, a fifth-grade ling beast was not something a ningmai could control.

But what was happening in front of them was not an illusion!

The invisible wall that stopped the lightning bomb was a space shield, a space shield that only fifth-grade ling beasts could have! The space surrounding any fifth grade ling beast would naturally form an invisible defensive area, like it was a wall of energy, which people called a space shield!

This was a space shield!

Zuo Mo also recognized it was a space shield. He didn't have time to think further, the spell on his hands changing with the flow.


Like an egg being cracked, the lightning bomb instantly shattered.


The compressed hard lightning inside the lightning ball suddenly exploded like an ancient yao beast waking up from its dream. A destructive presence suddenly expanded!

In an instant, a thread of fear came into the icy snake eyes of the Bloody Horn Serpent!

Countless electrical snakes rampaged within the space shield!

The thick body of the Bloody Horn Serpent suddenly started to twist. Second Kong and Third Kong were flicked into the air like bags of sand!



Second Kong and Third Kong were full of anger and fear. They had never thought that the Bloody Horn Serpent would not be under their control! The two of them exchanged a look and did not hesitate in turning and fleeing.

Lei Peng and the other two seemed to wake up from their dreams. They knew it was not the time for their minds to wander. If they were not careful, with this ferocious ling beast in front of them, everyone would die here today.

"Sky Wave Fist!

"Abyss Beast Soul Consuming Sabre!"

"Lotus Flower Fall!"

Three figures crossed as they charged at the Bloody Horn Serpent!

Zuo Mo tightly followed the furiously twisting Bloody Horn Serpent. Strangely, he did not feel any terror.

There was a space shield over every part of the Bloody Horn Serpent. The yin fire bead could not penetrate the space shield, and be fully effective.

Zuo Mo's face was expressionless, his eyes as deep and serene as water, his two hands slowly rising. His slow movements, in this frantic battle, was abnormally attention-catching!

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