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 Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty - Sky Glass Wave

Venerable Chi's mood was terrible. For a few continuous days, his subordinates did not dare to even breathe loudly.

Big Kong had been killed. When the news had passed to his ears, even he had been suspicious that he had heard it wrong. Big Kong was the most skilled at sneaking and spying, and had never failed before. This time, it was just to spy. Theoretically, there should have been little danger.

He was both shocked and regretful. His shock was that the strength of the other group was beyond his expectations. His regret was that Big Kong had died. That combined formations that the Kong Family had were now halved in power now.

He still had a headache over comforting Second Kong and Third Kong. Their elder brother was killed, how were the two brothers willing to let it go?

Just now, he had said all he could to barely manage to persuade the two. If they could hold back for another month ... ...


Zuo Mo stood outside the storeroom. The storeroom was like an enormous fire cauldron, a warm and serene green fire pouring out of the walls. Within three zhang, there was no feeling of burning. The green light was so warm that one could not relate it to fire.

This showed that the setup of the formation was very successful. Every thread of fire power was under control. Zuo Mo was very satisfied. Even he was slightly surprised that he could reach this level. Precisely controlling every thread of ling power was one of the final goals of all those who used formations. However, that was only in theory. It was not possible in reality. If the [Jade Flame Formation] fire formation had been perfectly controlled, it only needed one piece of fourth-grade jingshi, not three pieces.

The fire formation needed to be maintained for three days and nights. Luckily, Zuo Mo did not need to stand guard over it.

Shrieking like that of pigs being killed could be heard from the far away camp. Zuo Mo patted his head with some irritation. He forgot to add a sound blocking formation on the outside of the sword formation. Yet when he thought about it, he did not continue the idea since other than some voices, there was no other disadvantage.

It was better for Gongsun Shidi to deal with the matters of the camp.


The [Sky Wave Fist Scripture] had reached his hands for a long time. It took Zuo Mo some effort to cultivate. The difference between fist scriptures and sword scriptures was very large. He had never cultivated one before, and needed to start from the fundamentals. He had called Zong Ru over again. When Zong Ru was told that he needed to teach Boss how to practice the fist scripture, he instantly became dumbstruck.

Most of those that practiced fist scriptures were in Xuan Kong Realm. Kun Lun realm was where the sects of sword xiu were, and Boss' sword scripture cultivation was not low, why would he think of cultivating a fist scripture? He didn't ask, but tried to do his best. None of what he learned was some kind of secret. He had cultivated to ningmai mostly on his exceptional persistence.

Yet the speed of Boss' improvement made him gape in shock.

In the span of a few days, the fist scripture took form on Boss' hands. Even if there were some places that were not perfect, but this speed was really frightening. [Sky Wave Fist Scripture] was the spell that he practiced the most, and had the deepest comprehension of. This fist scripture was not complex. It was the exact opposite and could be considered simple, but simple did not mean it was easy. It demanded highly of the body of the person who cultivated it, and the path was one of one person defeating ten. There was not much technique. In Xuan Kong Realm, many dhyana xiu that were of great age did not have the power to cultivate it to a deep level.

Behind the fist scripture, there were special chapters which described how to exercise the body and bones. Most beginners needed to start from there.

Boss' body was so strong! Zong Ru was shocked and slightly puzzled. Boss looked very thin, and did not show any signs of strength.

It must be that Boss was exceptionally talented, he thought with some admiration inside.

Dhyana xiu that had no sect were even fewer in number than roaming xiu, their days were extremely hard. Body cultivation required many ling medicines. There was a common saying of 'seven-tenths scripture, three-tenths medicine'. It could be seen how important resources were. However, ling medicines were very expensive. The dhyana xiu of sects were better off with the supplies from the sect. Dhyana xiu with no sect were a tragedy. Before ningmai, dhyana xiu had nothing else to show except a body full of physical strength. They could only do things like hard labor.

Zong Ru quickly adjusted his mentality. The scriptures that he practiced were all very average. This caused him to not have any exceptional areas. However, what no one knew was that his Samadhi was extremely deep. This was the most important reason he could reach ningmai. It had to be said that this was the place that dhyana xiu surpassed all others. Everyone could cultivate Samadhi, simple and easy to learn, it did not cost anything to learn. As long as you put the effort in, you could cultivate to ningmai.

Those with extremely deep Samadhi would have strong minds and resolute determination. The effect of things like illusory formations were lessened against these people.

Zong Ru did not hide anything. The version of [Sky Wave Fist Scripture] that he cultivated was not complete. Many of the unique parts had been discovered by him through his own cultivation. He was also willing to pass it on.

Other than the slightly displeasurable aspect of having jinzhi put into his body, the time that he had spend under Boss had been the most comfortable days he ever lived. Everyday, he only needed to cultivate. In the two battles, he didn't need to worry about anything. The division of spoils was also extremely fair. Boss was the most generous of all the leaders he had worked under.

But what he really could not resist were the formations!

He didn't know what the other people thought, but in his view, these three formations were custom-made for dhyana xiu. Due to his body cultivation level not high enough, he had broken through to ningmai but still had not formed an abhinna. With the three formations, he now had the confidence of forming an abhinna within a year.

Privately, everyone was speculating that Boss had other formations.

Zong Ru did not like conflict, but he was not stupid. With such good benefits, he wouldn't leave even if they threw him out. Not just him, many of the xiuzhe that had no sect were thought similarly. No one was more clear than they were regarding the difficulties of not having a sect.

The world was no longer the same. Previously in Little Mountain Jie, as long as they did not have much ambition their ningmai cultivation was enough for them to have an idle life. But now, if they were not in jindan, then living alone was the same as asking for death.

These days, it was not a simple matter to find a good boss.


Zuo Mo did not know how many thoughts went through Zong Ru's heart. He was fully concentrated on practicing [Sky Wave Fist Scripture]. Zong Ru's understanding of [Sky Wave Fist Scripture] was deeper than he had imagined. He gained much from the other's guidance on many points.

Carefully savoring the change of ling power inside his body, he understood.

Right now, he was in the two mountain stage. His body looked thin, but in reality, his body was extremely compact and suitable for [Sky Wave Fist Scripture]. The moves of [Sky Wave Fist Scripture] were very simple, but had their unique qualities. In one instantly, [Sky Wave Fist Scripture] was able to use all the ling power in the body and after revolutions in the arms, expel it with punches. This demanded extremely highly of the user's body. Otherwise, after the ling power made several revolutions, it was enough to tear the channels and body apart.

After the ling power continued for five revolutions in his body, the ling power vibrated like running thunder. Zuo Mo stood, his legs apart, breathing out as he punched!

A jade green fist energy left his hands. The fist energy expanded dramatically in the air and roared like a tiger!

Zong Ru's pupils suddenly expanded, shocked inside. This punch had eight-tenths of his own full power blow! But compared to how long he had cultivated, and how long Boss' had cultivated ... ...

Zuo Mo managed to get the feeling. The crux of this fist scripture was not the amount of ling power, but the number of times it moved forward and in reverse! The more revolutions there was, the longer the preparation time was, the stronger the fist energy!

He instantly became excited. Just now, after five revolutions, his channels had shuddered, but did not respond in a major way.

Maybe he could add a few more revolutions?

As his mind worked, the ling power in his arms started to circulate again.

One revolution, two revolution, three revolution ... ...

Out of caution, he did not dare to add too many at one time.

Eight revolutions!

Green light came out of the skin of his arms. Adding on the black green metallic sheen that his body already carried, what appeared was a black greenish metallic color.


At the side, Zong Ru's eyes suddenly widened!

This was ... ...


Zuo Mo shouted, and the green fist energy left his hands again!

Zong Ru was familiar with the bright green watery light that glowed. That was the sheen that would only appear when the fist energy was concentrated to the extreme!

The green watery fist energy attracted the water energy in the air as they left the hands, the watery energy furiously heading towards the fist energies. As the fist energies flew past, it left behind a while trail of mist!

Zong Ru was stunned. This was so powerful when it just hit empty air. If it hit a person, then what would it look like?


His thinking had not been wrong. Zuo Mo was more excited now that he had received motivation. It had been so long since he had felt so excited!

Eight times was enough for him to feel pressure, but that was not his limit.

Maybe, he could see where the limit was?

When this idea popped up, it could not be stopped from taking over his entire mind. His hands did not listen to him as they began a new round of preparations!

His thin arms suddenly expanded. The bright green sheen that had risen before dimmed instead. Zuo Mo's skin that was exposed to the air became black green, and seemed to have waves rippling underneath.

Twelve revolutions!

The channels in his arms were in pain from expansion. It was like a bow pulled to the limit. A gentle shake would cause Zuo Mo's arm muscles to tremble!

His arms were heavy as though they were made up of lead. He felt extremely burdened. When he raised his arms up, his movements were extremely slow, and occasionally shook and the big drops of sweat on his forehead all showed that he was using great effort.

Zuo Mo's eyes were open wide as though he was going to tear open his eye sockets. Sounds of his teeth grinding came out of his mouth!


Using the last of his strength, his fists punched out!

There was no wind, no howling. Two green fists that appeared to be carved out of crisp green glass drew out two green light streaks as they landed on a two person high rock far away.

The two fists were extremely detailed, even the joints could be clearly seen.


The moment the fists and the rock collided, it created a cloud of dust, covering the entire rock.

Zuo Mo almost collapsed. He could not stop himself from sitting down on the ground. Without the energy to look at the result, he furiously panted. It had been too dangerous just now! The ling power in his arms had almost gone out of control. If he lost control, then his arms would have exploded!

Thankfully ... ...

He still felt fear.


A gust of wind blew and the dust scattered. Where the rock had been, there was no nothing except a half zhang deep hole.

There was no scattering rock, no explosive force, no shocking sound.

The rock had turned to dust in an instant!

Zong Ru, whose mind had always been strong and composed, paled, his eyes terrified!

That was ... ...

The killing move of [Sky Wave Fist Scripture] - [Sky Glass Wave]!

Translator Ramblings: The people are definitely enjoying the sword essence formation. Danger comes from Venerable Chi and we get a glimpse of dhyana cultivation from Zong Ru.