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 Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty Six - The Stage of Two Mountains

The previous withered palm seemed somewhat like metal now, with a barely perceptible layer of faint gold. Several golden lines were especially visible on his palm. Another mountain peak had appeared beside the mountain peak at the center of his palm.

"Two Mountains?" Pu Yao suddenly came out, slightly shocked as he looked at the two connected mountain peaks on Zuo Mo's palm.

Zuo Mo was also very shocked. He had thought that he would form an abhinna this time, and had not expected that he would break through to two mountains.

"This is the stage of two mountains?" Zuo Mo asked with slight curiosity. He continuously opened and closed his hand, feeling the great strength passing from his palm.

Pu Yao looked at Zuo Mo like he was looking at a weirdo. He could not understand how Zuo Mo had reached two mountains so quickly. He had never thought that this was his "achievement." It was due to him continuously drawing earth energy from Zuo Mo's body, causing Zuo Mo's body to have been tempered multiple times that Zuo Mo had been prepped ready.

Zuo Mo seemed to know the cause, but thinking that Pu Yao and the gravestone seemed to be at odds, he decided to muddle over it, changing the topic. "What is the benefit of the two mountain stage?"

His body which had become robust looking had become thin once again . However, each muscle in his body had become stronger and firmer, hard as metal. His strength had multiplied.

He gently stomped his feet. Poof, his right foot seemed to have stepped into tofu, sinking to his calf. He pulled out his foot, and saw the edges of the hole were very clean, like it was carved out using a mold.

"The mountain represent strength. The stage of two mountains represent that you can use two mountains of strength at maximum." Pu Yao thought for a while and hadn't managed to find an explanation so he threw the problem to one side. He was gradually adjusting to Zuo Mo occasionally surprising him.

"How strong is one mountain of power? Is it to be able to move a mountain? Is that possible?" Zuo Mo said unconcernedly.

Pu Yao's face was one of disdain. "How is that strange? If a mo skill is at a significant level, moving mountains or flipping oceans is not anything. That Dong Fu Town of yours, wasn't it a town built by a sword xiu lopping off a mountain peak with one blow?"

"That's true, but I feel that I don't have such great strength" Zuo Mo argued as he looked at the his palm.

"How long have you cultivated? You want to move mountains and flip oceans?" Pu Yao's face was full of scorn. "When xiuzhe cultivate ling power, don't they need to also coordinate with sword scriptures and spells? Mo are the same. Other than body cultivation, mo skills also teach you how to use the strength of the body."

He paused and then said, "The thinking of mo is very strange. They feel that their body is the most primal source of all their strength, but also feel the body is a cage. You may have reached the stage of two mountains, but in reality, even if you familiarize yourself with mo skills, you cannot use all of your power. Even if your technique is there, your body would first be destroyed."

"So it's like that." Zuo Mo instantly realized. Pu Yao's words were very reasonable. Suddenly thinking of his goal for this time, he hurriedly asked, "Then have I formed my abhinna?"

"Check, is there a place that is abnormal?" Pu Yao helplessly reminded. It really was hard work to teach a newbie.

"Abnormal?" Zuo Mo hurriedly calmed him mind and took a inner look at his body. He quickly found the abnormality that Pu Yao was speaking off. This abnormality was at his eyes, and not any other place of his body.

His eyes looked into the surroundings. The thick earth energy seemed to have been attracted by an invisible strength, and tightly wrapped around his eyes.

This was ... ...

He didn't dare to move rashly, using his consciousness to carefully examine the two balls of earth energy. What reassured him slightly was that his eyes did not feel any discomfort, but no matter how he worked, he could not affect the two balls of earth energy.

After trying many times, he helplessly came out of his inner perspective.

"Did you find it?" Pu Yao asked with curiosity.

"En, it's the eyes," Zuo Mo was slightly dejected, "I tried, but didn't know how to use them, and don't know what they are used for."

"Eyes," Pu Yao said, "your luck isn't bad. There are many abhinna regarding the eyes, and those are somewhat useful. An abhinna cannot be taught, the abhinna that each person forms is different. You have to slowly experiment, and make your own conclusions. As to not able to use them, don't worry. Many abhinna cannot be used when they first form. They need to slowly form, and stabilize before they can be used. Your abhinna may belong to this kind."

Zuo Mo wasn't depressed. He was very satisfied already with reaching two mountains.

Pu Yao said in a deep voice, "Don't worry about the abhinna. It is not easy to find mo skills, but don't you have a dhyana xiu under your command? You are able to use the fist scripture that he has. In terms of yao arts, [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] and the [Great and Little Thousand Leaf Hands] are enough for you. The worst you have right now is scriptures for ling power. [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] in the end is still for cultivating the spirit. We need to find you a scripture."

Zuo Mo was shocked at his favor. When was Pu Yao ever so concerned with him?

Pu Yao sunk into thought as though Zuo Mo did not exist.

Seeing the situation, he perceptively went about his own business. However, he clearly noted down Pu Yao's words.


Zong Ru could not be anything but puzzled when he heard the boss had called him. Truthfully, even if he was the only dhyana xiu in the group, he did not have many outstanding qualities. His strength could only be considered intermediate. The only aspect he was good in was probably defense. In this group of sword xiu who didn't seem to know what defense even was, as a dhyana xiu, his defense was like the crane among the chicken flock.

His personality was very steady so even though he was shocked, he was still composed. When he saw Zuo Mo, he respectfully bowed. "Boss."

Zuo Mo couldn't help but praise him inside. In terms of mentality, sword xiu could not catch up to dhyana xiu. The dhyana xiu emphasized mental strength and their Samadhi.[i] Things like illusory formations were less effective against them.

Zuo Mo didn't mince words, straightforwardly saying, "I want your [Sky Wave Fist Scripture], give me a price."

Zong Ru shook his head. "[Sky Wave Fist Scripture] isn't a profound scripture. If Boss wants it, please go ahead."

Zuo Mo waved his hand. "This belongs to you. If I want it, I will either buy it or trade for it. Relationships and business are not mixed together."

Seeing that Zuo Mo did not seem to be pretending, Zong Ru was truly shocked this time. He had followed many people before, and was used to seeing those above demand talismans and scriptures from their subordinates. Hearing Boss's astounding conclusion, the shock he was experiencing could be imagined.

However, Zong Ru was still wary. "All up to Boss."

Seeing Zong Ru's caution, Zuo Mo felt slightly helpless. He wasn't pretending with his words. In the sect, the sect could not unreasonably take the possessions of the disciples. If they wanted something, they needed to pay a corresponding price. That was also his attitude.

He thought and then said, "You can pick a talisman of the same grade as [Sky Wave Fist Scripture], or ... ..." he suddenly had an idea, "trade for three formations."

"Three formations?" Zong Ru was puzzled.

"I can carve three formations on your body. One is a ling gathering formation, one is a body tempering formation, one is a ling processing formation," Zuo Mo explained. "The ling gathering formation can constantly help you absorb the ling energy in the surroundings, the ling processing formation is similar to the Black Processing Meditation mat, and can filter out the impurities in the ling energy. The body tempering formation can use ling power to temper your body. You are a dhyana xiu, these three formations are very suitable for you."

The usually composed Zong Ru couldn't help but have an expression of disbelief as he unconsciously gasped, "This ... ... this is not possible!"

This was not possible!

Zong Ru had walked many places, and had a wide range of knowledge. He had never heard of any formations that could be carved onto a person's body. These three formations ... ... if they were truly as Boss had described, then was there a need to cultivate at all?

Zuo Mo did not argue. "You can pick two talismans."

Zong Ru's expression changed, his heart conflicted. His reason told him what Boss said was impossible! However, he could easily tell that Boss had not lied! If it was truly as Boss had said, this was a chance that came one in a thousand times!

Suddenly, he laughed. What did he have to be afraid of losing?

Zuo Mo saw Zong Ru's expression return to normal and knew that Zong Ru had made his decision.

Zong Ru raised his head, and said with determination, "I choose the three formations!"


In a mountain valley about three hundred li from Stone Door Beach.

"Boss, Xie Shan of Stone Door Beach was taken in by someone else." A xiuzhe reported.

"What are their origins?" A xiuzhe with crimson red hair furrowed his brow. He was called Venerable Chi. He had more than one hundred and fifty subordinates, and was one of the major powers in this area.

"Haven't found out yet," This xiuzhe said with slightly terror. Seeing the anger on Venerable Chi's face increase, he hurriedly explained, "We don't know where this bunch of people came out off. There aren't many, but they aren't weak. When they were taking down Xie Shan, there were only a few dozen people."

"A few dozen?" Venerable Chi's expression changed. "Xie Shan should also have about sixty something people, and isn't Xie Shan ningmai third stratum?"

Ningmai third stratum definitely was first rate experts in Little Mountain Jie. In battle, the effect of an expert like Xie Shan was enormous, he could take on seven or eight people by himself.

This xiuzhe raised his head to look at his leader seeing the anger on Leader's face decrease, his heart relaxed slightly. "The battle finished very quickly, and did not leave traces."

"Does this group have some powerful talisman?" Venerable Chi pondered. He was clear about Xie Shan's strength. He had wanted to conquer Xie Shan a long time ago, but he had not acted due to his fear of Xie Shan's strength. He had more than one hundred and fifty people under his command, but not one was ningmai third stratum. Suddenly hearing that Xie Shan had been defeated, he naturally became wary.

Did the group also have ningmai third stratum experts?

If it was like that, then it was terrible! Adding on Xie Shan, it meant the other side had at least two ningmai third stratum. The other possibility was the group had a powerful talisman so terrifying that even Xie Shan had to surrender.

No matter which possibility it was, it was not good news to him.

If it was possible, he wanted to immediately take his group and leave behind this place. With the power he had, there were not many that dared to target him.

However, when he thought about the things inside the cave, he gave up on the thought of escaping.

That thing was really too important to him!

Venerable Chi was not a person that did not have brains. He was very clear that once the group had digested Xie Shan's power, their own strength would quickly increase. The next target would definitely be them.

After thinking for a while, he raised his head, and said in a deep voice, "Call the Three Kong Brothers over."

[i] Incredibly awkward but "Buddhist meditation" or Samadhi is a different concept than the "mediation" that has been seen previously. Of course, stuff becomes weird here because mediation is a Buddhist practice that became inspiration for cultivation novels, so all cultivators are "Buddhist" from a certain viewpoint.

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