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 Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty Three - Another Transaction

"From today onwards, I do not need earth energy."

Pu Yao's words were like a pardon. Zuo Mo felt a heavy weight had come off. The damned drawing out of earth energy finally ended! Thinking that he didn't have to endure the pain of the earth energy being drawn out, he felt very good!

He suddenly thought about the scene in the sea of consciousness. Was it connected? He remembered that Pu Yao's face had been very terrible then.

Then he noticed a rare hint of hesitation in Pu Yao's voice. Zuo Mo did not speak, waiting for Pu Yao's next words. Unexpectedly, Pu Yao did not immediately speak, but remained silent for a long time.

Just as Zuo Mo almost couldn't bear it, Pu Yao finally spoke, "Let's do a business."

"What business?" Zuo Mo's guard rose up, the shock in his heart growing stronger. Pu Yao's voice was full of sternness. The more Pu Yao acted out of the ordinary, the more careful he was. He needed to be careful every time he talked business with Pu Yao.

"Help me analyze mo matrixes." Pu Yao's tone was light.

"Mo matrixes?"

"Yes," Pu Yao looked at Zuo Mo, "I have a use for them."

"What mo matrixes?" Zuo Mo asked in puzzlement.

Pu Yao thought and then said, "Higher level mo matrixes, I'll provide you with specimens."

This was too general. Zuo Mo warily shook his head. "You understand mo matrixes better than I do, I can't help you."

Even the mo matrix on his body had been carved by Pu Yao. In terms of understanding of mo matrixes, Zuo Mo thought that he couldn't compare to Pu Yao. Zuo Mo found it strange that Pu Yao had turned and asked him to analyze mo matrixes.

Pu Yao was not angry. Glancing at Zuo Mo, he said, "You are not wrong, but this only shows that I've lived longer than you. Even though I do not want to admit it, but you are the most talented person I've seen with formations. Right now, you cannot overcome me, but you have the potential, this is heaven given talent."

Seeing Zuo Mo keeping his silence, Pu Yao continued, "I am not in a rush. I have enough patience. This can only be good for you. I can supply countless types of mo matrixes. What you have to do is very simple, just study them. [Copper Rhinoceros Mo Matrix] is one of the lowest mo matrixes. The effects of those high level mo matrixes are not things you can imagine."

Zuo Mo's heart moved. Pu yao had not lied about this. Of the three formations he had gained from the [Copper Rhinoceros Mo Matrix], all of them were very useful, but were not high grade. Take for example the body tempering formation. No matter how strong the ling energy was, the effect of its tempering would have a limit.

If he could receive even higher level mo matrixes, he could find even higher grade formations that were more complete. Even more importantly, the process of analysis was a cultivation progress, and he could increase his understanding of formations.

Pu Yao had not finished his pitch. He understood Zuo Mo's personality. To get this guy to agree to something, it was not hard. He only needed to give something that the other could not refuse!

That was what he was doing now.

"No matter if it is xiuzhe, or yaomo, I know at least a bit about all kinds of cultivation methods. I can guide you in your cultivation. Your cultivation is not pure. Ling power, spiritual power, body, you cultivate all of it. If you receive accurate guidance, you might be a miracle. However, if you keep going like this, it would only become more heterogeneous, and in the end, you will achieve nothing."

Zuo Mo knew that Pu Yao's words were not empty threats. Truthfully, he himself had already felt that his strength was too heterogeneous, yet he lacked true understanding of each kind of power.

"Or maybe I can help you solve the secret in your body."

The last bomb that Pu Yao lightly threw down was like a bolt of lightning!

"Changing features and erasing the mind, not many yaomo use these. Only the cruelest of people would do such things." He glanced at Zuo Mo. "Changing features and erasing the mind, it basically cannot be undone."

Zuo Mo's heart sunk. The temperature of the room was not low, but his body felt cold.

"Your body has something else." Pu Yao's words were shocking.

"What?" The words jumped out of Zuo Mo's mouth.

"A very rare five element glass bead." Pu Yao said, "Sealed inside it is another person's power, or maybe something else. There may also be a clue."

Pu Yao continued, "If there is no trace inside, then use Reverse Shadow Spirit Silkgrass. It is very hard for memories to be completely erased. There would always be some fragments left. If you use Reverse Shadow Spirit Silkgrass, you can find these pieces. I know of a place you can find Reverse Shadow Spirit Silkgrass."

Zuo Mo was silent.

Pu Yao looked at Zuo Mo and knew he needed time to digest this, closed his mouth and patiently waited.

A long time later, Zuo Mo felt his mind start to move. Staring at Pu Yao, his voice was raspy as he asked Pu Yao, "How do you break the jinzhi on the five element glass bead?"

"You to reach jindan, or for me to recover my power."

"How long would it take me to reach jindan?"

Pu Yao had a careful expression. "I cannot guarantee this."

"Okay," Unexpected to Pu Yao, Zuo Mo agreed.

Originally, he had wanted to ask Pu Yao why the other wanted him to analyze mo matrixes, but thinking about it, that didn't have anything to do with him.

"It seems that we will be in business in the long term." Pu Yao's bloody pupil was a patch of peace, his gaze holding none of the underestimation and arrogance he held previously. The three formations Zuo Mo had discovered from the [Copper Rhinoceros Mo Matrix] had been an enormous blow to him. What had blown Pu Yao away wasn't how exquisite the three formations were but Zuo Mo's efficiency.

The time that Pu Yao had spent on pondering mo matrixes was longer than Zuo Mo's lifetime, but he found that his pace was that of a turtle climbing compared to Zuo Mo. The astounding talent that Zuo Mo displayed in formations shocked him, and allowed him to see a thread of hope.

The effect of the Nether Pool was not as good as he had imagined. His situation was not good at the moment. Even more, he didn't have many choices.

A series of factors forced him into a position of cooperation.


Zuo Mo didn't know these reasons. He didn't need to know. Just the "secret in your body" that Pu Yao had said was enough for him to agree to this transaction. This matter had always been an illness plaguing his heart. Zuo Mo was very practical, and he did not have high ambitions. He liked a peaceful life. Even if he knew that his consciousness had been erased, in the depths of his heart, he unconsciously did not hope for himself to enter a life of revenge. Adding on that he had no clues, this matter had been deeply buried inside his heart.

His hard work and labors were not for revenge, but to survive. This was his reality.

Yet no one could disregard their past, especially when he was told that there was a five element glass bead inside his body. His heart was instantly struck.

Who put it there? What connection did the person have to him?

He wanted to know!


Pu Yao was very satisfied with the transaction this time. He was very clear to Zuo Mo's situation. To an expert who was able to massacre Gongsun Cha in the wargames, and having experienced the thousand year battle, Pu Yao's line of thinking was more far-sighted than Zuo Mo.

What did Zuo Mo need most right now?


The troop that Gongsun Cha had made could only be considered distant water, and distant water could not resolve nearby thirst.

The growth of strength had its necessary patterns. Pu Yao knew this, but he naturally had his own reasons to dare to say such worlds. What he was relying on was not anything other than Zuo Mo himself. Zuo Mo's cultivation, due to different reasons, had been constantly suppressed by Pu Yao, and it was this suppression that caused him to be on the precipice of a boundary.

His own situation made Pu Yao realize he had to change his strategy.

"You are at the doorway of a breakthrough," Pu Yao said straightforwardly, "Your body cultivation is in Mountain Physique. Even though it is only one mountain, it is one step away from an abhinna."

"One mountain? Abhinna?" Zuo Mo became alert.

"The mountain physique is divided into three strata, one mountain is the first stratum. You have cultivated to mountain physique, absorbed earth energy, your body cultivation has truly made it into the gate. Now that you have reached mountain physique, you are not far from an abhinna." Pu Yao said a little lie right there. Originally, Zuo Mo should have been able to achieve an abhinna a long time ago. However, he had deliberately stopped it, and so, even now, he still hadn't formed an abhinna.

Pu Yao's face didn't blush as he said, "Abhinna is the term used by dhyana xiu. When cultivation of the body reaches a certain level, the self becomes enlightened, and the abhinna forms from the self. The abhinna is born of the self, and so everyone's abhinna is naturally different."

Zuo Mo didn't really understand.

"Oh, dhyana likes talking so mystically. You can understand it like this. What is body cultivation? It is to forge the body as though it is a talisman. When it reaches a certain stage, some abilities would naturally form. Each person's blood and flesh is different, so the abilities are varied."

After Pu Yao's explanation, Zuo Mo felt he understood much more. Talismans, and flying swords, after they were tempered for a long time, they would naturally become more powerful.

"I can form an abhinna?" Zuo Mo was slightly excited. He was very curious what his own abhinna was.

"Oh, pretty much," Pu Yao muddled, "absorb more earth energy these next days. That stuff is very useful."

In order not to have his lie seen through, he quickly changed the topic. "Other than an abhinna, there is something else that can dramatically increase your strength."

As expected, Zuo Mo was guided by his words. He was slightly shocked. "What is it?"

He never knew that he had anything on his body that could greatly increase his strength.

"That five element glass bead," Pu Yao said. "Five element glass beads are somewhat rare talismans, it can store ling power, and turn ling power into five element base source."

"Turn ling power to five element base source?" Zuo Mo was slightly shocked. He was reminded of Lil' Pagoda. Lil' Pagoda was able to deconstruct talismans and materials into five element energy, but compared to five element base source, five element energy was the lesser variant. Five element energy could form marrow, forming five element marrow. The little gourds hanging on Lil' Pagoda's eaves were five element marrow. Five element base source was the finest and best part of five element marrow.

"Yes, five element base source is something very good. When you were injured last time, it was this bead that repaired your body. Five element base source is very easy to absorb, and suitable for body cultivation. I wonder who put it in, they were really extravagant," Pu Yao said with a smile.

Strangely, Zuo Mo suddenly felt his heart move.

This movement was very suddenly. He suddenly had a feeling this five element glass bead was very important to him!

He could not say why he would have this feeling, but this feeling was strong, so strong to the point that he could not disregard it. He did not know who this five element glass bead belonged to, but the person who put this five element glass bead in him, it must be one of his closest people.

Was it his parents?

He raised his head, his tone decisive. "Don't use it. Let's cultivate an abhinna."

Translator Ramblings: Pu has plans within plans. Even if the gravestone had Zuo Mo take advantage, Pu still spun this to his advantage.

Pets in the real world usually are domesticated and do as they are told most of the time. However, when these "pets" have human-level intelligence, where is the line between treating them like they are individuals or as though they cannot decide for themselves? A lot of "pets" in fantasy novels are just as intelligent as other individuals but they are not acknowledged properly. Many times, they are just transportation, or a deus ex machina. What is frequently seen is the main character will spare the life of an animal, and this animal will follow them for the rest of their life. In fact, these animals seem to have better conduct than the humans frequently. They aren't greedy and they are loyal and intelligent. But if they are so intelligent, why aren't they allowed to have a personality? The "pet" doesn't have to do what the main character or "owner" wants. If it is an exchange of services between individuals, why can't the other side be selfish and look out for their own best interest? Think of Zuo Mo's little zoo as individuals and you may find their actions more understandable.