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 Chapter Two Hundred and Nineteen - Rewards Conference

In secret, whenever everyone ever discussed Lil' Miss's feminine and delicate face, they couldn't help but be slightly scornful of it. However, when Lil' Miss was sitting in front of them, everyone couldn't help but straighten their spines, their eyes straight forward.

People like Lei Peng, who had already spent some time under Lil' Miss' command,had experience of what to do. In front of Lil' Miss, it was best for their eyes to look at their nose, their nose to be pointed at their heart. Do not go looking at Lil' Miss' eyes. You would always find they were freezing.

"Reward based on performance," Lil' Miss' voice was not loud and was feminine as usual.

Lei Peng stilled. Had Old Nian been speaking the truth? There were really going to reward based on performance? His heart quickened and he couldn't help but move his body.

It wasn't just him. Everyone could not disguise the joy on their faces. There were jinzhi in their bodies, so their lives were in Zuo Mo's hands. They had originally assumed that they would be cannon fodder, and the thought had never crossed their minds that they would be rewarded.

"Let's start." Everyone's expression landed in Gongsun Cha's eyes. His heart was very clear, the corners of his mouth rising. He decided to throw out a heavy bomb at the beginning, "This is a fifth-grade movement method. Boss decided to take it out as a reward."


Everyone's eyes turned to stare at the jade scroll in Lil' Miss' hands. So hot they almost melted the jade scroll. The temperature in the room instantly rose.

Fifth-grade movement method! That was fifth-grade.

Any spell, when it reached fifth-grade, the value was not comparable. No matter if it was in Sky Moon Jie, or in Little Mountain Jie, only core disciples could cultivate fourth-grade spells. This was an unwritten rule. And fifth-grade spells? The majority of sects did not possess a fifth-grade spell.

Now a fifth-grade movement method was in front of them, a place they could touch.

Breathing was rushed in the room. Without knowing it, excitement climbed onto everyone's faces. If it wasn't for the jinzhi, half of the people would definitely go up and steal.

Gongsun Cha was very satisfied with everyone's performance. Fair reward and punishment was a governance that every stable troop must have. Gongsun Cha was not worried this crowd of brutes would betray, but it had been a problem for him to increase their motivation.

"This is a intermediate fourth-grade flying sword, called Black Lock, pure in quality, it is slightly oriented towards the water element. It is the best flying sword of this rewards conference."

The flying sword was about one chi long, the body narrow and black, glistening with a blue light. Once it was taken out, a slightly sword essence rippled like waves across the entire room.


Inhales sounded below. This group all had good eyes. The quality of the Black Lock sword was not average.

Intermediate Fourth-grade!

Most of these xiuzhe were in ningmai, but only five or so of them had fourth-grade flying swords, and of those people, all their flying swords were low fourth-grade flying swords.

"This Nine Dawn Ling Armor, intermediate fourth-grade, it is the best protective talisman of this conference. Wood element, the ling armor has four formations, [Vitality], [Evil Removing], [Tranquil Mind], and [Illusion Break]. In places rich with wood element power, it can automatically absorb wood element power to repair the ling armor."


As they swallowed, everyone stared at the ling armor. This was something good! If they had this ling armor, it was like getting half of a life.

It was like Gongsun Cha did not notice everyone's eyes. One by one, he introduced all the talismans and flying swords.

In the room, the heavy sound of breathing was like thunder. Everyone's faces were red and excited. Many people had pulled open their clothing, a layer of sweat on their foreheads. However, they did not detect it, their eyes tightly locked on the talismans and flying swords in front of Gongsun Cha.

The light given off by the talismans and flying swords merged and reflected off each person's eyes.

Lei Peng's forehead was full of sweat. His throat was dry, his copper-bell like eyes staring wide, afraid he would miss a talisman. When the last talisman was finished being introduced, his heart finally rested. Reflexively, he released a breath.

His ears suddenly heard the sound of breathing. He jumped in fright at his loud breathing.

It was over! If he angered Lil' Miss, it would be terrible! He grimaced at the first thought that came into his head.

But when he saw the breathing of the people around him, he managed to realize that it wasn't just the sound of his own breathing, but everyone breathing out together. The slightly sounds of breathing, under such silent environments, would stand out so clearly.

The room quickly became silent, extremely silent, everyone's hearts rose again.

Everyone knew what was coming next was the most important!

There were only this many prizes, who would get it? How would it be divided? There was a lot involved was this. That would determine what landed on their own hands was good or trash.

"Those with the most achievements will pick first, one apiece." Lil' Miss was extremely clear in this silent environment where the drop of a pin could be heard. "Ma Fan is first."

A blush suddenly rose on Ma Fan's face like he had been drinking. In the admiring and jealous eyes of everyone else, he stood up and did not hesitate to pick the fifth-grade movement method.

Even though everyone had mostly guessed already, but they couldn't help but have disappointed expressions. One of those was Lei Peng.

Fifth-grade movement method!

Seeing it slink away in front of his eyes, this feeling wasn't just terrible!

But that was just jealousy. No one could say anything to Ma Fan picking first. The effect that Ma Fan had in this battle could not have been done by anyone else.

Before everyone had digested the disappointment from the fifth-grade movement method being picked away, Lil' Miss opened again, "Lei Peng, Zong Ru, Nian Lu, your group is up. You can pick one fourth-grade, two third-grade."

Lei Peng's head rang, and then blanked.

It was his turn ... ...

He didn't know how he stood up. Nian Lu and Zong Ru's faces were also full of disbelief. It was like a dream. Even Zong Ru, the most composed of the three, didn't managed to keep his composure.

The three people looked at each other. After a while, they found it hard to decide who would get the fourth-grade talisman.

Seeing the situation, Gongsun Cha decided to decide for them. "Straws, set down the order, and take turns in the future."

This method was very fair. No one had an objection.

The sweat on Lei Peng's forehead grew even more dense, his heartbeat racing because he drew first. The second was Zong Ru, the third was Nian Lu.

He really was shameful, couldn't even calm down! He criticized himself.

But he was not slow in picking. He did not hesitate in picking the Nine Dawn ling armor. Sighs rose in the surroundings. Clearly, there were several that wanted this ling armor. For some reason, when he heard the sighs, Lei Peng felt every pore of him was in pleasure, and extremely smug. He instantly put on the ling armor.

Zong Ru picked upper third-grade vambraces, and Nian Lu picked an upper third-grade boots. Even though they didn't pick something fourth-grade, these two were also very good among the third-grade, the two people were unable to keep their hands off.

Gongsun Cha measured achievement based on combat unit. Each combat unit could pick one fourth-grade item, and two third-grade. The fourth-grade items were quickly divided. Those ranked behind didn't even get one, and could only stare.

But everyone basically got one talisman.

As to the xiuzhe like Bao De who had just turned from captive, they could only stare. Gongsun Cha didn't plan on rewarding them. The remaining talismans were put to be used as rewards for the groups that were exceptional in training.

Gongsun Cha also clearly stated that once the reward was given, it was the person's personal property. Other people could not take it. Like the fifth-grade movement method. Ma Fan picked it, so it could not be given to someone else. If anyone else wanted to learn, they had to ask Ma Fan. As to how to pass it on, or whether to pass it on, that was Ma Fan's business.

No matter if it was Zuo Mo, or Gongsun Cha, they would never have predicted the effect this rewards conference would have.


Gongsun Cha still supervised the people in training. The last battle had revealed many insufficiencies. The three section wave killing charge, if it was a well-trained troop, if it was his mysterious opponent, they would only need to use it once to destroy the enemy.

He hadn't just been unable to destroy the enemy, but had sunk into prolonged fighting. This made Gongsun Cha who usually demanded highly of himself very dissatisfied.

Lil' Miss was dissatisfied so everyone didn't have good days.

However, what Gongsun Cha was puzzled by was just how unexpected these people were in training. Everyone seemed to have been shot up with chicken blood, howling as they furiously trained.

And when Gongsun Cha fulfilled his promise by rewarding the talismans to the group that had finished training, he found to his shock that they completely did not need his supervision.

There was not a novice among this group of people. They all knew the importance of talismans. Who would dislike having one more talisman? On the battlefield, one more talisman was one more guarantee on their own life. There was no danger of dying in training. This kind of good matter, if it was in the past, everyone would distain to attend, but in the cruel Little Mountain Jie of the present, no one had heard of it.

No one fell behind.

Not having gotten any ling grains, and having some more mouths to feed, the pressure of Zuo Mo to supply ling grains instantly increased, especially in the recent days where this group had suddenly started to furiously train for some reason. The consumption of ling grains multiplied.

Zuo Mo felt the pressure multiply. He put one hundred and twenty percent of his effort into studying the mo matrix day and night.

Once he had an idea, he would immediately try it out, not caring for the consumption of materials. Seeing the amount of ling grains decrease, he felt even more pressured. His progress was not bad. He had eliminated half of the useless constructs. Less than one third of the constructs were remaining.

But this one third included more than seventy formation-like constructs.

Zuo Mo did not have the time to do theoretical analyses. The time was tight. He decided to use the stupidest and most effective method.

Try one by one!

He started to crazily try one formation after another.

In the span of a few days, his room was full of failed products like a little mountain.

Not having closed his eyes for seven days and nights, he didn't even meditate. When his ling power was used up, he would grasp a jingshi to absorb ling power.

He looked quite fragile. After seven days and nights, even if his spiritual power had reached the stage of manifestation, he had reached a limit.

However, Zuo Mo forgot all the labor, all the exhaustion.

He dazedly looked at a peerlessly ugly thing on his hands!

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