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 Chapter Two hundred and Seven Moon Eye Blackwater Beast

"What is that?" Gongsun Cha asked woodenly

"Don't know," Zuo Mo's answer was similarly wooden.

The pitiable Chun Yu Cheng just fainted.

"This is a Moon Eye Black Water Beast," Pu Yao drawled. Having just sadistically killed Gongsun Cha for more than twenty rounds, he was in a pleasurable state, his attitude exceptionally harmonious.

"Moon Eye Blackwater Beast?"

"They mostly live in the bottom of the Endless Ocean. They have large bodies, but they are all looks and no substance. They don't have anything good on their bodies. The only things are the moon beads and the Blackwater." Pu Yao only glanced once, before becoming scornful.

"Moon bead! Blackwater!" Zuo Mo's heart leaped. He had never heard of the Moon Eye Blackwater Beast before, but he wasn't unfamiliar with the Moon Bead and Blackwater. The uses of Blackwater were very broad, it was not cheap, and moon beads were not just expensive, there were very few of them on the market, and were some of the best materials for forging.

However, he didn't dare to have any greed now. The presence that this Moon Eye Blackwater Beast had was too intimidating.

"What grade is this guy? Any weaknesses?" He asked.

"Fourth-grade. As to weaknesses, I don't know." Pu Yao added, "I'm not familiar."

The speed of the date seed ship was at maximum, yet that Moon Eye Blackwater Beast was easily keeping up.

As expected of a natural water element beast. His date seed ship was not a match for this kind of water movement speed. He stopped the ship. In any case, he couldn't escape from the beast

What reassured his heart was this Moon Eye Black Water Beast was a fourth-grade ling beast. What gave him a headache was that they were in the water.

Zuo Mo might have defeated a Blue Spiked Crocodile, but that was on land and not in the water. If they had been in the water, Zuo Mo wouldn't have even been able to escape. Water element ling beasts could use all of their offensive power in the water.

One ship and one beast faced off.

Zuo Mo and the others didn't dare to move rashly. The Moon Eye Blackwater Beast seemed curious about this object that it had never seen before.

Inside the ship, Zuo Mo cast a spell on Gongsun Cha. "You're in command of them." After playing War Chess, Zuo Mo realized Gongsun Shidi's talent in this area. Since he really couldn't make anything of them, it was better to give them to Shidi.


Gongsun Cha stilled, but he instantly took over the command of the three Golden Armor Guards. In his consciousness, when the three Golden Armor Guards appeared, a shocked expression uncontrollably floated onto his face.

He had always assumed that the Golden Armor Guards were living people. Now he discovered that these three mysterious experts were puppets!

He quickly managed to calm down. Gradually, his breathing started to speed up.

He felt his body was uncontrollably shaking. It was not fear nor terror, but excitement!

This was his first fight where he was in command. Even though his subordinates were three golems, when he thought of the upcoming battle, he felt his body temperature rising, even his blood was burning.

He suddenly closed his eyes, his rushed breathing slowly calming.

When he opened his eyes again, he looked much calmer, but the light in the deepest part of his eyes was like a blade's edge.


Zuo Mo also threw away all other thoughts. Other than engaging in a fight, there didn't seem to be other options. The other side was a fourth-grade ling beast in the water, but on his side were four ningmai. Zuo Mo felt there was a chance!

What he was worried about was they would create too much noise, and attract other ling beasts. That would not be good.

Just as Zuo Mo pondered when to attack, Gongsun Cha suddenly ran to Chun Yu Cheng who had fainted, and furiously shook him awake. "Shixiong, Shixiong, where's your ling butterfly?"

"Ling butterfly ... ... ling butterfly ... ..." Chun Yu Cheng's face was confused. After a while, he managed to react, and hurriedly took out the beast service card. "Ling butterfly! Ling butterfly!"

Gongsun Cha looked helplessly at the confusion and panic on Chun Yu Cheng's face and could only softly comfort him, "Shixiong, don't panic, just summon your ling butterfly."

"Oh." It might have been that Gongsun Cha's comfort was effective, Chun Yu Cheng calmed down slightly and summoned the ling butterfly.

The blue ling butterfly appeared in front of him, nimbly fluttering its wings. Zuo Mo was slightly surprised. Every time the blue butterfly flapped its wings, he could feel a rich stream of water element power. It seemed that the deep of the Endless Ocean was the place the water element blue butterfly could be most effective.

But Zuo Mo did not understand. Why did Gongsun Cha get Chun Yu Cheng to summon a blue butterfly? The blue butterfly was only a third-grade ling butterfly, definitely not a match for the big guy outside. Also, while the deep of the Endless Ocean had rich water element power, it really was not a habitat for butterflies.

"Shixiong, I remember your ling butterfly has two water element spells. Which two?" Gongsun Cha asked rapidly.

"[Water Movement] and [Water Power]." Chun Yu Cheng reflexively responded.

Zuo Mo's eyes suddenly lit up. He understood what Gongsun Shidi wanted to do.

Gongsun Cha did not waste time, pointing at the three Golden Armor Guards and saying, "Shixiong, get the ling butterfly to use the spells on these three."

"Oh." Chun Yu Cheng hurriedly commanded the blue butterfly. The blue butterfly lightly moved its wings, and two water-blue spells hit one of the Golden Armor Guards. After continuously casting eight spells on the three Golden Armor Guards plus Zuo Mo, the blue butterfly appeared tired. The wings were moving slower than they had been before.

When the two spells hit Zuo Mo, he felt his ling power become lively. The changes in the water flow outside side the ship became much more clear, even though he didn't know what the effect would be!

It was the correct decision to give Gongsun Shidi control of the Golden Armor Guards. If it was him, he wouldn't have thought of Chun Shidi's ling butterfly.

With these two spells, the gap between the two sides had become a little bit smaller.

Zuo Mo and Gongsun Cha looked at each other, and instantly understood what they wanted. Attack first!


Three blue lights suddenly charged at the Moon Eye Blackwater Beast!

Once they attacked, Zuo Mo had no thoughts about luck. The three blue spikes moved first.

Fourth-grade blue spikes, after being forged in Golden Crow Fire, the body of the spikes were filled with characters. It was the strongest killing move of the date seed ship, but compared to the enormous body of the Moon Eye Blackwater Beast, the three blue spikes were not even toothpicks.

The Moon Eye Blackwater Beast did not show any signs of dodging. The three blue spikes disappeared into the black and roiling black water.


The Blackwater which had been slowly flowing suddenly rippled ferociously like boiling water

The lantern-sized eyes brightened. Hiss, the three people on the ship felt an ear-piercing sound.

Zuo Mo's attack had wounded it.

The Moon Eye Blackwater beast was enraged. Everyone felt the landscape darken. A wave of Blackwater gathered towards the date seed ship from all directions, tying it up tightly. The strength of the black water was extremely high. The ship started to creak as the Blackwater pressed against it!

The Blackwater tightly covered the ling shield like a wall.

Three golden figures with a long red tail heavily struck the water wall outside.

Ding ding ding!

Three muffled sounds that were like lightning. The three Golden Armor Guards were forcibly bounced back. The seemingly soft-looking black water was as hard as steel. The full power blows of the three Golden Armor Guards were not able to move the Moon Eye Blackwater Beast.

Zuo Mo was shocked.

He was very clear about how powerful the three Golden Armor Guards were. Each Golden Armored Guard's strength was above his. The attack of the three of them at full power was not able to harm the Moon Eye Blackwater Beast one bit!

If it was said the three blue spikes made Zuo Mo joyful, then his heart stilled with this attack. So the restless Blackwater around the Moon Eye Blackwater Beast was its strongest weapon!

Blackwater was one of the most famous heavywaters in the world. With such a large amount of Blackwater it didn't need any other spells. It only needed to control them, and the power would be terrifying.

Controlling Blackwater! This was the area that the Moon Eye Blackwater Beast was truly strong in.

Gongsun Cha also had a shocked expression. The three Golden Armor Guards suddenly stopped and suddenly leapt outside again.

Zuo Mo also managed to react. Throwing all thoughts to the back of his head, the five essence sword set he had already prepared was waiting to attack. Suddenly seeing the actions of the three Golden Armor Guards, his own movements slowed.

The three Golden Armor Guards rushed outside. In the middle, the gloves on their hands lit up.

Ten Thousand Appearance Gloves!

The three golden figures were like three meteors, striking three times!

Bam bam bam!

The three blows were all at the same spot!


Zuo Mo's consciousness clearly watched the water wall that the three Golden Armor Guards attacked only slightly rippled, but behind the water shield, the Blackwater body of Moon Eye Blackwater Beast suddenly shook, a portion of the Blackwater almost flowing out of its body.

Gongsun Cha's attack was too beautiful!

Zuo Mo suppressed the impulse to roar, and took the opportunity to attack. He didn't use the five essence sword set on his hands, but went with the flow and activated the lightning net outside the ling shield of the date seed ship.

If this was earlier, lightning of this degree was nothing to the Moon Eye Blackwater Beast.

But the clever attacks of the three Golden Armor Guards caused the Moon Eye Blackwater Beast to lose control of the Blackwater for a very short instant. The relatively weak lightning moved in at this time.

Hiss hiss hiss!

Countless little bits of lightning flooded the Blackwater.

The Moon Eye Blackwater Beast was in a slight panic. The Blackwater that had been wrapped around the date seed ship furiously pressed inwards. Under the heavy pressure, half of the fine lightning was quickly destroyed.

However, the state of the two sides switched!

The devious Zuo Mo attacked it again, and three blue spikes soundlessly entered the Blackwater.


The Moon Eye Blackwater Beast gave a strange howl!

Zuo Mo's eyes blurred, everything shaking! Turning his head over, blood flowed out of Gongsun Cha's nose and mouth, his face ferocious. The killing intent was so intense in his eyes that Zuo Mo's heart shook

A red sword energy passed through the black water, aiming straight at the two lantern-sized eyes of the Moon Eye Blackwater Beast.

At the same time, another Golden Armor Guard paced several steps and moved up.


The Blackwater wall shrunk back, blocking the red sword energy.


The Blackwater that hurried back was slightly weaker than usual, unable to block such a sharp sword energy.

Another water wall!

The sword energy which had not expended its power hit the surface, causing ripples and was blocked!

Before the Moon Eye Blackwater Beast could release a breath, the Golden Armored Guard that had moved up smashed heavily into the wall.

An expression of scorn appeared in the vicious eyes of the Moon Eye Blackwater Beast. Smash? They couldn't smash through the water wall!

Just as the Golden Armored Guard was going to hit the wall, suddenly, seven silver sword energies lit up by his side, the silver light flowing. Seven silver sword energies forcefully crashed on the water wall!

The Seven Star Sword Formation of the Seven Star Sword Boots!

The rippling water wall instantly collapsed, the seven silver sword energies pointing straight at the eyes of the Moon Eye Blackwater Beast.

For the first time, the Moon Eye Blackwater Beast had an expression of fear. At this time, it could do nothing except push all the Blackwater in front of it.

It needed to stop the seven silver sword energies!

It was so panicked that it did not notice that, at some unknown time, a golden figure had sneaked behind it.

Face covered in blood, Gongsun Cha seemed insane, the corners of his mouth coldly rising, his eyes black as they were reflected in the Blackwater, a dash of red flashing past!

Translator Ramblings: Gongsun Cha's first time in command. There isn't a very concrete description of this animal so I always end up picturing it as a whale.

Zuo Mo easily gave up command and this chapter really shows how Zuo Mo is someone who can easily admit that he isn't good at everything and people are more talented than he is. He is very practical and he has good judgement about other people.

Pu Yao is perverse because he enjoys inflicting pain on Zuo Mo and behaves contrary to what Zuo Mo expects. Gongsun Cha is perverse because normal people rarely are happy after being dealt devastating losses twenty times in a row, and would not be excited for more. Zuo Mo's desire for jingshi is not perverse because he values things like his life over jingshi. Also, he has not done anything malicious or wrong to make jingshi.