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 Chapter Two Hundred and Two - Territory Intrusion

Zuo Mo played with the beast service card in his hand, as a multi-colored butterfly flew around him. Chun Yu Cheng named this multi-colored butterfly Rainbow Mark Butterfly, it was the most outstanding ling beast he had ever raised up until now.

Zuo Mo could feel an extremely weak presence come from the Rainbow Mark Butterfly. The thoughts were very weak, and there were many images that were indistinct. This was a characteristic unique to low level ling beasts. The higher the grade of the ling beast, the more intelligent it would be. High level ling beasts were not much different than xiuzhe.

This Rainbow Mark Butterfly was only third-grade, and its intelligence just forming. Naturally, there would be many messages that Zuo Mo could not understand.

However, it could accurately understand Zuo Mo's orders and was very obedient. The beast pool had been constructed to make jingshi. He had never thought that he wouldn't lack for jingshi now. So the batch of ling butterflies had been turned from a business product into for their own use.

The Rainbow Mark Butterfly was the most outstanding of the three ling butterflies. It had three spells: Rainbow Pupils, Illusion Poison, Poison Change.

He ordered the Rainbow Mark Butterfly to cast the Rainbow Pupils. The Rainbow Mark Butterly lightly fluttered its wings, a rainbow light landed on Zuo Mo's body. His eyes were suddenly covered in a layer of faint five-colored light. Zuo Mo felt the world in front of him change.

Everything he saw was grey-white.

The silently masticating Rainbow Mark Butterfly communicated before Zuo Mo understood. The so-called Rainbow Pupil was to detect poison. It could detect the danger of poisonous items.

Zuo Mo did not cultivate poison so the spell was not very useful for him. The only place he could use it was in dan-making.

Compared to Rainbow Pupil, Illusion Poison was much more interesting. Illusion Poison was to use poison to create illusion. Zuo Mo was very interested. He instantly thought of the uses for this spell. If he secretly fortified a few places of his formation with illusion poison, then no one would detect it.

However, the spell most important to Zuo Mo was the third spell - poison change! Rather than calling it a spell, poison change was more like a talent. According to Chun Yu Cheng's explanation, if he kept on feeding the Rainbow Mark Butterfly poison, especially high-grade poison, when it reached a certain level, it could cause the Rainbow Mark Butterfly to transform and enter a higher grade.

As the grade increased, the intelligence of a ling beast would increase, and there was a possibility of the addition of a spell. It was a pity that Zuo Mo did not have any interest in poison, much less high-grade poison.

Suddenly, Zuo Mo smacked his forehead. How did he forget that? Didn't his Inky Black Lava White Fire have a deadly poison? That was the poison obtained by processing a fourth-grade Inky Black Lotus Seed.

The grade of the Inky Black Lotus Fire was too low. Zuo Mo had decided to use the Golden Crow Fire as the primary one. It was perfect for him to split the fire apart. The poison for the Rainbow Mark Butterfly, the fire for Lil' Pagoda. Even though the grade of the Inky Black Lava White Fire was not high, but it was still a fire seed, and quite pure.

But before that, Zuo Mo still needed to do one thing: forge the Blue Ice sword. The Blue Icicle Crystal could only be forged with a cold fire. The grade of the Golden Crow Fire was higher, but the attribute was not correct.

The Blue Icicle Crystal sword billet was about half a chi long, its body shaped like a prism. When the light reflected on the facets of the prism, it was very beautiful.


Three days later, the Blue Ice Sword took form!

The entire body was like a blue icicle, the tip of the sword extremely sharp. The body of the sword was made out of countless facets. As it floated in the air, a mist naturally formed around the sword.

Zuo Mo's mind moved. Pew, the Blue Ice Sword entered the ground, only leaving behind a sword shaped hole. There was a circle of clear ice cracks around the hole. It could be seen just how cold it was.

Zuo Mo's forging skill was not high and the Blue Ice Crystal was just lower fourth-grade. The grade of the Inky Black Lava White Fire was also too low. He had barely managed to forge a fourth-grade flying sword.

He didn't care that much. The five essence sword set emphasized the cooperation between the different qualities of the flying swords.

Taking apart the Inky Black Lava White Fire, however, had taken Zuo Mo quite a bit of effort. The poison from the Inky Black Lotus had long ago merged into the flame. Zuo Mo did not have the strength at his cultivation level to take it apart. However, he thought of a clever solution, let Lil' Pagoda deconstruct it.

The present Lil' Pagoda only needed a bit to break through to fourth-grade, its control greatly increased. It could control how to decompose what was put into it.

The Inky Black Lava White Fire was quickly taken apart. The Inky Black Lotus poison was separated out. What surprised Zuo Mo was that this ball of Inky Black Lotus poison was an invisible substance. When he used ling power to carefully surround this deadly poison, he was instantly alarmed. His ling power was quickly consumed.

As expected from a fourth-grade Inky Black Lotus' poison!

This discovery made him hesitate. Could the Rainbow Mark Butterfly tolerate such a strong poison? But quickly, he could feel the Rainbow Mark Butterfly's anticipation and joy. The Rainbow Mark Butterfly lightly flapped its multi-colored wings, and a circle of light surrounded the poison.

The ring of light continuously shrunk until it disappeared.

Zuo Mo was slightly disappointed. A line of black had appeared on the wings of the Rainbow Mark Butterfly, but there was no other change. Lil' Pagoda absorbed the fire seed, but there were no signs of another breakthrough.

Alright, he could not be too greedy, Zuo Mo mumbled.

He started to absorb the Golden Crow Fire.


The atmosphere of the Desolate Wood Reef was nervous and fretful. Everyone's face was slightly heavy. A few days ago, several xiuzhe had escaped from the jie river.

They had encountered a group of very strong xiuzhe. That group killed everyone they saw. Many xiuzhe didn't even have the time to flee before they were killed.

Instantly, the Desolate Wood Reef became tense. These injured xiuzhe had no strength to fly over the Endless Ocean, and could only stay on the Desolate Wood Reef. Those xiuzhe that had originally planned to travel to Little Mountain Jie through the jie river didn't dare to move recklessly, and waited to see what would happen.

The number of xiuzhe on the Desolate Wood Reef increased, but no one dared to cause a disturbance. Other than the intimidation of the three golden armor guards, they also understood, if there really was a powerful enemy, the formation on the island was their strongest defense.

Without the beast pool, Chun Yu Cheng was idle. His face was full of worry. "There's more than six hundred xiuzhe on the island, and more than twenty ningmai. If something happens, that wouldn't be good. Shixiong is also in seclusion ... ..."

"What are you afraid of?" Gongsun Cha was unconcerned and said heartlessly, "Worst case, we can just flee."

"What do you think the people in the jie river are? Killing everyone they see! They really have no regard for the law!" Chun Yu Cheng was righteously indignant.

Gongsun Cha teased the grey butterfly and said lazily, "Who knows, probably a group of people who couldn't think things through."

Suddenly, the crowd on the island shifted. The two instantly stopped what they were doing and stood up.

Far away in the sky, there were many black dots.

Chun Yu Cheng inhaled sharply, his face pale, voice trembling as he pointed at the black dots in the sky. "What... ... what is that?"

Gongsun Cha also was motionless at his spot with a shocked expression.

The dense crowd of black dots flew at the Desolate Wood Reef at astonishing speed like a black cloud rolling over the sky. With a suffocating presence, they silently moved to a distance twenty li from the Desolate Wood Reef.

"Yao ... ... yaomo ... ..."

Someone trembled out those two words. It was as though a spark had been thrown into a pot of oil. The deathly silent Desolate Wood Reef suddenly exploded.

"Yaomo ... ..." Chun Yu Cheng felt his legs sore and weak, dropping to the ground.

There were hints of terror in Gongsun Cha's eyes, but the terror was quickly changed to curiosity.

Was this yaomo?

It wasn't just him that had this thought. In reality, this thought uncontrollably flashed across many people's minds on the Desolate Wood Reef.

Other than the somewhat strange dark green skin, the yaomo in the sky didn't seem much different than xiuzhe. On their foreheads, they all had a piece of crystal, the color and shape varied. Their bodies were mostly slender and were very handsome regardless of sex.

"This is yaomo? Wow!" Gongsun Cha tsked. He rubbed his chin, "Oh, almost as handsome as me, that's not very good."

However, he quickly became speechless.

The yaomo in the sky quickly moved forward three li.

Everyone was intimidated.

People now found that the dark-green skinned yaomo in the sky were in well-organized ranks that seemed to have been measured with a ruler. During the flying process, the entire troop did not have any hint of disorder, they were so synchronized that it was frightening.

When several dozen people were so, everyone would find it to be nothing, but when thousands of people were so organized, an invisible pressure formed. It was as if there was a thousand-catty rock on everyone's chest. All the noise stopped, like someone had cut their throats.

"Really the elite!" Gongsun Cha's eyes glowed as he muttered. He then looked in sympathy at the panicking xiuzhe on the island, and couldn't help but sigh, "And there go the rabble!"

The contrast between the two sides was too strong. Of the thousands of people on the other side, no one was speaking, it was deathly silent. The xiuzhe on the island was panicking like a crowd of headless chickens.

"Prepare to run for your life," Gongsun Cha said to Chun Yu Cheng.

"What about Shixiong?" Chun Yu Cheng asked, his expression blank.

"Find him." Gongsun Cha said.

"I'm here," At some unknown time, Zuo Mo appeared behind the two of them.

"Escape," Gongsun Cha spread his hands at Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo grimaced. He hadn't thought that he would encounter this just after he came out of seclusion. He knew that Gongsun Cha was right. Even though the island had six hundred xiuzhe, it was just a grab-bag of random cultivators.

Looking at the military troop that was so terrifyingly organized, a hint of helplessness rose in Zuo Mo's heart. The difference in power was not something a formation could bridge.

"Is it really yaomo?" Chun Yu Cheng was still somewhat lost. Gongsun Cha looked in curiosity at Zuo Mo.

"En, yao, not mo," Zuo Mo nodded, "Mostly Ghost Attendant Yao and some Night Stock Yao."

"Ghost Attendant Yao? Night Stock Yao?" Gongsun Cha had an interested expression. To them, yaomo was a very distant monster.

"The most basic yao are called little yao, about our lianqi. The next level is Ghost Attendant yao, like our zhuji. The Night Stock yao are equivalent to our ningmai," Zuo Mo explained simply.

"That scared me. Then can't we hold this place?" Chun Yu Cheng said excitedly.

Gongsun Cha shook his head but didn't speak. Zuo Mo grimaced, "Probably not. Yaomo emphasize killing and have endured fighting since they were born. They live more harshly than we do. Also, you can also see their organization. Our side only has scattered soldiers and heroes, we are not a match."

"Then what do we do?" Chun Yu Cheng's little face became pale again.

"Flee!" Zuo Mo gritted his teeth and said hatefully.

His heart was filled with sorrow.

The good days of sitting and taking in money had reached an end ... ...

Translator Ramblings: We have civilians who can't fight, people who can fight, and then ... ... the military. Numbers is its own kind of battle strategy. The yao finally show up after so much foreshadowing.

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