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 Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Five - Two Transactions

The strength of the Golden Armor Guards made a deep impression on Zuo Mo.

"But what are they really?" Zuo Mo asked as he pointed at the three muscle-heads. The three Golden Armor Guards were very brawny. Standing with their swords, they were like three little mountains whose sole purpose was to pressure others.

"Puppets," Pu Yao said softly.

"Oh," Zuo Mo responded. A strong impulse formed to study these three puppets. There were many ways to create puppets. The most famous would probably be corpse-forging. Things like thousand year corpse were the best corpse-forging materials. Seal soldiers were also one kind of puppet, but they were completely different than corpse-forging.

But when he thought about that astonishing sword strike, he decided to stop thinking about this dangerous idea.

His eyes stared at the red broadswords in the hand of the three Golden Armor Guards. A beat later, Zuo Mo's heart wrenching wail came out of the cave.

"Old Ghost! Ge will kill you! Sob sob sob! My Crimson Fire Rock! My Sky Eye Silver ... ..."


In the sky above the Desolate Wood Reef.

"How much longer do we have to wait?" Chang Heng said impatiently.

"He he, he would come out soon," Bo Feng was very calm. At the side, Gui Feng's eyes occasionally swept across the Desolate Wood Reef. Different than what they had thought: it wasn't just Zuo Mo on the Desolate Wood Reef; there were also Wu Kong Sword Sect disciples. However, these disciples were all production xiuzhe.

At the beginning, these disciples would occasionally look up at them. As time went on, they attended to their own business.

The Desolate Wood Reef looked calm but many important places were covered with white clouds so nothing could be seen. These balls of cloud proved that the big formation of the Desolate Wood Reef had not been critically damaged.

Gui Feng felt that Zuo Mo was very mysterious. He was somewhat puzzled why Wu Kong Sword Sect would send such an important disciple to such an isolated place? Was it because they had trust in Zuo Mo?

He didn't feel that way. While the importance of the Desolate Wood Reef was undoubted, no matter how great their trust was, the elders shouldn't have been frugal in sending along a few more strong disciples with him.

Such an accomplished disciple, he didn't believe any sect was willing to lose him.

But Zuo Mo was guarding Desolate Wood Reef alone. This made Gui Feng feel it was more of an exile.

The Black Wind Bandits had all been killed. If this news spread, it would definitely shake all of Sky Moon Jie. Zuo Mo's own reputation and the reputation of Wu Kong Sword Sect would be pushed to another height.

Gui Feng glanced at Bo Feng. There was no impatience on Bo Feng's face. They had been guarding here for five days. To show that they didn't have any enmity he hadn't brought any of the thirty six zhuji.

Gui Feng saw Zuo Mo's figure appear out of the corner of his eye, his mind becoming alert.


His gaze swept across the three enormous figures behind Zuo Mo, Gui Feng's pupils suddenly shrunk into pinpoints!

The golden scale armor covered their entire body, the dense scales flashed with a pure golden sheen. Their faces were covered by gold masks, which only revealed a pair of eyes.

The three guards dressed in golden armor simultaneously looked at the three people in the sky.

When Gui Feng's eyes met the three people's eyes, his heart shook.

The three pairs of eyes were strange but all similar in that they were indifferent, cold, and emotionless. Gui Feng even felt that they were dead! He could feel that he was just an ant in their eyes, unable to cause even a ripple.

Suddenly, Gui Feng felt he was burning in a fire, an almost tangible pressure forming, and pushing down like a little mountain.

Gui Feng snorted coldly, his body moving slightly and circulated his ling power.

The invisible pressure around him instantly disappeared.

Successfully getting rid of the other's pressure, Gui Feng did not feel joy at all. Quite the opposite, his complexion was very bad. The two seemed to be even, but Gui Feng knew he was at a disadvantage.

Such a powerful expert!

Was this Wu Kong Sword Sect's hidden strength? He narrowed his eyes.

Bo Feng and Chang Heng's expressions became serious. Their thoughts were the same as Gui Feng. These three xiuzhe covered in golden armor and cultivations above ningmai, and their strength was very strong! Even though they could not see the features, but the thick killing intent covering the three was the killing intent that would only form after countless battles.

No wonder the Black Wind Bandits were all killed. So the Desolate Wood Reef was also hiding three experts. The three people rejoiced that they hadn't charged in. Facing any of these golden armor xiuzhe, even Bo Feng didn't have a certain grasp on victory.

Ningmai had three stratums. Gui Feng and Chang Heng were only at the first stratum, but the three golden armor xiuzhe were all above second stratum.

The difference between ningmai and zhuji was large, but the difference between ningmai were also similarly large. The cultivation of ningmai second stratum was three times that of a first stratum ningmai!

Their cultivation was not as good as the other; their battle experience not as good as the other; their talismans ... ...

They looked at the burning red broadswords. Those were clearly not normal and definitely had reached the fourth-grade. The two sides were even. What they had the greatest confidence in was spells. Gui Feng was very confident in the [Nine Ghosts Nail Curse] that he was practicing.


In Zuo Mo's sea of consciousness, Pu Yao muttered, "Pity about the baldy. He's good material for making Golden Armor Guard."

Zuo Mo did not pay attention, his eyes looking at the sky.

This time, with the three Golden Armor Guards around him, even though his wounds had not completely healed, he still had more bravery.

"Thank you for waiting for so long, is there something I can help with?" Zuo Mo did not like to chit-chat, and said forwardly.

Bo Feng did not twist, and said, "This one has two matters to ask."

"Oh," Zuo Mo was slightly surprised. He hadn't thought the other really had a matter, and two of them at that.

"Brother Zuo killing the Black Wind Bandits is really a happy matter," Bo Feng said, "I want to buy some news from Brother Zuo."

Black Wind Bandits? Zuo Mo stilled and then reacted. So his attackers had been the Black Wind Bandits, no wonder they were so strong! His minds whirling, he quickly responded, "What news?"

Bo Feng started at Zuo Mo and said seriously, "I want to buy the position of a secret realm from Brother Zuo."

Zuo Mo's heart jumped. Secret realm!

He truly was shocked by the words "secret realm." Zuo Mo had missed the secret realm exploration after the Sword Test Conference because he had been thrown into the sword essence formation. It had been a regret of his. He hadn't thought that he would suddenly hear information about a secret realm.

Bo Feng suddenly running over to ask him the location of the secret realm, the clever Zuo Mo instantly realized where the information about the secret realm would come from.

The Black Wind Bandits!

Definitely the Black Wind Bandits!

Pu Yao reacted even more quickly than he did, and had more tricks. In the blink of an eye, he had gotten the answers he wanted from the manual laborers that were still soaking in the black pond.

Hearing Pu Yao speak of it, Zuo Mo understood the general shape of the matter, and instantly was disappointed.

The first people to find the secret realm were the three of the red-robed xiuzhe. For some reason, the news had been leaked, and they were targeted by the Black Wind Bandits. However, the three were extremely slippery, and tricked the Black Wind Bandits, almost clearing out the entire secret realm before fleeing.

Zuo Mo finally understood why the three people had so many good items on their body. So it had been a secret realm!

He had admiration and disappointment. However, a secret realm that others had gone through did not hold any attractions to him.

However, he wouldn't give the information so easily to Bo Feng. The cleared out secret realm might not have anything good, but the ling energy of the secret realm was dense and perfect for making a residence. It was not very useful for him, but to the sect, it was very good.

Bo Feng evidently wanted this secret realm.

"Ha ha," Zuo Mo smiled, but his wooden expression looked very strange,"How does Brother Bo want to buy it?"

Speaking about business he became alert. In any case he had the initiative. He could sell or not sell. The red-robed man and his fellows had run to Little Mountain Jie, and definitely wouldn't be coming back soon. The only people who knew the location of the secret realm were the Black Wind Bandits, but all of the Black Wind Bandits were soaking in the black pond.

Even if he didn't sell its location to Bo Feng and sent the news back to the sect, he would get many rewards.

But in the deepest part of his heart, Zuo Mo didn't plan on telling the information to the sect. If it was in the past, he definitely wouldn't have hesitated in reporting the information to the sect. But the only person he missed in the sect right now was Master. The present Wu Kong Sword Sect was not the Wu Kong Sword Sect of the past that had felt like a home.

If it wasn't for Master, he wouldn't have any supplies. He wouldn't even have had the Wu Kong Flag. If he came to such an isolated place as the Desolate Wood Reef, he would have more dangers than lucky encounters.

He couldn't help but ball up his hands.

Destiny, it was more reliable to grasp it in his own hands.

"Ha ha," Bo Feng laughed lightly, he seemed to have already had a plan, "I will use a piece of news to exchange with Brother Zuo."

"News?" Bo Feng's suggestions was out of Zuo Mo's expectations.

Bo Feng said generously, "Brother Zuo should look first. If you are not satisfied, we can keep negotiating," Finishing, his finger flicked and a jade scroll shot at Zuo Mo.


A golden palm reached from behind Zuo Mo and accurately grasped the jade scroll.

Bo Feng smiled and didn't speak. Inside, he praised Zuo Mo's carefulness.

Zuo Mo took the jade scroll, and lowered his head to read.

There was not much inside the jade scroll, but after reading the last word, Zuo Mo felt he was in a glacier, his entire body cold.

"How is it? Is Brother Zuo satisfied?" Bo Feng asked.

Zuo Mo took a deep breath, and then bowed with folded hands at Bo Feng. He said seriously, "Many thanks, Brother Bo." Finishing, he took out an empty jade scroll, entered the position of the secret realm, and threw it to Bo Feng.

Bo Feng took the jade scroll. After reading it, joy appeared on his face. When he finished, he crushed the jade scroll to powder.

"Brother Zuo is really refreshing!" Bo Feng said crisply, "This one wants to ask for a wisp of Golden Crow Fire from Brother Zuo, please help me!"

"Golden Crow Fire?" Zuo Mo nodded, "If Brother Bo has earth elemental materials above fourth-grade, a deal can be made."

He didn't ask for a high price. The news that Bo Feng had just given him was too important!

Bo Feng could not control his joy, "We really have good fate. This one luckily has a piece of Breathing Rock, and of high quality. It should fulfill Brother Zuo's demands."

"Trade!" Zuo Mo did not hesitate in nodding.

In fourth-grade earth element materials, Breathing Rock was a rare fine material. It usually existed in the deepest parts, a special earthy grey that naturally clung together, unable to be cut with anything metal.

Zuo Mo was excited. He finally gathered together everything for his five essence sword set!

Translator Ramblings: If Pei Yuan Ran had his way, Zuo Mo would have been packed off to Desolate Wood Reef with his allowance of jingshi and not much else. After so many chapters, Bo Feng finally gets what he was pursuing. It was almost too simple since Zuo Mo did the work for him.

"A Problematic Youth" ended right after the Sword Test Conference. We are in Volume Three of the story right now, the title being "Seeking Survival On A Desolate Island." The title was too much of a spoiler since this volume started when Zuo Mo woke up with Wei Sheng and Luo Li in Fragrant Ginger Yard. We have passed the one-fifth mark of the entire story.

Nothing to really ramble about today. What are your guesses about what Bo Feng sold Zuo Mo?