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 Chapter One Hundred and Ninety - Going All In

[Yang Fiendish Hard Lightning] of [Little Thousand Leaf Hands] !

Countless silver electricity snakes danced around Zhang Hao. The fine lightning tore at the air, cracking like popcorn and suddenly rampaging.

Lightning was domineering and strong, usually preferred by xiuzhe. Even the sword xiu who usually preferred purity did not disguise their preference for lightning. There were many lightning sword scriptures, and they were not low-grade. Due to the different kinds of lightning, the differing qualities would give the user many different abilities.

Hard lightning was a very common type of lightning. It was known for being strong and evil-cleansing, the natural antidote to yin and corrupting spells. But the words Yang Fiend in front of it, then it was extremely rare!

There were various ways to rank lightning , but in all these methods, the grade of Yang Fiendish Hard Lightning was never ranked lower than fourth-grade.

Fiend: greatly ominous in character; Hard, especially strong and unbreakable.

When Yang, Fiend and Hard was put together, it was possible to see just how strong and domineering it was.

Of the first three moves of [Little Thousand Leaf Hands], [Yang Fiendish Hard Lightning] was the only direct offensive spell. Yet, Zuo Mo valued this one offensive spell like it was a precious treasure!

Other than his formations, this [Yang Fiendish Hard Lightning] was the strongest move he had!

Starting with his killing move, Zuo Mo did not want to risk any uncertainty.

What he was still dissatisfied with was that the [Yang Fiendish Hard Lightning] that he cast was only five zhang in diameter. This was why he had to risk nearing Zhang Hao, and it was also why he had not used the move against the black cloud.

Zuo Mo's mind was clear, all the ling power in his body serene, and the leaf hand created from his spiritual power was like a real hand, the fingers moving rapidly!

[Yang Fiendish Hard Lightning] was a purely spiritual attack!


Zhang Hao who had been calculating how much ling power Zuo Mo had left never would have thought Zuo Mo would have a purely spiritual offensive spell!

The electric snakes danced and instantly gathered into a burning red bolt of lightning!

As the red lightning took form, a domineering and destructive presence gathered tightly around Zhang Hao!

Zhang Hao had detected the abnormality when the [Yang Fiendish Hard Lightning] formed. It really made too much noise! His heart was in shock and he almost couldn't believe it. How could a zhuji use such a powerful and terrifying spell?

The vast destructive presence almost took away his mind!

He was very experienced and vicious; he knew that he could not retreat now. If his heart held any desire to flee, he definitely could not escape and would only die even quicker! Going against the flow he faced the spell. Only by finding life in death was there a chance of survival.

All of his confidence and all of his conceit turned to dust in front of the [Yang Fiendish Hard Lightning].

Zhang Hao was like a wolf that had been pushed to the edge, rousing all of his brutality.

His eyes wide, his hair standing on end, and the red light on his body was so thick it appeared to be fresh blood. The heavy sword in his hand seemed to feel it's master's decision and glowed with brightness. A hint of black was added to the red light.

The red black light flashed and the blue chains on his body were destroyed.

He raised the heavy sword up high. With him as the centre, a vast presence suddenly exploded! No one would doubt that his next strike could really break a mountain!

"Kill!" Zhang Hao howled as though he was insane. With all the ling power in his body, he cleaved downwards.

The first move of [Mountain Opening Sword Scripture], [Open Mountain]!


At the same time, all the Black Wind bandits in the Skyring Moon Chime Formation stopped what they were doing, with shock filled faces.

The presence of Zhang Hao's ultimate attack had alarmed everyone.

The Head was going all out?

How was it possible?

That was the first response from the Black Wind Bandits. They couldn't wrap their heads around it. Who could force the Head use all his power?

Just as they were shocked, they heard Zhang Hao's angry bellow. Everyone realized that Head really was fighting with all his power!

The Black Wind Bandits did not hesitate to fly towards the bellow.


At this time, Bo Feng who was looking from far away suddenly gasped, his eyes lighting up, "Zhang Hao is going all out!"

Gui Feng was slightly startled. Chang Heng did not speak, but the light that increased in his eyes revealed his surprise. The two became even more wary of Bo Feng's unmeasurable strength. The entire Desolate Wood Reef was tightly locked down. They were very far away and could not see a thing.

It was terrifying that Bo Feng could judge so accurately.

However, Zhang Zhao was going all out ... ...

The sentence quickly filled their thoughts. When had Zuo Mo become so strong that he could force Zhang Hao to fight at full power? The two of them were not Zuo Mo. In the period of time they had followed Bo Feng, they had constantly tracked the Black Wind Bandits and were clear regarding how strong Zhang Hao was.

Gui Feng and Chang Heng knew. The other thirty six xiuzhe also knew.

None of the other analysis' that Bo Feng did were as effective as this one sentence.

A zhuji had truly forced Zhang Hao to fight at full power!


So many people could feel Zhang Hao was going all out, so Zuo Mo, who was closest, could he not feel it? But at this time, he didn't have the energy to spare to think. All of his attention was on this series of attacks.

As the red sword energy sliced down, Zuo Mo's vision was entirely red. That suffocating presence would make one tremble instinctively.

Zuo Mo did not tremble.

Completely in battle mode, there was no joy nor sorrow in his heart, no emotion at all. His mind was clear and could detect any change within five zhang of him.

He suddenly understood.

[Little Thousand Leaf Hands] must be used with [Great Thousand Leaf Hands] to be able to reach its maximum power.

Every hand motion of the spiritual leaf hand flowed across his mind. He was like a bystander, silently savouring the profound changes embodied in each hand movement.

It seemed to be a long time, but it was just a short instant.

The lightning of [Yang Fiendish Hard Lightning] was as thick as an arm, twisting and giving off a faint red light.

Zhang Hao's sword energy was another kind of red, a bloody red that carried hints of black.

The two powerful red lights accurately clashed!


A little sun suddenly formed between Zuo Mo and Zhang Hao.


The Black Wind Bandits that had rushed over were blinded by the light and stopped in their tracks. Some weaker xiuzhe wailed and covered their eyes.

Ding ding ding!

Messy chimes suddenly sounded.

Pew pew pew!

A bloody hole had suddenly exploded on the chest of several of the Black Wind Bandits.

[Micro Void Arrow] of the [Skyring Moon Chime Formation]!

Lil' Pagoda was controlling the Skyring Moon Chime Formation and had grasped the rhythm perfectly. The flash of Zhang Hao and Zuo Mo's attacks had lit up without warning. Many of the Black Wind Bandits had been caught unaware and Lil' Pagoda's [Micro Void Arrow] was clearly a level higher than Zuo Mo.

Seeing a big hole explode in the chest of their compatriots, the other Black Wind Bandits paled!

Only now did they remember they were on dangerous grounds!

The Skyring Moon Chime Formation had previously given off a feeling of a turtle formation and had not shown any offensive qualities. This had caused them to slightly relax. That level of relaxation wasn't enough to be fatal originally, but when the news that Zhang Hao was in danger was passed to them, their instructive choice made this relaxation quickly grow.

Any little change could cause an avalanche of responses.

The Five Colored Pagoda was Zuo Mo's soul-tethered talisman and could be considered Zuo Mo's second mind. What Zuo Mo knew, it also knew; Zuo Mo's viciousness and cunning meant that the Pagoda's wasn't any less.


Zuo Mo felt the leaf hand suddenly shake. A trembling came from deep within his soul. Everything around him suddenly became blurred.

His spirit had been wounded!

At this time, the turbulence of his energies passed into his heart.


Uncontrollably he spat out a mouthful of blood.

How could it easy to take in a full-power attack from a ningmai?

Zuo Mo's state of mind could not avoid being affected by the injury to his consciousness. The terrifying presence given off by the combined sword energy and the Yang Fiendish Hard Lightning made him instinctively fearful!

He wanted to turn and run!

But he forcefully pushed down the impulse and terror inside, his finger quickly drawing in the air.

[Void Pass] of [Little Thousand Leaf Hands]!

The sword essence and lightning that had charged towards him made a strange turn and brushed dangerously past his body.

At the same time, another part of Zuo Mo's mind controlled the sword energies of the Wu Kong Flag!


Zhang Hao looked much worse off than Zuo Mo. [Yang Fiend's Hard Lightning] was fourth-grade. Even though Zuo Mo's power was limited, but the strangeness of the attack method was extremely effective against Zhang Hao.

At the moment the sword energy and the Yang Fiendish Hard Lightning struck each other, he was injured like Zuo Mo!

At that time, his injuries were much less severe than Zuo Mo. The two were too close. He knew that Zuo Mo received heavier wounds and probably did not have the power to attack. Such a good chance to retreat, would he waste it?

In any case, Zuo Mo was already wounded. The rest could be left for his brothers to do! Zuo Mo's endless bag of strange tricks had created a psychological shadow in him. He wanted to retreat.

Zhang Hao, who had decided to retreat, his expression suddenly changed!

Gathering his remaining strength, he barely managed to pull the heavy sword in front of him.

Clap clap clap!

Three sharp notes heavily struck his flying sword. It was Lil' Pagod taking advantage to ambush him.

If he was uninjured, the three [Micro Void Arrows] would just be a minor threat to him, but being heavily injured he had almost staggered and fell to the ground.

This was like the start of a nightmare.

Zhang Hao, who wanted to leave the fight to find his fellows, discovered three blue chains came out of nowhere lightning fast and latched onto him.

He instantly lost his mind!

[Dragon Tying Formation], [Three Talent Sword Formation], [Dipper Formation] ... ...

All third-grade formations. He could see it was all formations released by formation disks. The power was not strong. Usually, Zhang Hao wouldn't pay attention, but right now, they were messengers of death!

How many formation disks had this guy thrown out ... ...

Zhang Hao's face was black as mud!

But he was a wise man and knew he did not have an avenue of retreat now.

The ball of light behind him could explode at any time. If he was hit by the ripples, he didn't have a chance of survival.

Eyes red, Zhang Hao stumbled and forced his way through the formations with his heavy sword, disregarding his wounds.

He was covered in blood, his clothing torn!

Finally out!

As the thought appeared, a sharp and dense sword energy took over his vision.

His eyes only saw snowy white. He could almost see a snowy white dragon proudly swaying!

Translator Ramblings: Lil' Pagoda shows how cunning it is.

Fang Xiang plays with tropes and breaks the typical mold. The best example I can think of at the moment is Pu. Pu is the omniscient-master-grandfather-archetype that is found in a lot of other stories. However, he's quite different because he doesn't always help Zuo Mo, and drags him down. His actions of taking away jingshi can irritate people, and his attitude is terrible. Additionally, he fails. The best comparison I can give is Yao Lao from Battle Through The Heavens. That person is a great mentor who really aids in cultivation, provides knowledge, and can make money, while Pu provides (dangerous and sometimes useless) knowledge, takes money away from his host, and hampers Zuo Mo's cultivation. Also, I don't think I've read about a powerful and knowledgeable archetype be unable to make money. It's quite ironic considering how important jingshi is to the story and the main character that Zuo Mo's "golden finger" can't make money directly for him like in other stories. Other characters get into bidding fights at auctions and throw money around while Zuo Mo counts his "pennies."