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 Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Six - Brute Strength!

"What is it?" Zuo Mo gritted his teeth as he forced the words out one by one through his teeth. He was putting all he could into suppressing the ling power that was rushing through his body.

Damn it!

His ling power was like a wild beast that was caught, furiously struggling, furiously charging around to try to break through the layer of imprisonment.

But his state was not betrayed by Zuo Mo's zombie face.

"There's a Blue Spiked Crocodile that suddenly charged out of the water! It wounded one of the shixiongs ... ...," The disciple's expression was one of panic, but his speech was relatively clear.

"Go!" Zuo Mo spat out through his teeth.

He just took one step, and the ling power in his body shuddered. He staggered. The restless ling power in his body made him jump. Disregarding the mocking laughter from Pu Yao inside his sea of consciousness, he hurriedly activated his [Vajra Profound Sutra].

Pei Yuan Ran and the others would never have thought that the [Vajra Profound Sutra] they had intended to suppress had been instead become well-developed. It could not be suppressed and progressed extremely quickly. The fine sword essences inside the formation had been like sandpaper that continuously ground against Zuo Mo's body.

The [Vajra Profound Sutra] was greatly stimulated, and naturally circulated on its own. In half a year, Zuo Mo was only one step away from the fifth level.

Silently using the scripture of the [Vajra Profound Sutra], the sense of danger from the energy inside his body lessened. He released a sigh of relief.

His entire body was dark gold, a natural fierce presence exuding by itself.

In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao's expression suddenly became angry. A bloody light flashed through his eye. Staring at the gravestone, a cold voice floated from the corner of his mouth, "I hadn't thought that you would steal in front of me again. However ... ..."

Zuo Mo gritted his teeth, his steps fast as he sprinted with the shidi that came with the message.

From long away, he saw the troublemaking Blue Spiked Crocodile. It was idly lying on the beach, disregarding the Wu Kong Sword Sect disciples that was surrounding it. However, the moment Zuo Mo appeared, it suddenly raised its head and opened its eyes.

The eyes of the Blue Spiked Crocodile were like needles, cold and without a hint of warm. Saliva slipped out of the corner of its mouth with dense teeth. Its body was covered in black and shiny armor, and it was easy to see from a glance that it would be hard to wound even with a flying sword. On its back was a row of blue spikes the width of an infant's fist. They were very good primary materials for making flying swords, and were also the crocodile's life-saving weapon.

The entire body of the Blue Spiked Crocodile was treasure, but not many people were willing to kill it. It was a truly a brutish existence!

Zuo Mo's eyes turned to the blood soaked and injured right leg of the shidi. It was like a spark had been thrown into a barrel of dynamite. The ling power in his body exploded and went berserk!

Without a second word, his hands held the Water Drop sword.

One step, his body was like an arrow. Everyone felt their eyes blur, and Zuo Mo appeared beside the Blue Spiked Crocodile!

The body of the Water Drop sword was covered by a water- flame. The flame was silently burning, not as grand and shocking as the water-shaped flame of the past.

"Die!" Zuo Mo shouted. His body was seemingly made of gold, his eyes wide.

The Water Drop sword went from bottom to up! Li Water Burning Heavens! The first attack was his killing move!

The rampaging ling power in his body furiously flooded through the Water Drop sword in his hand. What was strange was the water-shaped flame on the Water Drop sword did not grow, but became even more transparent.

His sword essence, after going through the sword essence formation, was much more pure and introverted than before.

The Blue Spiked Crocodile's reputation was clearly preceded by the extraordinary nature. Its body moved, and the steel-like tail whipped horizontally. With a piercing howl, it launched itself forward.

One tail and one sword clashed together.


The explosive sword essence of the Li Water Burning Heavens seemed to have found a vent when it came into contact, and exploded!

At the same time, a domineering and powerful force passed from the Water Drop sword to Zuo Mo's hands.

Zuo Mo felt his palms shake. The Water Drop sword had almost been thrown out of his hands.

If he let go at this time, he definitely would be wounded, and the Water Drop sword would most likely fly far away from the current battle. Without a flying sword, how could he face the Blue Spiked Crocodile? There was no time to think. Using all his strength, his hands gripped tightly on the hilt of the Water Drop sword! A strong force passed from his palm to his arms to his entire body. The ling power that was rampaging through his body paused with this sweep of the Blue Spiked Crocodile.

It could be seen just how strong his foe was!

After retreating for more than ten strides, Zuo Mo finally steadied his body. Inside he was shocked.

The Blue Spiked Crocodile had also received some significant wounds. Its tail was ripped open, bleeding, the wound cut down to the bone. The combined offensive power of the [Vajra Profound Sutra] and the [Li Water Burning Heavens] could be seen.

However, what Zuo Mo had not expected was that the wounds would be unable of causing the Blue Spiked Crocodile to feel fear. Instead it had aroused its viciousness.

The eyes of the Blue Spiked Crocodile stared fixedly at Zuo Mo. A vicious and brutal aura tightly locked onto Zuo Mo.

Its long body shook and waved like a fish in the water. It was astounding fast as it charged at Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo only saw a black shadow leaping at him. Without time to think, he channelled [Vajra Profound Sutra] to its maximum. His eyes were bright gold and a golden light was shining from his body! His hand held the Water Drop sword, the water flame on the sword was so transparent it was almost non-existent.

Li Water Burning Heavens!


A sound of impact that was even deeper and more terrifying than the previous one that resounded out!

The energy inside Zuo Mo's body roiled. He could not stop his body, bam bam bam, he went back seven steps.

Just having steadied himself, the Blue Spiked Crocodile leapt forward again! The mouth of the crocodile was like an enormous set of clamps, its two rows of sharp teeth were frightening!

The Water Drop Sword that Zuo Mo swept upwards just barely managed to block the enormous teeth of the Blue Spiked Crocodile.

The bloody maw of the Blue Spike Crocodile was so clear in Zuo Mo's eyes. He was even able to see the remaining blood and flesh inside the mouth. A fishy smell flooded his face. Right after, he felt his surroundings blur. Like a sandbag, he was throw more than ten zhang away, stopping only when he had crashed into a tree.

Zuo Mo stood up. With the [Vajra Profound Sutra] present, he wasn't wounded.

He widened his eyes, staring motionlessly at the Blue Spiked Crocodile.

The berserk ling power inside his body affected Zuo Mo's mood. He was like an infuriated beast, all his thoughts thrown to the back of his head. In his eyes, there was only this Blue Spiked Crocodile! There was one thought in his head: kill it!

The Blue Spiked Crocodile shook its head. It had not succeeded with the last two charges. It was slightly dizzy. However, Zuo Mo's following actions provoked it again!

Such a small being dared to challenge it!

Seeing the Blue Spiked Crocodile charge at him, Zuo Mo bared his teeth, his eyes dark.

His feet trotting, his hands held the sword at his side as he sped up.

A black figure and a golden figure smashed together like two meteorites! Boom!

A thunderous explosion! The black figure and the now blue blur bounced off of each other, the two moving backwards with even greater speed!

Bam bam bam. Zuo Mo was thrown like a sandbag, hitting the ground and bouncing up, then hitting the ground and bouncing up ... ... after bouncing more than seven times, he finally managed to stop. After being thrown so violently, his eyes were dizzy. After a moment, he struggled up, and spat out a mouthful of sand. The last impact was much stronger than the previous ones. His skeleton felt as though it was going to collapse. The ling power that was exploding inside his body had almost dissipated.

Panting, he thought inside that the bastard should be pretty much done!

Suddenly, his eyes focused. Nearby, that Blue Spiked Crocodile shook its head, staring with its eyes as it moved to charge.

Seeing the Blue Spiked Crocodile, the anger inside Zuo Mo's heart rose.

If ge can't kill you today, then ge will change my surname to You![i]

"Die!" Zuo Mo gritted his teeth. He held the Water Drop sword, started his trot again and charged at the Blue Spiked Crocodile.

The Blue Spiked Crocodile shook its head, howled once, and turned to a black shadow, leaping at Zuo Mo.

Bam! It was another simple crash. One person and one crocodile thrown back again!


With the fierce reputation of the Blue Spiked Crocodile, the news that there was a Blue Spiked Crocodile on the Desolate Wood Reef, and that it had wounded one of the disciples instantly attracted the attention of all the disciples of Wu Kong Sword Sect. They were all very worried. If a Blue Spiked Crocodile appeared on the Desolate Wood Reef, that meant that any one of them could fall victim to the danger it posed.

All the disciples ran over.

Going to ask for help from Zuo Mo was their unconscious response. An adult Blue Spiked Crocodile was a fourth-grade beast. Normally even ningmai could only skirt around it if they encountered it. Maybe Shixiong would have a solution, set up a formation to trap it and then they could think of a way.

But the scene in front of them stunned everyone.

In the rumors, wasn't Shixiong only skilled in formations ... ...

Seeing the person and crocodile irrationally collide together, continuously, repeatedly, robotically crash together. The golden Shixiong charged again and again, and was bounced back again and again before he climbed up over and over like nothing had happened, his face dusty, and he roared as he charged again! Seeing the Blue Spiked Crocodile howling furiously, not showing exhaustion after hitting for so many collisions.

Everyone felt fear because the Blue Spiked Crocodile was so strong. If they were in an encounter with it ... ... but that kind of apprehension surprised no one. It was a Blue Spiked Crocodile!

But Shixiong was also this strong ... ...

Was this a delusion?

But the increasing number of wounds on the body of the Blue Spiked Crocodile reminded them that everything happening in front of them was reality.

Every time Shixiong's sword impacted the Blue Spiked Crocodile, the vibrating ling power was enough to make them jump, make them uncontrollably feel terror!

"Is Shixiong truly just a zhuji?" Chun Yu Cheng said to himself.

Standing beside him was Gongsun Cha. The clean and scholarly Gongsun Cha was strangely excited. "Doesn't look like it. Shixiong and the Blue Spiked Crocodile have gone twenty two rounds! A zhuji definitely wouldn't be able to stand for such a long period of time," He couldn't help but praise, "It really is such beautiful brutality that one cannot help but be intoxicated!"

After going straight for twenty two rounds, Zuo Mo's mind was blank, instinctively climbing up, and instinctively charging ... ...

He didn't realize that the rampaging ling power in his body was continuously scattered, gathered, and then continuously scattered before gathering again ... ...

The countless pieces of scattered ling power spread into his limbs and organs, into his tendons and blood. These scattered ling power went through every possible crevice. Of the enormous amount of ling power inside Zuo Mo's body, over half was dissipated into different parts of his body.

A change was quietly occurring.

At this moment, Pu Yao suddenly raised his head in the sea of consciousness, "Mountain Physique ... ..."

[i] Zuo means left, so he is going to change his name to the opposite of what it is now, right or you. [Brian: Zuo Mo>You Mo lololol]

Translator Ramblings: Poor elders, your actions pushed Zuo Mo further on the path you specifically wanted him to get off.

The ocean is not a safe place even if there are not people around. A footnote finally makes an appearance after this long. I can't remember the last time there was one.