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 Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Three Pulling Into The Fold

"Chun Yu Cheng, Shixiong's looking for you," someone shouted.

"Coming." Chun Yu Cheng responded, his hands carefully placing a young worm into the nurturing formation, before standing and wiping the sweat off his face. He was twenty-four this year, his appearance was handsome, with sharp brows and bright eyes. He was a very dependable person. Even though he had not been part of the sect for very long, many female disciples had made advances; but he had refused all of them.

Compared to the study of love between man and woman, he had more interest towards animal husbandry.

Chun Yu Cheng's cultivation could only be considered normal. He had just broken through to zhuji, yet no one dared to underestimate him. He was twenty four years old, yet he had received the white jade medal of the beast speakers. Even though he could not compare to Zuo Shixiong, but he was definitely a talented individual. The jade medals of the beast-speakers were divided into the ranks of white snake, black cobra, blue serpent, and crimson dragon. Within the profession, people would usually just use the colors, so the white snake jade medal would be referred to simply as the white jade medal.

In Zuo Mo's company there were three people who had jade medals, Zuo Mo, Chun Yu Cheng, and the last was Gongsun Cha, who had a butcher jade medal. No one would think that the clean, white, scholarly looking Gongsun Cha would be a professional butcher. Supposedly, in the span of fifteen minutes, he could dismember any ling beast to hundreds of pieces, the ling energy in each piece conserved with the loss of ling energy of less than twenty percent.

Chun Yu Cheng was infatuated with beast keeping, but he wasn't dumb. He had instantly perceived the increasingly terrible environment of the sect, so when he had been named to come to Desolate Wood Reef, he had not hesitated. Before, the problem he had been most concerned about was his safety. Now that Zuo Mo Shixiong's great formation had been completed, the anxiety that had been building up up in the back of his mind was alleviated.

The environment of the Desolate Wood Reef was much worse than Wu Kong Mountain, but he did not care. Without the conflict of mortal affairs, he could finally concentrate on his craft.

Hearing that Zuo Mo Shixiong was calling him, he hurriedly put down what he was doing.

Shixiong was the true master of the present Desolate Wood Reef. Chun Yu Cheng might not like mortal affairs, but it wasn't as though he did not understand them. He had not interacted much with Zuo Mo Shixiong and did not feel confident and was even slightly wary. However, up until now, he was very satisfied with the present situation. The series of announcements that Zuo Mo Shixiong had made, his action of not taking a share of the ling fields, had won the support of everyone. Chun Yu Cheng was full of hope towards his future days.

"Shixiong, you are looking for me?" Chun Yu Cheng was slightly formal. After Zuo Mo had killed Nan Ming Zi, the seeds of awe had been planted in everyone's hearts.

But quickly, his attention was drawn to the pool that Shixiong was building.

This was a very strange looking nine-palace pool. Formations that he did not understand were carved onto the sides and bottom of the pool, but there were one or two that he recognized.

Those were nurturing formations used in raising beats, it could cause ling beasts to grow faster.

When did Shixiong become interested in animal rearing? He was puzzled. Shixiong was somewhat famous. Rumors had it that he knew something about everything, such as forging and dan-making, and it couldn't be said that his skil in these crafts was low. But he had never heard that Shixiong knew how to raise animals.

"Hold on a second." Zuo Mo did not stop. His hands continuously casted light after light that entered the walls of the pool.

Chen Yu Cheng began to understand. After each light that Shixiong cast, the walls of the pool became shinier, and the traces of the formations on the pool became fainter.

When the last light entered the wall, the walls of the pool became transparent like they were made from crystal. The marks of the formations on the walls had completely disappeared.

Zuo Mo panted and raised his head, asking, "What ling beasts do you have on you?"

Chun Yu Cheng paused and hurried to answer, "The flight was too long. It was hard to bring large-sized ling beats, all I brought were some small-sized ling beasts, like ling butterflies."

"Oh, ling butterflies? Great, sell me some." Zuo Mo said.

Chun Yu Cheng said, "Ling butterflies aren't expensive. Shixiong, you don't have to pay. How many does Shixiong want? Which types?"

"What type of ling butterfly?" Zuo Mo stilled and then asked back, "There are many kinds of ling butterflies?"

Chun Yu Cheng didn't know how to react, but didn't show it. "Just what this little brother knows of is about twenty thousand. However, I only have around one hundred eggs right now, but they are all very normal." He guessed that Shixiong was having an impulse to work with ling beasts. However, just as he said, these ling butterfly eggs really were not worth very much. Even if he gave all of them to Shixiong, he wouldn't feel it was a loss.

Zuo Mo had an interested expression. "Oh, so there is so much to learn here. Chun Shidi, please introduce me."

"Shixiong is too polite." Chun Yu Cheng started to introduce the different kinds of ling butterfly eggs to Zuo Mo.

The introductions hadn't finished after four hours. Chun Yu Cheng's throat was becoming dry, and Zuo Mo was left dizzy.

Zuo Mo realized now that even with this beast nurturing pool, if he wanted to get some results, it wasn't a simple matter. Hearing how clear and knowledgeable Chun Yu Cheng was while he was talking about ling beasts, he couldn't help but sigh at the level of professionalism needed!

Suddenly, an idea sprouted.

Why couldn't he pull Chun Yu Cheng into the fold? If Chun Yu Cheng, the expert did it, wouldn't it be easier to get results than an amateur like him?

The more he thought, the better Zuo Mo found the idea. His first aim was to make jingshi and not just spend his savings. Other than making jingshi, he didn't have any interest in livestock. He already had too many things he needed to study. If he added another area, he wouldn't be able to learn it effectively.

Chun Yu Cheng was still relentlessly lecturing. Zuo Mo was very familiar with the enthusiasm in his eyes. It indicated that the other really loved animal keeping.

Seeing such a determined gaze, Zuo Mo made the decision to incorporate Chun Yu Cheng into his plans.

Halfway through, Chun Yu Cheng accidentally saw Zuo Mo's eerie-green, wolf-like gaze and shuddered inside. His tongue tying up. However, when he did a double-take to check again, Shixiong's gaze was faint and calm, like a Dhyana expert.

He had just had a mistaken feeling! Chun Yu Cheng released a breath, organized his thoughts and continued on.

Zuo Mo pretended to be listening careful. Secretly, he flipped an empty jade scroll from his ring and imprinted some spells.

When Chun Yu Cheng finished, he hurriedly praised him, "Chun Shidi really has great knowledge. My own knowledge has grown greatly today!"

"Shixiong is too kind, this little brother has just entered the sect!" Chun Yu Cheng said humbly.

Zuo Mo suddenly asked, "Chun Shidi, what do you think about this pool?"

"This little brother is very ignorant and cannot understand anything except the nurturing formation. This pool must be related to raising beasts." Chun Yu Cheng obediently replied.

"Chun Shidi really has good eyes!" Zuo Mo clapped as he praised. However, when matched with his expressionless face, it looked very strange. He said mysteriously, "Speaking of this pool, I got it from an ancient jade scroll remnant, it is called the [Nine Heavens Illusory Divine Light Serpent Transforming Dragon Pool]!"

"Nine Heaven Illusory Divine Light ... ... Serpent Transforming Dragon ... ..." Chun Yu Cheng gaped, stammering as he repeated this strange and extraordinarily lengthy name.

Zuo Mo's eyes were serious. He did not look as though he was joking. He slowly took out the jade scroll he had just created, "That jade scroll remnant turned to dust after I read it. I do not understand animal husbandry so I only remembered the general gist. Shidi, please have a look."

He was very certain the temptation that this jade scroll present to Chun Yu Cheng would be sufficiently seductive. Inside the jade scroll, he had redacted large sections of sensitive content, so the jade scroll seemed to lack many things. However, he was confident that even this ruined jade scroll was enough to tempt Chun Yu Cheng!

Chun Yu Cheng took the jade scroll somewhat in disbelief. In reality, if it hadn't been that Zuo Mo Shixiong had always maintained a reputation of trust, he definitely would have immediately turned and left.

That name, it really ... ...

However, when he saw the first sentence on the jade scroll, it was as if he had been struck by lightning.

Zuo Mo didn't hurry him.

He didn't worry that Chun Yu Cheng would steal the method and learn it. None of what Pu Yao gave was easy to understand. This was the exact opposite of the gravestone. Not much effort had to be spent on understanding what the gravestone had taught him. The most important part of this set of spells was constructing the pool and was extremely complex. Other than Zuo Mo, no one on the Desolate Wood Reef could understand it. In reality, Zuo Mo himself had just made a first-grade yao cultivating pool.

Chun Yu Cheng raised his head, his eyes dazed. After a long time, his pupils final focused. The first thing he did was bow, "Shixiong, teach me!"

To be able to qualify for the white snake jade medal at twenty four years old, there was no need to describe Chun Yu Cheng's talents with animals. With just one look look he understood the value of this jade scroll.

No, the value of this set of spells!

He understood the value better than Zuo Mo!

Zuo Mo was correct in this thoughts. The temptation that this jade scroll presented to Chun Yu Cheng was fatal!

Zuo Mo hurriedly helped Chun Yu Cheng upright, "Shidi, don't be like this. We are brothers. On this island, we naturally should help each other." Taking the chance, he threw out his own idea. "I'm an pure amateur at raising animals. This Serpent Transforming Dragon Pool, oh, we'll call it a beast cultivating pool, Shidi can manage it. What does Shidi think?"

Chun Yu Cheng was joyous, "I couldn't ask for more!"

To be able to look over the beast pool, it was the best opportunity to study and experiment. This set of spells was extremely deep and profound. The more he thought, the more excited he became. He wanted to move over immediately.

Zuo Mo said seriously, "Shidi also understands our situation. I built the beast pool with the aim to earn jingshi and to not have to rely on just what we have. Such a project can also allow us to establish our roots here on the Desolate Wood Reef."

Chun Yu Cheng calmed down slightly, "Yu Cheng understands!"

Zuo Mo said in satisfaction, "Since it is for profit, then we need to make it clear."

Chun Yu Cheng said, "Yu Cheng only wants to learn this method for study, not for jingshi!"

Zuo Mo shook his head, "Even blood brothers need clear accounts. Those are two different matters. What is earned by this beast pool, Shidi gets three-tenths."

Chun Yu Cheng wanted to shake his head and refuse when he heard Zuo Mo say this. He was interrupted in the middle. "Shidi, do not refuse. This is what Shidi should get. Ha ha, if Shidi feels embarrassed, then invest more effort on it!"

Zuo Mo had started as an outer sect disciple. He could clearly understand many things. It was only when emotion and profit were both tied together that this kind of cooperative venture would be stable.

Chun Yu Cheng felt grateful but didn't know what to say. He only nodded in earnest. He decided that he would work hard.

Zuo Mo snickered, "Okay, then this is now Shidi's job. If you need any materials, just tell me."

In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao's face was full of disdain.

Zuo Mo clapped his hands in satisfaction and left.

Translator Ramblings: For those that thought Zuo Mo was going to start raising animals, the author has sadly disappointed you. On the other hand, he already has pets so it's not that much of a loss.

Zuo Mo's terrible naming sense makes an appearance.

The nine-palace pool is a really mystic term for what is essentially a three-by-three grid like the one you draw for tic-tac-toe.