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 Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Six This Land Is Great

Zuo Mo stared at the purple vine that was growing wildly. The purple vines were about the thickness of a finger, smooth and strong. There were strings of small blue flowers on the vine, giving the appearance of being both serene and elegant. The vine did not have any supports yet naturally grew in midair.

Hiss, Zuo Mo sucked in a breath. His body was covered in small wounds. He was full of wariness as he stared at the purple vine.

He could sense a familiar taste within the vine.


The purple vine was Master's sword essence!

Damn it. His gaze passed between the vines to look at the spring that was bubbling with water. He unconsciously licked his dry lips. Even though water and food would be sent into the formation at regular intervals, the amount was not enough to satisfy his needs.

After wasting so many days, he had pretty much grasped this damned formation. His heart was very cold. He didn't know what master the sect leader had hired to set up this formation, but his skills were amazing. Zuo Mo had never thought about constructing a formation with sword essences! When he realized this, he didn't dare believe his own judgement.

What made him feel even more hopeless was the five sword essences inside the formation were all sword essence manifestations! Damn it! A formation created by five jindan experts for him to suffer through, did the sect leader and the others have nothing else to do?

Zuo Mo cursed again and again inside.

He had suffered greatly in the formation ever since he entered. His body was covered in wounds. With the five sword essence manifestations guarding the formation, just the ripples that were released were enough to grind him into powder. If he even tried to use the [Vajra Profound Sutra], the fine sword essences would flood towards him.

Zuo Mo felt very depressed. In the beginning, who was it that wanted him to practice [Vajra Profound Sutra]?

Each location that had water was guarded by a sword essence. Sect Leader's sword essence was a mountain peak, high and solid. Zuo Mo felt his heart shudder after taking a look. The heavy presence made him unable to breathe. He had turned and ran away. He hadn't thought that the sect leader would also be so powerful. Yan Le Shibo's sword essence was a while snow fox. The slender figure was a great contrast to Shibo. If it wasn't for the slyness in its eyes, he would have doubted whose sword essence it was. Master's sword essence was a purple vine. Since he had never seen Master fight, he had been hoping to try his luck.

The result, strings of blue flowers exploded simultaneously each turning to a rain of flowers that surrounded Zuo Mo. He finally tasted what it was like to be cut by a thousand knives.

The last sword essence was very unfamiliar to him. It was like a Bagua formation, and revolved relentlessly. It was the first time Zuo Mo saw such a strange sword essence. However, after interacting with sword essences every day, he managed to grasp some insights. This Bagua sword essence might look extraordinary, but it was the weakest of the five sword essences.

Yet with Zuo Mo's pitifully low cultivation, he couldn't handle it even though it was the weakest Bagua sword essence.

The few [Life] areas inside the formation were the only places he could rest.

Zuo Mo could only dejectedly retreat back to the [Life] area.

However, he hadn't suffered these days for nothing. Certain areas were not dangerous unless he entered. This sword essence formation seemed to emphasize imprisonment, not killing. Otherwise, the five sword essences only needed to move on their own and everything inside the formation would turn to dust.

At regular intervals, items would be sent into the formation. Water, grains, jingshi, lingdan, sword scriptures etc etc. Especially sword scriptures. Did the elders want to move the entire records room into the formation?

At this time, he finally understood that he wouldn't be getting out soon. Not being able to decipher why the elders were so angry, Zuo Mo was too lazy to think. Since he was here, he would stay here. After slowly becoming accustomed to it, he was full of curiosity towards the big formation.

He had never seen such a powerful formation before. To be able to experience it personally, wasn't it the best way to learn?

Thinking like this, Zuo Mo instantly found the days were not so hard.

Other than the wondrous aspects of the formation itself, the five sword essence manifestations were also exposed to him without any disguise. There were many things he could study and copy!

Zuo Mo had comprehended sword essence a long time ago. It had stopped because he had not spent effort after that. Now that he had examples, if he didn't grasp the chance, he would be too dumb.

This land was great!

The formation and the sword essences couldn't directly teach him, but Zuo Mo had his own methods.


He retreated back into the [Life] area. Not far away, the dragon slowly and idly moved its gigantic body. Zuo Mo was even able to see the ice-like scales on its body. He snickered, raised his hand, and threw a rock at the ice dragon.

Pew pew pew!

The little rock was instantly ground to dust by the countless fine sword essences in the air. Even the dust was unable to reach the dragon.

But the dragon clearly became provoked by Zuo Mo's challenge. It roared and the entire formation shook.

Zuo Mo stared at the enraged dragon with terror and excitement. The strong presence made him tremble uncontrollably but he stared with wide unblinking eyes!

The furious dragon started to rampage inside the formation. Dirt and stones flew into the air. The sword essences were like the pack of wolves that heard the call of its alpha and exploded forth! The dragon twisted its enormous body, all the scales on its body turning into countless sharp icy sword essences that shot into the surroundings!

Too domineering!

Zuo Mo could feel the peerless power inside the formation, could feel each sword essence, no matter how small it was, was so whole and complete! There was an extremely complex relationship between each sword essence, so wondrous it was almost unimaginable.

The tide!

Zuo Mo once again saw the tide!

Every time the dragon twisted, the sword essence would move on the body that was constructed out of countless sword essences. Pure power passed through the layers as though it was a tide!

Too ... ... too powerful!

Zuo Mo's teeth were chattering. Even though he was in the [Life] area, but in front of absolute power, he felt he was so minuscule! But he endured it, even if his teeth were chattering, his body shaking, he used all his power to keep his eyes open and on the dragon, not willing to miss any detail!

Second Shibo's sword essence was the last one that he was facing, because it was the strongest sword essence out of the five!

Sect Leader Shibo's sword essence was as heavy as a mountain, Third Shibo's sword essence as sly as a fox, Master's sword essence as serene as a vine, and that unknown expert's sword essence was unending like a formation.

After experiencing the four sword essences, Zuo Mo had thought he could face Second Shibo's sword essence. But only now, facing it directly did he understand why Second Shibo's sword essence was at the center!

Because it was the strongest, and not just by a bit!

Zuo Mo could not understand how someone's sword essence could reach such a terrifying step. In the five sword essences, Zuo Mo had thought he would be the most familiar with Second Shibo's Ice Dragon sword essence. Now, he knew he was wrong, and terribly wrong! He had never truly understood the Ice Dragon sword essence, he hadn't even touched the surface.

Even the [Moon Chime Sound Storm] of the [Skyring Moon Chime Formation] was worthless in front of Second Shibo's Ice Dragon sword essence!

His legs were nailed to the ground. As long as he stayed within the [Life] area, the dragon could not harm him. Even though he knew this, he still felt his courage quickly drain away.

Stand your ground!


In the next ten days, he continued to challenge the dragon every day.

Even Wu Ling Sanren, who had created the formation, would not have thought that Zuo Mo would use such a shameless tactic. No matter how wondrous the formation was, it was a formation, and required ling power to sustain itself. Zuo Mo continuously challenging the dragon and causing the dragon to go into a rage quickly increased the drain of ling power by the formation.

Of course, if Zuo Mo wanted to use this method to escape, then he would have to wait a few years.

What Zuo Mo was happy about was that, as the ling power of the great formation was expended, some places that were hidden were gradually exposed. Now, he was in even less of a rush. He continuously teased all five sword essences each day. For one, he could have make a better study and comprehend the sword essence. His other purpose was to run down the ling power of the formation.

No matter how talented he was, he was just a zhuji. Some of the higher-level transformations were far out of the range of his understanding and he could not learn it. But some of the lower and basic changes of the formation were more valuable to him.

The sword essence was the same.

There never was the best, only the most appropriate.

It was like there was no time in the formation. He forgot time. It was like he had landed in a treasure trove, there were too many treasures waiting for him to to dig up and discover. He became enchanted.


Zuo Mo's upper body was bare. As he looked around, his eyes were clear.

He looked at the dragon nearby. The dragon was just as proud, but the sheen of the dragon was much dimmer than before. Suddenly, Zuo Mo felt some reluctance. He had spent everyday with the essence for more than half a year. Even though he knew it was not alive, Zuo Mo still would miss it.

Today, he decided to organize everything he had learned.

It was time for him to leave the formation!

Right now, the [Life] area that Zuo Mo was in had gone from three zhang to ten zhang. This space was modified by what Zuo Mo had comprehended about the formation.

Having decided to make an end, Zuo Mo was not in a hurry. He sat down in meditation, forgetting everything else.

A long time later, he opened his eyes, the light inside a fraction brighter than before.

The Water Drop sword was in front of him as he sunk deeply into thought.

Half a year's worth of time, the changes to Wu Kong Sword Sect's were enough to make people gape. The present Wu Kong Sword Sect was the largest sect in Dong Fu. It had absorbed almost all the sects in Dong Fu. It also squeezed its way into becoming one of the top three large sects in Sky Moon Jie, clearly one of the new grand sects.

Three months ago, Wei Sheng had come out of seclusion, and Luo Li had returned from the sword cave. The addition of the two people had increased the offensive power of Wu Kong Sword Sect. Following Xin Yan, they battled in all directions. Wu Kong Sword Sect's power expanded at astounding speed.

All of Sky Moon Jie's eyes were focused on this newly rising sect.

If it was in the past, Wu Kong Sword Sect's conduct would have caused great resistance. Many other sects would have interfered. However, everyone was only watching, and no one was interfering because of one piece of news.

-- The news that Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie had collapsed seemed to have grown wings as it passed through all of Sky Moon Jie.

Some small sects merged into Wu Kong Sword Sect of their own volition. It was much cooler under a large tree!

No matter what, Wu Kong Sword Sect had four jindan experts!

Xin Yan had taken Wei Sheng and Luo Li to fight outside. Yan Le was continuously travelling to the other sects, spreading Wu Kong Sword Sect's respects and desire for friendly relations. In charge of the whole plan was Pei Yuan Ran, who was terribly busy. Even Shi Feng Rong had to come out of the dan room to help Pei Yuan Ran.

Just at this time, light streamed up at the back of Wu Kong Mountain!

Translator Ramblings: Yes, a lot of you were right. Would Zuo Mo ever docilely follow the path left for him? On the other hand, it isn't his fault. Who was the one that trapped him with a formation? Like yes, sword essences, but sword essences formation! Really, wasting the energy of the formation is much easier to do than having to comprehend sword essence to a higher level ... ... (The elders should have asked for a warranty from Wu Ling Sanren, heart turn sword essence or fifty percent back!)

Wu Kong Sword Sect is now big, and getting bigger. Wei Sheng and Luo Li are the poster children for Wu Kong Sword Sect.