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 Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Five Wu Kong Expansion

After drinking tea, and having the dense ling energy fill them, everyone felt their body become relaxed and their exhaustion began to disappear.

Pei Yuan Ran said, "It's probably time. Let's go and see how the boy is."

Everyone loudly agreed to this suggestion. The five of them travelled together to the back of Wu Kong Mountain.


In front of the formation, the five took a look, and laughed.

"That boy is really slippery, how could he not have found the [Life] area?" Yan Le pointed at the formation, roaring with laughter. Inside the formation, Zuo Mo was in a sorry state, his clothing was ripped. He had clearly suffered.

Having bled for this, Yan Le felt extremely good. Not just him, even Pei Yuan Ran and the others felt very good. The four of them were all jindan yet they couldn't do anything against this zhuji boy. They had accumulated a lot of anger. If they threatened, there was the probably that this boy would run and join another sect. Temptation? This brat was the wealthiest person in Wu Kong Mountain.

Looking at this brat in such a sorry state, they felt they hadn't wasted their efforts.

Wu Ling Sanren also laughed, "Zuo Mo is very talented in formations. It is not hard for him to find the [Life] area." He noted and then decided not to involve himself. It was better to leave early, this was a matter for their sect. He could see that Zuo Mo had limitless potential. If the other discovered who had created the formation, they might come and create trouble for him. He wouldn't be able to bear it.

The more he thought, the more he found it likely. Zuo Mo didn't look like a generous person. He hurriedly said, "Since the matter is concluded, this one will bid you all farewell. There are still some affairs in the sect that this one has to take care of. If this one has free time in the future, this one will come again."

Pei Yuan Ran and the others naturally tried to keep him, but seeing that Wu Ling Sanren was being very determined, they did not stop him. As for the payment, they had paid it already. Wu Ling Sanren bowed with folded hands and quickly vanished into the horizon.

Pei Yuan Ran and the others did not care. The road of cultivation was very long. Coming and going was very normal.

Shi Feng Rong looked at Zuo Mo who was in a terrible state, and suddenly said, "If Zuo Mo cannot get out, wouldn't he be unable to enter the secret realm?"

Pei Yuan Ran did not find it important. "The secret realm is a small matter, there are just a few good treasures. All that is received are material items. With Zuo Mo's talent, as long as he is willing to focus on practicing the sword, those material items aren't worth anything. If it comes down to it, we will compensate him."

Pei Yuan Ran's answer made Shi Feng Rong satisfied. At the side, Yan Le twisted his mouth, but did not speak. He didn't dare to offend Fourth Shimei.

Xin Yan was like a statue, coldly staring at Zuo Mo inside the formation.


Zuo Mo was very terrible at the moment. Not one part of his clothing was whole. He stared with trepidation at a place not far away. That dragon was coldly and proudly moving by, its gaze occasionally sweeping across his body.

He hadn't thought the sect leader and the others had even planned for the use of the [Vajra Profound Sutra].

Even now, when he thought about the terrifying experience he just had, he felt his head prickle, his body cold. Countless sword essences had charged at him like a crowd of hungry sharks, each one wanting to rip off a piece of flesh.

His pitiful [Vajra Profound Sutra], even if it had already reached Red Lotus Flowing Gold,, it was destroyed in an instant.

If it wasn't that his consciousness was outstanding, if he hadn't studied the Kun Lu introductory formations jade scroll, and that he had deepened his understanding of formations, then he would have drowned in the countless sword essences.

He had stumbled and crawled to find this little area of safety. As long as he didn't step outside of this circle that was three zhang in diameter, nothing would happen to him.

This little circle finally allowed Zuo Mo to believe that the sect leader and the others didn't want to kill him.

However, this great formation was really terrifying! Zuo Mo looked warily at the dragon that was prancing outside, not daring to move at all.


Outside the formation, Pei Yuan Ran looked and then said, "Let's go. The boy won't cry unless he has one foot in the grave. He can slowly be ground down."

In their eyes, Zuo Mo was greedy and wretched, and his personality was extremely stubborn. He certainly wouldn't admit defeat so easily. They knew this all too well which was why they had spared no expense in creating such a big formation. This was their preparation for a long battle.

The four left, without a worry, planning on coming back in a few days.

The formation looked dangerous but in reality, it was very safe. Inside the formation, was Zuo Mo someone who would let himself be wounded? Outside the formation, he didn't have to worry about enemies or wild beasts. A formation that even they could not break, in all of Sky Moon Jie, there definitely would not be more than three people who might be able to break through.

Pei Yuan Ran was even considering if they could change the formation after Zuo Mo came out. In the future, it could work as the restricted grounds for the sect. With the protection of the sect, there was no question of safety.


Zuo Mo used his consciousness to sweep through the surrounding space.

He had already decided, if the sect leader came to ask him if he knew he was wrong and if he would change, he wouldn't hesitate in surrendering. He had to bow to the circumstances!

Sect leader! If you say kill, we definitely won't set a fire! If you said east, we definitely wouldn't walk west!

Heroes were people that recognized the circumstances, Zuo Mo comforted himself. Yet what he did not realize was the sect leader and the others overestimated his stubbornness.

Zuo Mo, who had been waiting to surrender for several days, didn't even see the shadow of the sect leader and the others.

He had to face a problem.

There was no water and food. How could he had predicted that a calamity such as this would occur? His ring was almost empty. Under the effect of the jinzhi inside the formation, he was not able to even use [Little Art of Cloud and Rain]. Naturally, he didn't have any water.

It was fine if he didn't have food. But without water, then it was bad.

He licked his dry lips. He could smell the water power in the air. He was certain the big formation definitely had water sources like springs.

However ... ...

The outside was empty, the dragon was not present, but Zuo Mo was not happy. He knew when he walked out of the [Life] area, he would be surrounded by sword essences.

But he still decided to try. If he didn't act, he would never be able to walk outside of the formation.

At this time, he finally understood the malicious intentions of the elders. They wanted him to charge into the formation!

Wasn't it just charging through! Zuo Mo boldened his heart and left the [Life] area.


Outside the sect Pei Yuan Ran and the others released a breath. The had never thought that Zuo Mo would just stay inside the [Life] area for the last few days and had never come out.

They had originally planned on sending some water and food in. But seeing Zuo Mo retreating into the [Life] area and not come out, looking as though he was waiting to stand off against them, they instantly let go of their intentions to send food and water in.

"The boy finally came out." Pei Yuan Ran said.

Yan Le nodded. He clearly was relieved. "This guy is definitely one of the most wretched disciples in the sect. I guess that if we didn't cut off his food and water, he probably would just stay in the [Life] area to wait it out, humph, wait until the formation collapses!"

Shi Feng Rong was somewhat unhappy. "Third Shixiong, weren't you the same when you were young?"

Yan Le choked and instantly became silent.

Xin Yan unblinkingly stared at Zuo Mo inside the formation. Inside, he also was relieved. He had been afraid as well that Zuo Mo would just sit in passive resistance. He believed that the guy could definitely do something like that.

However, since Zuo Mo had walked out, they instantly paid attention.

They were very curious how Zuo Mo would respond. This brat might not walk on the right path but he had an endless bag of tricks that was always surprising.


Walking out of the [Life] grounds, Zuo Mo instantly felt the tearing from the sword essences in the air, the prickling from the ground. However, he didn't dare use [Vajra Profound Sutra] this time, only gritted his teeth and bore the pain as he slowly moved in the direction of water.


Outside the formation, Xin Yan suddenly opened. "He's finding water."

The other three understood, a smile coming onto their faces.

When Wu Ling Sanren had been setting up the formation, he had already considered this point. It was not difficult to find a water source inside the formation, but it was not easy to resupply himself.


Zuo Mo bore the pain, his consciousness sweeping around to search for a source of water.

He found the slower he moved, the lower the threat the surrounding sword essences posed. So, with turtle speed, he slowly moved in the direction of water.

A short journey, he used up four whole hours.


Outside the formation, the elders had long lost their patience and left. There were many things they had to take care of at the moment, and this period of time was extremely important for Wu Kong Sword Sect.

Wu Kong Sword Sect had shone in the Sword Test Conference, and naturally walked to the front of the stage. It was not appropriate to remain as low-key as they did before. They needed to adjust the plan for the entire sect.

Countless eyes were focused on Wu Kong Sword Sect. This period would be the greatest transformation of Wu Kong Sword Sect in recent times. Reputation, status, they had that. What they needed to fight for was the benefits that came with it.

Wu Kong Sword Sect's rise would certainly affect some sects. The fighting that would occur would be very harsh.

Pei Yuan Ran and the others were not kind and generous people. Once they finalized their plan, they moved lightning fast and without any hesitation.

In the time span of several nights, Wu Kong Sword Sect continuously defeated three sects. Even though it was three small sects, but people were still able to see a great beast slowly opening his jaws.

As expected, Wu Kong Sword Sect did not stop their expansion. In the next seven days, all the smaller sects surrounding Wu Kong Sword Sect were merged into Wu Kong Sword Sect.

Pei Yuan Ran's conduct was just and authoritative. Xin Yan was invincible in battle. Yan Le was clever and experienced. Shi Feng Rong's battle strength was not ordinary, and her skill in dan-making was unrivalled in Dong Fu.

The four cooperated well, with great trust between them. Even though many small sects had been absorbed, but the inner management of Wu Kong Sword Sect did not become disordered.The sect was disciplined and efficient in its restructuring.

This was a battle! There were negotiations behind the scenes, and naturally fighting in the open. In one night, Xin Yan defeated seven experts, shaking Sky Moon Jie!

It was that battle which completely established the fame of Ice Dragon Sword, and also greatly increased the rate the Wu Kong Sword Sect expanded.

Under such a situation, Pei Yuan Ran and the others had no attention to spare for Zuo Mo trapped inside the formation. They only ordered Li Ying Feng to regularly send in water and food, as well as jade scrolls. Of course, it was only ever sword scripture jade scrolls.

The pitiful Zuo Mo had encountered a big problem.

Translator Ramblings: Different perspectives are so interesting. Before you guys commented, I never realized that the elders never explicitly told Zuo Mo what he should do. From Pei Yuan Ran taking him into the sect, Zuo Mo knew that he needed to make jingshi so he decided to become a ling plant farmer, to now, where he still wants jingshi, no one really said to him "Hey, Zuo Mo, you need to be a sword xiu, otherwise, people can steal jingshi from you."

Also, this chapter covers a bit of a time skip so please be aware of that because the next chapter starts at the other side.