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 Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Four Sword Essence Formation

Just as Zuo Mo was gaping in befuddlement, outside of the formation Wu Ling Sanren was amazingly smug.

"This formation is composed with our four sword essences positioned at the cardinal points. Friend Xin Yan's sword essence is the strongest and guards the center. The nine ling springs are the passages through the entire formation, allowing the sword essence to regenerate itself. The five sword essences create destruction between themselves. It is impossible to find the one living change when you have not reached the level of Heart Turn Sword Essence. Even if one is in jindan, if their sword essence is not high enough, it is impossible. Trying to break through the formation with brute force is seeking death!"

Pei Yuan Ran praised, "The formation that Sanren has set up is amazing. To use sword essences in a formation, this one has never heard of it!"

Wu Ling Sanren was very proud inside, but he did not lose his calm, modestly saying, "If it wasn't for the requirements of your sect, this one wouldn't have thought of such a method." He then sighed. "That day when I was a judge, I saw Zuo Mo's battle. Truthfully, this one was very shocked, but Friend Xin Yan is right we sword xiu must practice the sword! But I haven't thought that your sect would spend so much for one disciple. To be from such a sect, Zuo Mo is very fortunate!"

Pei Yuan Ran shook his head. "Money and talismans are important, but what is most important are people. The people are present, so the sect is present. The people are strong, then the sect is strong. Since he is a disciple of our sect, then this matter is our duty. We only hope that he would wake and return to the right path as early as possible, as to not waste our efforts."

The other three had stern expressions.

Wu Ling Sanren felt a deep sense of respect for these elders. "Sect Leader Pei, do not worry. This boy is intelligent and certainly will understand your efforts."

Pei Yuan Ran laughed. "If Sanren did not help this time, we wouldn't know what to do. This guy really is a headache!"

"No matter. After being tempered, he would understand. There are ten thousands paths in the work, but only cultivating the sword is the true path. One sword breaks all moves. All his tricks are just like paper in front of sword essences." Wu Ling Sanren said proudly. He dared to say something like this, not because he had such confidence in his formation, but strong confidence in these four people's sword essences.

He had heard rumors about the four elders of Wu Kong Sword Sect: Yan Le was skilled in management; Shi Feng Rong specialized in dan-making; and sect leader Pei Yuan Ran did not involve himself in worldly affairs. He had heard the reputation of the Ice Dragon Sword, but never had personally seen it so he hadn't felt anything. Only during the construction of this formation did he experience how deep the roots of Wu Kong Sword Sect were. They far surpassed anyone's imagination.

Of the five xiu present , his sword essence was the weakest. This made him feel a sense of embarrassment. He had rarely seen a sword essence as strong and terrifying as Xin Yan's, which surpassed many of those so-called experts.

Originally, he had been worried the four's sword essences would not be pure enough and would destabilize the formation. Now, he understood he had underestimated them.

With Xin Yan's sword essence, which guarded the center, this big formation was as solid as rock and was unable to be destroyed. This formation was stronger than any other formation he had ever made. Even jindan experts would be unable to escape unscathed if they attacked this formation and were attacked in return by the pure sword essences left by these five xiu .

His only regret was that such a strong formation was to imprison a disciple in just zhuji. This did not allow him to feel a sense of accomplishment.

However, to be able to use this chance to form a relationship with Wu Kong Sword Sect, he was naturally very willing. He was full of confidence about Wu Kong Sword Sect's future after seeing these four people's terrifying power. The elders were strong and cared about nurturing their disciples, these disciples were also geniuses. Such a sect, he really couldn't think of a reason it would not prosper.

Pei Yuan Ran saw that everyone's faces were extremely tired and smiled, "This boy really has caused great trouble for us usually. Now, let him go enjoy it himself. Let's go, we can rest. Sanren can get a taste of my ling tea."

Wu Ling Sanren hurriedly agreed.


Zuo Mo was completely ignorant that the elders had left. He didn't dare to move.

He was too familiar with the enormous dragon moving in front of him. He had been sliced by this thing countless times. Second Shibo's sword essence!

Gritting his teeth, Zuo Mo suddenly raised his voice to wail, "Master! Disciple was wrong! This disciple will definitely change, let this disciple out ... ..."

Master might look cold but she was very concerned about him. If he begged, maybe Master's heart would soften and let him out.

After shouting until his throat had gone raw, there was no movement from outside the formation. Bitter water rose in Zuo Mo's heart like a flood. His little heart floated in bitterness. Up until now, he still did not understand what he had done wrong to make the sect leader and the others so furious.

As he shouted, his feet didn't dare to move. The dragon in front of him freely moved around, never too far from him. The cold and indifferent eyes would occasionally sweep across his body. He felt that he was cold from head to toe.

He did not doubt that if he moved the slightest, the dragon claw of this dragon would gently swipe and he would be torn to pieces, flesh flying and lose his life.

This thing was the true essence!

He wanted to cry as he shuddered.

Only when he truly faced Second Shibo's ice dragon did he experience how great the difference was between Pu Yao's fake sword essence and the real one. Terror, instinctive terror rose from his heart. No matter how he suppressed it, terror was like a yao weed grass that could not be stopped, furiously growing through his heart.

After warily standing for an hour, the dragon moved away. But Zuo Mo instantly understood the look that it gave right before leaving.

"-- I'll come back."

When the dragon disappeared completely, the terrifying pressure also disappeared. The land was empty as though nothing had happened.

At this time, Zuo Mo lost his nervousness and started to scan the surroundings. He quickly understood he was in the middle of a formation. Thinking about the astoundingly large formation he had seen from the air, he shuddered.

F***, did the sect leader and the others want to kill him?

He had just been sighing in amazement at how big the formation was. He hadn't thought that he would be thrown into the formation by Second Shibo.

He had to admit he underestimated the rage Second Shibo had towards him!

His mind recovering, Zuo Mo thought about how his wailing had not received a response and instantly understood that the sect leaders and the others truly wanted him to suffer. It wasn't that he hadn't thought before what punishment Second Shibo and the others would give him. Getting beaten, house arrest, or special training, he had prepared himself mentally.

But after all though calculations, who would have thought that Second Shibo did something even more severe!

Even if Zuo Mo didn't understand formations, he would be able to see the extraordinary nature of the formation, and he did have some knowledge of formations. Just one look and he could detect the strength of the person who set up the formation was much higher than his.

This kind of difference was not just in one area, but in all areas, including cultivation, understanding of formations, sword essences, etc etc.

Zuo Mo looked into the surroundings. He was clear that the sect leader and the others definitely wouldn't take his life, they just wanted him to suffer a bit.

But this formation ... ...

Very dangerous! Very very dangerous!

Zuo Mo swallowed. In a few short steps, the shock in his heart increased.

Each step was full of killing intent!

Damn it! Zuo Mo want to swear!

Even the ground was permeated with fine and dense sword essences that disregarded the shoes on his feet and needled into the soles. It was like he was walking on a board covered with needles, each step left his feet full of pain. It was not just that. The air in front of him looked harmless, but if he moved, the disturbance of the air would naturally formed layers of sword essence around him. These sword essences were like fine icicles, slicing Zuo Mo who was in the middle!

They couldn't do this ... ...

Zuo Mo wailed inside. Just how big of an offence had he made to make Master and the others so furious?

Staying in his original spot, he could only wait for the dragon to come back, that was too dangerous! He gritted his teeth and started [Vajra Profound Sutra]. Right now, his [Vajra Profound Sutra] was at Red Lotus Flowing Gold, hard to wound by normal flying swords.

Lucky that ge had practiced it ... ... Zuo Mo rejoiced inside.


Wu Kong Hall, Pei Yuan Ran and the other four idly drank ling tea.

"Ha ha, that boy definitely would use [Vajra Profound Sutra]." Yan Le snickered and glanced at Xin Yan who was drinking without speaking a word. "Second Shixiong really thought of everything, even planning for [Vajra Profound Sutra]."

"Sword xiu only cultivate the sword." Xin Yan said frigidly. He sipped, and then added, "Not the body."

"This boy really is terrible, he only just walks the wrong paths." Shi Feng Rong's face was angry. Her disciple had made everyone feel a headache, and used up so much wealth, she kept on feeling angry. "Making him cultivate the body was so he could have something to save his life. He's great. He just silently practices it to the fourth level. Getting him to learn formations, it's so he can learn more about dan-making, so he has a secondary profession, and wouldn't have trouble making his living. This little brat just sinks into formations, and doesn't know to progress, his side job becoming his main profession! His main profession actually went backwards!"

Vent up to this point, she felt very uncomfortable. "It's all my fault. I've been remiss in teaching him. That's why he walked onto the wrong path!"

Wu Ling Sanren hurriedly comforted. "Shi Xianzi is overly blaming yourself. Young people always are tempted by new things. That's normal. Which sect doesn't have one or two disciples like this? As the elders, we can only slowly guide them."

"Sanren is right. Shimei, don't be sad." Pei Yuan Ran also comforted.

Yan Le snickered. "That boy can just keep suffering. I've been finding his [Vajra Profound Sutra] an eyesore for a long time. Red Lotus Flowing Gold, he thinks he's a Dhyana? Even Dhyana lose when they face us! He needs to understand all his tricks are just garbage."

None of the other four objected to Yan Le's words. They all had a matter-of-face expression.

The pride of sword xiu came from thousands of years of holding a ruling position, they were unshakable.


Zuo Mo didn't think that his actions would have be completely planned for by the elders.

Just as he activated the [Vajra Profound Sutra], the sword essences which had been like icicles suddenly became sharks that tasted blood and flooded towards him from all the surrounding areas.

Brring brring brrring !

Woosh woosh woosh!

Different howls of sword essences filled Zuo Mo's ears like the earth was breaking, the sky was changing color!

The sudden change made Zuo Mo freeze!

He dazedly looked at the air that had turned turbulent, looked at the howls created by this sky full of sword essences, at the sword essences that flooded at him from all around ... ...

What ... ... what was this ... ...

Translator Ramblings: So over on r/noveltranslations, someone said that Wu Kong Sword Sect was a sect in decline. It would be more accurate to say that Wu Kong Sword Sect was a sect that had declined after its first years after founding, reached the bottom in the generation before Pei Yuan Ran and the others, and are on their way back up again. The four elders lived in a one-jindan sect which is not very strong compared to other sects. Most of the sect's present wealth and assets (excluding Wu Kong Mountain and the sword cave) most likely was accumulated by these four over time. I have to say that their master (and Zuo Mo's grand - master) was both super lucky and skilled to have taught four outstanding disciples.

The elders and Wu Kong Sword Sect remained low-key until Wei Sheng, and kept its numbers small so people in Dong Fu did not know it very well. That doesn't mean it is not a strong sect. It's not wealthy, like Ling Ying Sect, and it does not have a power base and connections like Dong Fu Hall does. Wu Kong Sword Sect's rise is the four jindan, and the three second-generation disciples it now has. This is why people think Wu Kong Sword Sect is going to prosper. Of course, this is all relative to Sky Moon Jie, which is in the backwaters.