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 Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Three People Don't Do This

Returning to the sect, Zuo Mo was very satisfied.

He had come back with a huge pile of materials. When he thought of He Rong's dumbstruck expression, he felt great. Almost as though he was robbing He Rong, he had bought out many of the rarely-used materials.

Three hundred pieces of jingshi was not an large sum, but to buy low-grade materials? It had great buying power.

Five Colored Berry Leaf, first-grade material, containing rich five elemental power, but due to the mixture of five elemental power, it was only used at dan formation for only a few kinds of lingdan. Twenty sprigs to a bundle. Each bundle sold for ten pieces of second-grade jingshi.

Gold-patterned Snake Fragrant Grass, rich in gold element power, often used as an auxiliary material in tempering flying swords. It was considered a low-end material, due to the fact there were many substitutes for it. After the Gold-patterned Snake Fragrant Grass was dried, it was pressed into bricks. One brick weighed two taels, the price was five pieces of second-grade jingshi.

Rainbow Vine held a mixture of the five elements. The body of the vine was multicolored and was named for rainbow-like appearance. When added to a fire, it could increase the power of the fire. Ten catties in a bundle, the price was fifteen pieces of second-grade jingshi.

... ...

Piling all these materials he had brought into the yard, Silly Bird flew down from the roof and rooted around before flying back to the roof in disappointment. There clearly was no "snack" that she liked here.

Zuo Mo was too lazy to pay attention to this wastrel that only knew how to eat and laze around. He summoned the Five Colored Pagoda.

It was lucky that ge had practiced [Vajra Profound Sutra] ... ...

Looking at the mountain of material, Zuo Mo took a breath and started [Vajra Profound Sutra]. As, he started to work, he took of his top revealing his golden ribs.

The bundles of Five Colored Berry Grass was moved in groups of ten; the bricks of dried Gold-pattern Snake Fragrant Grass went flying like rain; moving the ten catty bundles of Rainbow Vine was the most exhausting, Zuo Mo had turned into a manual laborer ... ...

In the yard, Zuo Mo sweated like rain, singing loudly, "Pagoda, you are a cow, what you eat is grass, what is squeezed from you is milk ,ah ah ah en ah ... ..."

The Five Colored Pagoda appeared to be drunk as it swayed as it ate the materials.

When the last piece of material was sucked into the pagoda, the Five Colored Pagoda finally laid down with a thud.

Zuo Mo froze. Not caring that he was half-naked, he bent down and prodded the Five Colored Pagoda which was on the ground. No response! It shouldn't have a problem from eating too much, right? He thought hesitantly.

After a while, the Five Colored Pagoda rolled around on the ground twice before swaying as it stood up. The stone in Zuo Mo's heart landed. He laughed heartlessly, "Ha, I had thought you were too full. So you still hadn't had enough!"

Maybe it was that it heard the words, the Five Colored Pagoda suddenly shook. Splat, it spat out something and then dropped to the ground, rolling a few circles before becoming motionless.

Zuo Mo was gleeful. Did it poop out the remnants again? What the little pagoda pooped out was jingshi!

But when he looked, he was greatly disappointed. This wasn't any remnant, it clearly was half a bundle of Five Colored Berry Leaf. He couldn't help but look in puzzlement and ask, "Lil' Pagoda, is this not tasty?"

The Five Colored Pagoda shook, rolling away from Zuo Mo.

On the rooftop, Silly Bird looked in sympathy at the Five Colored Pagoda that was rolling around. Then she lowered her head to go back to preening her feathers.

What Zuo Mo felt disappointed about was that Lil' Pagoda didn't spit out any remnants this time. His plan of buying low and selling high failed. However, with large amounts of five element power, the Five Colored Pagoda seemed to have recovered to a large extent, even though the sheen was not as bright as before. These materials were just low-grade materials. They were enough in terms of quantity but in quality, it was still not enough.

Zuo Mo was helpless.

From the results of these two experiences, he concluded only high level materials would yield remnants.

Now, whenever Zuo Mo looked at the Five Colored Pagoda, the Five Colored Pagoda would timidly shrink back. Zuo Mo said in a regretful tone, "Lil' Pagoda, if you could poop after eating all this, how great would it be!"

The Five Colored Pagoda shook, continuously making sounds of throwing up.


Back of Wu Kong Mountain.

Five people floated in midair. Under their feet, the valley was completely transformed.

"Finally done!" Yan Le couldn't help but sigh. The other people were also tired.

Wu Ling Sanren couldn't help but say, "Your sect has really spared no expense! Such an expanse, it is rare to see even in the restricted grounds of those large sects." His expression was extremely exhausted, but different from the others was that the exhaustion could barely disguise his excitement.

The jinzhi in front of him was created by five jindan experts working together to destroy five mountain peaks, clearing out five mountain valleys, and chiseling out nine deep springs. They had covered more than half of Wu Kong Mountains. If this wasn't considered a great work, then Sky Moon Jie had no great works.

"We've really bled blood for this boy!" Even a person as composed as Pei Yuan Ran felt his heart was bleeding.

Wu Ling Sanren's payment, countless materials ... ...

Almost half of Wu Kong Sword Sect's assets had been used up. Yan Le who was in charge of the monies had a terrible expression, gritting his teeth as he said, "The boy can slowly enjoy this." He turned and then said to Wu Ling Sanren with a slightly suspicious tone. "Are you sure he cannot solve it? The boy is very talented in formations."

Wu Ling Sanren was so furious he almost left. Pei Yuan Ran hurriedly lectured Yan Le. "Do not be so impolite to Sanren!"

Yan Le twisted his mouth. Everyone was in jindan, he wasn't afraid of Wu Ling Sanren. However, lectured by Shixiong, he didn't dare to speak again.

Wu Ling Sanren's anger slightly calmed, a flush crossing his old face as he snorted. "It's not this one praising myself, this great formation was formed with the aid of you four. This one had also applied all of the knowledge this one ever learned. The future is uncertain, but up until today, it is truly the greatest masterpiece this one has created. If us five jindan cannot imprison a zhuji, then we should just kill ourselves."

Yan Le blushed as the other talked. He defended himself, "We don't want to imprison him inside, we just want him to practice the sword ... ..."

"Don't worry!" Wu Ling Sanren's eyes rolled. He snorted coldly, "This formation has layers of jinzhi. To break though, there is only one way. That is, to practice the sword essence to the level of Heart Turn Sword Essence, that is the only way to comprehend the intricacies involved and find the way out of the formation."

"That's good, that's good." Seeing the two descend into fighting, Pei Yuan Ran hurriedly smoothed over. Xin Yan and Shi Feng Rong looked on coldly from the side.

Wu Ling Sanren had not finished. "Friend Xin's sword essence is pure and sharp. This one has not seen one like it before! However, everyone has to be careful. If one enters the formation and has not comprehended to Heart Turn Sword Essence, they cannot come out. To stop the boy from using his knowledge of formations to escape, this one has set up eighteen levels of jinzhi surrounding the formation. It is as solid as gold! If the four of you try to break the formation together, the formation would not stop you, but the person inside the formation would not escape death."

The four of them started to hesitate. If the boy really could not solve the formation, if he encountered some danger inside, then they could do nothing about it.

"Friends, do not worry too much. Inside the formation, this one had especially emptied out some [Life] areas to allow him to rest. With his knowledge of formations, it should not be difficult to find these [Life] areas. Even though you cannot enter the formation, but you can observe the inside the formation. This one has also left behind some small transportation doors so you can transfer in supplies."

Xin Yan suddenly opened, "I'll find him."

Finishing, he disappeared.


Zuo Mo rested lazily on the swing chair, idly soaking in the sun. The time to open the secret realm had been pushed back again and again. He didn't have much to do. The change in opening the secret realm had supposedly been at the request of many sect leaders. The help that the Sword Test Conference had given the young xiuzhe was very large. The first thing many people had done when they had gone back to their sect was go into seclusion.

Right now, many people still had not come out of seclusion. Asking for the secret realm opening time to be delayed was natural.

Eldest Shixiong was still in seclusion. Luo Li Shixiong had been hurried into the sword cave.

Thinking bout this, Zuo Mo found it quite strange. Luo Li Shixiong was allowed to go to the sword cave, but why didn't the sect leaders and the others allow him to enter the sword cave? He didn't really care if he could go. What he cared about was that these recent days had been very peaceful, Xin Yan Shibo and the others hadn't bothered him.

Thinking about the "good" that Xin Yan Shibo had said when he was recovering, Zuo Mo felt coldness come into his heart. Even if he was under the sun, he could not get rid of the cold. He had a strong feeling that this matter wouldn't easily conclude.

There definitely was something waiting for him.

Just at this time, he saw Xin Yan descending from the skies.

In an instant, Zuo Mo felt like he dropped into ice, his limbs went cold.

Xin Yan coldly snorted, his hand holding Zuo Mo up. Without another word, he flew into the sky.

Second Shibo flew extremely quickly, the harsh wind making Zuo Mo unable to open his eyes.

"Shibo, where are we going?" Zuo Mo tried to bear the strong wind and carefully asked.

"Cultivate the sword." Xin Yan was expressionless.

"Cultivate the sword?" Zuo Mo's heart rested slightly. Good, good, it wasn't anything strange.

Hm, wasn't this going to the back of the mountain? Was Shibo going to teach him about the sword in the back regions?

Suddenly, Zuo Mo's body froze.

Below him, a gigantic formation appeared in his vision. The formation that he had made in the Sword Test Conference could only be called a small formation when compared to the formation in front of him.

Did the sect have such a large formation?

They didn't, he had come to this area many times before!

Zuo Mo saw the sect leader, Yan Le Shibo, Master, and an old Taoist that he did not know.

But why did their eyes seem slightly strangeas they looked at him ... ... ...

Just as Zuo Mo was puzzled, Xin Yan Shibo's hands suddenly relaxed.


Zuo Mo shrieked. The wind howling in his ears, he was unable to control his body. Panicked, he hurriedly started the [Vajra Profound Sutra]!

A golden figure fell from the sky and slammed into the ground.


The earth shook as dirt was sent flying everywhere. A golden figure hit the dirt directly, leaving an indent in the shape of a person.

Zuo Mo felt his organs had shifted from the impact. He dazedly opened his eyes and struggled to get up as he spit up mud.

Lucky that ge had practiced ... ...

He hissed in pain. His body felt like it was going to break. Even though his [Vajra Profound Sutra] had reached the level of Red Lotus Flowing Gold, it still hurt when he dropped from such a height.

But he was slightly reassured. Since he had eaten dirt, then this matter should pretty much be concluded, he thought inside.

Hm, where was this? This wasn't right!

In front of him, sword essences roiled about, flowing in layers as dense as a forest, unable to be avoided!

Zuo Mo wanted to cry.

People don't do this ... ...

Translator Ramblings: Don't ever leave your children with Zuo Mo, he will stuff them so full they will puke. For those that had been waiting for the elders to get their own back, it has started. An alternate title for the chapter should be "You can't do this!".

In this chapter, Zuo Mo calls both Wei Sheng and Luo Li Shixiong. Wei Sheng is unshakable in his position as Eldest Shixiong (good bye, Qin Cheng) but Luo Li has already mentioned that he still thinks that he can compete with Zuo Mo for the position of second. However, despite higher cultivation and longer time spent with the sect, Zuo Mo has "beat" him twice, and in the eyes of the public, Zuo Mo is second ranked among the disciples. Zuo Mo hasn't really switched around yet, but public perspective differs from his view.